The evolution of Savannah’s face. Does anyone else think something is up? She looks A LOT different in recent pics than before. Maybe bad photoshop? Or perhaps something deeper?

The evolution of Savannah’s face. Does anyone else think something is up? She looks A LOT different in recent pics than before. Maybe bad photoshop? Or perhaps something deeper?


A mix between puberty, kids, aging, makeup and photoshop


That’s what I was going to say. She is older now so her body and face will age as well. We sadly don’t stay looking 18 forever.


It just looks like normal aging, changing makeup style, and losing weight in her face to me.


Yup and she has started doing her eyebrows differently as well. She is a trend follower because she is a YouTuber and she always trying to follow those trends as they come out.


Her eyes look… unsettling


Many people’s faces thin out as they reach their 30s. Your not as tight and skins not as crisp as it is in your 20s! Could very well be happening to her (no shame btw - that’s just natural)


Definitely less eye makeup, aging, photoshop and maybe some type of filler or something. I can’t quite pin point it. Maybe it’s the look of life and happiness slowly draining from her eyes over the years?


Her eyes no longer shine—they look dead.


Her face looks skinnier and longer. Also she’s giving herself fuller eyebrows, I personally liked them more natural


savannah is like 18 in the first picture and 28 now, faces change a lot in 10 years. but no doubt more makeup and photoshopping make her look even more different than just aging would.


well she’s no spring chicken anymore and is almost 30s. I think she’s just aging while trying to stay 19 and relevant. I think the face is just more noticeable because she outgrows a lot of the clothes she wears and things she does. Especially the stupid colored scrunchies


I agree I think it’s mainly aging and changes in makeup. Maybe a little lip filler but not a lot


This comment makes me feel very old as a 33 year old.


Clarification: Savannah had stated before that she suffered from body image issues and a potential eating disorder. Her face shape has done a total 360; at least in my opinion. Allegedly, via the Labrant undercover posts, someone had stated she has been off and on anorexic since high school. Obviously, there’s no way of proving the validity of that comment, but looking back at her uploads to social media it’s hard not to notice a drastic change. This is what I’m getting at. Is this bad photoshopping over the years or could this be malnourishment from not eating? If this is form the effects of photoshop, all I have to say is this is the worst photoshopping I’ve ever seen.


She looks so unhealthy now… like she’s lost way too much weight and just looks like the life has drained from her eyes.


She lost a dramatic amount of weight in the last few months, like suddenly dropped all the weigh from Z’s pregnancy and more. I’m kinda worried for her


Being married to colon will do that for you 🤷🏻‍♀️


Looks like chin filler/implant to me


She definitely got the Kybella shot


Im also seeing maybe a very subtle liquid nose job?


It looks like she got her eyelids lifted so they aren’t hooded, maybe brows lifted too? Eyes deff wide open now lol


A decade of aging probably paired with poor eating and exercising habits will do that to you. Also it’s amazing what having not fucked up eyebrows will change about your face.


She literally just looks like she’s aging.


Her face looks thinner which could make her normal aging look more severe. Also I think she’s contouring her nose differently. I know there are rumors of her having an ED, I’m not leg humping but I hope that’s not the case. She seems very thin as of late.


My guess would be lip fillers and possibly a slight nose job. Her nose bridge is thinner IMO and her top lip is very thin here but more full now. Her eyebrows are also more full now.


I have said this since 2018. I think Colon’s face is different too.


It just looks like she's grown a little older. She can't exactly look like a teenager anymore now. And if it's true that she did have an ED, then it explains why her face looks a little fuller and healthier now than before. Her weird smile and even weirder voice creep me the fuck out though.


damn y’all should have warned me before the last slide 💀💀


Idk if it’s bad photoshop, but it kinda looks like she got a nose job at some point down the line (as someone who’s had one).


I’m no leg humper but to think that a woman in her 30s isn’t supposed to change in looks after having two additional kids and aging 10 years is ridiculous. It is clear to me that her features have not been surgically altered, she is just losing her ‘plump’ youthful look and settling into middle age.


28 is middle age? ^(sobs in 26)


Oh lol I thought she was a bit older than that Edit: Life expectancy is about 78. So 39 is technically smack dab in the middle. I thought she was in her early 30s and therefore I would classify that as entering ‘middle age’


I’m going to go talk to some cheese about this.


Tired mom eyes? Photoshop?


Eyebrows are different and she’s aged