it honestly just takes practice, hitting an ulting gengi/moiras are pretty hard since they are faster than normal. just keep playing and keep trying to hit the sleep darts


tyty!! Yeah that makes sense! I just have always seen videos of people hitting almost impossible sleep darts and I'm like.. How..? Thank you! This makes me feel better \^\^


You have to consider that you'll see in the video just the one time they hit an impossible sleep dart and not the other dozen attempts. Hitting long range sleep darts is just luck since the ability has an immense startup and theprojectile is slow. Medium and close range you can try to aim at people's lower-body since it's usually larger than aiming at the head. Sometime it will happen they will avoid it by jumping but most people don't spam jump while fighting. ​ For ulting enemies it's just experience. Some ults are easier to hit than others. Roadhog for example is very easy, phara too but you need to react quickly and she often require aiming at the ceiling which might be awkward with the stick. Moira is harder becase she moves fast and also is very thin. Unless she is in the frontline (so she will probably rush forward to hit your allies) i wouldn't bother trying to sleep her. Genji is really hard too. The easiest time to hit him is at the beginning of his ult: when he is activating he can't double jump for \~1 second, but most importantly he will surely use his dash toward an ally so you can't try to aim where he'll land. Since he will probably try to come for YOU you just need to aim directly at him and he will dash directly into the dart. It's hard and you will fail many times but you are not expected to hit all your darts.


tysm! This helps out so much!!!! \^\^!!


I don't know any personally, but you can try to find some Workshop codes to help practice sleep darts. It won't be the same thing, but it does help from my experience. But overall, its simply practice. I personally play ana on console as well, and with sleep I've simply had experience with other projectiles before as well.


Yeah, I would agree that workshop practices will help immensely with Ana's dart. It's one of those moves that you have to get good at flicking on to the enemy, especially with benji or pharah ults, (practice range is great for this with any hero, aim to one side of a practice bot, and practice flicking onto their body in a quick, smooth motion). I also think I finally figured out really good sensitivity settings for console if you want to message me for those. A lot of it is just improving and practicing mechanics though.


ooh fr? Those settings could rlly come in handy if you know what I mean lolol! Ty! This makes me feel better about sleep darts \^\^




ah so timing,, I can get behind that! Ty for taking time out of your day to help me out!


Only hit predictive sleeps if you have to it if the enemy team won’t punish you if you miss. Often times just having it available will stop ults from hog, mcree, pharaoh, reaper. If you lose that card, they can play theirs accordingly. So make sure you ult track. If they don’t really respect that you have that as an option, I’d start sleeping on cooldown until they do. When they have dive like tracer and Genji, do your best to save your sleep so they don’t dive in and kill you or someone else. If they dive you, try to walk towards your team so your floor nade hopefully hits you, your team and the diver. Always try to estimate how long you can live compared to how much ground you can cover. If you can’t reach your allies to hit them with the nade too, maybe you can instead nade and hit a mini health pack to heal. If you have to nade yourself, force it to get value anywhere you can. I always try to get whatever enemy is on me with it and sometimes that pressure alone allows you to live.


ahhhh tyty!! All of this info is rlly helpful! Thank you so much!!