Absolutely! Here is the Thunderdome Community Discord link. https://discord.gg/GhaYM2Djpt If you join up and ask for guidance, one of my buddies is sure to help you out. You can search "Thunderdome" in your browser, remember to uncheck all filters, and my servers should pop up. There's a really goofy FFA server(Modded weapons) and a very nice Duel server with custom maps (Vanilla weapons). The community is friendly and someone is sure to help you out. Hope I was helpful, happy slashing! 😁


of course I find you on this post xD


Better call zap


Jojos or dans duels. My personal fav


Are you NA?


Yes I am


Well, [https://discord.gg/ChargingKnights](https://discord.gg/ChargingKnights) We are an Invasion based community but have a duel server! Ask someone in #mordhau if anyone is down to train ya and I am sure you will find someone whos down to practice with you! Good chances others may end up joining as well :) ​ \[AG\]\[CK\] Duelyard 120TR - FOV+


Can confirm these guys are chill ;)


Happy with the community for all the support for this guy.. coming from the OCE community this seems wild. We have two duel servers and 1 invasion server on a good day :,) The way to learn is to throw yourself at the brick wall for 500 hours xD


I think there are duel servers specifically for new players, you should look them up in the browser. If not, try telling people to go easy on you in the dueling servers. It sucks that most people would rather feint spam on the new players instead of helping them out


You should join duel servers and fight only the low levels and work your way up. I understand some people are better then others despite their level, but generally speaking you can find people similar to your skill level.


I understand what your saying but I also don’t wanna give low levels a bad first experience if every duel is an execution but yes that’s what I’m probably gonna have to do.


Sadly, most players will never make it past casual community duel servers. I can almost 50-0 a full lobby on Dan's Duels, but I'm still considered bad relative to actual good players. My suggestion would be to constantly bug the best players you can find to duel you. Ask questions. When someone says you are dog shit make them explain why. If they give you a none answer, continue to press them to duel and elaborate.