How do you guys manage working while studying full time?

How do you guys manage working while studying full time?


stay organized, write out notes ahead of time, make a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule for everything. I'm in my last year and I found the first year super easy in terms of school workload and was able to work around 20-30 hours a week. 2nd year I dropped my hours to around 15-20 and last year worked 10-15 hours a week. I highly suggest taking UGST-1001 with alem as a gned or elective. His class is about mastering school and it saved my life in terms of balancing work with school!!


I always end up dropping my job almost immediately into the semester...


Define studying full time, because I usually have to drop from 5 classes to 4 classes in order to maintain my job. Nowadays, I just take 4 classes by default and catch up during the spring


Study between your classes. When I’m in the building will only work on school stuff. That way when I’m at work I focus on work and when I’m home I can relax. That’s how I manage my time working and studying. That two hour break between classes can be so productive if you get into the habit. I’m going into my fourth year and I’ve worked all the way through school and personally that’s what worked! Good luck!


I like to put my school sched into 2 days. 3 days max. Then i can work 2-3 days, and the other days for relaxing and doing work. Yup. Of course i try to do a little work everyday cause it pays off when midterms and final exams are around the corner (not cramming), 😊


How do you find it when you have multiple classes in one day?


Honestly depends on how hard it is. Im not overly concerned about electives. I try to balance harder classes with easier ones. If i have a couple hours of break between 2 harder classes, it gives me time to refresh. Ill also make sure to eat and just relax during that time instead of studying, but sometimes you just have days where you gotta have some coffee and push through.


I haven't experienced working while studying since I just started my job but I think time management and staying organized are the two things you really need. It'll probably take more than that, which I would know this coming year.


I’m headed into my fourth year. Ive been everywhere in terms of the working/studying ratio from working full time + 6 classes down to not working at all and 4 classes. I personally find that the busier I am the better I do both at work and at school - leaves less time for procrastination but that’s not always the case for everyone so you just have to find what ratio works best for you. Best advice I can give is use your spare time wisely, don’t let yourself fall behind because it’s 10 times harder to catch back up. You just need to be strict with yourself and hold yourself to your goals. Also don’t let yourself get burnt out, make sure you leave time in your schedule to do fun things. Academic burn out is one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced. Good luck with everything! You’re gonna do great.


If you're taking five in your first semester consider the August delivery of UGST 1001 which ends in Dec like other courses.