Hello all, I am mod #2. Please either message me or post your physical therapist recommendations here. You can view the PTs I have collected so far by clicking the link above. It will be placed on the sidebar soon. Please include: * Full name of the physical therapist * Website * City + state * Phone number * If you know if they work with men or if its women only. Be aware that if you post that information here its easier for others to dox you/figure out where you may live so its recommended to just message me or the mod team. **EDIT: Please include all the information requested above, otherwise your suggestion will not be added. I'm tired of having to Google your clinics to get the phone number and website \~\_\~** **EDIT 2: I will not add recommendations from accounts with no participation in this sub. Sketchy PTs will try to add their name to the list by masquerading as patients.**


Jilly Bond from the UK, Very very knowledgeble, in the know of latest theories etc. Does online counceling too. Check her youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCh2uS_cMvRFuGAso7Et960g


Jilly’s videos give me hope.


Denver N2 Physical Therapy Excellent staff Male and females are treated.






Bay area recommendations?


Pelvic Health and Rehab Center. There’s multiple locations but I go to the one in Berkeley. You could look on their website for more specific info. They also have multiple therapists and from what I understand they take both men and women.




Liz Miracle and Alexis Anderson are both amazing in bay area!!


[Thrive Maternal Care](https://www.thrivematernal.com) in San Jose. Isabel is an occupational therapist who works with pregnant and postpartum people addressing pelvic health and any functional barriers to the everyday tasks of motherhood.


[Jordan Tate](https://spinepains.com/profile/jordan-l-tate-m-d-mph/) if you're in the Atlanta area. She's a pain doctor who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction. She's very active in research, and she recently oversaw a pretty groundbreaking trial of using a spinal stimulator to reduce pelvic pain. I didn't end up participating, but apparently the results were pretty good. She's treating me with a mix of medicines (gralise, celecoxib, and duloxetine) that definitely help reduce my issues. She also does pudendal nerve blocks in a way that is almost 100% pain free, whereas a lot of other doctors do it in a way that's really agonizing for the patient. Can't recommend her enough. She hasn't given me a permanent cure, but I'm still very happy with her work, especially compared to most other doctors who don't know squat about pelvic pain.


DO NOT go to Brigham and Women’s pelvic physical therapy in Foxboro, MA (suburb of Boston). Long story short, I have PTSD and can’t do physical exams or invasive treatments, I was told by the physical therapist that biofeedback was the only option and when I told her I couldn’t do it because of my PTSD, she said there was nothing I could do until I was open to biofeedback. That there was nothing she could do and that until I “fix myself” I will not get better. Even for people who are open to biofeedback, I would assume you wouldn’t want someone so close minded to handle your treatment. Better off going to someone who is open to different approaches. This also demoralized me and I made me think PFPT had nothing to offer me, and I suffered for YEARS more until I found this sub which opened my eyes to the fact that pelvic floor PT is a lot more than biofeedback, and there are indeed techniques and things they can do that aren’t invasive or triggering. So yeah, avoid them at all costs. I’m trying a different place next month who seems a lot better and has an interest in psychology, so I’ll update here how that goes.


I had a similar experience with urologists. It is super important to have trauma informed caregivers. So many claim they are trauma informed when they are not.


I don't know how far they are for you and how far you're willing to drive but I did pelvic floor therapy at Oceanside in Stratham NH and they are AMAAAAZING!!!!!!! I'd still be going to them if I hadn't moved from the area. I made really good progress with Lisa Lollis and she was realistic and so very helpful!


Amanda Land- Portland, OR- Men and women Very compassionate and knowledgeable! She knows a lot and is willing to listen to ideas/theories you may have too. Love love her.


Thanks! Do you have any other information on her such as a website, number, or anything else I could add?


Oh sure, she works at West Portland Physical Therapy and their number is 503-227-7774 https://wpptc.com


Hi All- I am new to reddit- many of my male patients have asked me to put my name on here! Not sure the proper way to do it. Erica Michitsch at solstice physiotherapy www.solsticept.com Midtown NYC & Long Island 929 269 2505 work with men and women


If you’re in the metro Detroit area, Kelly DeLind at Form Physical Therapy!


Or Lia Palomino at Michigan Pelvic Rehab & Wellness. She is AMAZING!!! Just started her own business focusing only on Pelvic Floor Therapy!! www.mipelvicrehab.com


Or Lia Palomino at Michigan Pelvic Rehab & Wellness. She is AMAZING!!! Just started her own business focusing only on Pelvic Floor Therapy!! www.mipelvicrehab.com


Emily R. Wegmann, MPT, OCS; Raleigh, North Carolina. Been seeing her for about a month now and she's been awesome. Very knowledgeable about bladder issues as well as pelvic pain. [https://carolinapelvichealth.com/team/](https://carolinapelvichealth.com/team/)


Great people. Made me 99% better.


Awesome I'm so happy to hear it!


Thanks! I started in June 2018 and I am likely going to my last appointment very soon.


Congratulations that's such an accomplishment! I'm a little over a month in so still waiting to see improvements but really happy so far.




Do you know if they take men?


Yes they do, there's been a bunch of men waiting for appointments when I've been in there.


Yes, I’ve seen Emily’s partner, Sarah Talley, multiple times. She’s the best.


I've been seeing Kristin, and she is amazing. I couldn't be happier with my PT experience so far (4 appointments in). Extremely knowledgeable and helpful.


Europe anyone..?


When I get one from Europe or anything else it goes up there too, that's why there's a country category. Haven't heard from anyone outside the US yet..


José Enrique García González Osteópata / Masajista deportivo He is in Spain but Is an expert in treating pudendal neuralgy with massage. I’ve seen him and he is exceptional


I need website, phone number, and if he works with men or only women.


That is all I have for his contact information. You can also google him. I believe he works with both sexes but does not speak English. José Enrique García González Email: [email protected] C. Colombia, 11 4oE 28016 Madrid (España) Teléfonos: (+34) 91.457-5414 / (+34)608-888046 Also link to his book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/S%C3%ADndrome-atrapamiento-pudendo-Abordaje-Osteopático/dp/8417168605


Okay, thank you. Added


Sullivan PT, Austin TX


Intuitive Hands, Boulder and Denver, Lynn Schulte-Leech. Women only. Postpartum specialist, but is great for any pelvic issue. She is an absolute master. I’ve been to 5 PF therapists in 3 states and Lynn is by far the best. She’s like a wizard. Website is awful, but she’s amazing.


Minneapolis, MN


Also in MN, I did a program at Mayo Clinic which was somewhat helpful but the nurse I had, nurse Coggins I believe, did not make me feel comfortable or at ease and made some very inappropriate comments that made the whole experience less than ideal. That being said I was able to get biofeedback tools and at least gain an understanding of what was wrong and what I needed to work on. Two months into PT Covid hit the states and I gave up but now am struggling and am trying hard to get going again. It’s tough because it is so taboo and embarrassing to seek out support and find the time and privacy if you don’t have much money to stick a biofeedback tool in your anus and try to relax for 20 min a day. Really hoping to find another male who is struggling with specifically passing bowels due to tension in the pelvic floor. Been doing a lot of breath work to supplement the PT.


I have seen Amber Anderson in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with great success. Initially, when I saw her, she was covered by insurance but now is out-of-network for all insurances, I believe. She is at the Birth Center of Baton Rouge which is affiliated with Woman's Hospital. [http://amberandersonpt.com/](http://amberandersonpt.com/)


Catherine Kramer MSPT womenfirstrehabilitation.com 770-485-7411 They are located in Woodstock, GA and despite the name treat all genders! Everyone in this office is so kind and will do everything they can to help you feel better. After only a few treatments (6 visits in one month) I felt at least 50% better and was able to sit again without being in extreme pain. I am still fairly new to being treated, but after every visit I feel so much relief and am making progress towards complete recovery!


Phoenix Arizona anyone?


Any good pelvic floor Pt’s in the Phoenix area? Please share if you know of a really good one.


I am from phoenix, Az as well! Did you ever find a good pelvic floor therapist?


Ehhh she was okay, have you seen one?


No. I haven’t yet. But now that I’m 59 days into this flare or whatever this is, I am losing my mind thanks to sleep deprivation fro urgency and frequency, so, yeah I am going yo go see one. What was the name of your therapist who was “ehh okay” lol?


I honestly forgot her name but she works for spooner therapy and there’s only like one person that treats guys there


Can someone share good Mens pelvic PT in Seattle/Bellevue (washington state) areas?


Holly Tanner at Flow Rehab in Fremont


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Lea Klein - Denver Colorado. [https://www.kleinphysicaltherapy.com/](https://www.kleinphysicaltherapy.com/) M/W ​ I've been seeing Lea after a tailbone injury that wouldn't heal. She's been amazing.


Added, thanks!




Okay, do you have any other information like a website?


Can I help with any questions about him and his practice?




Pam Bercutt at Bercutt Physical Therapy in Houston, TX . She accepts both men and women as well as insurance. https://www.bercuttpt.com/


[http://phoenixpt.com](http://phoenixpt.com) South Burlington, VT


Corey Hazama http://www.beyondbasicsphysicaltherapy.com/about-us/our-expert-staff/corey-hazama Joanna Hess http://www.beyondbasicsphysicaltherapy.com/about-us/our-expert-staff/joanna-hess Both at Beyond Basics in NYC. The whole practice is great and led by Amy Stein, a leader in PFD treatment


Any idea what their rates are?


Haven't been in years but I was paying 250 or so no insurance. Can get insurance to cover it but difficult


I just started going to PT here. 345 for initial consultation. 415 for subsequent sessions. I have insurance, but they’re out of network. Only had one session so far, but the PT I am working with, Makela Spielman, already seems fantastic.


Out of my price range but how is it going for you?


I really like it so far. Makela is extremely kind and warm, asks me about my holistic well-being (i.e. how I’m feeling physically, how work is going, my stress levels, etc.), and has provided me with numerous exercises and techniques to stretch and lengthen my pelvic floor muscles to alleviate tightness/tension and to facilitate easier, more frequent, and more complete BMs. I saw an improvement in my symptoms after one week of working with her. (That is, of course, in tandem with a diet of increased fiber, regular exercise, and stress-management techniques.) It has now been six weeks since I began seeing Makela. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made.


Thanks for your reply! Best to you in recovery!


Thank you so much! I hope you find a PT within range soon who can facilitate your recovery. ❤️


Alison Colusi (Hartford, CT) [http://www.physicaltherapycenterrockyhill.com/](http://www.physicaltherapycenterrockyhill.com/) Dustienne Miller (Boston, MA) [https://flourishphysicaltherapy.com/](https://flourishphysicaltherapy.com/) Sophia McLean (Vancouver, BC) [http://www.physiofocusonsitephysiotherapy.com/physiotherapists](http://www.physiofocusonsitephysiotherapy.com/physiotherapists)


Genevieve Richter, Langford PT, Albuquerque NM


For men, Andrew Lesher from Body Rebuilders. He's located in the Philadelphia area. The dude legitimately cares about his patients.


Please include: * Dr. Allison Mckay & Dr. Jandra Mueller -The Physical Therapy Effect * [www](http://www). [pteffect.com](https://pteffect.com) (website is under going maintenance) @thepteffect * San Diego, CA * (619) 544-1055 * They work with both men and woman and generally accept a lot of insurances. They spend 1 hour with their patients for each visit and you see the same therapist each time.


Pam Dehne Comprehensive Therapy Services San Diego, Ca Men and women


Moving to teach abroad in Morocco (debating on staying due to pain and no treatment there but this is a dream for me 😢)..anything?


I haven't seen any listing from Morocco, but I would google 'pelvic floor therapy morocco' and see.. maybe call some physical therapists there and ask if they know of anyone.


Oceanside Physical Therapy in Stratham, NH has been great for me. They treat both men and women. I’ve worked with a number of the therapist there and they’re all very good.


If any of y’all are in the Tokyo area, I highly recommend Mari Gish. She’s speaks fluent English and Japanese and has been a huge help. It can be really daunting finding care in a foreign country, so I hope this helps any other folks in the Tokyo area! [Tokyo Clinic Rehabilitation](https://TokyoClinicRehabilitationOffice03-3446-1682https://maps.app.goo.gl/MBXdE1npHG6T54qMA?g_st=ic) Therapist Name: Mari Gish Website: [Tokyo Clinic Rehab Webpage](http://www.tokyophysicaltherapy.com/) Phone Number: +81 03-3446-1682 Works with: men and women experiencing pelvic pain


Message sent.


There’s a great online (international) directory for pelvic floor physical therapy professionals near you is: www.pelvicguru.com It’s not an exhaustive list of providers but is a great place to start for many if you’re looking for one.


There is a global directory for pelvic floor physical and occupational therapist. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s great place to start for many. You can search by specialty and location : [pelvic health provider directory ](www.pelvicguru.com)


Shannon Pazier - PT, MSW: Providence medical center (Greator Seattle area, WA) https://www.providence.org/doctors/profile/1641944-shannon-dawn-pazier




[https://vitalclinic.sk/sluzby/rehabilitacia-pre-zeny/rehabilitacia-svalov-panvoveho-dna-2/?fbclid=IwAR0\_iDfClqkpSaefjGaLKeyFvmEmdvfrsHG4U6eGv5P1a-KKVfr4oirB5To](https://vitalclinic.sk/sluzby/rehabilitacia-pre-zeny/rehabilitacia-svalov-panvoveho-dna-2/?fbclid=IwAR0_iDfClqkpSaefjGaLKeyFvmEmdvfrsHG4U6eGv5P1a-KKVfr4oirB5To) Vitalclinic Slovakia, Bratislava \+421 903 421 525




also, one more from slovakia, which is on another side of country https://www.pkfyzio.sk/ +421 911 312 320 Žilina pk fyzio Štalmachová


Hungary anyone??


Southern California recommendations, anyone?


Nicole Cozean


I second Nicole Cozean or anyone at her practice PelvicSanity. Not to be dramatic but they saved my life.


Any recommendations for Philadelphia area? I live in Exton and been in continuous pain from last 2.5 months. Thank you.


Rebalance physical therapy


Purple Mountain Physical Therapy Dr. Maureen O’Keefe and Dr. Katharine Cline Grand Rapids, MI 616-516-4334 https://purplemountainpt.com Women, men, pediatrics


No French man here wo find and test a PT in France ?


Do you have any recommendations in Hong Kong or nearby, thanks so much


Am I allowed to share who *not* to go to? I had one who completely discouraged me from PFPT completely. She said biofeedback was the only option and gave no care for my PTSD when I told her that’s why I can’t do it. She basically told me if I don’t figure out how to tolerate biofeedback I’ll never get better. Didn’t realize PT could offer anything more than biofeedback and suffered for YEARS until I found this sub which made me realize that there’s a lot more to PT than biofeedback. I’d like to be able to warn people if allowed, I could even just mention the office so it’s not defamation or anything.


Feel free.


Can confirm on Genevieve Richter in NM. she’s amazing.


I like Lisa Jensen in the greater Harrisburg PA area!


Not a pelvic floor physical therapist but a doctor who specializes in a broad spectrum of pelvic pain! Dr. Echenberg out of Bethlehem, Pa. He isn’t in network with insurance so it’s an out of pocket cost. They will provide claims to submit to out of network benefits. First evaluation is 1hr 1/2+ consultation through video visit, after you fill out 17+ pages of medical history. He will see people out of state and out of the country. Arrangements can be made. You can opt to see him in office after evaluation if so desired. He takes a holistic well rounded approach. He looks into your past history all the way back to when you were a child to try to connect the dots to see how you got to where you are today. He recommends pelvic floor therapy as one of the many components and tools to healing. But figured I would throw him out for a resource to anyone who may be suffering and not getting completely relief from therapy. He is unlike any doctor I have ever seen before (in an awesome way)!


Full name of the physical therapist - Elevation Physiotherapy & Wellness therapist is Lynda M (I cant find the spelling of her last name) Website [https://elevation-physio.com/services/pelvic-health-physiotherapy/](https://elevation-physio.com/services/pelvic-health-physiotherapy/) City + state Mississauga Ontario Canada Phone number 905) 607 – 3538 If you know if they work with men or if its women only. Works with men and women ​ Lynda gave me back mobility after 6 months of immobile painful hell - she knows what she is doing for the hypertonic pelvic floor.




Detroit Area-- Lia Palomino at Michigan Pelvic Rehab and Wellness. She has helped me through so much and she really cares. Highly recommend! Men and women. She's also certified in a ton of other areas and combines all of her knowledge to always give you the best care. www.mipelvicrehab.com


Anyone have any recs in Chicago?


2nd that for Chicago area. Wasted many years & $$$


I Recommend Jana Richardson from Chicago Pelvic. She is well certified and have access to more treatment techniques.


Maple from Novuqare


I’m from Phoenix, Az as well and looking for a recommendation for a really good pelvic floor PT, please!?


Any recommendations for Pelvic Floor PT near Phoenix, Arizona?


Va Beach?




Check www.pelvicrehab.com if you haven’t yet


Any duval county or St. John’s county recs?


Secili Destefano at Optimal Motion PT in Herndon, Virginia, USA. optimalmotion-pt.com 703-665-1444 fantastic board certified DPT who is involved with extensive research around pelvic floor dysfunction and its related therapy. practice has OT and PT for both men and women. Secili does not specify that she only sees women, just happens to mainly have female patients at this time.




DC area, Rachel Aronson of Core Elements Physical Therapy is a godsend! She totally changed my life for the better. Sadly doesn't take insurance, sessions are $180. 100% worth it.


Is somebody here from Eastern Germany and knows a competent therapist in the Dresden area or generally in Saxony or neighboring regions?


Recommendation for Los Angeles


Mabel Sisk, DPT www.sentara.com Virginia Beach, Va 757-395-1960 Mabel treats men and women. I could not be more fortunate she's my physical therapist. My PFD is trauma related. It's very hard for me to trust people, but, I quickly bonded with Mabel so well that I'm able to do the manual and necessary therapy to treat my PFD.


Multiple Pelvic Floor DPTS Chicago Pelvic Health and Wellness Wheaton Illinois 773-219-2749 We treat men and women.


Anyone have recommendations for Arkansas?


London anyone?


Looking for San Francisco, Bayarea.