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Agreed. It's inexplicable when there's no other difficulty or game mode that forces AIs to miss so many open shots. Guaranteeing you get doubled/tripled because they know the AI won't punish them for leaving it open makes it feel even worse when your randoms eventually quit. Just throw them on All-Star difficulty like every other online game mode.


Yeah the inconsistency of the AIs has been piss poor the past few years.


Current gen AIs just be so fucking bold they dont care what buold you on they get the ball they taking it asap😂😂


like as soon as they get it they just shoot like ??? that shit is annoying and funny as hell depending on it he circumstances.


As soon as they touch it something clicks in they head and i just hear them yelling KOBE then a 3 gets thrown in the air. Like brah you a whole paint defender fuck is you doing


my favorite is when they randomly green 1 shot and niggas start adding them into the ball rotation, like son that is NOT happening again stop giving them the ball 😂


Someone’s probably spamming the square button for them to shoot😭


2k gotta improve AI defense when the ball handler is doing the jab step, I hate when people keep doing the same thing just to pad stats. One game I had a teammate who was getting mad because we weren’t letting him AI glitch, and he was my friend lol. He was like “we could win so easily if I just AI glitch” I straight up said “we ain’t gonna watch you jabstep all game, do some real moves or try to get some assists”. I don’t even do it myself because it’s so boring. I don’t play for my stats, I play to have fun. Too many people are willing to do anything to pad their stats, even if that means doing one move. And if they don’t reach their avg than their whole day is ruined, even if their team wins lol


That AI glitch is so irritating and boring . Like nobody is trying to watch that half the game.


I hate doing the jab step cause it takes too long and you have to do it a certain way to create the proper space or else you’re just taking a contested shot wasting the possession. Also there’s smart defenders that aren’t going to wilingly watch you do that all game. All in all it’s stupid and leave it in mycareer


How do the AI never miss when I’m supposed to guard them? 😕Gets mad annoying when I can’t play help defence after forcing my man to quit.




Sometimes I play with randoms who are guarding the AI and i'm just like WHY!? Just double team the ball or guard the Centers man on the perimeter (if he can shoot) and let the center sit in the paint.


Then you giving up the easy lay or shot. It’s not hard to exploit offballers with an AI. Most AI like everyone in the game can shoot. You double teaming is just gonna make it easier to get the right man open cause someone’s gonna rotate to guard the AI and that persons man is gonna be wide open. It’s always better to guard everyone instead of leaving a man open unless the dudes ai is absolute garbage. Then maybe you can allow it


Huh? The whole point is leaving the ai open. I rather lose to ai (which won’t happen) shooting from 3 than letting guy go one on one. Played a game other day ai 1-12. Hit 1 green


People cry about AI being bad but they were the same people thinking they were too hard when they aren’t so sit in it


Yess, I completely agree !!!


The AI are obviously terrible in rec. But my God can they box out. I have a 7ft 1 paint beast and average 15 rpg. It doesn't matter what build the AI is. Worm just doesn't work on them. I get boxed out at the 3 point line by AI point guards constantly, and it's like running into a brick wall. You're just stuck.


Ion know what AIs you been playing wit but mine be hitting 🤣🤣🤣


Shouldn't have given the AI 9 shots knowing this was the case. Someone purposefully threw a game to prove a point on reddit? Ouchtown.


Passing the ball to the wide open guy on the perimeter is a good habit to have actually…


ITS THE AI DUDE! That mother fucker doesn't have feelings, it's not going to message you after the game saying it was wide open and it's not going to take screenshots of it and their shitty ass game and post it on reddit, so in some ways its smarter then you. The AI doesn't have a rhythm, it's not experiencing lag, it's just there to be shitty. And you posting it on reddit knowing the AI is shitty and passing to it to from what i gather with the sole purpose of posting it on reddit is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Like dude you care more about the AIs fun and experience on 2K then the other 3 teammates you did have, kinda sad honestly.


X or square prompts AI to shoot in mycareer not sure if it’s the same in REC.


It Is, they just can’t hit the broad side of a barn…..


When you get a bot or get someones AI it’s all about their regular performance. The AI is based off tendencies. If you don’t shoot well in general your AI isn’t gonna shoot well. If you pull contested shots your AI’s gonna pull contested shots. If your timings bad your AI’s timing is bad. Can’t blame 2k for niggas inability to shoot. Especially if they don’t have good shooting badges or attributes. That’s like expecting Deandre Jordan to green a wide open 3. Unless you got Dimer at least on gold it ain’t getting close to happening 😭


I know people say that and 2k claims that but it’s just not true. My PG AI likes to sit in the low block. Never done that once all year on him.


How do you know what your AI does? You’d have to quit to even get taken over by the AI. And if you quit you don’t even see the game anymore so I’m confused on how you still see the game and watch your AI play???


I have these things called friends that I would play the game with on occasion, and the game runs on the internet on these things called servers, but sometimes you can prematurely disconnect from them and leave your friends with your ai, to which they then describe what my guy is doing. Hmu if you need any more tips!