Love seeing base designs here. Wish I had a tenth the creativity of some of you!

Love seeing base designs here. Wish I had a tenth the creativity of some of you!


I am an expert at building square concrete boxes. If I'm feeling fancy, I put a flag on the roof and call it done.


All mine end up being look-a-like meth labs that the contractors switched half way through and the second contractor took the money and ran.


Why is this so accurate


Because this new planet is cooler and I might as well move


I just live on my freighter growing Nip and getting high on the fumes in the hangar bay


I've started doing this as well.


After reading this I thought this post was on the nomanshigh sub.


It’s just too bad you can’t access the teleporter from the freighter though. ...at least, that was the case last time I played.


Since Desolation you can build teleporters on the freighter. You cannot teleport to the freighter though (yet)


I've got a teleporter built on my freighter, and notwithstanding the ever present "needs electricity" icon, I can use it to gate to other teleporters. Only thing I can't do is gate to the freighter


I plan to make my freighter the main base once I get a star destroyer type then I might find a desert planet and build a canteena.


Well worth it, my fleet is geared for war because I couldn't get on with the Battlefleet Gothic game so my fleet is 40k-esque. Fly to planet > kill everything I see, strip all surface materials and plant life > imagine I nuked it from orbit > find a new world.


Destroyer of worlds.




Wait can u get power in a capital ship? I tried putting lights n shit but couldnt figure out how to powrr anything


Power is automatic


Y my lights no lighty then lol


Bug. If I place large hydroponics tray in specific areas of my freighter, they show up as not working. Sent a ticket to Hello Games already


Now im sad


Square...concrete...flag on top? Cadet, we call that a castle!


Are you telling me... YOU HAVE FOUR WALLS AND A FULL ROOF!?!? That's kingly living!


Beats the incomming storms 😆.


The Four Yorkshiremen Sketch [https://youtu.be/VKHFZBUTA4k](https://youtu.be/VKHFZBUTA4k)


Yup, the first time shit glitches, I’m like fuck it. You get a flag and teleported.


How much is the rent I need a home


That's why I prefere freighter bases, looks cool even if you are crap at base building.


I made a bunch of square(ish) wood boxes in rows, then added some patios: [https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/e9zmni/you\_cant\_take\_the\_sky\_from\_me/](https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/e9zmni/you_cant_take_the_sky_from_me/)


I can put decor on a landing pad if that counts for anything


If it works for sky scrapers it works for me.


I never really build bases because I system jump too much. Once I find a place I actually like, then I might finally build a good base.


Same... even when I find a place I like, I still just keep warping and searching something better lol The grass is always greener i suppose




I stopped between orange and yellow. Found a paradise planet in bulldangr. Claimed a mountain.


> The grass is always greener i suppose Literally! And the sky’s always bluer too... or at least, not a sickly greenish/yellow color.


Yep, and I find a good spot and plant a base computer so I can come back, but never do...


I just have a shit ton of tiny bases with a base computer and a teleporter


Isn't that the norm? Got like 50 of those....🙈


This is the only thing I'm lucky with. My friend has played for months and hasn't come across an Eden world yet. I've played a month and I have found four. I named the planet after him and gifted him his own planet.


I finally found my paradise planet to build a base on.


I just did too and was ecstatic.....until I realized it had frequent superheat storms...


Yeah, I went through quite a few with that or sentinels, very often both. I had to look far and wide for the one I wanted, even on Eissentam.


I have simple bases strategicly laid out with a room with a teleporter, lil store thingy, a landing pad and powered by a industrial power thingy near Portals. Easy.


Yeah, my bases are crap, but my freighter pulls the ladies!


Seeing as how all the planets are so similar, you should probably give up on finding the 'right' one. Just saying, heh...


It's not so much the right planet, it's the right planet'S. Too many times have I had to jump to a different system because one kind of material can only be found on frozen planets, and my 6 planet 3 moon system just doesn't have a single one. Once I find a system that has basically everything I'd need in it, I'll stay in one spot.


This. Currently spread out over two systems as a basic home base. Have yet to find final home.


Just use the freighter, portable base


I haven’t found a planet to set up shop yet so for now I live in the dirt/cave to keep the elements off me. we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars ✨


Not gonna lie I was squinting for a few minutes wondering if those were NMS builds or pictures from irl and other games.


Yeeeees! Exactly, is that Venice! What now? Huh, oh ok! Lol


Yeah, one of those screenshots definitely looks like it’s from the Sims.


The top left screenshot is 100% from the Sims 4.


I feel this. It’s the worst. I’m sure I could build something nice but I don’t have “it”


"I've got a great location, I've got an enormous stockpile of resources, and I've got plenty of time to work on this! Now let me just check my inner vision..." No Man's Sky: The Abyss


I spent a few hours just editing terrain and building a 3 level square box on a hill. I learn something new every time i make a new base which allows me to make a better base next time. I remember spending like 3 hours on my first base just putting a 6x 5 floor down, some walls, glass roof, and some portable tech. Th next day, i dug a basement, installed stairs, finished the basement, realized that the portal and storage units were to big for a one level basement, dug it deeper and then added storage units, portal and batteries. That took me 7 hours. 10 hours for a crude base and i had all the materials already so none of that was farming raw mats. My current base i did sometimes similar plus a 10 story enclosed glass staircase to an observation tower, a bunch of tech, some wiring and some lighting in about 4 hours. Still have a lot to do but i got a lot faster at the basics.


Try to build without the terrain manipulator. If others visit your base they won’t always see your terrain edits and it can block off parts of your base for them.


I spent hours building an underground garage only to have the terrain respawn over it and through it with the last patch. I then decided, never again.


At least you managed to fit the toilet inside the structure.




You can do it just don't be afraid to try things and stop comparing your build to someone else's. Your build is special cuz you did it.


Is my box with 100 batteries and 96 solar panels special?


Okay, so not *everyone's* base is special.


Lol yep sure is!


Switch to electromagnetic gens, WAY more efficient than solar power and battery bank set ups.


I did but i want batteries.


I mean, you can still use batteries, you just won't need nearly as many


The thing is i want many i probably only needed the electro magneric things and 4 to 6 batteries to run the entire base but instead i started a tower with batteries then a floor solar panels and then batteries and so on although i stopped after the solar panels.


Once you figure out how to snap the premade advanced structures and the simpler ones, it opens up tons of options.


I wish i was half as creative as other people here, i usually just dig up a cave and shut the entrance with door panel.


That's even better. You can sculpt out natural rooms and get silicate powder to fuel your terrain manipulator to sculpt even more rooms. You're basically being given resources to build rooms, and the rooms don't even need power.


I use to feel that way too, lol!


I deleted all my initial "bases" (wooden single boxes), and now have only 2 made from single standalone prefabs, just to get through the build a base task. One box has single place planters for the farmer tasks, one has the 4 specialist stations, and one has batteries with solar panels on the roof. Teleporter outside with a pressure plate on switch. That's it. The other has only the power building, the teleporter and an underwater prefab. Camp Aqua has the nautilus, and Camp Swampy has the rover. Eventually I'll build an actual base, but at the moment running around is a bit more fun with an a class freighter, a special guppy, and an a class fighter I like the look of. The planets for both camps are pretty quiet, which is why I chose them :)


Any of you guys use the terrain manipulater to flatten out an area and then realized the area you wanted to flatten was way bigger than you thought? Now you gotta flatten a whole island to make it look right and then just give up and bounce?


Shit shack, but when you go down the elevator, Taj Mahal! The art of deception!


Hmmm.... *\*rubs villain beard\**


Lol, the future needs a place to live today!


Vault-Tec Industries coming to a galaxy near you!


Hey I actually live near the top right picture


I’m a freighter type of guy myself


Try coming up with a story to justify the rooms within your base. Pretend that you have a crew and a specific mission (diplomatic, conquest, rescue, growth) and design facilities around that. Also, I played for 90 hours before realizing what could be done with the triangle floor pieces. That really changed a lot for me. Start with a foundation. I avoid using terrain manipulation bc it usually regenerates and damages things. I also have a second creative game with a flat site just to test out wiring ideas. [Here’s a link to my latest. ](https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/ijqgay/submitting_my_base_to_be_featured_triangle_iii/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Feels like my life


Cant build anything worth looking at with the base building cap. I dont want to look at modded builds because its not exactly real... Even creative doesnt do it for me... I like the process


I thought about making a big build but then I realized the game doesn't have that much stuff for indoors so the big base would look cool on the outside but be totally empty inside.




I barely ever even use my bases anyways. I mostly set them up on planets/places I think are cool as sort 9f a way to bookmark them. Not sure if that's the best way to do that but it works for me.


The trick is to build your first base with wood walls and metal roof. It really gives off an island vibe that I love.


If i could find just one......JUST ONE planet that wasn’t either scorching hot, freezing cold, or filled with poisonous gas i would actually tru to build a decent looking base


Look for boundary failure planets, i.e. uninhibited systems. They're pretty much always environmentally stable.


I have no idea how this game works tbh cause I’m just starting and only have a few hours in, but i will see what i can do


Basically, when you're on your galaxy map, change your system filter to lifeforms. Blue is Korvax, green is Gek, red is Vy'keen and white is uninhabited/abandoned which is where you'll find most boundary failure worlds.


It took me nearly 5 hours to dig the cave my base was being built in so I could avoid the "lung burning winds" so I wish I had a shack.


Has the ground reset yet ? Underground bases usually end up buried as the terrain respawns after a while.


Not yet, and to be honest if it does i don't care as I am just using it to install all the exocraft platforms. I saw something about that happening after I had it all dug out so I'll just set up a new base some where else after I get them built.


As bad as I am at building bases I still feel so satisfied after building a nice cube


I have a box with random shit strewn about my yard (^im ^space ^trash)


This is my first base to unlock everything and then I try to be a little cleaner. I am certainly hauler (trailer) trash on that first base though. 😁


The Sims house got me😂


I was wondering how many people would catch that! 😉


I built a big tower called the tower of lost luggage on a fractured planet, the planet itself is called the trash planet, and I love it with all my heart


My base is the same


Next post in my feed was someone who built a chinese temple in nms. You’re right Edit: it was another game, but with very similair building mechanics so still applies


You guys have roofs?


Wtf you actually have a door ?


For me, my base designs are very utilitarian. I don't put something down unless it is for a specific purpose. Everything has a function. Nothing is simply for decoration.


Ditto. I'm an engineer & functionalist at heart so that's what my bases tend to be: practical, not pretty. I've bought nearly all the decorations available with Quicksilver & gotten blueprints for everything else but the limit of my decorations at most bases is maybe a flag on top.


My sense of design and execution is the fucking worst.


Maybe a tenth of the patient and commitment would be nice too.


Recently i've spend few hours on planing, and then 2 full evenings on building a base, only to find that limit is 3000 and my friend can only see first 3000 blocks =C


Where's the bottom right picture from?


Aww yeah... Now open up that door and let's see the carbons growing inside...


Same... I find cool big giant square rock structures with a square cut out the middle and think, damn I will make something awesome with this. Start something, get bored and take off to do missions and look for ships lol. I try to name them so I can remember to go back, but lots of times my names don't save, so when I do want to go back I have to go through 20 different bases to find what I am looking for. Also why I don't have any giant farms. Start them small, name them, but later trying to get back it reverted to its original name and its too much hassle to find.


I can’t imagine how long it takes for people to build those extravagant bases. I have the capability to build like them but it takes me dozens of hours just to throw together something relatively simple.


Honestly it’s probably because your playing below 60fps and things are a bit slower. It’s so much easier building things when you have like 180fps


I feel you Bro, but my freighter is what pulls the ladies! S class MAX Dreadnaught bring the real deal out!


As creative as i can be when it comes to nms i just go basic so so it's pretty much just 4 walls and a roof and i'm happy but i may build a cottage on hex planets and a beech hut on waterworlds.


Mine is only a computer


Ahaha this is so true. My base looks just like that so I call it Le Shaq.


I feel attacked...


It’s not much, but it’s honest work


Hey dude, i made my first pyramid!!


Spot on!


I don’t think any of the pictured bases area even from NMS


This thread validated me. Where's the ugly bases thread.


2x2 are about all I can do. Maybe on a good day I can do a 3x3.


Are those really from MMS?


No, just random stuff from Google Images. Some of the bases I've seen though, they almost could be!


This is how I feel, I'm still looking for the right planet to make a real attempt at building though. All my others have been about resource extraction or place markers...


*laughs in terrain tool*


Gees. Mine is still a wooden shack with a couple of bits scattered about outside after 45 hours.


Ok, are these completely awe-inspiring bases built in Survival or Creative mode? Bc I really think that if they've been built in Creative that there should be some disclosure to the fact.


Yeah mine's usually a wooden 3x3 box. If I'm feelin' froggy I'll put a 2nd floor on there.


I can't go off planned designs. Everything I build/design has to be freehand. I think most people don't show how creative they can be in this or Minecraft cause the planning just seems too daunting. Just get in there and start with whatever feels right.




You should see my fallout settlements. Big boxes. Some others are not so big boxes. Look more like soviet prison camps than villages


I am well acquainted with the Soviet prison style of FO4 architecture. 😄


To be honest: After the hundredth underwater base and the thousandth sky base and the millionth pyramide (shame on myself :D ) it is really exciting to see something new like your toilet base ;)


Throw a portal outside of that and you have my base too lol. I'm looking to move to a beach soon though, just waiting for that perfect place.


Windows are overrated


I'm with ya there


I know the feeling ... having the creativity of a pallet of concrete blocks, I have always been amazed at what I can see in some bases altough to be fair these wonderful constructions remain the exception and not the norm ... Having said that, my current target is to build a landing point in each of the 256 galaxies to be able to come back easily to any of them when I want it and the construction limit seriously decreases the number of items that I can place (far less than the 20 K items total figure that some fellow travellers will quote as this number also includes the Freighter base which takes about 5 K items in my case...


The top right picture looks like a go kart track i raced on during a trip to Florida lol


I can sooo relate lol


True, but at least you have A life outside of the game, hence not making a 200hour in game base. Would not want in any other myself


Wait, you can build in space?


So accurate.. My BFF created the [Galactic Core Agency Travel](https://www.reddit.com/r/NMSCoordinateExchange/comments/ie5m93/grand_opening_galactic_core_travels_euclid_gc/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) in a few days and all my bases are like yeah, this two blocks, a portal and a gas /mineral extractor and I'm done. I want to do something epic, but my brain gets distracted with just air flowing.


I just use the terrain manipulator to make my bases giant cave systems also helps when there is hazards no need for prefabricated stuff


Lmao ikr! I'm 100+ hours into this save and I haven't even got a base. Just a bunch of farms and my freighter where I do most things. If I did build a base though I'd find a better spot and regret building it.


Me (who never built an outpost ) : is this a joke I am too nomadic to understand.


I just like building


Every time I try to build bases with beauty and complexity, the game always crashes mere milliseconds before I run to the save point 😑




Wait, is the bottom left real?


Yes, it's real...ly from Google Images. 😁


I used to try to build big, beautiful, elaborate bases but now my builds are strictly utilitarian. Like grandma always said, function over beauty.


You were able to have a door after only 5 hours? I give up...


Holo doors man, only way to go.


I wish these bases were labeled with a disclaimer i they were built completely in-game with no 'importing'. While they look cool, the only ones I really care about are ones that I could potentially make myself by using the actual building pieces provided without changing the way they look or scale.






Same me, I spend 6 hours today and I end up doing nothing 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️