Legalize weed, cancel all student debt, close down insurance companies, enact universal healthcare, modernize our infrastructure -- invest in America

Legalize weed, cancel all student debt, close down insurance companies, enact universal healthcare, modernize our infrastructure -- invest in America


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Best we can do is nothing and talk about how bad trump is.


I swear to god. We are 17 months out from elections and when I brought up M4A to some folks recently in the context of Florida's senate election, they were like BUT DO YOU WANT RUBIO TO WIN And it's just like, No, I don't. And that's why I'm saying the nominee needs to support M4A.


I got called a fascist for wanting the democrats to follow through with weed legalization, police reform,and student debt relief. That one still confuses me


When in high school, my friends mom found his bong and torched it. Literally started it on fire (plastic). He then took her vodka and replaced it with water. Helen takes a pull of the vodka and spits it out as it is pure water … “you take away my fun and I will take away yours” is all he said. This is kind of how I feel right now.


I was taught in high school that this is called Mutually Assured Destruction


Well, if its someone like Romney vs a corporate democrat, I might vote Republican for the first time in my life, because what's the difference at that point.


You Americans have been tribalised exactly for this reason. Vote Democrats because the other tribe is bad, and then you'll vote Republican because the other tribe is bad, but then you'll vote the other one next time, make sure you don't vote for any other parties because we'll make sure you hate the other so you elect us to stop them. :) Of course depending on your political belief you actually buy into it, because it plays with psychology. Example, the idea previously that Obama was the devil, and then most recently that Trump was the devil which the leftist media still milks. They don't realize that by lying about Trump so greatly and so extensively they are building up and reinforcing the Trumptards in their belief he is flawless by throwing valid criticism in sparsely in a pool of lies. On a more grand scale via this you get aa divided society that cannot see eye to eye.


Hey not all of us buy into the two party bullshit for 10 years since I turned 18 every election I've voted in has been third party, hell even my town has it's own third party called "good government party"


Well, at least you’re consistent.


Oh its been a long road trying to get the previous mayor out Its a shame it wasn't done thru democracy he just decided he didn't wanna run again


Are you crazy? Could you imagine if we would have ended up with Romneycare instead of Obamacare? /S


Or John Kasich. I wish he would run.


I feel like it'd be more accurate to call it Mutually Assured Degradation. Republicans break shit. Democrats run on stopping them and fixing things so people vote for them. Democrats stop them but don't do anything else. So they don't get votes and Republicans get elected and it starts all over again.


The Third Way/New Democrat Coalition/Progressive Policy Institute are all right wing splinter groups. Back in 2000, Newsweek got a list of the Democratic Leadership Council's biggest funders and Koch's industries was near the top of the list... But the Koch's don't just do shit alone... They've made it a point to coordinate their efforts with hundreds of other megadonors to better achieve their political ambitions. So this was probably not a solo effort. But we know very little since the only info we get is what they volunteer to give up. They created this third way movement of "New Democrats/Clinton Democrats/Reagan Democrats/ neoliberals" who are essentially just Koch Style libertarians . They use their business connections to get more press coverage than anyone in the race which allows them to easily win races and dominate the party. This is why progressive legislation never gets passed, and why they keep dangling progressive legislation like carrots during campaigns so we vote them in. Once given power, they show their true colors only to blame it on Republicans. Not all Dems are playing to lose... But enough of them are to render the party completely useless.




That you for showing what Republicans have done. this poor Redditor is the victim of years of education cuts and inbreeding.


[A "New Democrat"](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Democrats)


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Democrats Here is a link to the desktop version of the article that /u/iamwhiskerbiscuit linked to. --- ^(Beep Boop. This comment was left by a bot. Downvote to delete)


I really like that term


Words can mean anything if you don't understand what they mean in the first place


we live 8n 1984 and doublespeak is the way things are moving goodforward


Nothing confusing about it. They are politcal ignoramuses.






Yes thank you for asking ... I deleted my comment I have a long history of phone banking and donating in Florida! Look at district 23rd and the shape of it!


Wait please explain insurance part. I genuinely don't know


I'd rather they banned advertising and data collection.




But Running on an M4A platform in florida will likely lead to republicans winning the local/state races.


Interesting how we can change nothing lest the right win, but the right changes shit all the time without worrying that a dem will win…


Thank you! So many Democrat boot lickers out there think it's perfectly fine letting them do nothing because Trump & the GQP are worse. Okay? We know that. Why can't we do more/be better? If you break two fingers one day and then a week later you break 1 more, you don't just not treat the second one because the first time was worse. Well it's not as bad, so I don't have to do anything?


I am tired of when complaining about Biden, I always get the “it’s not Trump” … thanks Trump for setting the bar at floor level.


Trump is the best thing to ever happen to the Democratic Party, I guess Clinton really did know what she was doing when she and her campaign conspired with corporate owned media to elevate him as a viable candidate during the primaries. Pied Piper just keeps on paying off and only at the expense of the country!


Well put.


I wonder what CNN or MSNBC will do now that they are spiraling down to shit town with him gone. Obviously their interest is to have him as the president and in the lime light to dime off shitting on him whether valid or not, but mostly not. And because it's mostly fake shit and lies about Trump, then those who idolize him perceive any criticism as a lie.


Well it’s not like they’re going to inflate the importance of fringe politicians like Boebert or Greene by running stories on them daily in order to stoke outrage that also just so happens to ensure that they’re household names.


"Is Trump really your standard for measurement? Mine is, like, quite a bit higher."


you just like, brought up how everyone makes everything about trump, then made it about trump. are you some kind of wizard?


Its not about results, it’s about their team winning.


It’s actually refreshing to see these kind of post here. Whenever I even mention democrats inaction to make changes and bash trump as their only political input is going to cause them lose their seats I get downvoted into oblivion. I was beginning to think Reddit was just a circle jerk of corporate democrats just whispering confirmation bias into each others ear.


Isn’t that the Democrats strategy for the last 5 years


No guys. They need to appeal to the electorate in the reddest areas that would never vote for them in the first place. That's how you win elections.


I live in a "deep red" district in North Florida - Kat Cammack is my rep. Democrats can absolutely beat DC types like her by dropping the corporate bullshit, rejecting the billionaires, and offering strong working class policies like healthcare, legal weed, and free college. People here support legalized weed and increased wages, they voted for it in droves... over opposition from the FL Democratic Party!


Well you can’t serve the billionaire-class like that, so don’t count on any of they happening.


Why are campaign promises always meant to be broken?


🎶👨‍🎤"everything's made to be broken"🎶


Maybe it would have helped if the left hadn’t failed to vote in 2020. We secured the presidency but only scraped a 51:50 balance in the senate, lost seats in the house, and lost ground everywhere else. How can we expect to pass radical policy when we’ve barely held on to a majority?


The Senate was basically up to Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas to make or break - two of them places where cheaper costs of living due to massive swaths of undeveloped land have led many progressive-minded people to flood the cities and grow the population. Thinking that team blue could win any of the empty rectangles of the Midwest and mountains, or the states of the former Confederacy where none of the cities even crack the top fifty? Come on. These are places where a generation of propaganda has painted Democrats as baby murderers whose voters God will send straight to Hell for that reason alone. You can hide your vote from your family, you can hide your vote from your neighbors, but you can't hide your vote from God. *This legitimately scares these people.*


Those places aren’t empty rectangles man, people live their, and this exact attitude is what keeps them red.


They people who live there are antisocial to the point of being as far away from others as they can be. What keeps them red is the brainwashing of their preachers on Sundays and Fox the rest of the week.


You know a whole bunch of people were born their right? Have you ever actually been down south? Like theirs towns and communities and totally regular people that do and don't go to church like everywhere else in the country.


Born there and brainwashed by their parents, and stayed and brainwashed their kids or escaped to another state.


Considering you can't seem to fathom the idea that anyone would want or have to live somewhere else that isn't NYC/SF and that literally everyone from anyone outside of these places are exactly the same, I'd say your the one who's brainwashed.


Yeah, sure. Have you tried to get them to vote for team blue?




Because people are only worth something to you if they vote for your team?


maybe they havent but i have. I canvassed in Springdale, AR for then democratic candidate megan godfrey, now ar house rep. People will vote blue, not everywhere in the south is hick land. Arkansas has the greatest population of Marshallese pacific islander outside of the Marshall Island for example. The black belt and the poc of the south have suffered greatly to get where we have and to disregard the whole region is embarrassing. Remember that redneck hicks in west virginia shot at the kentucky guard and helped bring us labour rights.


I have. Born and bred in the South. Religious household. My most "liberal" friends came from conservative-leaning moderate families. Gas guzzlers and fast food restaurants were everywhere. One of my teachers in high school was openly racist toward black and Indian students. Another openly mocked nature conservation and assigned homework with word problems about running over manatees with jet skis. People casually dropped words like "faggot" in everyday conversation. I went to college out of state and only return a couple of times a year to see my family. People might be living "regular" lives there, but most of them are fucking trash, and the world would be better off if everything south of the Mason-Dixon line was glassed.


None of this would be terribly out place in blue af yankee Massachusetts where I live. People are mostly the same everywhere you go.


Why do we get two days off to remember war, but no days off to vote? I live in a rural area, so it is an easy in and out process … but I cannot imagine having to wait in line to vote for more than 20 minutes … and not having enough places to go.


I mean, 66.7% of the VEP voted in 2020, a 12.6% increase over 2016 and the highest percentage since the VEP has been tracked (1980, so 11 presidential elections). It's not an optimistic stance and I won't pretend that it is, but we need to accept that roughly one-third of adults in this country - some who lean left, some right, and some in the middle - are politically apathetic, and there isn't anything short of another world war that'll motivate most of them to bother with doing their civic duties.


Maybe they're not interested in holding on to their seats.


For real, the constant switching between parties benefits the politicians more than anything else. They always have someone to blame things on, don't have to keep any promises, and keep the populace distracted while lining their pockets. I am SURE most of the democratic party elites would easily rather see trump re-elected again over actually taking a progressive stance.


Weed won't be legalized as long as big pharma is dumping mountains of cash into keeping it illegal. They spend more than anyone else does to lobby and make sure they can keep those sweet rehab bucks coming in now that they can't continue to pump the country full of opioids. Despite being hit with and paying out for the largest lawsuit in pharmaceutical history, Purdue and the Sackler family made off with the bag. It's like introducing and selling heroin to your best friend for years, then later having them spend even more money just to "rehabilitate" over and over, creating a revolving door where you suck cash out of the most vulnerable. TL;DR Fuck Andrew Kolodny.


Big pharma *and* the alcohol industry.


They don't have the votes in the Senate. For non budget bills (legalizing weed) they need 60 votes and only have 50. They would need to eliminate the filibuster and Joe Manchin already said he isn't going to vote for that. They don't even have the votes to pass an infrastructure bill.


There are some Republican votes for legalization, but one issue is that the Democrats are not holding a clean vote on marijuana legalization. The bills submitted by Democrats are good bills that do good things, basically all of which I support, but some of the provisions are poison pills for Republicans. So for instance, things like excise taxes on weed with the proceeds going to job training, legal aid, or housing assistance for people impacted by marijuana convictions. Seems like an okay policy to me, but Republicans don't want to support this kind of thing. If Democrats want to pass marijuana legalization at the Federal level, they should just accept that they need to make some concessions to Republicans, and submit a single line change that states with legalized marijuana are exempt from Federal marijuana laws.


As long as the Third Way democrats exist, this will never happen. Replacing them methodically, starting in safe districts/states and moving slowly toward purple districts/states over a period of years. Eliminating party bosses who stop primary challenges in safe districts. Electing state rep/senators who have no corporate ties. It will be slow, methodical work. This, combined with a slow de-whitening of the electorate, will solve the problem. OR 200,000 lefties could move to Montana.


But like, now, not a campaign platform, NOW. DO. IT. NOW. THEN you can run on its success next time.


Do what now? If you're talking about actually legalizing cannabis and canceling student debt... good luck getting 10 republican senarors to go along with it, and that's assuming you get all 50 dems to sign on. Right now a campaign platform with the intent of removing those who stand in the way of changing the law is the best we can do.


This is what you call “putting the cart before the horse”.


The fewer branches of govt the dems control the happier they are, they have to do less while the donations keep rolling in.


100% ☝️ And they can blame the GOP for serving capital and fucking over the working class while effectively doing nothing themselves to help.


yeah but what about the profits of the rentier class? Bet u didn't think about that


1 way ticket to a super majority in 2022: 1 - M4A 2 - Wealth Tax 3 - Cancel all student debt 4 - Cancel all consumer non-mortgage debt 5 - Nationalize banks; nationalize equities markets 6 - Begin phasing in mandatory employee majority ownership of companies >5 years old


I mean if they just start giving people cash every month, I'd vote for them. I just like money.


I can't believe you like money too. We should hang out.


Sure if you are paying.


I thought you were paying?








1-3 are good 4-6 are stupid But I think finding a way to incentivize unions to make a comeback would place workers and companies on more even ground.


Really curious to understand how we would pay for all of that. Also really curious to hear how Democrats will find the time to research and draft legislation for each of those initiatives, actually get buy-in from *all* Democrats in the Senate, send them to the appropriate committees, run through edits and negotiations - all while running for re-election and dealing with par-for-the-course Republican obstructionism. Also curious to understand how Democrats will make all of those items palatable to the moderate/conservative part of the Democrat base. Also curious to understand the reasoning for 4-6 is and what strategy, exactly, Democrats are going to execute to impose the government's will on private markets and corporations without committing permanent political suicide. Waiting with bated breath.


3-6 are a one-way ticket to losing the election. Number 3 benefits the middle and upper class, while leaving the working class and responsible members of the other class with the bill. It will not have support among the wider population. Number 4 is ridiculous, does everyone just get free money to do whatever they want now? This will make it impossible for banks to give out loans in the first place. That won't get many votes. Number 5 is straight up communism. As you may have guessed, not many Americans are communist. Number 6 is again, at the very least a socialist policy that is unlikely to get wide support. Policies like these are what makes the suburban population vote red. Or in the case of left leaning or more moderate leftists, not voting at all.




1 way ticket to ~~a super majority~~ losing in 2022. FIFY.


This is the kind of platform that makes liberals clutch their pearls and vote for an actual fascist. It’ll be a supermajority alright! The elite on both sides will abandon the left entirely. I totally agree with you on policy, but as an electoral strategy... lmao. You could see the masks coming off when Bernie had a chance to say *half* of this.




Looks like we're gonna have to settle for a watered down infrastructure plan...... I still think they're going to pass weed just before midterms to give them some popularity. But yes, they're going to get stomped because of failing to deliver and essentially all campaign promises.


They know. Literally there’s only one party in america. Things are working exactly the way they want


Friendly reminder that Democrats could do all of these things via budget reconciliation: they choose not to.


Even worse than thst biden wont use executive order


I guess he could use executive order for 2 of those.


Yes he also could have sent the unemloyment money pre approved by congress stolen by ghoul govenors directly to stugglng citizens said/ did nothing. Most egrecuous thing Biden had done is accept the stolen money as "compromise" over taxing the rich for token infratructure. That was sinister most of other stuff is incompetence and just not caring


Maybe it would be better if he didn't because (1) that would be kinda dictatorial and (2) would set a bad precedent for the next republican president


Part of the public health crisis is caused by student loan debt. Do you know how much it costs to be any kind of doctor? A lot. "But, u/MC_Batsy..." you might interject, "... don't Doctor's make a lot of money?" I'm glad you asked. Yes, they do make a lot of money; money they get from you either directly or through insurance, or through MEDICARE or MEDICAID. Whether it's direct or indirect, we will all be paying for student loan debt.


Great point


Thanks! It's a very personal issue for me as a patient, as a college graduate with hundreds of thousands in student loan debt, and as a dentist. I'm one of these dentists that had a lot of dental problems growing up. I know how a dental abscess feels. I know how an excruciating toothache feels. I know exactly what so many of my patients endure. And on top of that, it costs so much to get dental care which is so essential, but costs way too much, it's ridiculous! A check up (including x-rays) with a cleaning can cost someone literally half or more than half their monthly salary just for a checkup (with x-rays) and a cleaning without insurance; not even including other procedures. You could apply for a credit card to help pay over time, but that only adds interest to an already large expense. Most dentists today aren't greedy, but the cost of running a private dental practice, coupled with the hyperinflated cost of training, testing, and credentialing, in addition to the extreme discrepancy in supply and demand for oral health care have caused the cost of care to skyrocket. It's rediculous, and we need to fix this.


Its madness i wonder how many of tjese people screaming how bout trades only want to see a plumber when they have a toothache.not knocking plumbers neither you nor i as a teacher could fix a burstring pipe we need everyone except the parasites who make a fortune for loan "service" and debt collection they are the problem along with the politicians they buy not us.🤗 Y'all are under apprecited and should be well paid for providing a necessary service at high personal risk (dlecially with Covid) that requires years of training. Nobody should have to give hard earned money to leeches like DeVos/navient who are running a government sanctioned extortion ring We are all under paid compared to the work we do and whst we add to society With the exception exception of certain celebrities, executives oligarchs, and poticians who are are paid way too much for having little if any positive impact on society


As a democratic I agree, we need make this happen (and maybe stop chosing old people to represent us and chose someone that isn't halfway to deaths doorstep.)


Yeah dude I can't wait for round 3000 of "yes I promise we will do these things. Actually nevermind the republicans are being meanies and said we can't so we won't". Forgive me for being cynical but after the shit Biden pulled, I ain't falling for that shit again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. And I ain't be fooled twice.


Democrats are gonna get creamed in 2022 midterms and the presidency in 2024 every promise they ran on in 2020 minimum wage,debt cancellation,even the 2K checks they lied,they Bullshitted the people who voted for them and the republicans especially the 74 million trumpers are gonna be full force in the midterms republicans will win back the house trump a heady told them if you take back the house I will run in 2024 democrats gonna deserve everything they get


Gonna be ugly and they will blame Bernie bros


They will blame everyone else but themselves and their fraud candidates


I would proudly go and vote let's get out the peace vote too


what's the deal with insurance companies?


Yeah… that’s gonna be a no


Maybe not. A lot of old people won't like it.


Teehee that’s not happening


I'll take 50k while we're at it


Oh well we gave democracy a good try I guess it's just gonna die now cool. Oh well we gave the human species a good try. I guess we are all gonna just die now cool.


I don’t care. I’ll vote for new dems if the options available. The establishment obviously isn’t concerned with trying to protect us, so fuck em all.


Quit being coy and admit this country is fucked. Nothing is going to actually change it beyond an actual violent uprising and there's just too much good tv right now.


Invest in America? How un-American /s


While I agree with both of these thing and a lot more, can you explain how they're going to get anything passed without 60 votes? I'm not sure about you, but I'm pretty confident when I say 0 republicans are going to support any progressive policies. Yes, we need to see change. No, we're probably not going to see much unless we vote in progressive candidates in the midterms. Posts like these are just to spread negativity against democrats so they lose votes in 2022. Nothing we want will happen with republicans in charge, as clearly noted by every other time they had a majority and passed bills directly against our best interest. I understand frustration, but again, if we want change we need to vote in record numbers for progressive candidates.


Weed. Just makes sense to legalize. But.. As much as we need educational-finance reform and probably some debt relief.. do people not realize that just "erasing" 1.7 trillion dollars of money (student debt) from the legers across the country would cause *massive* effects in other areas of financing? Think about abolishing ~1trillon dollar company Amazon and whatever Walmart is worth (ie: 1.7trillon dollars) *without replacing them* and just saying "there".. no more "big bad companies".. "and no, you can't shift that money or market to other areas". Student debt is a LOT of other people's livelihoods. Teachers, custodians, any university worker, books, materials, stocks, etc.. Yeah, it needs addressed, but legalizing weed is no-where near the issue that "erasing student debt" would be.


I think people focus on the “I won’t owe money anymore” part of it, to be honest.


You don’t wanna save any of that for the 2024 election?


America is always having elections. Eventually, you just have to do what is the right stuff to do!


If we lose the House, it's a certainty that all legislative progress ends. Instead, we'll have nothing but hearings on Hunter Biden et al. This will culminate in an impeachment of Biden in July or August of 2024. If we lose the Senate, we lose the ability to pass reconciliation bills and appoint judges. However, if we can hold the House and gain 2-3 seats in the Senate, we can eliminate the filibuster and push through some actual progressive legislation addressing our worst problems: climate change, homelessness, police reform, etc. The shit that's literally killing people. We could also address the still-awful problems like a stolen Supreme Court, unrepresented citizens in DC and PR, student debt (regardless of what they run on, a lot of Third Way dems have taken too much money from the banks; they need to literally be more afraid of us than the banks), MFA, etc. But to do ANY of that, we need to hold these majorities. We can't worry about 2024. Until the treasonous elements are neutralized, every election is the most important election in our lives. This is just how it is for the next 10 years or so. Hopefully, in 10 years, enough old white people will have died off to give younger, more diverse people a chance at governing. Outliers like AOC will be more normal, since her policies are moderate by global standards, and younger folks are more global in their thinking. But until then we need to run people that won't chase the right. We need to elect people that inspire folks to vote. There are WAY more people who want to legalize weed, etc., than not. We need to reach them.


I am 60 years old. I have heard the dying off theory my whole life.


That puts your birthday in 1961, a late-period baby boomer. You WOULD have heard this theory your entire life. While I don't know what your politics are, your generation (and the silent generation) have shoved this country into a toilet (not you personally, of course). But, boomers turn 75 this year (74 if you put it in '46). They WILL start to die soon, and there are less kids to replace them--and a lot of millennials are far more liberal (not all, of course). It's A factor, not THE factor. Gen X and younger Boomers will make up most of the Republican Party, and Gen X is too small to replace the Boomers. If you're wondering why the R's push SO HARD for minority rule measures, this is why.


Thanks for the pass on the complicity but I own it. I taught environmental education for 20 years and I still believe we can turn it around but the death wish is actually a comfort for too many humans. I appreciate your take on this and I do not know what the answer is other than you and I getting into the trenches and giving it all we can to get government to work for its' citizens and not against them.


They have no chance. They're losing their minds.


And they can still keep their fucked up foreign foreign policy and concentration camps. Self centered Voters only care about whatever directly affects themselves. They dont give a fuck about anyone else.


Stop making sense. You're confusing the neo-conservative 'democrats'.


In America even the left is on the right, couldn't do something that would upset the status quo.


Quick question about student debt - do you cancel it for people who are working in their field (of their degree) and earning plenty of money to pay back their loans? Because that sure would sound a lot like taking tax payer money from blue collar workers and giving it to the upper middle class white collar workers. Unless you think canceling debt makes it magically disappear instead of being repaid by taxpayers, which would pretty delusional and naive.


“Doing anything for the people is kinda out of out reach, sorry” - Democrats


It seems like they would be wise things to do. They need to be bold.


You’re assuming that Dems want to hang on to their seats.


Don't forget climate change. I think this is more important than anything, an existential threat to society.


Student debt is a systemic problem, it's the fastest growing expense of the last 30 years.. where the hell is the money going? Profs aren't making 6x more than they were 30 years ago, canceling debt is like putting a band aid on a cancerous tumor. There needs to be a deep investigation with many people being removed from what are likely useless money sucking positions






Yeah, but this is the party that allowed Trump to win in 2016 and also allowed Republicans to steal two Supreme Court seats.


..and watch the Republicans spontaneously combust from sheer rage.


Lol imagine any member of Congress doing something any one agrees with


I'm really hoping that is what is taking so long. They want to make a show for 2022. But I don't really believe in Biden or most senate democrats at this point to do the decent thing.


Can't do it now, have to save it for election season so it's fresh in the voters minds


and who are you going to vote? the republicans? lmao get rid of the two party system before making threats about not voting.


I would imagine that they just wouldn’t vote. Which is…get this…essentially voting Republicans in. The mental gymnastics, I tell you.


americans are not only fucking stupid they are also ultra stupid when they think they are being smart. "well if you don't do this I won't vote for you!" well who are you going to vote? "NO ONE!" oh no! anyway. ​ if there was a law that make it so elections had to be redone if not enough people voted it would actually be a smart decition to not vote, but neither party gives a fuck how many people vote. if 50 people voted the election would be decided by who gets 26 votes. is that easy. every day I get more impressed at how fucking stupid americans are.


Zero follow through. Dems are weak and already lost. They should win for good but they don’t do shit. All talk and getting walked on by morons abusing the system.


They work for us. If we all demand it, it could happen. When we vote the non working politicians out, they'll get the hint! I say we do that instead of whining and moaning and complaining like a bunch of impotent jerks!!!!! VOTE THEM OUT!!!


So it really is just about re-election, not actually giving a shit


Crazy theory? Why do it all now? People will have forgotten by election day 22. Do it next summer and get on the campaign trail with it.


UBI might do it, too.


Honesty, I don’t think the system works guys. Even with unprecedented support and voter turn out. It’s corrupt, it’s flawed, and needs to be changed, but Americans are so consumed by propaganda any attempt to fix the problems gets you labeled as a commie while police shooting kids eyes out with rubber bullets gets applause from that same crowd. I’m tired of it all. We could have such better lives.


Makes me think of [this track](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WR0bi_m3jY) from Electric Wizard. Sure would get my vote.


Sure... except the GOP will never let them do it, and since we all know that the GOP is still controlling everything, that means it doesn't matter what would be good for the Dems or what they want.


Dems will do nothing. Republicans will recover the majority in both houses. They will make sure that they will not relinquish it until massive, major, violent upheaval happens. We will descend into worse times than you think.


Vote them all out #noconfidence


It’s going to bad hard no matter what with all the gerrymandering and voting restrictions republicans are putting in place.


Why not just do like always and promise those things, but don't deliver? /s


Of course everyome knows this even the couple of silly trolls who are polluting this thread with their hostile nonsense. Guessing they are hired by the socialized loan sharking and or pharmaceutical industry. Having to feed your family is at least understandable however if they (could be a multiboxer ) are just that ignorant/hateful hopefully thst is even sadder then having to take such an immoral job. Either way hopefully they can do better in future


The thing is, do single issue people keep voting once the issue has been resolved? In other words, if someone's voting to mainly get their student debt canceled and for legalized weed, and both of those things happened, then why would we trust they would keep voting Democrat?


I would argue that doing the right thing for (most) peole creates loyalty. It is also not a vacuum its oart of a prigressive agenda thst is beimg ignored and thst is causing lifelong denicrstic voters like myself to wonder why bother? Beyind thst assuming Biden pulled his head put of arse and did threse the right wiukd be on a crusade to reverse like Onbma Care, repruductive rights, gay righrs, voting rights so there would be plenty to vote on if there was confidence that anything worthwhile is coming


>It is also not a vacuum its oart of a prigressive agenda thst is beimg ignored and thst is causing lifelong denicrstic voters like myself to wonder *why bother?* I think most lifelong progressives who have an awareness of progressive reform over the decades realizes that it more often happens in baby steps, rather than big progressive reform all at once. And so why bother? The slow march of progressive reform is far better than what conservatives would do instead. Meanwhile, it is the Senate that is the impediment to progressive reform at the moment, not the president. Obviously, if someone could wave their magic wand and make Manchin and Sinema follow along with the rest of the party, things will be moving along a lot faster.


On pretty much every one of these issues except student debt and weed comgress is the problem but i don't see any FDR type leadership beimg applied to fix it just a lot of hand ringimg Of course dump/devos are worse but Biden could do alot more. Using executive discretion to fix whst he can and the bully pulpit to get the rest of it moving. Precedent has been set to wipe federal student (85% of total) Less informed on weed but i belive the FDA has power to take ot off schedule 1 and I know they have discretion on enforcement and Bidrn could mass pardon everyone convicted of a federal marijuana offense I see very little effort to clear "moderate " road blocks with carrot/stick. The right is evil but their caucus functions like machine turning out crap and blocking progress. If only our side ran thst way imagine the good thst could be done. More than a watered down infratructure bill funded with stolen unemployment money and no taxes on the rich. Even that is mess being fought by McConnell. That dude publically brags about being pure obstructionist and this is 2nd democratic admnistratuon that insists on negotiating with him despite getting punked over and over I voted for Biden in general to oust dump/devos and voted for Hillary to try and prevent the forseeable tragedy. Honestly as established well informed voter who actively follows politics i could do it again but if people like me are hesitant Biden/ DNC are in deep trouble with all these younger folks who were motivated by Bernie who want real change. Especially if dump/devos 2.0 is somone like Desantis who could even worse on policy but is not personally offensive While democratic leadership basically ignores the progressive base republican leadership constantly feeds the alt right steady diet of red meat flavored with social issues and not so subtle racism and they are charged up braying for blood


>but i don't see any FDR type leadership beimg applied FDR wouldn't be having much luck with the current political climate either. His approach wouldn't work now even for him. >Of course dump/devos are worse but Biden could do alot more. It seems like Biden has been very busy, and there has been progress made https://www.reddit.com/r/WhatBidenHasDone/comments/l1kown/our_master_list_of_what_joe_biden_has_done/ As you can see, there has already been some student debt relief. >More than a watered down infratructure bill funded with stolen unemployment money and no taxes on the rich. Seems like the goal is to do this infrastructure bill with bipartisan cooperation, if possible. And then do a separate bill under reconciliation that would further address infrastructure needs, such as climate change and family leave and take care. And likely would also implement a tax change on the wealthy in order to pay for it.


You have a positive outlook 🤗 I would love my skepticism/cynicism to be wrong and have not given up entirely but am deeply frustrated and am not alone with that sediment


well maybe, just maybe, the Democrat leadership that has been in power for over 30 years now, and recognizes the American voting base has the short term memory of a goldfish. and they’re saving all this shit for, idk maybe like 2022🧐🤯? y’all are so fucking stupid i can’t believe we vote for the same people sometimes. like god damnit. why can’t y’all be smarter than the Trumpies?? Why god, why???


Figure out what to do with all the Health Insurance employees first.


bUt mUh DoNoRs


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Remember it's the 3 i's who believe the government should keep on helping oligarchs rob students to buy yachts They are ignorant inbred incels. Each one their rediculos shitposts wreeks of inbred ignorance and their weird obsession with GeNdEr StUdIeS taken by literially 1/1000 students hss an incel smell


Cancelling all student debt is a guaranteed loser in 2022 & 2024, not that Biden appears at all interested in winning in those elections. Regardless, telling 88% of Americans that they now owe the voluntary debts of just 12% of people who generally earn more than those 88% is going to cause massive amounts of anger in the center and the left to the extent that they will stay home in those elections or vote 3rd party. Biden knows that so at the very least he has said he's not going to make that particular error. We need universal programs that serve everyone in order to try to heal some of our divisions and alter the power dynamic between the oligarchs and working people. Give everyone tuition free higher ed. Give us Medicare for all. Don't just choose a small set of mostly Dem voters to receive a massive gift from our tax dollars.


Cancelling student debt would help close the racial wealth gap and has been proven to be a very progressive policy. This would also help people “forget” that Biden is a big reason why we are in the student debt crisis we’re in now. If they don’t want to do it, then they can forget about my vote and the votes of a lot of other college students and graduates in 2022 and 2024. And no, I don’t care about “Orange Man bad.”


Then we should means test cancelling student debt. Cancelling all student debt makes no sense. College grads on average are doing a lot better than the vast majority of Americans. It makes no sense to spend limited resources helping out someone making $100k+ per year. Cancelling student debt for the people who actually need it would help close the racial gap just as well.


There are some students who are making $100,000/year after years and years of working, but that doesn't take into account that they also have a higher amount of debt due to needing more classes (doctor, lawyer, etc.), predatory interest rates (federal student loans shouldn't have interest rates to begin with because that would be the taxpayers profiting off of a government service.) Not to mention paying more in taxes because they make more. Also you need to consider where someone lives. Someone living in New York or California is going to have a higher cost of living than Nowhere, Montana. If we're going to means test forgiveness then the only way to do that would be state by state, which would create unnecessary bureaucracy and would likely end up leaving people out in the dust. Since the government can barely means test stimulus checks, I don't think this would be ideal.


>racial wealth gap The vast majority of student debt is held by middle to upper middle class white people


Now that's a whopper. How much does DeVos/navient asy you to embarsss yp Yourself with such laughable rubbish. I truly hope your a paid hack and not really so stupid and hateful


Are you debating facts?


I have yet to see any evidence that canceling student debt is popular or will win votes.




Lol decades long debt sentences for going to school and drvafrs in jail are what is ExTreMe troll harder next time


Legalizing weed, giving 50’000$ to each student, how can you not see the extreme in that? And why do you assume I’m trolling? Is it impossible that I have an opinion different than you? Get off the internet, go outside. Meet people, instead of staying in your own bubble, thinking you’re always right.


Oh no, it's not even like those poor degree holders were voluntarily taking those loans, right? ...right?


First off there is no option for most Not everyone is miltary military material those blessed wirh wealth or the talent for scholarships are a rarity. I predict a trade answr great option for many but all and there needs to balance. Too many blue (or white) collar is a promblem. Solution is simple wipe the loans ditch the parasitic servicers Collectors and give each high school graduste a reasonable grant for college or trade school. Contrary to propaganda taxpsyers get fucked now on student loans cause default rates are sky high (pre covid) and what ever they do claw out of former students pretty much all goes to criminals like DeVos/navient wake up see past faux news going brrrrrrr StUdEnT BaD pAy BilLs. No student debt has been collected for over a year sky hasn't fallen This plan will come close if not be revenue neutral specialky figuring the exinmic boom when oroe are free to spend in econmy Tuition will plummet. Students and all other tax payers win. Get past the hate your on the wrong side of history So you believe Somone who is not old enough to legally drink or gamble can sign for a ruinous loan which was hard sold by the givernement/society based on liesstatistically the group in the most trouble wirh student debt don't have a degree for a variety reasons including school fraud


For sure. And make the minimum wage $100/hour. I mean if everything is going to be free,and legal, why not make everyone rich too? /S


Democrats are so goddamn embarrassing.




Legalizing weed is a bad idea