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Please go work at the potato factory in Winnemucca Nevada for one week and tell me about how immigrants are taking your beloved jobs.


Winnemucca is where dreams go to die. Also, sidenote I lived in Elko for a summer 10 years ago, stopped in town again for the first time last year, that town has grown. still sucks too


Was in Elko a couple months ago for work. Not a lot of there there. Beautiful country though.


do they grow potatoes in winnemucca or just process them there?


Did not expect to see winnemucca farms mentioned here, but no doubt about it.


Winnnemucca. Beautiful place I never want to go back to


Shit I live in Texas and work with nothing but Mexicans. But we always hiring. Y’all wanna come work out in the heat or cold or rain or snow for over 14 hours a day the door is wide open.


I've worked with a lot of people from south of the border, illegal and legal immigrants, all were good hard working people who were paid the same as me. I got hired the same way they did, just fill out an application and show up to work.


I started working in warehouses and that’s when I truly got an appreciation for Mexican work ethic. I unloaded trucks of sports equipment so nothing was light, smallest boxes were 22kgs/ ~50 pounds. The unloading was only 4 person team, and the dude who threw from the truck to the line for us to stack just WOULD NOT STOP. Big boxes, small boxes, 90° outside so 110° inside the truck he wouldn’t stop. I’d be overheating and choking on the disgusting dust after 30 minutes but he’d just cover his face and work. Even when he was going too fast for us and we asked him to slow down he’d stop for maybe 30 seconds and then ignore any more attempts to ask. Oh yeah, and his brother was one of the other guys on my team, he never stopped stacking! And for the icing on the cake, these guys were 59 and 63 years old!! Working like they’re 25


They sound like fantastic employees.


Not just fantastic employees but also fantastic people. They’d pass the time by telling stories of all the insane jobs they’ve held together, the fact that they’ve never separated after 40+ years in America, one kid, no wives, just them two sticking together and getting it done. Ishmael always shared his food with me and Luis would always offer me a ride home since the 10 minute ride was an hour on the bus due to scheduling. Really cool dudes altogether


Your story has me laughing at the end. I used to work with a couple of guys from Guatamala. You telling your story made me think of them because they worked the same way installing cellulose insulation. Its a very dirty job but these guys would get shit done! Ishmael and Jesus. At the end of really big jobs our boss would cut every worker a $100 bonus, and Ish would invite everyone over to his house that weekend for a full hog roast in his backyard. Sometimes i wish i could go back to working with those guys.


Mexicans and sharing homemade food. Name a more iconic duo.


Oh man. Used to do warehouse work with a few Mexican dudes and never in my life have I eaten so much delicious food.


My sister used to work in healthcare in the document filing department and she worked with a bunch of Filipino women. She said they were always bringing homemade foods to work and sharing them. When she left the field, they threw a shindig for her and had all the foods she came to enjoy from them.


My experience with mexicans was in the army. My favorite people bar none were the tex/mex guys. They were fucking awesome, funny, easy to work with, supportive and all around good people. After I got out the only people I stayed in contact with were mexican. Such a great culture, they respect artists, have great food, generational respect for families. Basically if you hate on mexicans, I know you are a garbage person.


Growing up my dad worked 14 hour days, 6 days a week, as a mechanic. Then on Sunday's he would work freelance jobs in his garage. Eventually he built a mechanic shop and now employees about 5-6 people. I just don't know where this lazy Mexican bullshit comes from. My entire family doesn't know the meaning of a 40 hour work week. It's 60+ hour weeks or you're "being lazy" in my family.


Hell, even mexican moms are known to never let their kid just be idle. You want to rest? You better look very busy.


I’m a white guy that married a Mexican woman. Can confirm I’m not allowed to look like I’m not working or else she will get upset and make me do something


Iirc, Mexico is one of the only countries where people report working more hours a year than Americans.


BuT i DoNt WaNt To WoRk HaRd!


The guys building my addition were from El Salvador. Dude disappeared for a week, came back and finished it up. Said he was deported but sorted it out. Worked faster, harder, and at better quality then ANYONE I've found so far.


Haha, this guy makes getting deported sound like just a surprise holiday.


"Deported? Nah, the government just bought me a ticket home to see my abuela."


I worked with an amazing equipment operator that would get deported to Portugal a couple time a year but would be back in Canada a week later working again. He said it's easy to sneak into a country by boat.


None of the people needing to see this are gonna see this 🤦‍♂️


I mean that just sounds like they're justifying abusive work practices.


THIS IS EXACTLY IT. Redditors in this thread — without a shred of irony — are saying “why wouldn’t they just do shit work for $1 an hour!? What lazy assholes!” Truth is, undocumented immigrants are getting FUCKED wage wise because they don’t have leverage. Saying their pay is “good enough” and only “lazy people” wouldn’t take it is incredibly dangerous.


Lol. Right? What jobs are they talking about?


No kidding...same here and their work ethics amazes me.


I did some contract work in construction recently down in Alabama, it was 99% Mexicans. It’s 85+ to 95+ degrees out there daily, and they don’t complain. I know most Americans who wouldn’t even work out there for an hour, these guys do it for 10-12 hours for 6 days a week with no complaints. People hate “illegal immigration” until they realize that those same immigrants are what build these country.


During my time at a dairy in Georgia, I did not see one person native from the area working there, nothing but Mexican immigrants doing the heavy and stinky work. I couldn't last 2 months there.. and always a clown show of folks saying they're stealing jobs. Pathetic af.


Exactly. I am unsure what jobs they are referring to because from my understanding, immigrants are usually paid less and get the jobs noone else really wants to do.


Lots of illegals in my area work in construction, a lot work in roofing , Brick laying, there's some that work with cattle and horses (like the real cowboys), some cutting grapes, and picking melons etc... in my several decades of life, I have never seen an American that wants to do this job. fuck, i did roofing one summer as a teenager and it was the worse, most painful job ever. Being on a roof in 100 degrees all day carrying heavy shit up and down and crouched on my knees all day was excruciating.


Roofing and concrete flat work are brutal.


Same af on the part of not seeing any other American wanting to do those hard labor jobs. I bet the roofing was hot af.


It is. Especially with fucking shingles. Bastards just get hotter and if you're wearing gloves the heat stays for a while and just gets hotter. I work as a roofing "assistant" when there's work available. Just manual labor all damn day. Pay isn't to bad but your body will be fucked in the long run.


Are you Bill Burr?


How many of these ladies are interested in working at their local animal slaughterhouse stunning and cutting up critters all day


Or shovel horseshit all day. Or pick tobacco for twelve hours a day. Because that’s only a few things I saw immigrants doing when I lived in NC. So many people don’t realize just how amazingly hard they work for so amazingly little. No one would do it. I also love how there’s always all this bitching about immigrants and none of it is coming from any of the Native Americans.


>I also love how there’s always all this bitching about immigrants and none of it is coming from any of the Native Americans. Yeah, I mean, the vast majority of Mexicans have indigenous/native ancestry. That's why a majority looks brown, after all. The Spaniards are a white European people. The average Mexican is the mix of native with Spanish, i.e. mestizos. Native Americans probably see the Latin American "illegals" as their cousins.


My landlord is Aztec he has no Spaniard in him. There are 780 distinct genetic tribes in Mexico alone and they’re all “native Americans”


Yeah, I know, I know. I'm Latin American myself (as in, born in Latin America). There are lots of fully indigenous Mexicans, there are many fully white Mexicans, etc. That's why I worded it as "the average Mexican", and "a majority".


YEP, let's see them work them farms for 12 hours a day! She wants to cash in on something.


What were they being paid and what was their living situation?


From people I've known personally that worked in chicken farms and such ..usually like 5 dudes to a single bedroom apartment making $12 an hr each.


Living on or close to the dairy property. Minimum wage.


These ignorant folk are just repeating anti immigration talking points. They don’t have a single original thought, and when you break down everything they’re saying it falls apart. Just like others have said here immigrants especially Latino immigrants do very hard labor work often in dangerous conditions and are definitely not being paid what they’re worth. This guy doesn’t want that job and he knows it. He should focus on helping his community which are often seen begging for money instead of working at the actual jobs that are available.


I forgot which comedian it was but they did a bit where they said "if theses folks who can't even speak English are stealing your job, how shit must you be"


As a brother I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. Wtf?


Wait til they hear about the robots.


fucking ridiculous ain’t it boss


Like not one of them is gonna pick fruit tomorrow. This is pointless


Lol that was my first thought.


This is a highly regarded group of people. So highly regarded there’s no scale to compare them to.


then they gonna complain "it's $6 for an apple" or something after it's all said and done


It's one banana Michael, what could it cost $10?


Ah Lucille Bluth. I miss her so much




So you're willing to exploit illegal labor for cheap fruit? You realize how wacky this argument is, right?




Same, man; wtf is going on?!


Lol seems like Texas is going to ban open carry in a week


Has to be that Texas heat or something.


As a black man, I don't know what is up with this past month.


All men are created equal. This also means we’re all equally dumb as hell.


I guess Texas is the new Florida


Literally….like come on y’all


Yeah I've been saying this for years and this may be tough to hear, but a slight majority of black America is socially conservative (Same goes for white America as well fyi). A lot of people don't realize this. The thing is that the Republican party is so racist that they vote Democrat, but remember out of all the good more progressive options in the primaries they **overwhelmingly** went for Biden. Someone who was picked by Obama to entice moderates in his campaign. Someone who famously went on record on saying we need to put social systems on the chopping block like social security during budget discussions. Make no mistake there is a growing socially conservative movement in black communities. There is also a lot of religious, sexist, racist bullshit in black communities as well (And all communities). Such is the world we live in. Ignorance dictates humanity. The few countries that have more or less done better are the exception not the rule.


I had a buddy in the Army, great leader great soldier could of stayed in a retired at the highest enlisted level if he wanted to. He got out and joined the black Hebrew Israelites, changed his name to Ismeal or some shit. They are a straight up cult with some crazy ideology. Like Scientology, I guess anyone is susceptible regardless of your skin tone or social standing.


As a Chicana, I thought we had each other's backs. This breaks my heart, but I know it's just a minority group. Nothing but love from me still.


Shit the Trump loving Cubans in Florida hate undocumented Latinos too, there’s just always that portion of immigrants who think they’re better because “they did it the right way“


We do. This is an anomaly. Like Clarence Thomas


Offer these people the same jobs these immigrants are apparently taking. Bet you none of them would do it.


Bet none of them COULD do it.


There's a documentary from the UK called "The day the immigrants left". It follows a bunch of people who complain about immigrants taking their jobs. They're given those exact jobs and they either can't properly do the jobs, take way too long to train or call in sick. They interviewed the employers: "If I had to recruit from unemployed in the local area, I would not be in business." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqo-7rtGwOU


Allowing business owners and capitalists to exploit an underclass of workers with zero rights - it's not really a great solution. If you're openly admitting that your business can't function without abject exploitation, then maybe you shouldn't be in business at all.


I love the people who get mad at immigrants(“legal” or not) for “taking our jobs”, but aren’t mad at the bosses who hire said immigrants. It’s ignorance at its finest. Redirect your anger where it belongs.






Dur terk er jrbs


Dy tk r ybs




Der tuk er der


I just hate everyone lol


That's where I'm at homie hahaha


That's more than ignorance. That's due to a well oiled machine designed to mitigate blame away from those people.


It's such a sad perspective when the realization hits that some people are actually just very dumb and very alone, and fall victim to these predatory schemes trying to find a sense of belonging somewhere.


It’s not just dumb people. The vast majority of Americans know nothing about the history of immigration in this country. For example, Mexicans crossing the border throughout our country’s history have overwhelmingly been seasonal workers *invited here by corporations*, with no intention of living here, but almost everyone thinks it has been Mexicans trying move here permanently to sneakily steal jobs. All of us fall victim to propaganda all the time.


Ding. Ding. Arrest the people who have hung a "help wanted" sign, much bigger than any wall, and watch the stream of cheap labor dry up.


Right!?! I have a buddy who works in a union and went on a FB rant about “fucking Mexicans taking his job”. Motherfucker your job was given away by your employer who wanted to save some money for themselves instead of paying you, basically capitalism put into action. no one puts it together because it goes against their conservative ideologies, they like to tell others to pull themselves up by their boot straps but expect handouts the whole time, rules for thee but not for me.


I don’t know how it is out there in Texas, but I can almost guarantee that those protesters would be whining if they had to work in the fields or at construction sites here in CA where there’s long hours and no air-conditioning. Immigrants do jobs nobody else wants to do. People need to stop blaming the employees and fight back against the employers who take advantage of these poor people that are desperate for work just to take care of their families


Aiming their anger at the wrong people. Ignorance is king.


It’s not even ignorance though it’s lack of education sadly.


>it’s lack of education sadly. Is that not ignorance though? The definition of ignorant is literally: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.


Why Not Both?


In the age of Google-in-your pocket, it’s definitely both.


Lol that's literally the same thing. Ignorance simply means not knowing. Today, you lose some ignorance.


It’s a full on class war. Always has been. These folks are simpin for the oppressors and it’s hilarious. But hey as long as we keep fighting for scraps because of color and gender and homelands - the rich are laughing all the way to the bank.


Define ignorance.


“It’s not even ignorance, it’s *says the dictionary definition of ignorance* sadly” Brilliant observation, man!


Reparations in Texas? Hmm. Mexico would like a word real quick.


Lmao fr


That’s what I was thinking… Texas literally was Mexico not so long ago… Mexicans ARE NATIVE to Texas and now are being called illegal and these fools are mad because they exist there?


Fuck Manifest Destiny, all my homies hate Manifest Destiny


The thing that's rich about this is that NOT ONE of those people marching would work picking strawberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, etc. I used to work with migrants in Central Florida's "fruit basket" for a few years and you wouldn't catch black or white people lining up to do those jobs. Work on a roof 12 hrs in 100F heat in Florida? When was the last time you saw anyone black or white on a roof? These roofing companies know they can get guys who are literally hungry to send money home to their families to come and break backs on a roof for $10-12/hr. I want to see everyone of these people marching doing the jobs migrants do- that shit wouldn't last an hour- trust!! Otherwise, just shut the hell up.


So they're protesting and asking for money? Lmfao


if only they could do something better with their time and earn money while doing it. hmmmm


Like what? Work? Ha.


So which one of them wants to work cutting the grass? Or doing carpentry? Or picking veggies or fruits? Or getting janitorial jobs?


While wearing a couple thousand dollars worth of gear including their rifles lmao maybe don't buy dumb shit. Dude at the end has 6 mags in his expensive tac vest alongside his CamelBak and Oakley sunglasses like man you wouldn't be broke if you spent that on food and bills


Have they tried applying


Once corporations are arrested for hiring undocumented workers, thus a near slave labor force, driving down wages, this idiocy will end. These protestors are pointing the weapons in the wrong direction...


The people that hire them are never held accountable, only the workers themselves. Makes you wonder.


The fact that, in the eyes of the law, corporations are viewed as persons yet never receive the same type of punishment that an actual individual could receive should tell us all we need to know. Last I checked, I don't remember any corporation ever getting a prison sentence - just meager fines that don't dissuade them from committing the same crimes in perpetuity... when you profit a $100mil and you get fined $5mil, that simply becomes a cost of doing business.


lol 100%. Even a strictly enforced minimum wage would do a lot to curb undocumented immigrants. Why would any company hire someone who isn’t a legal resident if not to have an employee that can not avail themselves of the legal system m. Someone they can hire and fire seasonally and who won’t complain to osha/state labor board/whatever.


"They took our jerbs!!"






Such a great SP episode. 😂😂




The jobs that none of these assholes wanna do? Lol


Somehow both worker shortage and too many immigrants taking jobs. *shrug*




Exactly, she wasn’t screaming for a job she was screaming for reparations They want free money


How about going after corporations for hiring illegal immigrants then...... Seems like that would solve A LOT of problems. Like if these illegals are working. Then companies are breaking the fucking law, go arrest some c suite.


Problem is you’d still be hard pressed to find an American to do it. The lazy Mexican stereotype is not realistic. Doubt you’d do half of the jobs they do.


If someone with no qualifications, local language skills, no local contacts and no passport is going to steal your job then you really need to have a long hard look at yourself.


Seriously! Lol I always think the same thing.


You forgot to add someone who’s willing to live with 10 other people in a 2 bedroom apartment and not worry about OSHA regulations


Immigrants: “what are OSHA regulations?”


If someone comes here to america and barely speaks, if at all, the language and takes your job, how good is your job?


Wow as a black man this shit is embarrassing


Taking what jobs? According to republicans, no one is working and living off COVID monies. There should be plenty of jobs to go around


Somebody stop all these productive hard-working Mexicans........ They won't stop building things!! Even when they're hungover they come into work and keep building things. I don't get it! I don't like it!


Your not wrong lmao . We may be on autopilot but the work is still done amazingly right. Even when we are sick we go


This is racism


There’s 3% unemployment.


They Turk ur jurbs


Maybe it's because they are out in a parade in the middle of a work day instead of getting one of them there jobs all those immigrants keep taking


Heavily armed militia ranting about immigrants or basic Texans ?


Nahh we just taking the jobs you lazy fucks don't wanna do


Immigrants: taking your jobs at the same time leeching on welfare. Somehow they managed to double dip when that’s clearly impossible.




Us natives and Mexicans were here first. Where’s our reparations? Are you fighting for our recognition too?


Lyndon Johnson said you just need to give a poor white man someone to look down on and you can pick his pocket. I think that’s what is happening here with different colors.


Undocumented Mexicans do the job that no one else want to do. That's a fact. Want another fact? These "protesters" need to stfu.


Where the Irish at? Didn’t we build this country also? And don’t forget about the Italians!….swear everyone’s going absolutely crazy these days


Shoutout to the Chinese that built the railroads, bridges, and machines


And the Middle eastern taxi drivers, gas station owners and deli owners


To be clear, I’m not diminishing their cause. It’s just crazy how every single decade of this country people hate on immigrants when immigrants stole this place then built this place. The finger pointing and hates getting us nowhere


These are just some black racists. Might aswell form the kkk against migrants


What jobs?? Being hotel maids and construction workers?? Other jobs that they'll turn their noses up at and say I'm too good for that?? What jobs kyle?Kyle?? What life altering all important jobs are they taking from you?? Name ONE


I’d love to see these people pick crops for 8+ hours a day in the hot sun. Without immigrant work we wouldn’t be able to feed ourselves.


Lol but there’s a labor shortage


Sir do you want to mow this lawn? Tires screeches


If an "illegal" immigrant took your job it might be time to reevaluate your life.


This is so comically repugnant, embarrassing, and just plain sad. You've got black people in this video who've obviously been successfully bamboozled into punching down on people with even less power or say than them; their ire is woefully misguided and misdirected. Malcolm X *(in particular, the later Malcolm X, before his assassination)* and MLK would be fucking appalled and ashamed by this display. These people are playing right into the divide-and-conquer class warfare that's been cultivated by the people at the top...and it's absolutely nauseating to see. Plus, I think we all know that the only jobs illegal immigrants are "taking" are the ones that most Americans won't do in the first place.


The Mexicans are being hired by business owners because they will work for cheaper wages. Be mad at the owners.




I think you meant to say “Well, well, well. How the turntables...”


Those goddamn whit supre- *oh wait.*


Well that’s just stupid


Are they that fucking stupid?


Mexicanos work hard af. Compete with that.


Taking jobs that none of you lazy morons would (or could ) do. These fat entitled idiots hate the fact that immigrants are making them look bad by working hard for their families and want nothing more than a chance here. God forbid


I once gave that argument to a guy in a political science class. He complained that companies where moving manufacturing and farms to Mexico or were only hiring immigrants in the US for those jobs--taking them away from so many hardworking Americans. I asked him if he wanted to work on a farm or a factory. He said no. I asked him if his family wanted to work on a farm in a factory. He said no again. Then I told him if he doesn't want the jobs, his family doesn't want the jobs, and almost everyone in our college is looking to get an education to get good paying jobs that would not be back breaking, physical jobs like farming or factories, then why can't legal immigrants, who are willing to take these job, work those jobs while we continue to innovate and create other industries that many Americans would like to work in. Obviously they're having a hard time finding Americans to fill those jobs or blame the companies for exploiting illegal immigrants. He didn't have much of an answer but to say he's not racist because he has family in Mexico. Like, why are you fighting for jobs many Americans don't want?


Lmao he gave the “I have a black friend” argument for hating immigrants.


“I’ll pay y’all $40 to come clean my yard…” “FUCK OFF, THE IMMIGRANTS…..” “Ah, so it wasn’t a job problem”


My parents immigrated from Korea in the early 2000’s and my mom got a job at a cleaners that paid less than $10 an hour, working 80 hours a week in the humidity & heat with no AC in a cramped corner covered with clothes. They had PLENTY of “Help Wanted” signs in a neighborhood that was predominantly full of Mexican, black, and Asian people. My mom worked at that cleaners for almost 10 years and not one single black person applied for a job. The man was right about one thing though — the rest of the employees in that cleaners was Mexican. Hard working Mexican ladies who my mom is still friends with years after she owned her store for 15+ years, sold, and retired. Illegal immigrants are not the problem, lazy people like them are. What is walking around with a gun and making hate speeches gonna do? Black power? Really? These are the same people who’ll throw a riot once some other race starts yelling X power. Is that going to magically get them a job? How about sitting your ass down, apply for whatever you can, and take what you get? 🤦🏻‍♀️


Gotta be a lame person to have an immigrant come to the US, doesn’t speak English, has no family or support network, and they can take your job. Some employee you must be.


In all honesty Mexicans were in Texas before blacks and whites they are truly indigenous to the land. Shoot Texas was Mexico before the war. If they want to talk about reparations they should start there.


This. Mexicans are all part of the American south west. My family is generations of Californians. The border crossed us. We didn’t cross the border.


That would make their heads explode. Too bad there aren't many brain cells in the marching bunch.


Bro someone finally said it


“we want to stop illegal immigration so black people can make living wages” no no not so americans can make living wages. just the black folk. the hypocrisy is through the roof with these people


They aren’t taking your jobs. They are taking jobs nobody wants to do. I promise these people don’t want to go clean toilets over night.


Most of them don't even have jobs themselves


They’re walking around with weapons and kit which no doubt weren’t cheap. Maybe they should invest their money in something else instead of playing soldier and bitching about immigrants stealing their jobs


Well that's why he's also asking for reparations


So…. I’m a Canadian in Texas and I got a job at a rail yard. Their offer for me was $2 more than my American counterpart. Work visa n green card in hand but still. I didn’t know what my job was actually worth and found out a few months later through peeps talking about their pay wage and I just kept my mouth shut because of above reasons. No Idea why, but that’s how it was


They took err jerbss!!




They built this land? The land that belong to indigenous people and then Mexicans? 🤣 Where my reparations at? My ancestors were here first.


They should also yell BLM just to confuse people


Police are already confused. Armed black protestors? But wait they’re conservatives?


This is one arguement i will never understand. It makes no sense. Also they should be more outraged when big companies move their entire company to mexico for cheaper labor…instead of being mad at immigrants themselves.


People always blame the immigrants and not the business for hiring people who dont have the correct papers.


How stupid are these people. The job that the immigrants are taking are the ones that everybody else doesn't want to do. Good manufacturing jobs aren't being taken by immigrants because multinationals moved them to China. If these idiots should be protesting anything it should be the offshoring of American jobs to foreign countries. Not the poor immigrants who come here to do some of the most disgusting jobs that can't be offshored.


Damn that be crazy though, because a 7th grade history class teaches blacks weren't the only ethnicity and race that was used to build the country. Hell half of it was Chinese and Irish.


What a bunch of racisssssssssss-never mind.


Black folk can be racist too 🤔


They are being extreamly racist and ignorant.


....they probably make it easy by missing work for shit like this


The fucking irony


Anyone who says a “_____ power” is fucked in my opinion. It doesn’t matter what color fills the box


Dey terk arr jerbs!


I mean. If an uneducated illegal who doesn’t speak the language comes over here and takes your job then you’re a fucking epic loser and deserve to lose your job.