I mean, he kinda has to. Saitama effortlessly dodged his attack.


That's really not in his character to do that lol


He'd never say it to Saitama, but I think he knows full well inside that Saitama is faster than him.


Ofc, Saitama reacted & match his speed several times.


But he's never outright accepted that, so far he's been able to rationalize anytime he's been outclassed by Saitama as him not truly going all out. Especially in the webcomic he's never once even come close to acknowledging anyone being his equal. So this little revelation is... weird for his character.


It’s been a while but IIRC there’s a difference between what Flashy thinks, versus what he says out loud because he’s insecure and tries to save face with dumb bluster and rationalisations. I mean, there’s probably some twisting of facts to make it not seem that bad even to himself, but I think he knows.


Yep. Totally breaks his character as well.


He'll probably rationalize it later as "I wasn't going all-out".


“my speed was so great that it created shockwaves and unbalanced him, which made saitama accidentally dodge my attacks”


Lmao yes


Not really, he's delusional not insane


I'd say "He's arrogant, not delusional". He doesn't want to admit that a b-class nobody is faster than him, and he can rationalize it away a little bit, but he's not going to completely pretend that it didn't happen.


This has nothing to do with the Classes. His idea of being "the strongest" is given by the upbringing he had in the Ninja Village, here they had only one philosophy which they instilled in their students and that was: "you are the strongest or you die". For Flashy the idea of there being someone stronger than him is impossible because it would mean having to die. That's why he always chooses to ignore all evidence that he was outclassed, it's more of a defense mechanism than arrogance or delusion. Ah Flashy doesn't care if you're a bald B Rank, the legendary S Class Rank 1 hero or a psychic harlot with the ability to destroy the world, you will never surpass him because he wants to live.... That's why the internal dialogue in chapter 156 is completely horrible.... I'm embarrassed that they lost the central point of one of their characters like that...All because they wanted to do Powerscaling.


Nowhere in hell is any of this implied wtf. Where in the fuck did you get any of this in the webcomic?. The ninja village never had that philosophy and flashy flash never had a defense mechanism against this.


will be deleted in 4, 3, 2... or it likely will, cuz the title spoils the chapter and the image isn't spoilered


Hahaha I love this panel. When you think about it, Flashy has probably lived all his life dominating everyone he has ever met in speed and technique. Suddenly he meets 4 people in the span of a few hours that not only match his speed, but make him look like an amateur. The one taking the most damage in the MA arc: Flashy's ego


I laughed so hard when I saw him saying this 🤣