the movement of your player tells you. normally I use how far his hands have gone forward to tell. but I know some people use the players feet. You can also try just use muscle memory for timing but that can be hard if you play online or take any weird shots.


start with the meter and aim to get the muscle memory down for when your shot greens. Once you are acquainted with your shot timing try not looking at the meter when shooting. Once you consistently start greening turn the meter off and remember what you practiced. Also find a jumper you like and stick with it even if you have a bad game or two. Constantly changing your jumpshot hurts more than it helps


Practice, practice, practice...


You release when the player does


I personally use the Jordan release and as soon as he brings the ball up to his forehead I release


But is this something I gotta lvl up more for or sum, cuz I’m only overall 67


Nah, start shooting with no meter now. It gives your shot an attribute boost


Definitely. Create a jump shot with base 98 and Gay/Jordan and start leveling up your shooting plus badges. Play career on pro for a while and do the training between career games.


Alr then, appreciate it!


Underrated jumper fs, not too slow but not to fast either


2KU freestyle. You release when the ball is at their forehead.


Practice. Repetition. Muscle memory. Once you’re able to get greens with the meter consistently it’s time for you to turn it off. Practice on your my court also.


Always release at the peak of your jumpshot, it will take time to get used to but as you shoot with more and more players you will be able to green with just about anyone, if you are on mycareer you may want to find a custom jump shot that would be a bit smoother


Muscle memory and the vibration


I leave it on for a few shots. Once I'm greening I pay attention to the timing. Turn it off and then shoot around in mycourt for a while and you'll figure it out


Most jumpers green point is at the height of their jumper. Start looking at players heads and as soon as you see the top of his dome reach the highest point before descending, release. You can also look at their feet, which may be a little easier to measure the point before descent, but I'm a head guy myself.


Release when the ball reaches his face. Or look at his feet and see when he at the apex of the jump On the shot.


But do i need to upgrade myplayer more, will it Get easier. Cuz rn hes overall 68.


Yeah u do. Id recommond getting his shooting up first while grinding badges then it will get waaaaay easier usually an 80 3pt or mid range is good enough for offline to actually see progress.


Alr thank u


No prob i remember the struggle when i switched to next gen from current on 21 lol


I always practice in my court with the meter off. Remember the visual cues when you either green or make the shot.


Usually your player does a movement and you look at that hitch or movement…. Or you shoot so much you have muscle memory. No shot meter is the best and you will win even more now ❤️


Go into play now online, than you will truly understand when to release the ball. Since every player has a different shot