Nba 2k21 MT giveaway (5.5 million MT)

Nba 2k21 MT giveaway (5.5 million MT)


i3cmh, need a new center to replace David Robinson, fav and most used card has been Radioactive Giannis




That D-Rose card is actually so fun for some weird reason. For some reason I shoot better with him than anyone.


B1gShotRob02 and I want to make an all Invincible starting 5 and Invincible Luka is my favorite card


Fav card is forever pd reddish


PSN ID: Vadaah I'd prob cop invincible LeBron and then buy PG invincible Giannis whenever he comes out. My favorite card rn is the oop PG Giannis


Tataazz. I would love to get that invincible Blake so I need MT for the rewind players. Favorite card is Navarro. Appreciate what ur doing man.


ThomasTheGunna I would finish building my theme team. My favorite card in the game is Invincible Kd


swagggie89121 I've been saving up for invincible Kareem so I would cop him with the MT. Not sure if this is legit or not, but thanks for the kindness anyways!


SSBasquias! Current fave is Radio Giannis! Probably just save it to get Invincible Giannis! Give me all the Giannis cards


UnbrokenWings For 100,000 I would get my favorite player in invincible 🌹


Blockedtigers25, I would use the MT to add an invincible player or two and get a good Lebron since he’s my favorite player. My favorite card is the PD Draft Luka Doncic.


Wow goat give away. Definitely my favourite card is David Robinson still holds down my centre spot and dominates for me. I would upgrade my team buy a KG invincible as he my all time favourite. Rip packs and have fun with it. Psn Jarman1632


Thanks for the giveaway bro!! I would try to buy favorite player invincible shaq!!


Theforerunner333 ....put it towards invincible lbj...favorite card I have right now is the oop pg lbj


psn:lil_david97 i would probably cop god squad to try and beat the ams players lol. my fav card so far is probably dark matter thon cause he’s really good


Thedirtysurgeon, I'd use it to finish the challenges for Luka, and then probably get radioactive tmac! And my fav card so far is DM klay! Ty youre the best!


How’s Klays releases in comparison to god diamond?


I'm sorry I'm not sure what your asking! I like klays release though. I'm able to consistently green it


I may of been typing that while at a stop light and it turned green near the end so I kinda guessed and hit send lol. I have used his diamond card a lot and his release is easy to green it just seems to take so long to get off.


Yeah its a bit slower than steph for sure, I didnt get to use his diamond myself so I can't compare


Psn - Airbudshooter. I would probably spend it all on packs after I buy all the player I want. My favorite card is radioactive Kareem


Psn=DiabeticT-1-0027 and I would use the mt do get my fav players dm kawhi, my fav card is/was GO Kawhi Leonard tha k you


VerifiedTimbs. I actually don't need it myself but my little brother doesn't have a reddit account so I would love to surprise him in case I win some MT. His favorite card is DM Ben Simmons.


psn: BigMacSauce10 with the mt i would be able to get my favorite player shaqs new invincible that come out my favorite card has been the warped reality shaq


Silent_ThreatZ; I would get one of the DM Giannis cards; and my favorite card is DM Steph Curry, he helped me get through the triple threat spotlight sims.


My psn is ibekdub-xD and it’ll help me finish grinding for luka cause I’m nms and my favorite card is don ohl


Jefe6347 Mavs fan, so would like to get Idols Dirk. Favorite card I use is DM glitched Derozan


psn is Killa_Kobra_2709 and i would use the 5.5 million mt and make a team of all my favorite players


hi I dont need a lot maybe a mill (lol) I would get MPJ for bol bol. my favorite card in the game is Dark Matter Kristaps Porzingis because he is the first DM I pulled if I get picked thanks! psn:themeadowofdeath


NeuroMC21 I would try to save for Invincible Larry Bird as he is my dad’s favorite player and hopefully I could also buy Tim Duncan cos I loved the big 3 the Spurs had! My favorite card in the game is Jordan Clarkson been a fan of him since his rookie days


Sparky_721 and I would first get my favorite player of all times card(Invincible kareem) then I wouldrebuild my team with my favorite players of all time. I would just do the things that make me happy and enjoy the game. This is a great idea and even if I dont win, I'm happy I get to at least join and have the possibility of winning. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and I wish everyone else good luck PSN-Sparky_721


Psn ID: BIQBLU Favorite Card: Hero Zion Williamson (my best card lol) With the mt points I would build an All time lakers/celtics squads while helping my little brother improve his myteam as well. Thank you for doing this regardless who you pick brother!


psn: nba1090 I would use it to get invincible lebron. Current fav card is DM curry, thank you


P-znx With the MT, I would finish collecting all the sets Favourite card right now is Enshirned Julius Erving


PSN: nnggeennttt I would save mt to get my favorite players hahaha and lebron cards are my favorite I'm really hoping I can get invincible lebron for a cheap price


Lee1848 Favorite Card: PG Giannis. I would use the MT to get the Invincible Giannis. Anything left over I would give away in a similar fashion


party_ant456. I would use the Mt to finish my spurs squad and get my favorite player, Tim Duncan!! Funny enough my favorite card is the GO Manu, thanks for doing this!


harmon221 and I would use it to help afford the new Giannis. My favorite card in the game is dark matter Joel embiid!


Psn: squad1017bsm, buy the cards to lock in bol bol, favorite card DM klay


Psn is Aurzon! would just buy my fav players that I can’t afford to spend mt on and finally play unlimited!


Lachy_P I would build a lineup of my favourite players (ai dirk kobe ect) favourite card is glitched PD Kyrie.


Psn kinnycut my favourite card is dm jimmy buckets With the mat it would allow me and my mate finally get our hands on some invincible cards


Wick1d on PSN I would lock in to get invincible Bol Bol and rent cards I need to get to 40 for first time in 3 seasons . I would also pay u back with a gift card. Favorite card is either OOP Cousins or GO Bird OOP


I would buy invincible rose since he is my favorite player all time my psn is nephytis_


PSN: TastessXavier , I would use the MT to rent good players and finish all the Domination sets. My favorite card in the game is Invicible Kobe, but I don't think I will ever get his card.


dvon1097 I wanna get some coin for my nms squad. my favorite card on my next gen squad is PD Poku


BlackPorzingis, would probably buy DM Porzingis, like Mel Daniels


I’m Leary towards playing all those games but is he worth it? I don’t see him in too many lineups


I only got him cuz he was the first GO I got in 2k20 and liked him. He’s more of a next gen card since he’s got steady. He is a bit outdated cuz of all the new crazy cards so get him if your bored


VicMackey16 I'd use the MT to acquire a bunch of GO or higher players to recreate the original Dream Team, which I've wanted to do for a while now but don't have the MT to make happen. Favorite card? Probably the David Robinson season reward card. First season I grinded to level 40 for as he was one on my favorite players growing up - and he'd work great as my starting C on said Dream Team!


Grandaddypurp21 Get a sf or center Radio tmac


Johnmatrix4521, I’d use the MT to make versions of the US Olympic teams to play mystery dom. My favorite card is PD retro Giannis.


PSN: MarvellOne. I would probably buy invincible MJ if I could get at a decent price because he is my favorite player. Maybe buy a few other cards just to create a few fun teams to use. My favorite card has been DM Jimmy Bulter from the bill Russell challenges at least he is one of them Also Evo DM Russell Westbrook has been fun as well


thebutter61, I would buy my favorite player of all time Invincible LeBron, my favorite card in the game is Invincible Luka


Psn: fatfatmcbuckets I just want that Lamelo Ball so I can finish my all Hornets line-up.


PSN - Punka If I got chosen I would give half away after buying Invincible Giannis. Favourite card is definitely Invincible Luka!


PSN-AlohaxKendal I would probably buy invincible Giannis along with Idols Kawhi. My favorite card in the game is Radioactive Kareem


wow_coolname kawhi DM. i love fun-guy. with the MT i would open packs. i told myself i wouldn’t open packs and haven’t spent a dime since then. very proud


psn: hoodieArjhann i would give some of the mt away as 5.5 is too much for my needs, and then i would save most of it, spending some on oop giannis and such


PSN: King_Neptune-X Favourite card is GO Kawhi or D-Rob from the season rewards. Would put the MT towards getting the DM Kawhi.


I would do 5 separate 1 mil mt giveaways in all the myteam communities I'm in. I'd make sure to tell everyone that mathematician is an amazing person! Psn: Dope_b0i_magickk


Psn - gus_man12 My favorite card is pd cam reddish I would use the mt to literally buy the dark matter cam reddish that hopefully comes out soon


Eospa I am building a warriors team and my favourite card is dark matter Stephen curry


PSN Name: Mighty M0use6 Fav card would be Gladiator Kobe If chosen and lucky (lol) I'll buy any DM or Opal Shaq but not the Invincible to pair with my Kobe!


I would buy MPJ for whatever the hell he’s going for lol Fav card is GO Tmac or OOP durant Arthaz106


WeTheOVOXO Favorite card this year was the Pantheon PD Kobe. First PD packed and my most used card throughout the year. Holds way too much sentimental value. I would use the MT to purchase a lineup of strictly my favourite players best cards. Luka (I have), Kobe, Giannis, Pascal Siakam (I have) and Jokic (lock in) Thank you for the kindness in giving away some MT! Good luck everyone.


PSN: thebigticket31 As my name suggests, KG is my favorite player and I really hope to get him, so I've been using the idols version but want to get my hands on the invincible version. Hope I get picked! Thanks!


My psn is ded-an and I would probs try and get bol bol invincible. Thanks for the chance bro!


Randyray973 It’s so many but it’s definitely the amy thananis antetokounmpo & emerald Daequan Cook


Decisiveshadows: tbh I want the invincible Derrick rose, I have the retro dm drose and it’s incredible. Btw thanks for the giveaway man, a lot of people really appreciate the guys like you!


Ayo bro shot for the give away my psn name is Micah_Barker and my favorite card in the game would either have to be GO Luka or Diamond Tyrese Haliburton 🤙What I would do with the mt is lock in the new collection for Bol Bol as I am nms and cant afford mpj and I myself would either help out the community by giving away a portion of the mt and give another portion to my mates who have just begun their my team journey 🤙🤛🤟


Slimbone_ tryna complete the splash zone lock in need Lavine and MPJ favorite card glitch lamelo he is so much fun to use


PSN: NieuBreezyyy_. What I would do with that much MT? Gotta share the love and give away some MT as well. Also, to finally have the chance to pick up Invincible Shaq because I met him once in real life (pic is still on my social media) and also he’s one of my favorite centers ever in the game of basketball. Favorite card in the game is PG Giannis, an unstoppable freight train.


X-Force_Xeno, build an all invincible starting 5, Diamond Sean Elliot


buntu_b, probably buy invincible kd and some other invincibles, fav card rn is pd Zion


psn: pmoney_scope04 my fav card is invincible lebron and i would use the mt to snipe my way to millions of mt then do a giveaway like this one


Psn:Xyruvial_ gonna save it to buy the last 2 idol cards to get jokic. Favorite cards is definitely invincible lebron.


PSN: DetectiveDanMane. If I got that amount of mt, I would buy invincibile Kobe without feeling bad about the cost. My favorite card is Danny Ferry. The feeling of getting him after 100s of TTOffline games was incredible


HeyItsAqua_ I would buy some Invincible cards for myself and then giveaway some of it as well. Favorite card has been Danny Ferry.


psn: BirdUp3098 trying to build a heat squad! would love to have some extra MT to try and save up for DM Bam and hopefully a DM Jimmy fav card is GO Dwade, all time fav player and only card i’ve grinded to 40 for


Darerhyun , diamond tyrese haliburton


J-Rod130 Buy DRose 😂 Favorite card currently is Luka but overall it was DM Derozan.


Ash_DyNaMiTe Favorite card is hands down Invincible Luka Doncic. Greens all day, hold his own on D even against oversized pgs and can get the rim all day.


Pure__ability, I need about 200k more to lock in bol bol so I would put it towards that, I’m selling damn near everything lol. My fav card rn is ben SimmonS (Two underscores in psn)


PSN: KushManeLaFlare- I’d finally build an end game team for myself and 2 of my friends. Favorite card: Invincible Luka


Definitely trying out the Invincible cards, play with them with my friends one weekend, put them back out in the market, get the MT back, and maybe do a giveaway. It's the endgame, there's nothing more to do with a bunch of MT. My favorite card si Quantum Luka Doncic. PSN: DeepHashDaddy


PSN is tacko_is_short99. As of right now, I really like using either GO Wiseman or PD Manute Bol. They just bring so much value for their price. As for what I would do with the MT; I would likely invest it to make more MT by working the auction house


ZayN626, need to fill out my bench, favorite card is ascension reward Horace Grant


PSN Renegade_brink. I would use it to get the rewind players I need for Blake and get invincible LeBron. Favorite card in game is Amy Chuma Okeke!


the\_goat\_baller\_ (cringe ik) but it would help me get better players, such as Ray Allen be been wanting to try, and would also help me for xp. My favorite card is the dm Tom Van Arsdale


Zhao_996 PD bolbol


KingJamesBryant3, I would try to create an Invincible lineup. Thanks


Psn:Jelani15 I’d probably buy an invincible and sit on the rest until a card I absolutely couldn’t live without was released, who that card is? I have no clue rn


Psn is v-postyewup- I would split the mt with all my friends and my favourite card in the game is pd roco


Tomclaydon92 id buy invincible Kobe with the MT never had an invincible so why not splash out on the best lol my favourite card is warped Steph curry


Pwongage I would save it towards an invincible My favorite card in game idols Lin reminds me of the fan favorite from last year


Hey, My PSN ID is ByOfisix, my favourite card of all time in My Team is DM Zion Hero but I only want a invincible Curry. I only play offline becuse is where I enjoy and I use the best fun cards in game but many of them are so expensive... Thanks for this and good luck guys!


My ID is albertcultu, and my favourite card so far this year is an underrated one, amethist Isaac Okoro. A lot of TT matches won thx to him. Aprecciate what you doing man😉


PSN: Clati15 I want to get a DM Dikembe Mutumbo, as I love defensive players. My favorite is all the Kirilenko cards


My psn : SlimReaperCE My favorite card is D-Rob My starters are good enough beside D-rob but bench is meh I will use that mt to improve my bench and buy new center. Thanks for the giveaway


Psn teezyw11 my favorite card is luka and I would buy either Shaq or Kareem because I’m still using David Robinson 😭


Chiptorr011, I would use the Mt to buy my favorite players in the game like invincible Lebron and AK-47, who is just chicken. My favorite card in the game that I own is probably Bill Russell, and he's free.


I_twrs_29 i would make an all time thunder team and also an invincible team to go with it. Favourite card is opal wade


PSN: cracklebuster Really really want invincible Giannis everybody been sleeping on him and the Bucks all playoffs and I've been rooting for him for the past few years feels good seeing him on the cusp on the NBA finals


Psn: Dutch612 My ps5 just died and warranty will be a long replacement. I would honestly use it to maximize my enjoyment with the mode. I would buy my all Timberwolves team to run with. Run the Banana Boat triple threat. Lock in for Coach Phil. I’d be set for awhile to enjoy the game throughly and not worry about the grind. I’ll take my girlfriend out to dinner somewhere nice too lol. My favorite card is my only DM: pantheon Zion. He’s perfect. Defend, pass, shoot, great animations. Most used card. (Second fave was my badged out inferno Ben Simmons who could hit corner 3s before 2k gave it to him)


PSN - MXV3R1CK17 I run a Pelicans theme team (Unlucky for me their is very few good Pels cards) so DM Ingram/Zion would be my first pickups to make it somewhat competitive. Also would love to try DM OG Anunoby being from England, in my European theme team. Favourite card GO Ingram (Rode that card for ages) & PD Ben Gordon (My favourite player IRL finally got a decent card in myteam)


PSN: BEASTMODE863 I would try to buy 4000 cards for the Jayson Tatum since the only way to get that many cards is to have a lot of MT & I’m nowhere near 4000. Fav card in the game is Invincible Kobe.


My PSN is shannigan137 and If I won I would spend the MT on maybe locking in the new Bol Bol as the PD is still one of my favourite cards and defiantly pick up Kareem as I had a lot of fun with the opal Kareem he was just a very fun card to use obviously outdated now, but now that the invincible is out I would love that my favourite card has still got to be the opal kawhi yes I got that card in season 4 and I still have so much fun with him I don’t get why I do but I do thanks for the chance and even if I don’t win this is an amazing giveaway you are doing hope the winner spends well have a nice day


nicopizza139 I would buy some of my favorite players. My favorite card is penny hardaway


Ironmansauls78 I want to get some decent players to play with. Since these invincible cards came out the grind has been super hard. I just wanna have a starting lineup. Diamond Tyrese Haliburton, best clutch ever.


PSN ID: NotHunterAllen Favorite card is DM glitch Lonzo I’m a no money spent player and this would be huge! Thanks for doing the giveaway, you’re a real one! I’d use the MT to rebuild my team and put the players I get rid of up for snipes


Void_Thunder21 and my favorite card is dm Jimmy Butler because he is an absolute monster. I would try to upgrade my team as best as I can, thanks.


JP93629 and I would like the MT to get season rewind players for Blake. Favourite card is GO David Robinson.


ExpectBrickz- Give bout a mil or 2 away .Use the rest to build a god squad .Would but cards like Bol bol Kareem etc .And also use that mt for my team in tournaments I’m gonna play


Psn id: alliethif Would want to get the new invincible kareem, plus an invincible tmac to get an all invincible starting 5


PSN:TipsyBull Just want to be able to buy cards and have fun with the game. My favourite card in the game is OOP Giannis as he is fun to use in TTO


lumale73 Buy Dirk Nowitzki invincible since he is my favorite player.


My psn: sondernara If you gave away some of your MT to me i would prob use it to buy AK47 and pair him up w/either my Invincible Luka in my starting lineup or w/my DM Lamelo in my bench to be part of my backcourt. I would really appreciate it 🙇‍♂️ And my favourite card of the year is honestly Opal James Wiseman. I run him at PF and he just moves different. An absolute unit


Guillal13, I would buy Invinvible Durant to replace the OOP one, my favorite card always has been brandon roy, so hoping to get a dark matter version of him this year!


serBaltic it would get Bol Bol and KD and many more 😂 favourite card right now is DM Danny Granger


IamJDK. I would try to build a team with my favourite players like Dirk and Giannis. Like I already said Dirk is one of my fav players and his hero card was my fav card so far. His long hair looked very cool and I wished his Invincible would have the same hair because it looks funny. I had no problem with his defense eventhough he didn‘t have the best stats but I still hyped myself up after every play of him. I played this card till the beginning of this season because I started saving myteam for his invincible.


PSN: carlofromdapies Will try to get any Dark Matter Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant. Favorite Card: Galaxy Opal Kawhi Leonard.


ThatsRobin. I’d probably spend them on a KD card cause man if I’ve screamed his name during game 5-6-7


Obaso2004, I would upgrade my bench unit with the mt, and my favourite card is diamond haliburton.


DizzyDogs GO Luka My son wants to buy a couple of cards (Wall, Tmac) so I'll let him have some fun


wizle18 get Invincible Kobe. Favorite card is DM Horace Grant


NVRSCRD_TRAP. I’d make an invincible line up lol. Fav car is GO Kawhi. Basically started myteam this year and that season with Kawhi.


bobandsHAF I’d spend the entire thing on packs because I went NMS this year and I realized my favourite part about the game is ripping packs but Ive refused to give 2K my money this year cause they’re whack. Favourite card in the game would be the Invincible Derek Rose. Probably never get to use it but that guy is my 2nd favourite player all time and favourite MyTeam card every year


PSN name is AJ_901_ . I'd use it to probably attempt to get Invincible Bol Bol or bid on Invincible LeBron since he's my 2nd favorite player all time. Favorite card in the game is DM Ja.


Psn : Ketelzen My favorite card is Invincible Bol Bol at the moment, but the card i had the most fun using is diamond John Stockton. The chase of Bol Bol left me with no MT, but i would like to get Invincible Shaq and Invincible Durant. I love how they play/ed the game irl.


YAO4EVERMVP I would buy my fav players in the game and my fav card is GO Christian Wood


Lolusrs_, I would finish off getting Luka for starters, then get Blake, then make myself the best possible European lineup. Would be a huge help since I'm still using opals haha. My favourite card is probably the series 2 reward Blake. I used him as a ballhandler in so many games and it was straight cheese but so fun


Hufftwoseven and I’ll build my fav Heat line up. Grab invincible D Wade and then wait for invincible Jimmy Butler and maybe Lebron gets one with the Heat??


My psn is DSR___Alpha I'ma have the mt to restock after spending all mine getting bol bol my favorite card is the new Lavine right now


TotallyNot_Alex. Planning on getting some of my favorite players! My favorite car is Lightning McQueen 🚗. Jk, my favorite card to use this year is J.R. Smith!


Woowoo_2 Honestly I'm NMS and I just want a decent player to help me against everyone using the crazy lineups. Probably look into buying a defensive player.


psn: jkp2318 I would definitely finish building my endgame team. I've actually been NMS the whole year and it's been difficult to grind out myteam due to wotk and school. My favourite card rn though is Invincible Luka.


BWP1710 Would upgrade my entire lineup and favourite card is DM JR Smith


alfredoSaucy- , with the MT I would splurge on my favorite players IRL, and my favorite card in the game is opal Jonathan Isaac


lEthenl, I'd probably open 5.4 million worth of deluxe league packs to try and pull Dejounte Murray and then spend the last 100k buying 10 Galaxy opal Dejounte Murrays


Psn: TheStinky_Slinky I would get Diamond contracts for all my endgame players. My favorite card two years in a row now is Lamelo Ball


psn: sloanwolf74 my favourite card is OOP joakim noah. he is just so much fun to use offline! always been the man to me. if i won the mt id try to get a couple of invincible players! i can’t wait for invincible hakeem!


SuperTramp123, Would finish my Lakers or bulls teams with the bigger cards


Imjaleelbrah__ Hi my name is Jaleel and I’m a pack addict , I’m not gonna lie I’ve been up to 1.5 million before and I’ve lost it , I can’t promise that I won’t buy packs anymore but I promise to treat your mt with great love and respect and my fav card is glitched lamelo.


So much MT! Honestly I would try to finally make a squad using my favorite players, most of which I haven't been able to try their cards. OOP Kobe, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Shaq, and Yao when he comes out! I honestly don't know who I would score with most, it would be too hard to decide.


mikki_204 get ben simmons


SilencedPride - Honestly I'd probably start by making my dream team of michigan wolverines and Pistons cards filling it out with my favorite non Michigan players. I don't necessarily play 2k for the meta, I just want to create a team full of players I enjoy watching. With any leftover MT I'd just try to pay it forward. My favorite card in the game has been Jamal Murray's moments opal. He's my favorite non hometown player and I absolutely loved that card. Overpaid for it initially but didn't care and use it all the time still


BillyMaysHere2. My favourite card has been GO Vince. I'd use the MT to try and get the new Bol Bol. 5.5 million should be enough lol


GodSquad99 I would use it to finally be able to afford DM tatum to complete my celtics theme team. Favorite card rn is DM Antawn Jamison


AlexBakerr. What I’d do with the MT is grab a Kawhi and the rest of them to complete my 2019 champs Toronto Raptors lineup as my final thing I do every year as 2k dies down. Favorite card this year has been DM Paul George he just gets me a bucket whenever I need it. Appreciate guys like you in the community doing this stuff to help out the guys like myself who struggle to make MT


Hey if you don’t win since there is over 150comments I will give you tips. And how much MT do you have and what is your team looking like


Much appreciated


Just wants give make to the community


It’s a slim chance do not know if I’m pick 10winners or 5winners or 1winner


Welp got my fingers crossed! 🤞🏻 kawhi or LaMelo to complete my main team is the target!


psn: TTv_Theomar321 im tryin to get at least one invincible or maybe a starting 5 with dm or invincible cards


rohan_123_ Finish my overall lineup but also my all time raptors one. Favourite card either the DM Derozan or Opal Lowry


Micklem00se_ I would have to pick up invincible kareem and shaq as my pf/c's. I would have to pick up invincible magic as my PG aswell. then I would save some of the MT for future invincibles such as wilt. I may also get the new invincible bol bol as he is undoubtedly the most broke card in the game. For my favourite player in would have to be token reward bobby jones. That guy was a defensive beast when he came out and to this day is still one of my favourite cards to use for fun. His dunking animations are also amazing with him constantly double-clutching.


Psn: Glizzy2Good I would try and buy invincible Dirk since he's my favourite player of all time! That and upgrade my bench since it's a bunch of iffy free cards. And my favorite card is deff DM Embiid


PSN ID: dsalvio97 Favorite card right now is Invincible Rose, just pulled him yesterday from the pack I got with a locker code! Haven’t used him much yet but he’s my first 99 pull this year


And with the MT I’d put it towards getting Invincible Giannis, he’s one of my favorite players in real life but he’s so damn expensive lol


PSN: edwardchandler A little more MT to help with renting for XP for one of my favourite IRL players, Invincible LUKAAAAA, Quantum Luka was an absolute mainstay in my team for ages. May favourite card all year was probably PD Lonzo, and if I had to pick one now it would Dark Matter Lonzo


Optimusjprime: Would get the top cards for my favorite guys for my offline grind. Kobe, MJ, and Shaq would come home and build the Laker squad that made 3 peat happen.


HardNippers. Save the MT for Invincible Kawhi. Favorite card is Glitched LaMelo


Shaq cards are my favorite and I’m trying to get my hands on Invincible Shaq PSN is LeBronHasARing


DnA_0328 I would use the MT to fill the rest of my bench with good cards. Currently needing a pg, sf and pf. My fav card is GO Kawhi, the season 4 reward card


I just want invincible KD cause I didn’t end up buying the GOAT one last year. My favourite card in 2k21 would be Amy Richie guerin from season 2 😂 psn: KraftMcLovin


Cctrioo Would get a full raps dm squad and invincible Shaq because I really like his card art. My favorite card is dm DeRozan because he's my favorite player


rlyiii I’d get the DM nuggets players I need they’re my favorite team in the west and they’re all so expensive


Psn: ImaBenchwarmerrr I would use the mt to get the third Blake challenge done and then wait until a dm Donte Divincenzo comes out and get him My favorite card this year is Danny ferry


ericcerv, i would use the MT to build my all time raptors squad and then fully upgrade my squad. fav card all year has got to be PD terry dischinger


Juanzo213_213, Probably try and finish my Rockets theme team, and my favorite player is TT Reward Christian Wood!


rural-grape027 and my favorite card was PD Malik Sealy. If I got the MT I would buy my favorite player, PG Giannis.


my psn is iGamingGOAT, what i'd do with the MT is completely change my entire team, give some mt to my friends, wager, and open some packs. and my favourite card is ben simmons


Dr_Suess62 I would buy the invincible Wade because he’s end game for me being my favorite player ever. My favorite card in the game has to be Robert Covington. I bought him with an unlimited contract on him for very cheap when I first was able to afford pink diamonds and he has played more games for me than any other player by far. He’s my 2K21 Cal Ripken Jr and MVP for me this year. Also I kinda love this thread it’s giving good ideas for players tbh.


PSN: dzumey I would like to complete the set for bol bol, i‘m just missing mpj. Favorite card is definetely Luka Even if i dont get it thank you for doing this!


TinopiaHehe I'll lock-in the idols set to get Jokic since he's one of my favorite players rn and his performances this season were amazing. My fave card's evo Russ since he's absolutely my favorite player of all-time and his heart and passion into winning gave me motivation to do his evo requirements as well


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LSDMan666, PD JJJ, or GO penny, I would look for a solid center or small forward with the MT


Psn: electriccotton I’d honestly try to get Michael porter jr. So any help is appreciated lol. He was what I was hoping to get since I was looking for a new sf... until I found out he was the one that’d get price fixed for bol bol. So that was out of the picture. My favorite card in the game is luka since he’s my first ever lvl 40 reward


My psn is JakeCashCarti honestly with the mt i would just try to get a decent team with some dark matters i only have two and they both suck so i could really use mt my favorite card is the go t mac bc i love tmac but i don’t have it so my favorite card i have is go rondo bc I know he people dont like that card but i play decent with him


Short_jt, I'd use the MT to finish the grind up for Invincible Blake, my favorite Cards so far have been any of the Andrei Kirilenkos, or the Current DM Blake Griffin that im trying to upgrade to the Invincible one!


BenHP33, and my favorite card right now is still my DM Jimmy :)