Do you think Ev has read hate comments about her?

Do you think Ev has read hate comments about her?


I bet she has. She had her own TikTok account (which later got banned) and while she had an iPod touch jUsT fOr TiKtOk, I very much doubt it was as strictly supervised as Colonsac claim it was. She probably has more devices now, too. I also think for her to learn all these trends and dances, she must spend a lot of time on the app. Her parents don’t care. At all. At the very least, they could delete those comments. But instead they get up in arms over people who call them out on their bs (they call these people the “hAtErz”) only because it’s directed at colonsac. But cruel comments directed at their kids? Especially E? They couldn’t care less about that. They don’t even care about all the creeps that follow their young children. They only care about themselves.


I really really hope that Cole and sav are good enough parents to keep her from reading that kind of stuff, but I don’t think they are


I can’t see Colonsac letting her have unsupervised access to social media. However it’s appalling that they’ll delete comments from people concerned for their children’s safety and well-being and deem them haters, but will leave up actual hate comments of people saying nasty things to the kids. What kind of message is this teaching them!?


Of course she has. My parents were nowhere near as bad as the LaBrants and they still let me have unsupervised access to the internet when I was Ev’s age, and I had read/interacted with some pretty awful stuff by then. Same for most kids her age I know nowadays. If Ev is so involved with TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other social media and has her own device with access to the internet (which she 100% does) it’d be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to shield her from all the negative comments. I’d bet she knows and has seen a lot more than we imagine because I 100% believe I would have if I were on her position at that age. I guess the silver lining (if you could even call it that) is that young children don’t have a very good grasp on other people’s feelings and opinions, especially when they’re being shared through the internet (that requires more empathy and abstract thinking than our brain is capable of at Ev’s age), so I imagine the stuff she does see doesn‘t upset her as much as it would e.g. a teen or young adult, and I think she might very much grow up “used” to it in relation to other non-famous kids. Which is quite sad, but I sure imagine and hope that this is not a relevant cause of suffering for her at this moment. Maybe she just sees them and thinks they’re annoying and mean, but she moves on. I was definitely like that as a child and human douchebaggery only really started getting to me and causing philosophical/mental issues when I was 12+, because that’s when I started to overthink it. With that said, Colonsac should *definitely* take active steps in protecting Ev and providing her the emotional apparatus she’ll need to deal with haters. She’ll benefit from staying off social media and being in long-term therapy ASAP.


I think she does. I mean she's almost 9 and she's everywhere on social media she's not a little kid as such anymore so I bet she's searched things up.


She probably does and colonsac probably told her they are ✨HaTeRz✨ and they are ✨JeALoUs✨ of her and don’t listen to them they are literally threatening your child which they should really take seriously because they know where they live, what places they go or take the kids at , they know where ev dances at and what time she be there /leave they even know what school she goes too. PROTECT HER BEFORE ITS TO LATE !!!!


I really hope that Colonsac read this post. Those hateful comments are definitely seen by Ev and may be detrimental to her mental health.


She probably does but I hope to god she doesn’t


oh my I hope she doesn't that would break my heart for her.


I really really really hope not, I just hope not