When the freighter you're defending against pirates doesn't rewards you enough

When the freighter you're defending against pirates doesn't rewards you enough


My personal favorite is when there's one stupid ship you just bravely defended that decides you are now an enemy because one stray round bounced off his shield by accident. WHAT'S YUR PROBLEM BRUH???


They actually fixed that in one of the updates, expeditions I believe.


Literally never had this problem.


Then you either are the best space pilot shooter marksman of the universe, you simply ignore the poor bastard being attacked, or you haven't played for long enough.


Or, get this, they changed the mechanic so it doesn’t trigger on one hit


See my point about not playing for long enough.


I've never hit the freighter, but I've been denied the reward because one of the friendly ships flew right into a missile of mine. You don't have to be a great pilot, but it sure doesn't help that they aren't


I don't remember having a ship just throw itself in front of my missiles, but if that means I don't get hailed to get into the ship and also don't aggro them, maybe I should try doing that. To me the 100 something chromatic metal is rarely worth the hassle.


It could've been a freak accident lmao


Yeah, I can imagine, considering the mess those fights can be with all those ships flying around.


Defending freighters should award nanites...not chromatic metal


My headcanon is that the captains are just tired of their job and planned the whole attack themselves to lure in a kind-hearted spacefarer to whom to offer it.


I have a great way to farm nanites if you're interested... around 3,600 in 10 min. And that isn't including what's still in your refiners. Probably around 7,000 total in 10 min time.


Tell me more...


I'm listening....


Don't leave us hanging!


Oh come on. You just left us with that?


Interloper! Interloper! Death! Death! Death! Grah!


You mean farming the residual goop that you can buy from space stations and find in machinery? Refining it takes forever but it's actually worth it if you start a refining op


Actually, no Just have a couple of bases with "curious deposits" facing each other, only about 16 seconds apart by ship. They give you runaway mold. Between the two bases, takes about 4 min to acquire around 17,000 runaway mold. And those refine at 5:1 for nanites. Had another when I sent this post, but the newest update turned all the deposits into sad venom. So sorry for not checking back here. Up n running again. stuNzeeDkiL on PSN if you're interested...


Yeah sorry, my bad My notifications were off for some reason. Hit me up on PSN stuNzeeDkiL


Here have a crappy amount of chromatic metal for saving my multimillion dollar frieighter and cargo.... You know what.. you can fight your your own battle, this shit ain't worth it !


I only ever get 196 chromatic metal as a reward or the offer of the ship. Do you guys get varying reward?


I get exactly 319 chromatic every time. Not worth it imo.


I never get anything. The only ship I can land on and the captain just wants to sell it too me. Should just let the pirates do their thing.


Little known, but if you go into negotiate for the freighter, then compare (with yours), you can grab all the random loot from their freighter and send it to yours, then go back out and claim your 250 chromatic metal payment.


Not saying I'm proud of it, but that's my opener with these captains. "You're quite welcome. Now give me all your stuff."


Hey the first guy (thing?) offers you its freighter... the rest expect you to pay like some chump!


Turnabout is probably fair play. "Ah traveller, you like my S class 48-12 freighter, which you DIDN'T even fight pirates for, but simply WALTZED on in here to make an offer on? And you're wondering how much I'll ask to part with it? Well, HOW MUCH HAVE YOU GOT? Oh, you say 4,294,967,295 units? Haha, brace yourself traveller! I have an astounding coincidence to report..."


Do you actually keep it? I'm almost positive when you decline it...all the stuff goes back where it was. Try it twice and you'll see all the stuff you took is back on there again. Again allllllmost positive!


Same happens for me, the stuff always returns to the freighter original inventory


I didn't know they had loot on the ship


It's just basic asteroid metals usually (Au/Ag/Pt), but an extra bonus to the Chromate at least. Sometimes you get some antimatter.


I hate it that those stupid fucks don't know how to fight and their ammo damage only my ship. We really need a combat update


The AI is nerfed so that you make the kills... The pirates have plot armor against NPC


I hate when I enter a new system and there is a battle going on. You can't land on spacestation or you own frigate....


I hate it because I've got this beautiful S-class Fighter that took an age to find (and afford), but if I'm warping into a system I'm probably in my Explorer...


Actually you can land on space station. Get out of ship to create autosave. Then fly back out to fight pirates. If ship isnt an s class frieghter. Reload auto save. Rinse & repeat till you get S class. 30-40 times lol


Yes that's true, my mistake. I was thinking that when I leave the station that fight is still going on anoying af...lol But thanks :D Lucky i got my S class


I got awarded their freighter


If you don't have a freighter already they'll give you theirs, but if you do have a freighter they'll give you 300ish chromatic metal


I only attack them now then give out the stuff on nexus or sell it.


How does this work? I see folks giving thinks out and I have had people randomly send me stuff, I want to give back but don’t know how


If you stand near some one the transfer menu will show them as well as your inventory slots. You can give it back, pass it on to another player or just delete it. I've had it done to me. It doesn't both me, I sell or pass on what I get given. I know some don't like it but I never seem to get any hate. Lots of people say thanks.


Thank you!


This is a complete side note, but rocket league stole the UI from Halo and im just realizing this 😂


This is halo? I deadass thought its rocketleague


OG Halo 1, crazy isn't it.


They are the same thing - meme vibes


Yep, for some reason I didn't get rewarded anything, so I shot up the joint and bounced.


Meanwhile my morals don't allow me to attack freighters so Ihave to look for upgrades the hard way.


Yeh but if you leave them hangin' their annoying alarm will haunt you through the entire solar system


I'm guessing it was lucky to just get gifted a class A freighter then