most profit traders became even more greedy than epic themselves. causing majority of the "insane!" items that used to be 50keys at most to jump to unreal prices (look at dieci prices before). price manipulation ruined the trading for casual traders. most like to blame epic - valid point. but the ones that bought out 50 tw octanes / tw emerald/ rlcs items each as a group is to blame (look at the posts with 20 - 30 tw rlcs items). those people do it as a group to make artificial shortage and a dump. causing alot of people who work in 10000 credit range to get frustrated and leave.


Man that really sucks, half of the fun of trading was building up towards some fancy dream item. If they’re almost unattainable then... what’s the point :(


TW Octane is going to be in the shop. Dune Racers are back in the rewards. I fully expect to see Apex wheels added at some point, too. Item Shop has had a lot of the items folks have been looking for, too


Why is tw octane gonna be in the shop? When?


He’s just speculating since they’ve added the white fennec and Dominus and I agree it will at some point be added. No one knows when though


There was that Athena bundle not too long ago with a bs octane so there is a chance that tw one might become purchasable from the item shop


It was an orange Octane I believe


Orange octane*


Apparently a dev leaked that it is coming in January to the shop but this info comes from a YouTuber so.. Not exactly 100% reliable


Could you link the video?


[Link Here ](https://youtu.be/k38E60CA-yk) I will say that this guy has been accurate with leaks in the past too but that's because he looks through the game files, this is different


I have to point out though, he also said in this video that we would have 1v1 tournaments in November, Golden Pumpkins in October, and improved voice chat features in September. So far none of these have been true. So it does make me question the validity of any of his claims.


1v1 tournaments in coming November should be true with next season, and golden crates were originally planned to be back for the Halloween event but didn't, however we are getting them in the winter event




i anticipate tw oct being in the shop this december. i hope to see alex in drops again. really want a bs apex. tradings dying


They said they will mix up rewards every split, so curious to see what that means. Hope it's more than just replacing Octane RLCS with either Fennec RLCS or Dominus RLCS decals. Keeping the Fan Rewards fresh would be really nice.


Umm I dunno about that I use to be on here daily trading and would just buy what I wanted, the difference is things back then were actually valuable as there wasn't millions of them about all the time, I would happily pay over the odds for something rare and have done. Nowadays it's drowned about by nothing actually being rare the original rlcs stuff has been back and dropped in the thousands making everything in this game easily more accessible. Edit, and that's not even counting the item shop


I See your flair, I think I might have a couple tact rlcs dominus decals if you're still looking for those?


Thanks mate I appreciate it but I stopped trading a while back now, I forgot I had that flair still to be honest.


I totally agree with all of this! Also all the people that bought up tw emeralds, hilarious, sorry not sorry.


I only trade for a price in my view, ive give blackmarkets away as a bonus just because i dont use it or like it, They moan when and tell me blah blah is way too overpriced(wont buy it then wont you). But quick to exit thinking they scammes me by accident, after i throw in a BM or sell 1 for half what ever you guys "think" it should be. No1 appreciates that


I know the guys who control or at least used to control the TW Apex market. He has/had a full cert TW Apex set with like 20 uncert pairs. His friend has 10 pairs and another with 6-7. No idea if they still have them as I haven't spoken to them in a while.


Trading is dead, I get tired of bumping my items just to get offered way below market.


“You guys used to get upvotes?!” Been like it since I started trading (F2P player) wish I could of seen it in its prime. The genuine traders are few and far between it seems, as someone else had mentioned there was clear grouped price manipulation and manufacturing going on. Players that started at F2P update and could of been the reinforcements the trading community needed were priced out of the market by existing traders which made many leave and feel like what’s the point. A lack of content is also a factor there’s rumours of RL 2 for next gen so all hope might not be lost.


I started trading summer of 2018, didn’t really pick up much until late 2019/early 2020 when I joined the sub. This was the first sub I ever joined, and yeah it was active but then…. Free to play happened and everything went soaring up, from prices to the amount of people on here. Ever since about march/April of this year, trading has been on the decline


Yeah it’s a real shame, there’s still some great people left trading so there’s still some hope especially with RL2 potentially round the corner. Similar to yourself it was the first sub I joined and participated in, I noticed the decline around that time too(I started Oct 2020) I’ve made some great trading pals in the sub as it is so I can only imagine how great it was at its prime.


Oh man that’s a good point about the f2p players could have been the reinforcements but there was no way for them to jump in with the over priced bs


Trading is dying and has been dying for awhile, hence this trading focused sub goes with it


2 words - epic games


Figured as much :(


This sub is full of hard headed traders(if they don't get 1 extra credit profit they will downvote) I've tried to trade on this sub the past month and nothing usually trades then I post on rl trading post or post a trade on Xbox then I find someone almost instantly.


I dunno how much my opinion matters here as a F2P player who's only been playing the game for a year and has only been trading for like a month, but yeah when I sort by new it doesn't look very active. Was it much more active back in the day, OP?


Back in the day it was wayyy more active, sorry you weren’t here to experience it. Giveaways a few times a week, daily threads hunting for that rare item (and tons of support for them), the best was the new crate hype, would get trades in literally seconds sometime.


It was even more active a year ago!


Trading is trash now compared to how it was before epic games. I would say majority of people on this sun would agree. 😔


3 years ago you would see ten posts a min easy... The weekends were nuts. There was also maybe a tenth of the items there are now.


Yeah, I am in the same boat as you. First time I traded with someone here in probably a year or 2, I was itching for a TW helios and some dude took item offers and we negotiated a fair deal. But it seems this kind of trading is rare nowadays as everyone is in it for gaining credits. Funny he was asking a good price for one (2.15k) and no one bit on that post but me. The main reason I quit is because I got what I wanted. Either from the item shop or my RLCS wheels (Aero Mage and Emerald Pros). I still have some stuff that I dont use that has some value, but I can't be bothered to trade/sell it.


2017 was the best it was so active especially for PS4


We've all turned into "back in my day" people. I'm sat on a ton of stuff I want to sell at some point and I'm slowly realising that I won't be able to shift it. It's mental how much it's died off. It was fuckin popping off back then


Yeah same I’ve got loads still, wish I cashed out before keys were removed


That’s what happens when a game focuses too much on cosmetics and not enough on actual content. All these fancy wheels are pointless if the game itself gets stale


Except the game isn’t stale, the cosmetic appeal is


Lmao ok .. why don’t you post that opinion to the sub


It’s dead man


RIP, it had a good run


At least there are some Xbox posts. There are nearly no PSN players to trade with ;_;


There's a PS4 specific trading sub so maybe thats why


Which sub are you referring to? I didn't know this.


Don't look at me... I'm just broke after I bought a Dueling Dragons ahahah. And with my luck in drops, I will be for quite a while...


I got out as soon as they took loot boxes out. I understand loot boxes are scummy in most games but the trading system made it okay in this one. Taking chance out of the equation totally stripped the point of trading for me. I also haven't played the game at all since bans were added for casual. It really is a shame because I loved trading on here a lot.


Don’t worry man, golden gifts are being added back!


A lot of people quit trading since epic took over but thats what happens. I'm one of the ones who quit.


I think the great collapse came when TW Fennec showed up in the shop. Once that hit the shop and everyone bought one cheap, no one had anything to grind for and it was a sign that anything can show up in the shop and become worthless.


I feel like trading went downhill once they changed the trade up system


Prices bumped up 3x as much and trading post will go unanswered or just get lowballed with no negotiation


I've made posts asking for stuff I'm pretty sure no one cares to keep, yet have got no responses to...I've got tons of rocket pass stuff I'd like to sell to people for minimal amounts, but Who doesn't operate off a rocket pass these days.


Epic games. When an item like TW Reaper comes in the shop it just completely kills trading


When free to play was coming around I suspected it would ruin trading and my interest in the game so I decided to sell and do some giveaways and play something else, I think another factor is the verification needed to trade, it all feels like such a chore and the market got more greedy. That’s just my take on it though.


Is titanium white interstellar a thing? And is it ridiculously priced?


does anyone know if i can receive more than 2k credits in one trade if i’m level 47, in capped at giving 2k, but was wondering if i could receive more than 2k