Savannah using her big girl voice and not hiding behind baboon Labrant?? Side note: I have no idea what she’s talking about

Savannah using her big girl voice and not hiding behind baboon Labrant?? Side note: I have no idea what she’s talking about


I agree with you that I don't know what she is talking about.


We all know Cole doesn’t go to Vegas because Cole doesn’t have any friends


Hahahah this comment is the best


This seems… like a very strange thing to post? Instagram life starting to get to her?


Basically she said “most husbands go out drinking with friends, or most husbands go take a week in Las Vegas but my husband does this…” and flipped the camera role around to Cole shooting a nerf gun or water gun at his family. Then she immediately posted this defending herself.


love her looking down on grown men who go have a drink with some friends lololol


Her trying to seem relatable or popular is a joke. I highly doubt anybody except your 12 year old stans and your clout chasing posse would be dming you


So unnecessary. Also what was the point of her story? To point out that Cole doesn’t go to Vegas? To make fun of the fact he plays with nerf guns? Like what? 😂


Right. Who in their right mind would post something like that? Sac just seems very confused about the whole thing


She’s telling us how amazing it is that her 12 year old, jobless husband runs around the yard playing nerf guns with other Labrassholes instead of going out drinking or on trips to Las Vegas. I wonder if he did pee pee in the potty today too. Is anyone impressed?


I’d much rather my husband go to Vegas than watch him act like a child in the backyard


Man, Colon needs to stop acting like that all the time. I’m on the verge of feeling sorry for Sac right now and I don’t want this.


That’s just it. That’s who he is always which makes it weird.


How to say my husband’s a 12yr old in a man size body without saying my husband’s a 12yr old in a man size body


if my husband was running around the yard with nerf guns i would be BEGGING him to go to Vegas with his friends like a normal dude omfg


How is that something to brag about? It’s a lose-lose situation dumbvannah


I truly can’t imagine spending 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year with Colon. I’d be online booking him regular trips to Las Vegas myself and he’d definitely be going for more than a week at a time. Maybe I’d even book him trips out of the country where his cell phone won’t work to call or text me and I’d uninstall things like WhatsApp so I wouldn’t have to hear from him either.


Agreed. I bet Sac wants him to go to Vegas but he just won’t coz he’s basically a child


It annoys me when people say “it’s a joke, laugh” online because they’re already acknowledging that it’s not funny as they’re saying it? You shouldn’t have to clarify that it’s a joke and instruct people to laugh while you’re typing it out...


i remember a phrase by some comedian, no idea who but it always stuck with me "If you have to explain your joke, it isnt funny"


The Joker told Harley Quinn that. It’s just so totally perfect that I came across this comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣


This is the most aggressive she has ever been in a post I think. It just seems... off.


That’s what happens when you hang with baboon!


She’s reading this sub for sure


no one cares that Man Child is going to Vegas, Sac.


Ok I watched her story and I still don’t get what she’s saying? Makes no sense. 😂She probably forbids him from going to Vegas lmao


I’m confused. Is Cole going to Vegas for a week? I don’t get why these people always make the biggest deal out of being away from one another. People take vacations without their spouses all the time.


Yup and it’s 100% HEALTHY! You don’t need to be together all the time. Trips with friends is normal. I hate that these people’s unhealthy habits are being applauded like they’re normal because they arent


she tries so hard to sound so nice but you can always tell by her underlying tone and implications that she’s a bitch 😂😂😂


Especially with the 🥰


It’s not such a brag that your husband prefers children’s theme park Disneyland, over Disneyland for adults (Vegas)… Congrats, your spouse is more like one of your children.


I don't even care what she talking about.


Bragging that you are with a man with the mental age of 12! Yep, that’s me put in my place! 👏👏


She tries to make it sound nice by adding the 🥰 emoji lol she gives me high school mean girl vibes


Do you think she’s referring to the Fishers going to Vegas together for the night?


i'm over here she knows how to even use the word forsee correctly


Why of all things THIS the thing she chooses to “address” there’s a lot more they actually need to speak on…