Timeline of Tommy/Cole

Timeline of Tommy/Cole


It seems there was an overlap from when she met Cole. She’s a liar and wants to make it seem like Tommy is a shitty dad and Cole stepped in as their savior


She said she and Tommy were on and off. They would get back together for Ev and then break up again. I’m not sure how long this went on but she did kiss Cole while she was still dating Tommy


She’s a master manipulator. As far as I’m concerned she manipulated Tommy and Cole. Saw Cole had a following and Tommy had hurt her before so she went with Cole. Then painted Tommy out to be some horrible guy. Yes, he’s not perfect and needs some help but Scamvanna is the bad parent here. She’s just playing Cole cuz he’s a man child and naive.


Yes, she admitted to it in the big book of lies. Give it a search on the sub!


she and colon are master manipulators.


Pretty sure she straight up admits to it in their book