Heh, my first build was a 6'1 Slashing Playmaker PG who's entire deal in MyCareer was to dance to the rim and make crazy layups. It's basically unplayable online apart from as an assist-bot.


My first built was a Slasher at the 2. Great offline but pretty useless in REC due to my lack of floor spacing. Great in Park due to my maxed physicals and dunking. Game is just more fun when you can shoot though.


I like the slashing playmaker with 16,16,16,6 badge spread. At 1.95m 85 bh, 84 dunk, and 84 3 at 99.


It’s definitely playable I never made another build outside a 2way slashing playmaker and I win more than half my games online every year..u just gotta be really good and not be stuck on all the same old cheesy stuff people do, the key is to play like a real basketball player lol


Idk if you noticed but if you do textbook irl moves 2k will reward you and it will look beautiful.




Lol so now you want me to post a screenshot of my players stats online 😂😂 do I actually have to do that for u to believe that lol


Nah I’m saying cap to “you have to play like a real basketball”


Never said u had to I said the key is to ,Why would making good playmaking decisions, taking smart shots, and Ding up be cap?


Omg you are super slow


How so?


calm down a bit. they just toying with you


He seems perfectly calm to me lol




Your not lying I stay playing like a real hooper n it works out don’t matter if I can shoot or not, I will slash on a shooting build a lot lmaoo


Me being a casual, first Pg and loving my ‘floor spacing slasher’ then going online and never seeing any others


Do online players just not like playing D? Only picked up the game last month and had no idea what I was doing, but I loved playing as a wing defender in NBA Live 19, so I just jacked my first build up for stealing, blocking, 3's, and dunks, and I'm still running it. Loads of fun. No idea how I'd fare in the Rec, mind you. This sub has scared me off that real quick.


You'd probably do well in REC. Easy to leak out for dunks playing at the 2 or 3.


I'm gonna wait till I get bored playing solo. Last time I ventured online thinking I'd gotten pretty good playing a new game, I gave up three home runs in my first three at bats in MLB the Show. [Out of curiosity though, would this build get bullied in the Rec?](https://i.imgur.com/sS6CVmM.jpg) I've maxed out all my badges for defense, shooting, and finishing.


Thats a pretty good build you could do good in rec you just got to take your time and get good IQ shots/plays in


Yeah definitely dont have that yet lol. I've only just figured out how to green jumpshots.


Nah you'd do fine.


Rec is insanely frustrating especially if you play with randoms. You won’t even touch the ball unless your a point guard. Then they blame everytime the other team scores on you. Just stay in the park bro.


This is true. Sometime, I’m the best shooter on the team and they know it but my stats yet, they won’t pass even though they have worst stats and they will prove why they have bad stats by bricking open shots.


Oh boy, I’d say the park is hands down 10xs more toxic then the Rec is.


Try playing as a skyhook big man


I tried. Big fail.


Me too. I played quite a bit but he sucked online cause nobody passes.


Really? I may not get it every time but when I do I just chuck a hook up rq. No one can really guard it unless I get ripped which never happens. I use Embiid hook though the animation is almost the same left right or center and the shimmy hook is very fast


It's a dominant build on the 1v1 courts. Assuming you can green your post hooks.


I’ve really avoided post hooks this year because of how hard it is to score without meter. I hope 2k adds more settings that allows for no meter on jump shots but meter on for specific post moves.


It’s no different than a jump shot. You just have to practice the timing. I’ll say, the sky hook specifically, has had a history of having no green window in practice modes. It can be glitches out some years (but it should always have a green window in actual games). That said, it’s not the meta post hook, I think Embiids hook is considered the meta one.


I drop 23.4/6.6/2 a game in Rec as a 6'6 max wingspan 2-way Facilitating Finisher. Easy greens, posters, and has defensive lockdown. Shit is fucking OP. People watch Youtube too much for the "Best builds". Shit is trash. My build suffocates playshots unless they do more than left/right spam with or without screens.


Current gen?


I have a 2way shot creator SG and it is a blast. Play D and pump fake the three to slash. Either dunk it or pass to the open corner or to the top. It has been my go to build 2k19.


What’s your height&and weight??


6’3 max wing and default weight.


2 way tempo pusher


I had one of these. 🤣 I got roasted so bad.


2 way stretch glass cleaner😘


Same! It's a really fun build


2way Sharpshooter


Best spot up in my opinion. Mine was a SF and was great. Rarely miss 3s.


Best build imo, you can create for yourself plenty with a 75 ball handle




And it can dunk too.


How? I'm on next gen with a 78 ball handle 6'6 sharpshooter, can't really do much off the dribble


2 way sharpshooter* fixed it for ya lol


2-way Slashing Shot creator over here. Dude is insane. Only problem is, they always put me at 4. He’s a 6’5 SF with no rebound. My brother has the same build but is a 6’10 SF with 80+ rebounds but still, they put me at 4 and him at 3. I don’t understand the algorithm 2K uses.


Slashing Playmakers are just playshots with a 40 inch vert so don’t think you’re different - Sincerely, a Slashing Playmaker


I'm just a straight up slasher


floor spacing slasher vibes


My man


Offensive Threat the best frl💯


Except how about my SF, 6’5 “point forward” that is literally a playshot. just labeled a point forward. get catfished


6’7 2-Way Playmaker at the 1. Literally best all around build. You can guard 1-3 and facilitate or play a 3&D role. It’s great


I have a couple of builds and my offensive threat is by far my favorite guard to play with. He can do everything my playshot can do + dunk and play defense. He’s taller so he’s a little slower but that doesn’t matter much if you know what you’re doing.


I'm a 6'7 glass cleaning PF with 20 shooting badges lol my guy don't even exist in REC


I’m a SG and it’s almost like I’m (including the SGs I guard) are invisible because either the PG is spamming dribble moves or it’s two tall players throwing questionable alley oops to each other / trying to force restricted area shots. My build is mid range maestro btw and I’m an 83 overall.


wait y’all play as guards? i’ve been a paint beast since 18


I got a pass first point it’s a mixture of the two it’s great


i seriously believe that, if you are good enough, a pure red is the best build in the game i made a 6'6 180 pure red sf. 8/5/9/30. gets an 89 driving dunk and good slashing, 71 ball handle so i can dribble a bit with the right sigs and the best possible defense in the build. but the thing is it can shoot. i didnt believe it myself honestly. i saw yt videos that ppl could shoot with a 54 three pointer and i really didnt think you could, but after testing it myself if i have gold catch and shoot + silver corner its incredibly easy to green from the corner and i can also make any type of mid range with a 64. so in the end i have a build that can pretty much do anything. can play big because it has the best defense in the game and is 6'6, can play as a spot up with the catch and shoot + corner, can iso because i can get decent sigs and pull up from middy or go for a contact in the paint. and this isnt even at 99. that would get me a 58 three which is even easier with badges. i really think if you are good enough to green then this build is the best


My build on pc and yes I did say pc is a facilitating finisher while my build on Xbox is a 2-way facilitating finisher


My first build was a sharpshooting facilitator that was lethal off ball and practically couldn’t miss, but I quickly realized that playing off ball meant relying on people to see you and actually pass you the ball, which even my friends didn’t do, so I made a play shot instead so I could create my own shot and even noticed that people pass to me more often in general


I've seen quite a few 2 way finishers green 3s. So if they can shoot, get contacts and clamp a play shot then what's the problem?


2 way mid range facilitator here


shoutout to my two-way shot creator who stands 6'4 with a 6'11 wingspan, can't dunk, is consistently able to block post scorers, can shoot from anywhere on the floor and clamps up guards like nobody's business i'm convinced i'm the only person in the world with the build i've got, can't imagine anyone else thinking it's a good idea


ive NEVER EVER EVER‼️‼️‼️‼️ been apart of a game where there wasnt a playshot on the other team


Y’all sleeping on offensive threats


I made a two way finished, but the 3 is horrible. So I had to make the Curry build


My first was a slasher


Floor spacing slasher has been my PG build for 3 games in a row now. Currently averaging 17/8 on 72% shooting from the 3pt line. 2.8 steals a game too. Build is unstoppable once you get the hang of it


Cannot stand tht corny ass build


Forgot the offhand offensive threat too!


I got a facilitating finisher lol


Ayy finally some love for the 2way slasher easily the build I had most fun with.


I have an PG 6’4 offensive threat with 7/15 or 16/30/6. I basically tried to make a slashing playmaker I had in 2k20, it’s pretty much the same build besides not having 80 driving dunk and 9 defensive badges. I love the build and don’t see many like it but I could definitely iso better, ig it take time and confidence😅


Dis why next gen better fr


2-way playmaker with 20 shooting, 13 playmaking, and 22 defensive badges has turned into one of my favorite guard builds.


2-Way Playmaker, great for midrange and post fades


2 way sharp is pretty good imo


6”7 2 way 3 pt playmaker 92 3 ball, 92 driving dunk 88 ball control 86 perimeter D 85 steal , I can literally do everything lol


Weight and wingspan and pie chart


180 lb 6”6 wingspan, I’m on next gen so no pie chart


It's hard af to not make a playshot though, unless you skip something pretty necessary you'll almost always come out with one


Wtf no you don't


On next gen it seems like it is, I got a 6'7 with a 6'11 WS which isn't even a 90 3 ball it's an 85, barely 85 BH and 92 driving for contacts, still a playshot you have to do something way different to make it not that or make something other than a PG to play as a PG in park Yet to see an actual PG in next gen that's a normal build and not a playshot


But a playshot is normal? It gets high dribbles and shooting. If thats what everyone wants then guess what? Your build can play make and shot create! Thats usually what you ask of a pg but the shooting can vary. The build names have always gone off your highest stats. Your midrange must be higher than the 3


2way slashing playmaker. My actual point runs point. Come get some buckets for me


I’d argue the best points I always see are “2 way 3 pt playmakers”


Current or next?


It's really not.


Current or next gen?


offensive threat