For those who aren't aware, Walz is a retired teacher. This issue should concern everyone, but he definitely saw firsthand the impacts food insecurity had on a childs learning from the perspective of an educator.


I hope only non Minnesotans are learning this Walz fact. He embodies so much teacher energy and his COVID press conferences were always peak teacher (in the best way) to me.


Gosh, the way he smiled when being hugged by those kids... wholesome moment. He knew he'd done right.


What a contrast compared to the Arkansas photo op from a few days ago


What was the Arkansas photo op?


Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, signed a law that allows companies to hire kids without the kid having to fill out forms from their school or get parents permission. So kids as young as 14 can now have to work a crap ton of hours. The boys in the photo looked absolutely devastated, and we're so dressed up, you know they were forced there for a photo op. Meanwhile, Waltz looks like he is about to cry, singing this. Reading up on Walx, not only has he been an educator in Minnesota, but in South Dakota on a reservation. He also worked as a teacher in the people's republic of china. Then he served in the national guard. Going all over the place. He retired with the rank of Master Sergeant. Then went, back to teaching before his government career.


That other situation, I’m not in the USA but it made my skin crawl. I was honestly losing hope for you guys when I saw that, added with all of the other things they are taking from you. Then this! This is a good human and he looks so genuinely happy and so do the kids. This honestly made my day.


Not to take away from anything you said, but the photo (if it’s the one you’re referring to) that was being posted around is unrelated to that, it’s a cropped photo relating to the LEARNS Act: https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2023/mar/09/sanders-signs-arkansas-learns-her-education/


Which, although having its positives, also hides some terrible things like vouchers and provisions against "ideologies" in the classroom.


I was just thinking that. Glad some good news is happening.


I don't have kids and so have no skin in this game. I would rather my tax money go to educate and feed kids than any billionaire for any reason.


But,friend,you Do have skin in the game. Children grow up to be people, folks you will interact with. You might hire them, you might have them as physicians, mechanics, oh, anything! This is why they say it takes a village.


Exactly. I'm childless by choice and even I want the kids to be educated and cared for. Last thing we need is more idiots (through no fault of their own) running around because some asshole decided they didn't need food or proper education.


I waited until age 45 to become a dad. I do pretty well, I can feed my kids, and we have a college fund started for both of them. They would probably get by just fine, get to go to higher education and develop careers instead of just take jobs. That's cool for me and them, but what about all of the other kids who aren't so lucky? I think every single kid in the world shouldn't have to worry about being hungry and they should be able to go learn anything that they want to. I'm happy to pay taxes if I know that the money is going to feed and educate people. Sadly, that's not where we're at right now, with so much money lost by not extracting it from the exploiters and what they get from us providers going towards killing people to protect corporate profit, but that's why I vote.


I'm also childless by choice. Cancel the God damn military budget, but don't you dare let children go hungry because of the socioeconomic class of their parent.


Even at the very least the “skin in the game” is your tax money and like they said it’s gonna go somewhere may as well make sure kids aren’t hungry.


I'm an extremely libertarian man when it comes to most government spending. I nevertheless find myself in full support of this policy and think more states, including my own, should enact it.


I'll work and be burdened by taxes my entire life - it will be a literal "tax" on my life and finances - and through all that hard work and sacrifice my entire life, I still won't have paid for one Patriot missile. I would much prefer the government spend that money on food for our children.


Yeah that's pretty much my take on it. I'd much prefer my money go to kids getting fed than buying more fucking rockets and bombs. Which mysteriously leads to us having more enemies and having to buy more fucking rockets and bombs. And, this is where I might lose some people, if the State is gonna mandate that kids have to go to State-run schools..then the State has an obligation to feed them while they're there.


As a retired-child.. I literally didn’t eat breakfast a lot, not to mention struggle with other meals. Stomach growling loud asf during classes. Single parent household. Lived off of pb and j and mac and cheese with chopped up hotdogs for so long. Also had barely any sleep in highschool cuz of bad mental health. Still have shit insomnia. Def stunted growth of some things. Still struggle w food but hoping life changes soon. Because I’m not used to eating breakfast my stomach has actually adapted a more nocturnal eating schedule I used to not be able to eat until late afternoon just cuz my stomach wasn’t used to being open in the normal hours of the first two meals. I’m so used to fucking not eating and it’s prob not healthy. In fact I got so used to not eating I used to barely eat altogether for my highschool years until the middle of the night just cuz if I tried to eat at any decent hour my stomach was like: wtf r u doing food doesn’t go in at these hours I’m not awake yet. Also the eating issues caused constipation issues.


What a wonderful turn of phrase. Retired-child


I'm very sorry you had to experience all that.


I'm almost 40 and I can count on one hand how many times I eat breakfast in a *YEAR*. All because I got used to skipping it in order to sleep in before school 30 years ago.


This is a way better scene than Huckabee’s bringing child labor back and the kids in the room looking concerned


We should all write to him so he knows how much good he has done. Regardless of where you live in the country. This man needs to be recognized for what he did


Contrast this with Arkansas Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signing a law to [make it easier for companies to exploit child labor by rolling back requirements that the state verify the ages of workers under 16 and provide them with work certificates permitting them to work.](https://www.npr.org/2023/03/10/1162531885/arkansas-child-labor-law-under-16-years-old-sarah-huckabee-sanders) **Never vote Republican.**


She's got one eye set on a presidential run. Gotta embody the Republican spirit.


Eye see what you did there....


I live in the district he represented. He’s now my governor. I interviewed him once for a newspaper. Overall a decent guy. I don’t agree with him on a ton of stuff, in fact very little these days, but I can definitely say he cares and tries his best. Side note: he is also former military.


What don’t you agree with?


It’s ok not to always agree. There are things that are debatable and even hard to swallow. The important thing is the effort and willingness to do the right thing. This feels like a good example


Yeah, it could have been worse. We got Scott walker back in the 2010 tea party wave. Look at where Minnesota and Wisconsin were then compared to now.


Well. Minnesota. We see you. Nice job.


This is just the latest. The DFL took the MN Senate majority by one in November (along with retaining the MN House and Walz was re-elected). They were kind of quiet until getting sworn in in January. Then they really started the work, introducing bills, pushing bills through committees and passing them on the floor to send to Walz. Things are very good in Minnesota.


You betcha


Hell yeah, bruther. We progressive out here Finally


There were entire years that the only hot meals I would eat were the free school meals. Still grateful.


That's fantastic news! I work for a food bank and we have a childhood hunger initiative that sends meals to schools for kids that literally would not be able to eat all day long. It's one of the most heartwarming feelings (and still kinda sad)


You're making a meaningful difference in those children's lives. Thank you.


Heart warming because you’re doing a good and necessary thing. Kinda sad because it **shouldn’t** be necessary, especially in a so-called first world country.


politicians are supposed to serve the people. this is what serving the people looks like. it’s very easy to do, but few have the balls to do it. great stuff here👍


Yeah! Massachusetts also has free breakfasts for schoolchildren too.


California too. I suspect in the next 5 years we start seeing a shift up in standard test scores for states with free meals in school. And a shift down in crime and child mortality rates.


Colorado as well.


It would help if more politicians were 'people'. Walz was a teacher. Too many lawyers and career politicians in the office who don't know any better, because they've never had a real job.


Totally agree. Talk is cheap, action… is where it’s at. As someone who often starved at school. This makes me so happy. During middle school and high school I drank two chocolate milk’s everyday ($1) because I couldn’t afford a regular lunch and chocolate milk is thick and provided some type of filling to deflect from starving (stomach pain aches). No child should starve, especially when at school. The entire time your at school all you hear is your stomach gurgling and it’s almost impossible to forget your hungry, though after a while I eventually got used to it. This will allow kids to eat, some who their school meal may only be their only meals for the entire day.


Every school in the country should adopt this... way before paying politicians more..


I live in Minnesota. This may be shocking, but sone republicans voted against this. Fucking losers.


Yes, one Rep was recorded saying he had never met a hungry person, so they (hungry people) did not exist.


Saw that. It’s insane.


His supporters saw it too. They’ll still vote straight red.


They act like someone’s trying to get one over on them and/or the money is coming out of their pockets.


A Republican is walking through the woods when he comes across a magician. The magician offers him one wish, whatever he wants. The Republican starts thinking he might wish for a billion dollars, or a hundred years of good health, or a beautiful wife. But as he's deciding the magician says, "and whatever I give to you I will give to your neighbors twice over." And so the Republican says, "in that case I want you to blind me in one eye."


I don’t know. Somehow I think they would want to be blinded in both eyes. Ya know, just in case someone has more than 2 eyes


They *act* that way. We need to stop giving these people any benefit of the doubt. They’re not misinformed or victims or economically insecure, no scared for their way of life, they weren’t forced to double down on all it when called all. They chose it. Choose it every day. They like it. But they’re conservatives so acting in bad faith is a requirement. They’ll *act* like someone or everyone is out to get them. They know it’s not true.


To put it more succinctly: the cruelty is the point.




what's this guy's name? that is absolutely nuts. "i've never met a rich person - they must be a myth" - Hungry me


>what's this guy's name? that is absolutely nuts. >"i've never met a rich person - they must be a myth" - Hungry me Steve Drazkowski. I work at a non-profit in Minnesota with an emergency homeless shelter (~75 beds for unhoused men, women and children) an emergency food shelf (providing food for ~500 families each month) and a community lunch program that feeds 100+ people in addition to the residents of the shelter every Monday through Friday. Mr. Drazkowski is welcome to come to my job and volunteer. I can guarantee that he would meet a lot of people who are suffering from food insecurity. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/state-gop-senator-says-never-met-hungry-minnesotan-rcna74969


Please persistently and publicly invite him. His world needs to expand.


He has never seen a hungry person cause he only hangs out with the rich that he sucks off to keep public office.


Politicians will try the Boebert/Greene strategy of just saying ludicrous shit to get attention. That won’t fly here and this dude will not get re-elected.


Apparently you don’t know this part of Minnesota. Not as bad as St. Cloud, but this guy won by a huge margin and he was in the house for 15 years.


To be more specific, only 4 of the 30 Republicans voted for it.


Four of them followed the yellow brick road and were gifted a brain? Better than nothing!


And they're all probably going to get primaried by crazier people.


republicans voted against this. At this point that should just be their slogan, why hide it anymore.


While always claiming their goal is to protect children


Only the unborn, once they're out, it's sink or swim like all the others.


KNSI Radio out of central MN had a hour long complaint about this today, with multiple republicans calling in. One compared it to Nazi Germany. Dan “The Ox” (host) said “George Floyd had kids. Should money be taken out of my paycheck to feed that drug addicts kids?” Another complaint by him was “So, my kids are grown. I paid for their school lunches. Am I going to get reimbursed for that? This is socialism. Hey North Korea provides free food too, why don’t all you liberals go live there instead of turning MN into a communist dictatorship.”


*sigh* Republicans have forgotten what it means to live in a society and a community.


>George Floyd had kids. Should money be taken out of my paycheck to feed that drug addicts kids?” Ignoring the racism, the answer is yes, yes you should.


> KNSI I googled it to see where they broadcast, ST Cloud MN of course


I wish conservatives understood the definition of the words they used before just using them haphazardly.


Ya, I read about that one dumb ass saying starvation was relative and he’s never met a hungry person. Fucking living under a rock. It’s disgusting to think people like that have political supporters.


Yes they real care about the children./s


This is the least shocking thing I've heard all day.


It’s not shocking. Republicans hate poor people.


AR voted against this but passed a law that allows 9 yo to work. So much for the party that screams "think of the children!"


Well yea, those kids need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps instead of asking for a free handout like a dirty socialist.


Arkansas is going to make them work in the cafeteria for their meal.


My first thought watching this was how different the faces of the kids looked here compared to the [kids at the Arkansas bill.](https://www.reddit.com/r/WatchPeopleDieInside/comments/11p68o2/arkansas_students_die_inside_as_huckabee_signs/)


To be fair, Arkansas doesn't look like it's a very solvent state to begin with, could they even *afford* to feed school kids? The median income in Arkansas is about $26k/year.


Sarah Sanders wants kids to work then they can pay for their own food.


But that's socialism! Can't have that now can we?


Socialism is just a type of government. This is Humanism, and it's our movement now.


"I love my fellow Americans and want them to prosper." That shouldn't even have to be a political statement in the 21st century, much less a controversial one, but here we are. Humanism for the win, because without it we're nothing.


So like Federal. I mean, PISD TX (Plano) gave free Breakfasts and Lunches, if you qualified. I always felt so bad cause I had a self renewing lunch account and bought those expensive chocolate milks, snacks and my table or 2 of buddies whole dominos pizzas and theyd go half off at end of lunch and take it to class and pass out. But I would always buy people food and have too many snacks to give away.


This is what for the people, by the people looks like


Damn straight.


I tell you what




Propane and propane accessories, I tell you hwut


Its because 60% of the people of Minnesota showed up and voted. Just barely gaining a win. Minnesota (60% turnout): * 5.6M Citizens * 4.4M Eligible Voters. * 4.2M Registered Voters. * 2.5M Voted in 2022. * Almost 30% of those under the age of 35 Voted in 2022. * Tim Walz won by 200K votes in 2022. And if you look at some red states, you could see the potential if people just showed up and voted. Especially younger people who are statistically 30 point more favored to voting democrat than republican. But on average there is only 20-25% turnout of those under the age of 35. Texas (40% turnout): * 29M Citizens * 22M Eligible Voters. * 17M Registered Voters. * 9M Voted in 2022. * only 15% of those under the age of 35 Voted in 2022. * Ted cruz won by 200K votes in 2018. Florida (50% turnout): * 21M Citizens * 15M Eligible Voters * 10M Registered Voters. * 7M Voted in 2022. * Desantis won by 30k votes in 2018 (1.5m in 2022). Ohio (45% turnout): * 12M Citizens. * 9.4M Eligible Voters. * 8M Registered voters. * 4M Voted in 2022 * Senator Vance (R) won by 250K votes. The biggest enemy to winning policies that help the people isnt the republican party, isnt the elites, its apathy and people not caring, especially young people. The pathway to gain the 60+ seats required in the senate and 218+ seats in the house and presidency are all there. People just gotta give a shit and be proactive and take initiative to sign up and vote. Get mail in ballot or drop off ballots, some states have as long as 3-4 weeks of voting time. Its all there for people to just take imitative. Desantis could have been never elected in 2018, Ted Cruz can easily be removed, imagine how different the political dialog would be then? without having bills that support hunting for women who have abortions, forcing 11 year old girls to give birth, forcing women to give birth to non-viable fetuses, now trying to force women to register and track their periods with the government and pushing bills that allows them to harass and hurt kids. All of this could have been prevented if more people gave a shit and spent the very little time it takes to register and vote. Especially young people.


There is hope for this country after all! It made me cry.💗


As a person outside USA I’m guessing he’s a democrat


Yep. Technically, of course, it’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor, since Minnesota has a unique name for their branch of the Democratic Party thanks to a party merger way back when. The distinction’s kind of academic by now, but the name does pack a certain punch. Anyway, if you ever hear reference to the Minnesota DFL, that’s what it means.


Not only that, but the Democrats just won control of all branches of government in Minnesota and this is one of the first laws they passed. Walz won with a wide margin in what was supposed to be a close(ish) race. He’s been great.




The bar is so fucking low and this shit makes me cry anymore. Feeding school children during a class war and recession shouldn’t be a debate it should be a default


When he got the first hug I smiled. When he smiled so happily when they all started hugging him together, I cried. I have never heard of this man, but I am excited to read about him. His seemingly genuine happiness signing this gives me hope.


He was a teacher, so he knows what it is like to have a hungry student.


Oh, dang. Wow. His vibe totally makes sense now.


Check his old PowerPoint presentations from covid press conferences. They were awesome. So digestible


Yeah, I had him for a teacher at Mankato West back in the day. He was a good teacher and he's a good guy.


We’re very happy to have him.


Not all of us. Remember the whole "Walz failed" rhetoric last election? Minnesota Republicans blamed him for the existence of a virus. Meanwhile he's doing everything right and Frey is doing a lot of things wrong and somehow Frey has more support. I don't fucking get it.


He looks so pumped too. I love it




This is what a real politician looks like.


People hate on him for COVID restrictions but since we've had our blue trifecta in Minnesota we've passed this bill and mandatory paid sick leave for every worker in the state. On track for legal and taxable weed, I'm so excited every time I hear news about what the DFL is planning on doing here. If we failed at leading the nation on police reform we can still make up for that failure with this congress. Ironically his opponent ran against him against the "Minneapolization" of the state but Minneapolis has had mandated sick leave for years and it took this election to make it state wide, benefiting so many Republicans who can now take advantage of the same rules.


I'm in the same boat, I'm literally tearing up watching this and happy about it and horrified that I have to be happy about it because it's not the norm at the same time.


Tim is a good dude. Us Minnesotans are lucky to have him.


When it's 8°F on St. Patty's Day, and I want to gtfo, I just need to think of this!


Pfft I'll take three feet of snow this winter if these kids get fed. Also my state healthcare is fucking amazing, I've been saying this every time Minnesota legislation has been making the news, just applied for health insurance again and I can finally afford it through the state. $21 a month premium and a $3.50 copay! I damn near cried.


Minnesotan here and I agree. Winters are brutal but man the people, the nature and general politics make it worth it. I like walz and was so happy when we flipped the government this year. Felt like a we can do it moment


I proudly voted for him! I homeschool my kids and I will gladly pay my taxes for kids to get free meals at school!


Now that's an attitude I haven't seen in a while, its refreshing


I don’t even have kids and I feel the same way. Taxes SHOULD go to ensure everyone has the basics in life, and it’s a disgrace this is even up for debate.


I'm a homeowner and feel the same way. School levy is going to make my property taxes go up a bit? Sweet, give the younger generation a better life!


Yeah! I don't have kids and may never have any, but regardless I want to live in the kind of society where kids get a good education and get fed.


I dont think I will have children. I was a children though. And I needed to be fed. And if my parents couldn't do it (mine could) I still needed to be fed. Even just 5 lunches a week. A person usually eats 21 meals a week. 5 lunches is over 20% of their caloric needs. That's a massive portion. Add a free breakfast (we should) and you've probably eliminated 75% food insecurity in America.


god damn when you put it like that.....Now I want to ensure they get dinner too. How can we get that started?


It's easy to get lost on the other side of the tracks bro. Fortunately, there are still many good people out there.


Same, he was the principal of my local high school before he went into politics, so you know he isn't just doing this for the publicity, but because he actually cares about these kids and their families. It feels good to have a leader who is doing things because they're the right thing to do, rather than pandering to their voter base.


I don’t have children but I am happy to pay my taxes in support of free lunch (and even optional breakfast and dinner) for all the kiddos! I had someone say they shouldn’t have to pay taxes since they don’t have kids and I was disgusted. It’s called taking care of people in your community! I’m here for it. People can be really cruel and selfish.


The idea some people have that their tax dollars should only benefit them is so bizarre


Such a big difference in the kid's reactions from that other governor signing the child labor law the other day.


Arkansas doesn't need to give kids food handouts, because the kids can now buy their own food /s


Yeah but they have to pay with company script…


I owe my soul to the company store...


God forbid a child have a good meal before they trudge off to work with their spouse, carrying their loaded weapon and unborn child.


That image was inaccurate. That picture was taken when Gov. Huckabee Sanders was signing the LEARNS bill... not the child labor law. [https://www.ualrpublicradio.org/local-regional-news/2023-03-09/gov-sarah-huckabee-sanders-signs-learns-bill-into-law-students-protest](https://www.ualrpublicradio.org/local-regional-news/2023-03-09/gov-sarah-huckabee-sanders-signs-learns-bill-into-law-students-protest)


To be fair, that doesn't sound like a very good bill either.




I was thinking the same thing.


Not defending that POS governor, but that picture/post your are referencing was straight misinformation. The picture was from an entirely different bill signed, not the child work bill.


it's so nice to see a politician give something back rather than taking more away


He's a former school teacher too, im sure this hit home for him.


Oh shit, that's nuts. This has to be a highlight of his life. Being able to affect a few kids directly is probably pretty rewarding. Being able to affect an entire state positively must be REAL nice.


>This has to be a highlight of his life Bro saw kids going through school without eating, saw their grades falter because of it, and after he stopped teaching, he's still helping kids It doesn't have to be. It is.


Minnesotan here. There’s plenty of people in the comments talking about how Republicans didn’t vote for this - which is true. But it doesn’t matter, because Minnesotans elected a majority in the house and senate and elected a democrat Governor. We gave them a progressive mandate to take care of the people. Local elections matter!


I moved from Louisiana to Minnesota just in time to vote in the trifecta. I can't tell you how happy I am about all this.


Welcome to MN! And thanks for doing your part!!


U can tell he's on the brink of tears 😢 👏


I’m on the brink of tears watching. Whelp - now I’m just crying - but happy tears


Shoot maybe because I’m hormonal rn but this also made me pretty emotional to watch. Especially the kids at the end just being kids “my legs hurt” “ow my eye!” - children shouldn’t have to worry about their next meal but should just be kids and say their weird things


Minnesotan here: Tim Walz is obviously not perfect like any politician but he's been so compassionate and measured over these past few years. More politicians should be like him.


Because Minnesotans are smart and actually came out to vote for politicians like him. While the rest of voters in other states...... well


That’s awesome. Way to go Minnesota and Tim Walz!!!


It is so refreshing to see positive US posts. I know you guys are not everything that we see reported. But watching a person sign a document allowing a younger labour force was fucking painful. Yay for the rational people of the USA.


Minnesotan here. Check out out small subreddit. Good things happening in the land of 10,000 lakes


I have no doubt that you are a bunch of wholesome folks. And I will take a look, but I am just an Englishman who lives in Ireland, I was just passing through. I just wanted you guys and girls to know that the world doesn't really just see you one way. Well, we have our dumbasses too! It is almost like we are all just people here!


I love it here in MN, even though it's currently 6° F and windy af. We're mostly good people


My mum was a brit. I have the citizenship and all. Been to England a dozen times or so. We are indeed all just people.


Honestly same too. I live in the U.S and still everything I hear has made me want to move to another country once I finish school. Legitimately this is the first positive thing I’ve heard in years.


Why is there a debate about whether or not we should feed children in school? That is something I want my tax dollars going to.


You sound an awful lot like a *sOcIaLiSt* with all that talk of FREE lunches. /s (although people think like that)


Not really free, they are attending class and getting an education which is a net benefit to society... which basically means they are working so they should be paid.


Amazing!! Growing up food insecure, I don’t know if I would have made it without meals at school.


Same. I grew up on oatmeal for breakfast, free school lunch, and whatever my mom could scrape together in the hour or so she had to cook food after getting home from teaching school herself. Without free lunch I would have just gone hungry.


Being a Minnesotan, this makes me super proud, especially after that other asshat was all over reddit the other day voting against it.


minnesota can be the only state that can leave, it does not deserve to be in this sinking ship of a country




"Oww! My eye!"


And her legs hurt too!


I came here looking for this.


I did the ear version of a double take when I heard that. I thought, surely this is a dubbed over video.


Every time I think about leaving MN, I remind myself that this is one of the best states to live in.


Contrast this with the picture of Sarah Huckabee-Sanders signing the labor law in Arkansas.


This is exactly where my mind went, so glad to live in a state that’s trying to make life better for kids rather than exploiting them.


That cat looks genuinely happy and not in a creepy way !!! He should be proud of what he’s just did!!! Generations , literally, will benefit from this and I hope others can see the benefits!!!!


I honestly cannot even imagine why and how someone could be against feeding children. And if you can, I'd say maybe take a second to reflect on what choices in your life forced you into such position


Well, one of the state senators against the bill said he's never met someone in MN that was hungry or had trouble getting access to food. I'm not joking that's literally what he said. Even though 7.4% in his own district fall under the poverty line. It's privileged politicians like that that stop progression in it's tracks.


because the GOP has gotten so good that it convinces the poor to hate the poor and listen to the rich


Wow! Such awesome news, great job Minnesota!


Well done!


There’s a man with a big heart we need more like him


Love how humanizing it is that he surrounded by the people who will be uplifted the most by this; kids. Brings a tear to my eye :)


Meanwhile In Arkansas these kids are welcome back into the coal mines


Kids from Arkansas will be getting their food ready


Good for Minnesota! Our school district ( Norristown, PA where I worked for 34 years) gives every student, regardless of income, free breakfast and lunch. This has been for about 4 or 5 years. I would love to see this happen state-wide and someday nation-wide.


Just compare these kids reactions, attitude and facial expressions to the children in the photo of Huckabee sanders signing the bill weakening child labor laws, that will tell you all you need to know about the political parties in the United States


Given inflation and low minimum wages, the range of people that are food insecure has to have exceeded the past definition of poor. Household incomes over 100k are living paycheck to paycheck. Debt can cover emergency needs for only so long.


100k is good money until a spouse gets laid off and the mortgage remains 3k a month, car payments, tuition, etc. All of a sudden what was manageable and well within your means becomes not.


See this, Tennessee? It’s called empathy. Y’all should try it sometime.


So proud to be a new MN resident


[Also signed an executive order protecting access to gender-affirming health care](https://www.cbsnews.com/minnesota/news/gov-walz-signs-executive-order-providing-legal-protections-for-gender-affirming-care/) Haven't heard of this man until recently, but I respect him


In the meantime, ron desantis is banning books and pretending to be a fat hitler. GOP is the death of America.


They say America is the land of opportunity. Giving a free breakfast and lunch actually gives each of these children at least a fair chance to focus on learning and not simply think about how hungry they are, therefore giving them a fair chance to a decent life.


I wonder if Sarah Hucksterbee got a similar reaction from the kids at her bill signing.


I really hope MN continues to be run by intelligent people that want to better their state.


Anyone who watches this and feels anything but joy should re-evaluate what it means to be human and not a greedy fucking monster


Republicans are thieves of joy.


See that TEXAS, people should care about all children's ability to get food.


That needs to be in every school nationwide.