Nah you good we all still trash at making good team comps


Lol. I like this the best


Varying degrees. All the heroes require positioning and knowledge about their quirks and kit. Tracer takes a fairly high degree of skill to play efficiently. Whereas Bastion can be played efficiently with minimal effort or skill. However you still need to be cognizant of positioning.


Luckily for me she was my main back when I did play.


Don't worry, almost everyone who plays this game is awful at it. Especially the other players on your team.


This gave me a good chuckle :)




Definitely take another go at it, especially with friends. I haven’t played in a while but will occasionally hop back on for fun. There’s no harm in trying 😊


If you suck you will get stomped for a bit but then the game will figure out how skilled you are and put you in games with people of similar skill levels


I just picked the game back up again a month ago after years of not playing and its as fun as ever. Just take your time getting settled back into the roster, main somebody for a couple days, get a feel for the balance and everything new that's come out. I'm not great at FPS games but I still have a blast. 🤷


Yeah, definitely tough at first, and I think it's worth it to pick a couple heroes from each category to really practice with in deathmatch or practice, then play in comp. I think it's tough to have fun in comp and climb unless you have those heroes to really carry with if need be, especially in lower ranks.


You'll often run around the small ego alts and smurfs that completely destroys comp experience by playing in a rank that is way below their real level. Especially those playing Widow/Genji/DF. Other than that, you're good to go on other game modes.


Just enjoy the game :) if you keep playing then you will gain skill


I'm terrible because I only play a few times a month. I still have a good time chilling down in silver.


The vast majority of players who have played for 4 years are still complete ass


I picked up the game about two weeks ago for the first time and am having a blast! I think you’ll be fine generally, but I’ve seen a lot of smurfing, though it’s not incredibly common


You play with people who are at your skill level so you don't have to be worried about it.


No matter how bad you are, there are thousands of people who are **much** worse. Go check out the replays of some bronze players. Just don't expect to land into high rating if you haven't played in a while..


There will probably be a learning curve, and you might get smashed some at first, but it'll even out over time. The game is in a pretty decent spot right now, so it's worth playing if you've got that itch.


Lol these kinds of questions seem so retarded to old timers xDD People being so fucking salty if they get matched in QP to some1 way better to them. U know how it used to be? Back in the day with 1.6 and cod1 and cod:uo?? U open a server browser(third party) and you pick a server to join, no ranks no nothing, maybe some people got clan tags you noticed so u knew they are good player. Sometimes you ended up playing with world class players who would absolutely wreck you. But people werent salty about it, they were impressed about the skills of others. These days every other match ends up with some1 whining about the matchmaking....


Actually, don't bother playing again. Maybe when Overwatch 2 is coming out, cause then you can say you're new but if you lost any knowledge, everyone's gonna flame you.