700k in cap space. Next gen. Who should I add to the squad???

700k in cap space. Next gen. Who should I add to the squad???


Def DM mount mutombo


Thon over Worthy, sell Wilt and buy Mutumbo, cut Smith, bench Vince and buy PG for your starting sg.


Who should he put at backup PF if Thon goes to SF


Maybe worthy is serviceable. His front court would be undersized. But he could also cut Vince and go Hill, Jimmy, Worthy, one of the spotlight sims guys and DRob. There could also be a Bol Bol out there that he could afford.


I sold Wilt for 157k and got KP for 213k. Worth the difference (for me, I couldn’t shoot with Wilt to save my life).


Get rid of JR slide butler to 2 thon to 3. And get badged up bol bol and wiseman. Then its a perfect squad IMO


Get PG13 and Bol Bol. Start PG over Vince. Butler to 2, Thon to 3, and Bol Bol at 4. You also could get a small center upgrade moving Wilt to the bench replacing Drob and getting KP or Mutombo, but i think the other upgrades will improve your team more. Or heck you honestly have enough MT do do all 3 if you wanted




Simmon-Vince-Thon-bill-Dikembe Hill-Jimmy-worthy-bolbol-drob