66.94 seconds, 22 years, grad school student, I didn’t sleep last night, I don’t consume caffeine. Edit: dumb mobile formatting


Thank you everyone! I got enough input for my class. I'm really glad. Couldn't have done it without you all.


OP I see some small potential issues with the research method. My phone’s screen starts to black out in 30 seconds. If I wasn’t holding my thumb over my clock, then I could have used to game the system.


60.33 seconds (I promise I didn't cheat!) 17 High school student 9.5 hours 1/2 a cup of coffee average.


108.15s because I'm an idiot (yes, this is my real result unfortunately) 19 student 3 or so hours of sleep zero caffeine ever


51 secs (I double clicked and lost the results) 2 pm, I'm 23, not a student (4 year grad), probably 9-10 hours sleep, and no daily caffiene consumption


60.00s. there's no way that was real. I'm either really lucky or something went wrong. Age 30. not a student. Slept 9 hours, 1 cup of coffee per day. Very originally survey btw, well done. [Genuinely wtf](https://postimg.cc/FY0KQm3z)


You're actually a robot. What, nobody told you yet?


56.51 seconds, 19, yes, 7 hours, rarely consume caffeine


63 or so 51 Not a student 9 hours 1 cup of coffee a day plus a diet soda.


I did three attempts: 89 sec (I got distracted), 52 sec and 62 sec. I’m 17, in my last year of high school, I slept about 9 hours last night, but I should be sleeping right now, I’ve never had any coffee or anything else with caffeine in it


34.49s 28 Not since 2016 About 7 hours Drink 1 cup of earl gray tea/ day. Though I have to say that measuring caffeine in cups isn’t the most accurate. A cup of black tea has around 50mg caffeine vs a cup of coffee which has around 90mg. It’s like trying to measure alcohol consumption by volume of liquid consumed. 6 oz of vodka does not equal 6 oz of beer in terms alcohol content. Also, I have ADHD and have major time blindness. And doing this test about 6 years ago was actually a big part of leading to my diagnosis. Studying psychology and learning about ADHD, my professor had us do this task, but didn’t tell us not to count in our heads. I did count and came very close to 1 minute. When asked what strategies we used to estimate the time, I said “I counted in my head”, cause how else would I possible be able to estimate that. He just stared at me for a couple seconds and then it dawned on me.


67.40s 26 years No 6.5 hours 0 cups


Time was 44-46 sec (forgot the exact number sorry) Age 24 Not a student Slept maybe 10ish hours? Have maintenance insomnia so hard to tell About 4 cups


So... 34.32 seconds; 20 years old, a student, 7.5h of sleep last night, on average 1 cup coffee a day


48.88s 19 years old Not a student 6 hours 0.54 cups


38.02s, 20, yes, 6, n/a


68 secs, semi tipsy 23 yo grad school student, 6 cups of coffee and 6 houts of sleep


56.80 seconds 17 highschool student 7 hours of sleep usually 2 cups of coffee or a few cups of tea


67 seconds, 26yo, not a student, 6h, 0cups


58.45 seconds, 23 years old, Not a student, 8 hours slept, Do not drink caffeine


61.51 secs, 16 years, high school student, 10 hours, roughly an 8-oz cup of coffee


64.72s, 35, not student, 6 hrs, 2 cups coffee daily


49.4 sec 19 years yes 8 0


64.61s 23 Not a student Slept about 9 hours last night I don't consume caffeine at all


75 seconds 27, grad student, 9 hours, 2 cups (am currently sick with a cold though)


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65s. Mid 20s. No. 10-12 hrs. C Glas or two of cola a day.


61.92s, 41 years old, non student, 7.5 hours sleep, 3 cups of coffee. I do 1 min planks daily so I guess I cheated.


* 89.61 seconds * 34 * No * 7 * 2 cups


62.70sec 20 y/o Full-time bachelor student 9hrs 2 cups of coffee


52.42 s. 17, student, 5 hours, no caffeine


33.84 sec 17 High school student ~9 hours One caffeinated soda a day


50 seconds, 8:42PM, 18, yes, 9 hours? ish? usually a cup of black tea in the morning and a can of monster sometime through the day


59 seconds, 19yo, yes undergrad, 7 hours, 0 caffeine


66.25, 22, yeah, 4 hours, I don’t know I drink at least three blonde shots of espresso five of seven days a week at work (Starbucks)


67.9 - 27 - nope - 7 - 0


Omg. I worked really hard on not counting in my head. 59.71 seconds!!!!! I’m impressed with myself. Time to get drunk😎😎😎


50 seconds, 20 years old, Nope, 10 hours, probably 1-2 cups


53.42s, 55, no, 7, 3


61.08 seconds 27 years Not a student 6 hours 2 cups


61.29, 35, no, 8, 0


67.92 39 years old not a student 6 hours 2-3 cups coffee a day


70.18 29 years old No 2 hours of sleep 1 large cup of coffee


54.99, 23 years old, Nope (graduated last year), 7.5 hours, 0 cups


46.80s 18 years college student 6hours of sleep 0 daily consumption of caffeine


53.1s 23 years old Yes, graduate student 7 hours 3 cups


60.05 seconds, 18, high school grad, 7 hrs, an unhealthy amount of coffee (2 cups a day maybe) I found it easy to get a minute cause i "feel out" elapsed time weirdly often (i did get lucky tho) but i would be curious to see results of the same experiment for an hour, or a day or week tbh. which would be a bit trickier to arrange i suppose


86.57 19 Yes 9 1/2 hours None


77.47 seconds. 18, no, 8, Uhhh I try to limit myself at 400mgs of caffeine a day but how I divvy that up varies a lot


63.38 27 years No 9 hours Roughly one 15oz can of coffee and one - two pepsi's


61.42 / 24 yo / I am a student finishing undergrad / Slept 7 hours / 0 caffeine.


58.30 seconds. 19 yrs old. Yes I’m a student. I slept 9 hours. 1 cup average


40 secs, 13, I am technically a “student”, 8 hours, less than 1


64.44 16 Yes I am a student 8.5 hours 0 cups of caffeine


64. 44 16 aye i am a inhorn man 8. 5 hours 0 cups of caffeine *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


15.7, 21, student, 7hrs, 3 cups


53.63 seconds 15, Yes, 10 hours, 1 cup of coffee


59.38s Just turned 24 Only did college classes in high school, never attended afterwards 4 hours 550~ mg of caffeine (I don't drink caffeinated beverages in cups, sorry)


51.79, 23, not a student, 8 hours, no caffeine consumption


58.something 39 part time grad student 9 hours (day after Thanksgiving, 1.5 hrs more than usual) 1.5 cups of coffee a day


53.06 seconds, 25, grad student, 8 hours, average less than one cup of caffeine


52.04 36 years Not a student 8.5 hours 1 cup or less per day


45.85 seconds I'm 27. Not a student. Slept 8 hours. Roughly 1.5 cups of coffee per day.


87.27s yikes 26 no 7 2


54.63, 44, no, 7, 4


78.47s , 18, no student, 8, dont drink it


63.30 seconds, 18 y/o, Student, about 6 and a half hours of sleep, Never consumed Caffeine (Really!)


58.2 sec, 32, not a student, 8, 3-4


32.67 sec 22 years old Not student About 10 hours of sleep, probably averages to less than a cup cause I don't drink caffeine most days


63 seconds. 37 years old, not a student, about six hours sleep, 3.5 cups of coffee a day.


60.09 second. Age 27. Not a student (teacher) about 8 hours of sleep, and about .5 cups a day. Very cool experiment!


39.38s 19 Yes 7 hrs 30 min 0


44.01s. damn; 18 y.o; uni student; 6.5 hours; none that I know of;


67.43 seconds 28 years old Not a student, formerly one though. 8.5 hours Don't consume caffeine, never have.


68.47 sec 34 yrs old Yes, but not full time 9 hours /p night 3-4 cups (coffee and tea)


64s 27yo Not a student Slept 8hrs last night 1-2 cups caffeine/day


63 seconds, 16, Yes, 8, 0


59.36s -1.07% error 29, not a student 8 hours/typical Haven't consumed caffeine since I was 14, other than her rare occasions


11.16 seconds, 23, no, 10, 1


Time: 64.74 seconds Age: 18 years old Student status: First Year University Hours slept: 6 Caffeine consumption: 0 cups


72 seconds 24 years Not a student 3 hours No caffeine


54s - 36yo - not a student - slept 6,5 hours - drink ~5 coffees a day


50.66, 16 years, yes - high school, 7 hours of sleep, 0 cups


62.90 Age 20 University Student 10 hours of cumulative sleep with an interruption Rarely consume caffeine


67.56s, 28, No, 7 hours, I don't consume caffeine.


45.59s 18 University student 7.5 hours Don't drink coffee


58.82 seconds. I'm 21, am a college student, got 6.5 hours of sleep, I drink on average half a cup of coffee a day.


62.44s 19 no 8hrs 0, I don't drink caffeine regularly


49.3, I am 21. I am not a student, I slept about 10 hours last night. About 2 cups daily


72.33 seconds 20 College student Uhh like seven hours? (It's currently 3am) I do not drink caffeine 😌


62.81s 24 No 7 0


67.69 seconds, 30 years old, full-time student, 5.5 hours, I drink coffee a handful of times a year; so rarely.


73.55 29 Yes 6 1


66.11s 21 yo Student in a master degree Slept around 8 hours I don’t drink cofee


48.5s 28 Not a student 9 hours Caffeine consumption in cups!? 1 cup of tea roughly


51.44 23 Self employed 18 0


54.80s 24 Not a student 7 hours 1 cup of coffee


57.6 seconds 23 Uni student No idea 4-6 No caffeine consumption


77.74 seconds, 18, yes but online without much of a schedule, 10, 1


1st attempt: 42.27s 2nd attempt: 60.02s 23, not a student, \~6 hrs, does not consume caffeine


54.49 18 High school student 6 hours No caffeine


60.74 23 No 6 0-1


60.02 28 years Graduated last year Slept 7 hours I do not drink caffeine (no soda, coffee, or tea) I may be an outlier, I played music for almost a decade and have phenomenal internal rhythm.


64.76s 15yrs Yes 6Hrs I don't drink coffee.


45.47s 21 I am a student 7 hours I do not drink caffine


71.00 20 Yes I'm a student 7 hours No caffeine


49s 34 No Too many... like 12. 2-3 cups of coffee.


74.94 19 College Freshman 9.5 hrs 1-2


54.78s 29F, not student, 9.5grs sleep, idk about cups of caffeine. But I drink an energy drink with about 300mg a day. Just started todays.


54.8 seconds 32 No 5 hours I don't drink caffine


59,26 s 18 Uhhh not at an University? Last year of high school(AFAIK we have 1 year later university than US has) Anywhere from 6 to 9h(insomnia) Depends on the week: currently 1.25 but usually around 3-4.


62.73s, 44, no, 3-4, currently on my fifth cup and it's 4pm here so maybe eight cups of coffee.


58.45 seconds | 20 years old | Yes I am a student | 7.5 hours | 0 cups |


57.7. I knew I was fast in the 40's What percentage do you expect to be false?


Wow you get a bell curve at 60s. Either people are cheating or they're pretty accurate at predicting the minute. I got 59.56s - 35 y/o, not student, last night was a bad night I slept 6 or so hours, usually 8, don't know how that helps - barely any coffee, once or twice a week.


Err... How are you going to connect unique responses on your survey to the reddit replies? If you found a way to do the survey with the information you are asking in the reddit reply you could do some really fun regression analyses without risking people not filling out the reddit portion of the survey. Those analyses would be more fun if you changed "Are you a student?" to "How many years of education do you have?" Just some things to think about.


63.53s, 23, graduated, 9, 0


63.40s, 38 years, grad student. I slept about 7 hours last night and don't usually drink caffeine.


38.59s, 18, a student, 6 hours, no caffeine


61.30 33 Yes 7 4


I tried it 4 times. Best score was 59.84! (I cheated that time tho...) First was 72, second was 55 - these two I was keeping a beat, but not counting. Third was 76. Complete silence. Last was 59.84. I kept a beat and counted the beats. (And by keeping a beat, I mean clicking my tongue at the same rate as a grandfather clock - tick, tock, tick, tock...) Edit: forgot to answer the rest of the questions: * Age: 34 * Student: no * Hours of sleep last night: 7 I think? I woke up a bit groggy tho, so not the best sleep. * Caffeine intake: none. I occasionally have a 4oz cup of black tea as a treat, but none today.


59.25 seconds, an 18-year-old student, having slept 5 hours last night with average daily caffeine consumption of 0 \[units\].