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Still a deafening silence from the leavers about this trade utopia and better society overall that we were promised ..


The latest narrative is that it should've been great but the Tories botched it.


Well, best vote for the Tories next election so they can fix it! /s


The true believers will vote Reform Party because they're experts at negotiating complex international trade deals.


Reform the NHS etc etc,


And you think Lammy is fit to be in office? Rayner? What about abbot? Mcdonald? Its a shit show on the left just as much as the right. Burnham and Reeves are the best they have by a mile. Please remove the tool and bring in big Andy. I would not vote for either of the main parties. Probably going to spoil my ballot. Just write wankers. Job done.


You hero of democracy you.


End of the day, whoever wins, they are all wankers.


Any childish obscenities you wrote on the ballot paper won't be read by them so grow up why don't you.


You think we have good politics?


I love that the tories are getting the blame. In the US everyone would have just blamed liberals for not letting them do whatever they wanted lol


We just need more good men with guns. That’s all that it takes, right?


The leader of the Reform Party (formerly the Brexit Party - right wing loons) recently described them as the "Consocialists" so that mentality is very much here as well.


He is a passive aggressive snide public school creep,so yeah he will do a farage at the next GE


Tried that


I hate this, and COVID, for giving these fools an out.


Just like when prohibition failed in the United States.


Boris Botched zBrexit


It the next stage of deny, the vision is true, but the implementation screwed it up. This go on for about 7 years or so until they go, they world situation has changed, so just joining the single market is good.


"They didn't give us the deal we deserved". "The politicians in charge [at the time] cocked up the deal, but it's still better than remaining". "We always said it would get worse before it gets better". "It's just taking longer than expected".


> "We always said it would get worse before it gets better". They did say that. Specifically long enough that everyone responsible would likely have died of old age. Certainly longer than we ever actually spend *in* the EU.


"Our leftist government sabotaged it."


That sounds like what the response would be in the US


And it would be projection, as it always is, coming from the mouths of those actually responsible for failure.


As it always is, indeed


I mean what actually do they think? They believed the Pro EU people were all stupid and made bad Deals. Maybe they were not great, i am not an expert in economics They thought "uf only i would be in charge/my people would be.... I would stop that Deal now, tell the other side to go fuck himself and demand a better Deal!" As in.... u/gargravarr2112... You are Banker and offer me 2% interest rate. Go fuck yourself, give me 0,5% at max pr else! Completely ignoring that 2% might be bad but still the best Option, ignoring you can't give me better Deals than corporate allows for and ignoring the fact that i gave you no reason to help me. You want to sell that thing on craigslist? Yeah, i only buy it if yo Ich give me 40% off the usual market price! Otherwise you miss out, do what i say. As if no politician or no other Person ever came to the idea of trying to negotiate a 2% better deal and failed, maybe got 1% better, or realised (you can talk to the other side and learn their side of the Business or why they can't give you better conditions) that your goals are not Realistic. Like Musk (or other rich people/Managers) buying Twitter and remobing every rule to learn why it was in place and then bring it back. Or new managers trying to change everything only to slowly develop it back to the way it was before. As if nobody else would've thought about this way to save money and realised why it's bad. And also instead of telling others their idea to hear "yeah, good idea but sadly wont work because of x" they ignore everyone and force their mind through, no Holding back. These are the people who when helping you fix a car watch you struggle with a rusty bolt, then you ask them for rust delete, WD40 etc to help loose it but instead of giving you the stuff you asked, their first Instinct is "no, you stupid, give me the wrench". Then they try to loose the bolt, it doesn't work like you told them it would but they are surprised the bolt didn't submit and loose up for them. Than they admit the bolt is stuck. And announce tgat maybe we should try some anti rust stuff (dunno an english term or brand) and a bit of WD40. Might help. Is this ignorancy, simple stubbornness or is there some other term to define those people?


Some people have been saying this


Leavers can’t count to eleven unless they’re wearing sandals, so they’re still trying to figure out what EU stands for.


We don't want the world to get jealous,




An reminder that an key selling point of Brexit was it would lower prices by reducing regulations and increasing trade. Yeah that didnt happen.... even with Covid and inflation everything in the UK is more expensive.and is going up.


Oh well, at least the NHS got that surge of much needed ££££££/s


I am sure that money is coming any day now so the nurses should stop striking wnd get back to work.


Quick. Someone find that bus.




Just my super android phone babyyy!


It's almost like the \*regulation\* was the thing that made the market work... you know, being regulated, regular, with regulations about what you can and can't sell and to whom and when and how and what you have to pay and what certifications it has to obtain and how it has to be labelled and shipped and the tax paid etc. Nah.... that can't be it....


“Capitalism = Anarchy”. Yes - and no.


And then they’re shocked when EU countries suddenly treat their ex-pats like illegal aliens…


*Fuck you EU, we're better off without you!* *No! Not like that!* They've dragged this shit for so long that I'm just glad it's over for us, any bits of sympathy died with their stubborn entitlement to have it both ways and the billions that got wasted on their childish asses. Find out phase UK!


They are not expats they are immigrants.




Non Dom dims


Remember the hilarious post of a british person in Schippol airport complaining about the queues because "this isn't the Brexit I voted for!" Some real idiots out there...


The only thing brexit is delivering is all of the shit we knew it would. The UK government can now write their own laws and do what they want rather than what the EU says is legal, and with that they're scrapping human rights, removing worker protection, selling national infrastructure, scrapping data protection laws, selling our national health service, and laughing all the way to the bank. Brexit voters have handed us all a ruined country. Fucking stupid fucking fuckers.


It’s a product of 40 years of people’s increasing disengagement with governance - roared on by a Murdoch press and the daily mail.


They were warned something like this would happen, but hey, what do the experts know?


"project fear", bro. Lol


"I think the people of this country have had enough of experts" - Michael Gove, then Lord Chancellor


When he said that (2016) it might as well have been the slogan for the year. Large swaths of the population on both sides of the pond seemed determined to intentionally spite experts that year, and every year going forward.




Now Lady


Brexiters who said brexit will make everything cheaper has mades building costs more expensive.


They’ll somehow blame the war in Ukraine.


At this rate Brexit Ate My Face is probably worthy of its own sub. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


/r/BrexitAteMyFace does have it's own sub.




At least this subreddit will be active for a long moment with this Brexit shitshow




People did say this would happen brexiters response was we don't care about experts same shit happened with our covid response christ our government ARE FUCKING CUNTS


I do get annoyed with our government but tbh my hatred goes to the people that voted Tories and this government. Honestly this country deserves to be rinsed my the conservative party. Totally deserved.


Hopefully the current angry against the tories will last around 2 + years seeing how much damage they've done since captain dumbass was elected


Can honestly say I don't know which Tory PM your talking about.


Neither can I, they just blend into a pile of shite that shouldn't have been elected


Most of them weren't elected.


Tory three card trick,find the leader and win,it's a scam


Damn, youre telling me the economic experts that predicted this were right? Wild.


Quote: "I think we've all had enough of experts" Nope, I've had enough of clueless corrupt fuckers taking my tax money for themselves and not running the country properly.


Expertly skimming the economic stew


It's kinda hilarious to me, because in living memory we had a period of time when the UK didn't have the benefit of easy trade and import, and it was hell for them even on top of the war they were fighting, everything was scarce. And then these people voted to make it happen again, voluntarily.


It is as if the buyers of said materials have a smaller market of suppliers to buy from.


Bigger suppliers,Chinese and USA,no more Smith and sons builders merchants


Good lord, Brexit really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it?




New phrase: The gift that keeps on taking!


That was their plan. For some reason


Privatised beaurocracy and survalence,shame the cameras apnr are chinese


What a shock. At least the NHS is now fully funded. /s


That was the goal though, wasn't it? Removal of the UK from the EU market of labour and materials.


Tory takeover


Here's a tiny violin


On the fiddle


Glad that it's working out a treat for those dumb fuckers who voted to leave...


Labour shortage perchance?


Fuck around, find out…voting for Brexit was the fuck around…now the UK is in the find out phase.


Oh no! Anyway


Shocking! I am just shocked!