It’s hilarious how kawhi somehow always ends up in Detroit in mycareer


That and 2K giving him string cheese for knee ligaments makes me think the devs arent very big fans.


It reminds me of 2K16 when the Clippers always traded DeAndre Jordan. And it'd always be to the Thunder, Hornets or Wizards.


I literally can’t remember a single time where LeBron didn’t go to the Celtics in 2k16.


The year after Kobe retired, in my MyCareer, Kobe unretired and signed with the Celtics for 1 year lmao


LeBron always went to the Lakers for me in 2K16. Very rare that he went anywhere else.


not just 16, it's been in recent games too for me.


[Made a similar video for the Be A Pro mode in NHL 22, which I'd also never played before and was equally useless at, with the exception of smashing into people and starting fights. *That* I picked up very quickly.](https://streamable.com/9yhzie)


I thought i recognized this character!!


Wow, I’m surprised Tugger didn’t take off his skate and bluntly use it on an opponent. Nice montage!


I was in the same boat for 2k20. Never played and had zero clue on how to build a player. Hated it until I watched a few helpful videos. Great vid btw.


Yeah there's a metric fuckton to wrap your head around. I wouldve just spammed shots at the backboard until I gave up if I didnt read a random tip in an old post here saying just learn one thing at a time.


“Absolute scumbag” 🤣🤣 the caption and the music make me wanna play again


If you didnt choose every asshole option the game gives you, I highly recommend doing a Total Scumbag play-through. I found it immensely enjoyable.


That’s what I’m on rn. I’m still with the pistons so it’s me vs. the league and my team.


fuck em, you've got badges to grind lol I saved all my good team-play for the city slam. I'll feed my boy Vlad all day on the rooftops


Yezzir!! Vlad helped me get so many playmaking badges. Dude is literally brokenn


By far the my favourite character in the game. just wait for the double team and give it to Vlad in the paint lol I put Defensive Leader on HoF and he was shutting down guys the second they looked in his general direction


Keep grinding, dope name


Working on it. Graduated to all star difficulty now, but somehow the Bulls brought in Ja Morant, Donovan Mitchell, and [this Lovecraftian monster](https://i.imgur.com/OIZTdjO.jpg) to play with me, so it feels a lot like bowling with the bumpers up. We went 72-10 just like the '95-'96 Bulls. Looking forward to getting yelled at in Rec when I finally decide to see how much gooder I've got to git


I rock with it. Good job man.


I got the game today and I’ve been struggling so much in my career lol. Average like 2ppg and my team has only won 2 games this season but I’m still having a lot of fun.


Same man. [I was abysmal.](https://i.redd.it/sbfdgbkr5f391.png) Biggest help I found was doing nothing but Corner 3's in practice until I got the silver Sniper badge. Once I got it to HoF I was hitting 60% from 3. This jump shot also worked wonders for me: Lower Base: Jump Shot 77 Upper Release 1: Release 64 Upper Release 2: Release 142 Blend: 50/50 Release Speed: 100%


Ok thanks for the advice. I’ll try to test out the jump shot when I get the chance. I’ll also make sure to grind the corner 3s at practice.


Just got hof sniper, what badge should I go for next?


Corner Specialist and Catch and Shoot. With those, all you need to do is sprint to the corners, call for a pass, and you'll hit 3's all game—which isnt that fun but it was the quickest way I could get shooting badges. After that check your player card and if you've got hot zones, get Hot Zone Hunter. Then Deadeye, then Blinders.


Ok thanks


Nice man, keep it goin


this is hard lol


Man this was fun to watch!


That was awesome gj op


This makes me wanna start a new build lol




U got the game 2 weeks ago. So it must be easy to get your Ovr up right?


I got it free on GamePass so didnt mind spending an initial few bucks on VC once I decided I liked the game. There's lots of cheesy ways to get VC without spending money though


I have been playing my career for like 3 months now and I have been averaging like 35/12/13 but only from the paint. I have no handles and can’t shoot 3s. How do you guys get yours players fast and with moves


Quick First Step on gold is mostly the reason, but I also have silver badges on Downhill, Hyperdrive, Stop and Go, and Quick Chain. Maxed out speed and 3s first because I didnt know any dribble moves and could really only score by sprinting around defenders for the dunk or going to the corner for 3.


Felt this heavy at the beginning of the year as well


you make me want to make one now