I actually use this pharmacy and it's the only reason I'm able to still get my medications. It's legit.


This is what I came for. Wanted to hear some real people that use it. I'm surprised they even had the handful of basic needs that I take. Not a life changing savings in my case but why the hell not.


They’re def legit. They’re adding more medicines monthly too.




This is great. I’m from the UK and reading these comments legitimately makes me happy, I’m glad you guys are finally getting reasonable access to these things


The reviews are so awesome it almost feels like everyone commenting was paid for it, but clearly that’s not the case. I’m glad he’s able to help so many people.


This makes me wonder if the drug manufacturers are going to lobby The legislature to have his company shut down or hamstrung somehow


they get paid at the price they want, why should they give a flying fuck? if you read the article, the manufacturers aren't charging that price, it's the pharmacies if im not mistaken, since it says he only charges 15% more than what he bought it for to make a profit


My husband takes that leukemia drug and he gets it from Mr. Cuban’s company. For us this is financially life changing. We are eternally grateful to Mr. Cuban. We are 59, have worked hard all of our lives. We thought we would lose everything due to drug costs. Now we look forward to a modest retirement.


That’s great to hear. Happy for you.


I’m going to cry, I wish you and your husband a long and peaceful retirement


Thank you. We live a simple life. A good life now


Oh my God. My son with schizophrenia can’t get his meds because his Medicaid keeps getting messed up and psych meds are craaaazy expensive. Seeing the cost for antipsychotics made me want to cry. Mail in pharmacy won’t work for him, but this is truly amazing for the people whose meds are on the list. Life changing and life saving.


At the bottom of the site it says if the drugs you need aren’t available to contact them! Hope you have what you need.


My insurance would charge me $160 for 90 days of 4 meds, his website cost me $50


I take buproprion for depression, 300mg. A 90ct supply used to cost me $45 WITH my insurance copay. It's $11.50 here. This is insane.


Bupropion here in Australia for depression is around $300 as it is not approved to be sold on our pharmaceutical benefits scheme for depression, but it is approved as a quitting smoking aid. If anyone could work something out with me that would be amazing. Currently cannot afford it as a student and broke as hell. It’s the only antidepressant that affects dopamine.


I made a request awhile ago and just noticed they added it. It’s not the right size, but I could use a pill cutter. I just bought a month supply for $20 and I can get a 2 month supply for $13, just need to buy a pill cutter. I’ll make the switch next month.


This is what happens when people try and profit off of anything, you buy it and in turn they get your money and sell the same thing but less for a higher price. It's not just systems like this that exist in the medical industry but a system that exists in any type of industry


He's still getting a profit, just nearly anywhere close to big pharma. He's sustainable


And that makes sense, of course he needs/should be able to make some amount of money off it, IMO 15% upcharge seems perfectly fine in a business that screws over the people whos only options are (in some cases quite literally) pay or die.


That is actually extremely low mark up for any product, let alone pharmaceuticals. That 15% has to cover the overhead of the business before any profit is made by Cuban. Good on him.


His business relies on drugs whose patent expires, so you'll never get the cutting edge, but for most people, that's OK.


Which is pretty much the case in every other country. Why does USA have so less generics?






LAAS - Life As A Service


Well, that's a dystopian thought


Between big pharma, monsanto trying to own genes, and nestle trying to own water, it's not just a thought


Has nobody really tried to undercut prices for the uninsured though? Seems like a large captive audience. Sure profits won’t be as big, but this had to be the most sure fire investment for Mark, right?


The trouble is many of these drugs are cutting edge or there is one manufacturer and no generic equivalent. One of the few things trump did right was to authorize many generics of certain drugs which didn’t have them in the past since they were price gouged, but without action like this the drugs remain protected and as such nobody else can produce them. It’s an easy monopoly.


Wait this is real? Thats amazing. My initial reaction is that this is heart warming but doubtful of its credibility. What a guy.


Just checked one of my meds to treat my pre cancer esophagus that isn’t covered by my insurance. Supposed to be $156 retail, currently pay $33 a month with good rx. Can get a 90 day supply for less than $8.00. I’m signing up




Maybe it's good to live in Finland, even though we have our own faults and problems...


My bestfriend is from Finland and said nearly this exact sentence earlier lol


Maybe they're facts then... I think we have long queues for surgeries (maybe not for everything, but still) but we're gonna get a new thing where waiting times for non-emergency things has to be lowered a lot. And that includes dental care


If you don't mind, what is the med for your precancer esophagus? Is it barretts by chance? I have that but wasn't provided any script for it. Dad died of esophageal cancer ~6 years ago so trying to be mindful. Thanks and hope youre doing well, glad Mr. Cuban is doing something like this for us. Hope it helps many people.


I had to have an egd (scope in to stomach) recently and was told I don't have barretts but was heading there. The treatment for barretts (which is pre cancerous) is a proton pump inhibitor. So I take 40mg of pantaprazole once a day which is on the list.


Do you have Barrett’s?


I’ve never seen so many people who even know what Barrett’s esophagus is-let alone may have it! I’ve had it since my early 20’s… as a female. They tell me it usually hits men over 50 so that’s … a moot point after you diagnose someone =).


OMG, he has the drug my wife needs for 50% less than we currently pay!? How? This is potentially a huge deal for a lot of people. Does anyone know if this has the potential to be stopped or blocked by anything? Like, is he at risk of not being able to keep this going? We are going to switch her prescription over immediately but what if this all goes away?


As long as they follow the FDA guideline and maintain whatever licenses they need, then there is really is nothing anyone can do, barring any changes in the law (which could happen is this starts to eat away at the profits of the big pharma companies). Basically the price you pay for the drug from your regular health insurance pharmacy is a negotiated price between the carrier and the pharmacy/medical center. It's designed to maximize both of their profits, while minimizing the number of people who refuse to buy it and bears no relationship to how much it actually costs to manufacture. What Mark's company has done is simply decided to buy the drugs directly from the manufacturer, slap on a 15% markup and sell it directly to consumers (though without the Medical provider/insurance involved). That means it remains profitable to everyone involved, albeit at a much lower profile margin. It's actually quite brilliant in it's simplicity and is an absolute win-win for everyone involved.


"What's your business model?" "Uhh... I don't gouge the fuck out of society's most vulnerable people?" "Brilliant!" *other providers hiss in corner*


my business model is finding good Reddit posts, to share and to comment on.


Oh, so you work for Buzzfeed?


Ah the “market will solve price gouging itself” method! All it takes is a benevolent billionaire to fix things so long as they can still make a profit.


Finally! A Billionaire that cares. Not one that buys Twitter and then backs out…


Don't forget about PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) and their incentives to cover/insure more expensive medications to get rebates from manufacturers instead of the more cost effective alternatives.


Yeah, it's not your local pharmacy picking that price point. It's the PBMs fucking you (and the local pharmacy) over.


Well i guess worst case senario, enjoy it while you can, glad this is helpful to you.


You may have actually made a tangible positive impact on someone’s life with a Reddit poets. You should feel good about that one give yourself a pat on the back.


Even with his steep discounts he's probably making money hand over fist with this, so I don't see why it would stop. He's actually doing what capitalism is meant for - working the market by meeting a need and undercutting worse prices, probably making loads of money, and the other companies can either come down in price to match him to have any chance of making money too or just pray insurance forces people to use their pharmacies or something. The only potential issue would be for trademarked (aka brand new) drugs to not do business with him and if there's no generics, people wouldn't be able to get them there. I pay like $60 for my buproprion and this site has it listed for $5. Knew I was getting ripped off but boy is it plain as day here. But my insurance has a deal with the pharmacy I use so I wonder if they'd wig out if I suddenly canceled/went elsewhere.


Let them wig out. You don’t owe them a damn thing. It’s your money to save.


yeah good point. it is amazing to see most of my generics on here for pennies on the dollar compared to what I'm paying at my pharmacy. If the buproprion only costs $5 with a 15% markup and manufacturing costs covered, where tf is the extra $55 I'm paying for my current prescription going?




He only sells drugs big pharma doesn't have a stranglehold on through patents or incredible difficult/niche manufacture. It's entirely possible some of his manufacturers could be bought out and made to raise prices in the US.


His company is generics drugs. They've come off patent. Theyre supposed to be cheap anyway but often there was no competitors so the prices went up. He just undercut everyone.


Yuuup. Both of mine are on there but the generics took forever to become available, and I'm still paying more than what's listed here.


He is a billionaire, I’d cross my fingers that capitalist America wouldn’t shoot one of their own in the foot.




It's not a public company. As long as it stays that way, they can stay true to their intentions. As soon as shareholders come in, expect it to die.


It’s not just about his net worth vs healthcare $s. It’s about business models. Cuban is a businessman and can setup a company that undercuts his competitors and ‘still’ makes money. So he doesn’t ‘spend’ his wealth to take on healthcare, he actually increases it. This is how capitalism should work. Unfortunately, regulatory capture, crony capitalists and the initial startup costs are a few things that make it impossible for none billionaires to do.


I just had to pay $500+ for seizure medication WITHOUT insurance for a month. His website lists it for 8 dollars. That's a life saver.


whats the name of the drug?


I'm not above comment, but they have a bunch of the [most common seizure meds](https://costplusdrugs.com/medications/categories/seizures/) all for <$10


The website is legit! I’ve been using it since it went live. I’ve been getting a 3-month supply of my prescriptions paying cash for less than half of my insurance co-pay for a single month.


Prescription insurance actually makes money on both ends. They charge you a premium, then they negotiate a price with the pharmacies and tack on additional markup when you get the prescription filled. It's really a gross business model.


Yeah but it's not like they're squeezing every penny of margin from desperate, sick peo... Oh never mind, they're soulless fucking parasites.


How's shipping? I can't see a way to estimate the shipping cost, so it's hard to judge how much I'd need to save to make it worthwhile.


Shipping is a flat $5 per order regardless of how big. Just go to the website, grab the prescription form, send it to your doc, and have him/her send it directly to the website. After that, you will have a basket of prescriptions that you can order. The only catch is that they only have generics available and not all of them. But, the ones they have are dirt freakin cheap!!! Edit: You can look up each of your prescriptions and dosages, and they will have the exact price listed for whatever quantity you want. It’s cheaper if you have your doc prescribe 3-month’s worth. I went through the list, and one was still cheaper at Costco. But, the rest were really good.


Generic are the best. You don't need to pay for brand, just the active ingredient.


Generally, yes, but occasionally small differences in the inactive ingredients (dyes, etc) can cause people to need a specific manufacturer’s version of their med. But yes, 99% of the time for 99% of people, generic is all the same benefits but cheaper.


Shipping is a flat $5 per order regardless of how big.




For some reason, he cant get insulin. For the life of me, I dont understand how the US health care system works.


The FDA doesn't allow him to import Insulin from abroad, thus you get fucked. Else it would cost 10-15$ That's the first thing i searched tbh (not American, just curious)


question, how much does insulin cost in america?. in malaysia, citizens (no matter rich or poor) only pay myr 0.23 or $1 for admission fee to the government hospital and get the insulin for free (sometimes in bulk) paid and subsidized by the government and tax payer.


It can cost from not much to hundreds of USD per month depending on insurance and other factors. It's impossible to say anything in the US healthcare system as it's been designed to be opaque and hard to navigate. Almost nobody will give you a real idea of cost for almost any procedure.


so correct me if i'm wrong, if you have no insurance you're basically fuck? and the government just go along with big pharma and insurance screwing the citizens? wtf edit: i'm so overwhelm, if this shit fly in malaysia, i bet the whole country would be so oppose to it cause only 22% of the population (according to 2019 study) are insured.


Yes people die from not being able to afford insulin regularly in the USA.


That is actually messed up.


But we're America! Free healthcare would be SOCIALISM. We're the best country in the world!!!


I do not have and cannot afford insurance. I have two lumps growing on the bones of my ribs. I'm relatively fit. My heart hurts. Probably going to die soon.


Yep, that's pretty much how we roll over here in the USA :/


He should make it.


Actually hard to do. Not from a making it pov, but from a dealing with safety regs. That said the US desparetly needs more makers.


Oh we got makers. I got some nice pancreases, we just need to retrieve em


Insulin is easy to make. The delivery system is hard. You can get shitty pig insulin from Walmart for cheap. People don’t like it because it sucks.


Good point.


We'll make our own insulin! With blackjack and hookers!


For me, Walmart pharmacy by far has the cheapest insulin in my area. If that helps anyone.


Insulin manufacturing is monopolized by a single company in the US iirc. Technically their patent is meant to expire every seven years, but they've been *slightly* altering the manufacturing process every so often to extend their monopoly. Edit: A fair number of commenters below who presumably know more about the subject than I have informed me this is *not* the exact case, however, there is some similar form of regulatory bumf***ery going on, just massively more complicated.


Sure, but all the prior formulas still have the patent expire. As long as you don’t insist on the absolute latest and greatest insulin with the active patent, you can get it dirt cheap.


Let me help: it doesn't.


Most countries allow animal-sourced insulin (typically from pigs/cows)for human patients, while the US doesn't. Thank the FDA


I don't know where I thought they got insulin from, but I didn't immediately think pigs.


I think pigs are very close genetic relatives to us or something.


Big insulin fought really hard to keep you safe. Definitely not so they can keep the monopoly and charge you 1000 times the manufacturing price. Edit: spelling.


This should be the top comment! Anyone get the drug search to work tho? Not sure why nothing popping up in chrome/Firefox when I try searching


It’s not a huge list, I had the same issue but filtering or just scrolling all medications is effective.


Yeah, it’s a fairly-ish limited selection. Which is to be expected when trying to find sources for prescription drugs -99.999993% off retail price. But still, the drugs on there can be applicable to millions of people for general health issues, including my mom and boss, who are now supporters and users of the service. All in all, it’s incredible, and I’m thankful for it saving people money.


I’m constantly get emails from the company with new drugs being added to the list of medications they offer. You need to check frequently to see if your Rx is available. Good luck.


Oh really? I haven’t actually checked their stock in a good while since I don’t really need any medication. Well the good news is as more drugs are available, it gives the company more leverage in adding new drugs. Snowball effect, like with Amazon


If they are all on one page try ctrl + f


Pay 500 via insurance? Or 47 with him? Tough choice...


But what about those poor insurance companies!!


They’ll certainly help you when you need it and not abandon you for corporate greed.


Hi, I just wanted to tell you, you may have just saved my life. Thank you so sincerely for posting this.


Here’s to hopefully seeing more comments from you then :) have a good day/night!


Remindme! 10 years


When a billionaire's whims can save a populace but the government leading it doesn't do shit


So happy for you. I checked mine and it was not there. I take a shot it is $11,000 for 1 and I don’t have insurance.


Mine wasn't very expensive to begin with, but I am the brokest of broke and couldn't afford it since I don't have insurance either. I had to quit cold and I've been fighting every day since then. Feels like a breath of fresh air seeing it, I'm gonna get my prescription loaded up tomorrow. Hopefully they have yours soon, or it becomes available another way. I'm sorry it's not there already!


How much would be enough to help you out a little?


$11,000 for one shot. Wtf. I’m sorry.


Fellow Humira slave? (or one of the many knock-offs?) I imagine the logistics of refrigerating it adds some extra challenge. Still, hope it can happen someday.


Humira offers a manufacturer coupon. Total out of pocket becomes $5. My current health insurance doesn't accept the coupon, so I'm stuck paying the "specialty" medication fee. It's a little more than $5 but at least it's not $11k.


Also a humira slave. I’m on a lower dose but it’s still $4k per shot and I take 2 a month. That $5 manufacturer coupon is a lifesaver. But they will “drop” it every now and again. It is a quick call to humira to get it reinstated though.




Share the website with others!!


I will be 🥰




Quite literally the first thing I see after hearing my brother’s teammate and my friend has leukemia


Well that’s lucky timing. Not the leukemia obviously but this post.


Honestly, with the internet being the internet I'm quite happy that the first time I see the words lucky and Leukemia in the same sentence isn't something terrible.


It makes me sad to see the words “retail price” and “leukemia drug” in the same sentence.


More proof insurance is a massive scam in the US. Such tactics should be illegal.


There were cases in some diagnostic facilities when paying FULLY out of pocket costed me less than paying copay with insurance I had back then for the same thing.


When you have a $10,000 deductible it’s almost always better to go with self pay. I don’t think it goes towards your deductible though.


Funny thing is insurance should make meds cheaper but instead you get a huge markup on top of your monthly premium.


It blew my mind when medical staff told me to itemize and pay out of pocket. It's cheaper than using insurance. How is that even legal? And I'm obligated to carry insurance. So I pay insane family premiums, by law, to overpay for healthcare. Bullshizz


Just went to the website. My medicine is over 50% off. Fuck yeah, thanks mark cuban


It is nice when someone with a lot of money goes out of their way to help others.


He can capture a shitload of the market if he just stays true to his plan. 15 percent markup on a big chunk of the medicine market is good money.


There aren't very many meds on the list, unfortunately - a little over 200. I hope it grows. I have RA and didn't see any RA meds on the list.


Please note at the bottom “Don’t see your medication? We're always adding new medications to our pharmacy. Tell us which drugs you're looking for and we'll let you know when they become available.”


I will, thanks for pointing that out!


Talk to your rheumatologist about this as an option and whatever national society they have can then potentially figure out how to lean on getting meds made available through this service.


I think its worth noting that he will probably still make a solid profit while giving people a fair shake. Capitalism doesn't have to be evil, that is just a choice people make.


Profiting vs profiteering


To be fair, this is a good way to make money for him, especially with people having a hard time affording medication


Wait, this is legit ? im not going to get scammed 10k or mailed a russian housewife?


My ADHD medication costs almost $400 (insurance covers it) and this company has it for $10. I cannot. I hope this kicks some sense into these drug companies. Edit: I take Atomoxetine generic for Straterra, which is a non-stimulant


I'm hoping they get some of the stimulants on there soon. I can't afford the $200 doctors visit + $200 of meds a month.


Have you tried Good RX? I can get Adderall XR for $30ish a month. No way the DEA would ever allow these guys to sell stimulants


I love Cost Plus!!! Even with my overpriced insurance, many of my prescriptions are expensive, but I'm saving over 50% on them with Cost Plus. They're very transparent on how they arrive at the prices.


I’ve been using them as well and it’s honestly a blessing. Their customer service has been fantastic too.


Canadian here. My dad was diagnosed with Leukemia years ago and simply takes daily meds to deal with it which is covered by insurance. I remember my mom telling me that if my dad wasn't insured, he'd let himself die because he didn't want to put us in financial hardships. The medication he was prescribed would've be his whole salary. My mom telling me this has left a scar in my memory, I can't imagine what others must go through if they're unable to afford a life saving medication myheart goes out to them. And ever since then I hated big pharma. Fuck em.


Well here in America if you can’t afford your cancer meds you just start manufacturing and selling meth


Insurance company are to blame first before big pharma. They are buddy buddy.


People do make the choice to sacrifice themselves not to put their families in financial hardship. It’s not just medication too, it’s medical procedures too. When I was 10 I almost died from inflamed tonsils. They were the worst case my surgeon had ever seen. So inflamed they were blocking my airways. It would have been a matter of time that I would have suffocated, probably in my sleep. Insurance company decided not to pay. My poor parents, who had $.05 to their name, had to fight for over a year to get them to pay. I think about this a lot.


thats fucked up, they wouldn't pay even if it was gonna save your life? I am so happy you pulled through, you are incredibly lucky to have amazing parents that fought so hard for you


This set off my BS detector, so I decided to dig a little bit, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it's real: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/show/mark-cuban-aims-to-lower-prescription-drugs-prices-with-online-pharmacy


I’ve been using them for the past 6 months and can say that it’s been great. Cheap shipping and great customer service. I needed something like this after I got off my dad’s health insurance because my job’s insurance is a fucking joke. ($1400 deductible)


Ha, will trade you my $15,400 deductible when ever you want.


Only $1,400? That's pretty solid.


Ok i was skeptical but Albuterol Sulfate for $6.50 a pop is a game changer for my asthmatic ass


Now if only they had insulin


Go to Eli Lilly's website. They have a program where you can get a months worth of insulin for $35. Source: Pharmacist


Thank you for sharing this. My moms drug is on here for her asthma or copd. She usually pays 400 or more for it but thanks to this website she only has to pay around 30 dollars. I wish I could personally say thank you to Mark and tell him he is making a huge difference in millions of peoples lives


I’ve seen a couple clips of this dude being bad ass now, I saw another one where he is on stage and they tell him if he swears again he has to donate a large amount of money to some charity. So he says “ fuck it, let’s do it “ or something along those lines…. True bad assery at its pinnacle.


He seems to be one of those guys who really seems to get “I have a ton of money, what’s the point in having it if I don’t do something useful with it?” I’m sure he’s done plenty of bad shit I’d learn about if I did a Google dove on his history, but at this point I’ll take a devil with decent options over one whose only offering me fire and brimstone.


Yeah I could look past some cocaine and hookers for a dude like this for sure


Nothing wrong with cocaine and hookers.




There was a follow up clip where he apologized. He said he thought it would be funny, but after realized it was disrespectful to his wife.


All in all wholesome all things considered lol


Lol her laugh at the end. I can't tell if it was a thought of "huh I wish I get invited" or "huh I might have just lost my anchor position"


Absolute gem of a clip lmaoo I sometimes forget it even exists


So long as they're paid fairly.


He was fined $10000 for swearing. And he decided to make it $20000 edit: “fined” for charity


This is actually brilliant. Mark gets to do a good thing and look good doing it, while saving lives and he will probably profit tremendously without being a price gouging POS. It's a real shame that somebody doing this should be getting praised. This should be the standard not the exception.


And then we can hope he’ll take that profit and do the next good thing with it.


My mom just developed a really bad disease and is spending over 2000 dollars a month on meds. Thank you whoever posted this. So so so much


No Insulin yet.


Hope the word 'yet' is the important word here.


My guess is it’s a logistics issue. It’s more difficult and more expensive to ship something with temperate requirements. I know it can be done but they might just not have the right shipping partners yet or something. Hopefully they’re working on it


More legal, FDA has tight restrictions


Have you tried Walmart? They have some liw cost insulin options.


They mentioned they are working on it


But Elon is over here buying Twitter.


Exactly, Knight him and give him the key to the city of who givesgivesafuck.


Thank you for posting this. My nephew is on a medication that costs him $2400 a month. I sent him this link!


Good for him though. Like he's gonna earn millions off this either way, so why NOT make it more affordable for buyers?


I think this is telling not in that he's selling a $9,500 drug for $47 but that if he took insurance he couldn't sell drugs that cheap. I think this is more of a statement on the insurance industry than the drug industry.


My partners transplant anti-rejection meds are on this list!!


I was at bar in Dallas TX, known for their hot dogs. I'm bellied at said bar eating a hot dog and drinking a beer. A limo pulls up front, and a dude in a nice suite gets out and rolls up to the bar literally right next to me; grabs his to go order and pays for all the hot dogs and beers for those at the bar. I'm mad because I'm being crowded while eating my dinner... I got less mad when I realized who the well dressed dude was. Thanks for the beer, Mark. 🍻


As a Brit I have never understood the USA’s approach to healthcare of the nation. In the Uk we pay nothing for consultation, operations, clinicians etc. medication regardless of what it is for comes under a standard prescription for which everyone pays a standard £11 ($13). No one ever pays more than £11 for any medication, whatever the medication may be, and if you can’t afford £11 then you pay nothing.


It's not based on rationality, it's based on lobbying by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.


Yeah exactly this, our system is just pure corruption


The US historically been corporations first, citizens last. The US economy is literally built on the debt of its citizens.


We’ll make sure to eat Mark last.


Mark Cuban Confetti Cake for dessert, please and thanks!


I know we’re talking about eating him last, but I feel like we’re missing our opportunity to have the **most** iconic Cuban sandwich.


FYI, GoodRX is free and offers prices similar or even lower for every medication I cross-checked. And you have multiple options for pharmacies to pick them up at. Edit: Continued to check and costplus does have some for much cheaper than GoodRX. I'd check both before purchasing.


It’s the difference in dosages where good rx doesn’t always have great deals. For instance, One of my meds that I had to switch to is cheap on good rx because it’s IR but really expensive as an XR.


More mark Cubans. Less elon musks.


Wow! Imagine how great it would be if we could just make it so it worked like this for everybody all the time. Y'know, like *every other developed nation on Earth.*