If Democrats want to win in 2022, they must embrace policies that are popular.

If Democrats want to win in 2022, they must embrace policies that are popular.


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Absolutely wild to me that dems are not screaming about universal healthcare as universal vaccination is the only thing starting to pull us out of the fucking pandemic.


Seriously, fuck everything else. Healthcare needs to be fixed now.


If they don't fix it, nothing bad happens to those in control. Biden will be fine, Harris, all the reps and senators. They got theirs. No matter what they said in the Georgia run offs they don't have a Senate majority and never had a chance to, since they have schmucks like Sinema and Manchin in the party. And progressives don't have the brass ones to play the same game as those people. So when you say "need," the only people that need it are us rabble, and our needs will always be secondary to the needs of the wealthy. Healthcare works perfectly well and fine for them. Many, many people are invested and profit from the current system.


Blaming Manchin is no different than blaming McConnell. They’re both there to serve their purpose for their respective “team”. It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature.


Yep. If Biden or democrats really wanted it done they'd put pressure on him with either carrot or the stick. They could pay for targetted ads in his state with information on the savings of medicare for all. They could give his state benefits with the new clean infrastructure plan to replace jobs lost to coal and other climate impacting fields. Hell, if they really were desperate they could do ads telling his constituents to contact his office to show their support for medicare for all. But they don't. I understand not wanting to lose the seat to a Republican, but having a single senator screw the midterms will lose more seats. It's dumb. At least AOC is calling out Biden on it, but she doesn't have the same leadership position power in the party to convince Manchin to vote for Medicare for All.


Except Manchin has already said he doesn’t want to be a Senator and is essentially not running again as he would rather go back to being governor. They don’t put pressure on him because there is shit all pressure they could put on him. He does not give a single fuck. I mean he meet with representatives for labor in his state regarding minimum wage and told them he didn’t care what they or anyone else wanted he wasn’t going to back it. Same with Sinema, she knows she is getting primaried and could care less. She already got hers being a Senator. She has her full pension.


True, though I do think that if there was a progressive campaign to support Medicare for all in West Virginia you may slowly get a candidate there to support it. Looked into it more and you're right on everything though about Manchin. Just hurts the Democrats so much for next midterms...


Best I can do is a "heroes work here" banner and a few t shirts for the employees


Btw we cut hours


Seriously, fuck everything else. Majoritarian elections need to be abolished now in favor of proportional representation. A two-party system will always prioritize the passing whims of aristocrats over the persistent needs of peasants.


I mean if we are saying fuck everything else, I think we probably need to focus on our energy infrastructure.


The thing is, I don't disagree on the importance of healthcare, energy infrastructure, decarceration, etc. All of these directly impact both duration and quality of life for millions of people and likely play into our species' long-term survival. However, I don't believe the existing political system has the potential to address these issues. Hence, before all else, we must take *some* action to address the political dysfunction that has crippled our society.


Stop businesses from being able to buy laws and influence.


Why would they? They know who pays for their campaigns.


Blows my mind the one fucking schmuck that was AGAINST this type of healthcare during a fucking pandemic was the one dude that got the nomination. What a fucking joke lmao.


Thank South Carolina and weepy Chris Matthews


Establishment media has been a player for several cycles. I don't think I've seen them get as sweaty as as they did against Sanders, but its not like it wasn't a foreseeable outcome


And that god-damned Clyburn.


Clyburn fucked everything with that bullshit socialism anti-Bernie speech. Then the dominoes fell. Clyburn is the McConnell of the DNC.


The DNC has fucked us so bad. Without their shennanigans, no trump.


Central Park


Oh, and the best part? Most people who voted for Biden in the primaries are pro universal health care.


It's kind of like on paper conservatives are often in favor of dem policies if you present then neutrally... Then they go and vote in someone like McConnell who's entire purpose is to grind things to a halt and make sure only the rich get what they want


Maybe you weren’t paying attention but every single candidate except Bernie Sanders was against universal healthcare, they all just pretended they weren’t, to varying degrees.


I mean this guy is right. Cannot believe people didnt pull together and get bernie in -


Crazy how Bernie got strong armed. Wonder why.


Like we didn't all know the DNC would ignore every candidate but Biden from the get go




>If congress sent either to his desk, Biden would sign it. If it did get to his desk, he would have to sign it or veto an extremely popular bill. That's exactly why it can never reach his desk and must be stopped by some Democrat underling in the Senate.


exactly. House of cards did a great job touching on issues with Congress. Congressmen said it was pretty accurate. The Dino scapegoats are likely being bribed and blackmailed by the DNC so it makes look like the DNC cares about these issues but just a few bad apples spoil it. Now maybe going heavy Democrat will get rid of their excuses but I just think they will come up with another and just use it for gun control.


>I mean, let's be honest. If congress sent either to his desk, Biden would sign it. Are you sure? Isnt he historically against both? It wasnt too long ago he said that he wanted states to decide by themself.


> It wasnt too long ago he said that he wanted states to decide by themselves. It's a cop-out to do nothing. Usually a president will make it known a veto is possible to get the changes he wants before it is passed.


Obama was historically against gay marriage - even just a few years before its legalisation. Politicians change their stances to match the popular view very regularly, and I think that Biden would do exactly that. Especially having been in such close proximity with Obama.


Gay marriage wasn't legislation that Obama had to sign, it was a Supreme Court ruling


That's true, but his position on the issue evolved as it became clear that it was the popular position. One of these bills making it to Biden's desk would be a testament to the same, and I think he'd be smart enough to take his cues from Obama in that case.


That’s just describing a politician. Obama was not special at all in that way. Remember how everyone hated trump in 2015? And as he gained public support the Republican Party shifted to embrace him? That’s no different than how you just described Obama’s stance on gay marriage. They’re about themselves until shit goes too far in one direction, then they reposition. Rinse and repeat.


I don't, because Trump has enjoyed a shitload of support from the get go from the basis of his vote block which base their support for him in his representation against the American politician standard. The only thing Rep support did was skyrocket that.


Obama had a pro-weed position and then ghosted NORML day one of first term.


Manchin is just the singular fall guy. Many other democrats think like him and unless we primary and defeat centrists across the board, we will never have any meaningful progress


I take Biden at his word that he would veto medicare for all if it somehow passed congress. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/10/biden-says-he-wouldd-veto-medicare-for-all-as-coronavirus-focuses-attention-on-health.html


If Dems run on a platform of "record voter turnout and massive grassroots campaign won us control of congress and the white house *but* we can't do anything unless you do it again" 2022 is going to be an absolute bloodbath and Dems will deserve to lose control of all three. Really wish human rights weren't on the ballot every two years between people actively trying to strip them and people who don't care to stop party 1.


Didnt Biden claim he wouldnt sign universal healthcare already?


The over saturation of punditry coerces people to vote certain ways. They media convinces people that the furthest right candidate is the most "electable"


Big pharma donated more to Biden than Trump. Clyburn himself has taken more than a million over the years.


As a canadian I blame alot of your problems with lobbying




They would rather scream and cry about guns than do something that would actually benefit 99%.


Their branding is balllllls. They have the most popular issues by *far* and they *still* fuck it away.


How long are they going to dangle the "legalize weed" carrot in front of us? Could've sworn this was a campaign promise in 2020.


Obama ran on a Public option , raising the min wage and decriminalization of MJ fucking 13 years ago


Baby Steps^TM


"Baby Steps" is the new "trickle-down economics," cmv


For real. Ain't nobody got time for these "baby steps"


It would be better than nothing at least. Problem is the baby is currently smothered in a blanket; nevermind baby steps, the baby's just rolling side to side and calling it movement.


Lmao thats a very apt metaphor. Constantly moving back and forth, not going anywhere.


Still waiting for $15 per hour… promises made, promises forgotten


It makes me angry that we're even discussing $15 anymore. We should be demanding at least $20 by now. Just because the minimum wage has been stagnant for more than a decade doesn't mean our demands should be stagnant too.


It’s not even discussing anymore, they said *no*. Shit, just ask for $25, if they’re going to shoot it down anyways. Might as well aim high


I mean I'm angry that progressives are still talking about $15. We shouldn't allow our position to be whittled down by inflation.


I would settle for a federal mandate that all income is required to be increased by inflation annually, and huge fines for anyone that does layoffs in order to cheat said system


I've been arguing this with libs for months now. Even the corporate tax rate, stop asking for so little when at best you're going to compromise at a lower rate. If you ask for 26% corporate taxes, you'll be lucky to get 25. You ask for 15 minimum wage, you're lucky to get 12. Stop aiming low and conceding. It isn't pie in the sky you start your negotiating point at 20 when you know damn well you're going to settle for less


States are going at it alone.


Once the majority of states enact a $15 minimum, then we'll see it at the federal level. D.C. is the only "state" that even has a $15 minimum right now which means far more work needs to be done in individual states more so than at the federal level because that's what proves to those federal level Senators and Representatives that $15 is a feasible minimum across the entire country. Not surprisingly most of the traditionally blue states (PA being an exception) have minimums above federal, it's mostly mid-west and southern states (traditional red states) where the work needs to be done.


Even Florida had to raise theirs. You’re probably right about feds holding out and kicking down the road.


> to those federal level Senators and Representatives that $15 is a feasible minimum across the entire country. they know it's feasible across the entire country. their donors want them to drag it out as long as possible.


Balkanization when?


For real. Break up the American Empire and then break up the largest states.


Mmm serenade me with dreams of Cascadia. I would support a wall that goes from Ashland, over to Bend, then up and over for Coeur d’Alene. Spokane can stay but they’re on thin fucking ice. Eastern Oregon becomes West Idaho and is considered a nomadic wasteland.


considering cost of living can vary a large portion from state to state, i dont' get why this is going to be pushed at the federal level to begin with, it really seems as if this should be a state level item to begin with


You’re right about the cost of living and that’s mostly driving states. We do have a federal minimum wage so I see no reason why it couldn’t be increased apart from it being politically inconvenient.


It's going to be exactly like in Seinfeld when Kramer went on strike from H&H Bagels like a decade in the past because he wanted their wages raised. Then he went back to H&H because they "met their demands" which was just the new minimum wage after so long lol Feel like we've been discussing $15 min wage for YEARS where when it finally happens, $25 will be what it really needs to be.


I believe the quote was “promises change, changes promise.”


what did you expect, democrates just say whatever they think people want to get elected and then just do whatever they want regardless of what is good for others. republicans tend to be more likely to do what they promise but half their promises are crazy to begin with.


Weed is the only policy that can be done with a flip of a switch. Healthcare and Student Debt are much more complicated. There is zero excuse for not creating a legal market. ZERO.


The major pharmaceutical companies haven't figured out how to monopolize the market yet, give them some time.


Student debt can be done with a flip of the switch too. Precedents have been set.


But what about all the loans being taken out *right now*? You have to deal with the source of the problem and not just the symptoms.


I agree. Do both


even trump promised it


To be fair. You guys need a younger leader that understands what the newer gens want..


if they actually DO it, then they wont be able to promise anymore that theyll do it next election


This is exactly why democrats lose immediately after getting into power. We have the house, presidency, and a tie in the senate. Not a peep from democrats to do any of the things they said they were gonna do.


National healthcare.






Any potential tax increase is more than offset by savings from not paying premiums, co-pays, and deductibles




The best argument I've heard is to compare it to the Fire Department. - There's always gonna be a fire department in your area (your healthcare is tied to the local hospital, not your jobs healthcare plan.) - When your house is burning (you get sick) you don't sit down and figure out which fire department to call (which healthcare plan you use based on what hospital is "in your network.") - When your house is on fire, the fire department puts it out (nobody can refuse your service based on your heathcare company) because that's their job. - After they stop the flames (you get medical treatment) they leave, and don't send you a bill (like hospitals do) because our taxes fund the systems and not private companies. It's just another social service we get for being Americans who pay their taxes, it's all apart of that social contract theory Rousseau wrote about centuries ago that democracy and American law is meant to be based on.


Why should I pays for the fire department when some ppl smoke in bed and have a higher rate of home fires than me? Its not fair!!! /s


Ugh, it's sad some people actually think like this. Yet they cry out for us to return to living in a community like the old days.


Great idea to compare to the fire dept. I will be using that.


Medicare for all. Pay different. Pay less.


Free at the point of use.


People don't know how much money is tied up in healthcare now, so don't realize the point of the current system is for insurance companies siphon off as much money as possible while providing as little service as they can get away with.


No. People would just send racist memes


Free (at the point of service) healthcare. You don't hear anybody whining about how our fire department takes away people's choice to choose who puts their burning home out, or that how our taxes are going to a broken fire system when a private one would be so much easier. That's what healthcare should be, and is in all other developed countries.


Huh it's almost like they don't give a fuck about us




I believe the majority of the Dems are just as bad as the Republicans. They are paid off to be underdogs "championing" for us, calling for universal healthcare, raising the taxes on the rich, cancelling student debt. Once we give them all the power they play helpless. We gave Democrats more power than the Republicans had when Trump was on office, yet they claim they can't do anything. They are hoping to lose the Senate in 2022 so they can go back to pretending they would help, if they had the votes. It's pathetic and I'm over it at this point


we need a left-wing party where Bernie and AOC would be considered the moderates.


Christ, I don’t even think they give a fuck about winning.


But then they wouldn’t have any excuses left to actually get shit done


Does anybody in this thread what the make up of the Senate is right now? Or is everyone is purposefully being blind to that just to generate outrage?


Joe Biden wouldn’t need the Senate to cancel all federally-held student debt. He could just instruct the Sec. Ed. to *do it*, and then *poof!* Its GONE. Why doesn’t he do that? That would be an unprecedented, concrete improvement in the lives of millions of Americans, who would all know “hey, the Dems actually helped me! I want them to help me more. I should vote them in again.” But he hasn’t done it. And that’s just on the student debt issue. What’s his excuse?


"What's his excuse" He's against it. He's made that much abundantly clear.


That he has! And if/when the Democrats lose the midterms, and all the Proud Centrists will be screeching like "oH hOw CoULd ThIs HaVe HaPpEnEd?!", we'll know. It'll be because the Democrats *could have* materially helped people, and just *didn't feel like it*.


They will only help people at a bare minimum to preserve the capitalist empire. They don't represent or care about working class people any more than the HR department of Amazon cares about it's employees.




Oh, well that makes it ok! /s Are you fucking kidding me? If their memories are short, **REMIND THEM**. Get on every news channel, every hour of every day, from now until the midterm and say "HEY, REMEMBER WHEN WE WIPED OUT YOUR STUDENT DEBT? REMEMBER HOW ALL THAT FREED-UP INCOME YOU SUDDENLY GOT BECAUSE OF US, ALLOWED YOU TO BUY A HOUSE? OR A CAR? OR START YOUR OWN BUSINESS? THAT WAS PRETTY COOL, RIGHT? \*\***VOTE DEMOCRAT!**\*\*" "because people's memories are short" smfh never heard such a weak-tea apology for political malpractice


He was shitting on people for their short, apathetic memories. It was in no capacity apologia for political inactivism.


https://www.politifact.com/article/2021/jun/14/can-student-loan-debt-be-canceled-presidents-execu/ That's up for debate essentially based on what I've read. Most likely scenario is he directs Department of Education to do that and somebody files a lawsuit to stop it and the courts decide that mass cancellation is not possible under the current law.


If the Republicans held power by the same margin and could have built the wall the same way, you think they would have said "well a lawsuit will likely overturn this, might as well not try"?


Weed won't be legalized as long as big pharma is dumping mountains of cash into keeping it illegal. They spend more than anyone else does to lobby and make sure they can keep those sweet rehab bucks coming in now that they can't continue to pump the country full of opioids. Despite being hit with and paying out for the largest lawsuit in pharmaceutical history, Purdue and the Sackler family made off with the bag. It's like introducing and selling heroin to your best friend for years, then later having them spend even more money just to "rehabilitate" over and over, creating a revolving door where you suck cash out of the most vulnerable. TL;DR Fuck Andrew Kolodny.


Not just big pharma but also the prison industrial complex. Gotta keep those beds occupied.


This. How do people not see big pharma as borderline evil and a direct threat to us that needs to be dealt with?


They have some pretty compelling commercials.


Those commercials are tax deductable too!


lol what makes anyone think they *wanna* win? they cant wait for republicans to win so they can get back to blaming their foot dragging on republican obstructionism. status quo gridlock while each party points a finger at the other while us peasants fight over crumbs is exactly what both parties want.


but you better fucking vote for them anyway or everything is literally YOUR FAULT that's right YOUR FAULT the single individual voter!!!


Yup, Our politics has sadly been reduced to a Spiderman Pointing at himself meme.


>reduced to Implying it was ever anything else


The actual FDR got alot of shit done for regular Americans and became so popular the parties agreed to enact Term limits after he got reelected 3 times. He wasn't perfect especially on race issues but some of his policies if proposed now would be considered radical socialism if implemented today by skewed to the right politics.


FDR is the exception, most of the presidents before and after him were just as useless as the current one


It’s just WWE now.


Lmao its so true its a meme


That’s the thing though, GOP is dismantling democracy, there’s not going to be any safe place to bitch from under fascism. They’re probably too dense to see that coming though.


Yeah, as it is now they have to make shit up like "we can't do anything because of the Senate parliamentarian" and "the filibuster is just too important to the democratic process"


Just make student loan debt bankruptable chapter 7 nobody really has anything anyway call it square start fresh boom most of American debt gone not like we have much to take most collage debts are under 30 thats plenty of time to recover


Joe Biden literally did more Than any other Dem to get the 2005 Bankruptcy law passed that made student loans permanent. We have an uphill battle with him controlling the only party that will currently do it.


I dont know how valid that is but is asinine to give an 18 y/o a mortgage size loan with no work history credit or net worth even more so that said 18 y/o it isn't protected through bankruptcy in the unfortunate but common case they dont get the high caliber job they went to collage for. Politics aside america as a whole should pull their head out of its ass and protect the new generations financially.


It's valid. This is pretty random, but I used to be a bankruptcy law expert. This is the law: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bankruptcy_Abuse_Prevention_and_Consumer_Protection_Act


Glancing over that it almost reads like stagflation of wages were an attempt to have bankruptcy as an option but drive median wage so that people rarely qualify for the only real option ch.7 ...merica we fixed the problem "kinda"


The dems don't want to hold onto seats. It's better for fundraising and gritting if Republicans have the house and senate


The only thing politicians want more than winning is that lobbying money.


Don't worry, they'll adopt these policies a few months before election day and promptly drop them regardless if they win or not.


If it’s so simple why don’t they do it? Because they don’t actually care about winning. They care about upholding what their owners want them to maintain. What’s bewildering isn’t that they fail to pass simple popular policy, it’s that people think that their failure is bewildering. If they fail to win in 2022 it means electoral politics is working properly as a vacuum. On day 1, the dems fail to pass policy, so on day 2 the republicans are voted in, on day 3 the republicans fail to pass policy, so on day 4 the dems are voted back in. And on days 1, 2, 3, and 4, the elites continued to siphon wealth, all the while people are bewildered why their party didn’t pass simple and popular policy that would have assured them the election. It’s not dems v republicans. It’s up v down; they’re on the same team. They don’t win when they get voted in, they win when they maintain the status quo and prevent meaningful change. Losing the election doesn’t mean losing.


You're right. As a side note, ever notice how suddenly race and gender became the focus right after occupy Wallstreet happened? It went from the elites vs the people to the people vs the people. Hook, line, and fucking sinker.


It really is that damn simple


> If Democrats want to win in 2022, they must embrace policies that are popular amongst the billionaire/owner class. FTFY


They don't care. It's not the Dems platform to do these things


But they won't. Today's Democratic Party is basically the Republican Party of a few decades ago with some lip service to idpol. There is no left leaning party. Doesn't exist.


So I guess they gonna lose then


Imagine thinking establishment democrats actually want these things to change.


Democrats. Don't. Want. To. Win. The two parties are one party and they follow the Ratchet Effect to stay in power. When will people understand this?


Could you imagine if they actually got the go ahead for UHC instead of adding a few more people to Medicare? It would be a massive amount of work and they know this. They're going to just do enough to get elected. Blame X, pretend to care for Y, collect paycheck.


Eh, I thought that 6 years ago, then one party became masks off neo-nazis and the other just stayed a classical liberal corporatist party. I'd rather have the latter in power than the former.


The inherent failures of the latter lead to the former.


Cant wait for you to find out that the latter *causes* the former




I dunno, I think people could be forgiven for not believing any Democrat who promises either of these things, considering they've been breaking every promise they made last year.




If they don’t adopt our demands, then I want them to lose. If they win with moderation it allows them to ignore us.


The current admin has been dropping progressive ideas at first negotiations and believes capitalism will get us out of it.


Democrats have already destroyed their chances in 2022 by letting guys like Manchin hijack the agenda with absolutely zero consequences. So nothing has been accomplished yet, and there's no mechanism within the party to correct that. An impressive feat when you think about it. As for me, I'm not going to bother considering the "spoiler effect" in the future since it'll yield functionally the same outcome. The most I can get for my vote is a statement, so that's what I'll be gunning for.


What specifically do they do with Manchin? They can’t simply bypass him and have another vote magically


At the very minimum they could corner him into actually casting his vote against the democrats and with the GOP. Then rip him to shreds for it. For example, when Bernie triggered a vote on his minimum wage amendment and Sinema almost sank her career with a single gesture. You know, political pressure. But at the moment once he threatens to vote against something, Schumer just treats the bill like it's already dead and brings nothing to the floor to even debate. That gives Manchin a ton of undue cover and keeps him from paying any price.


They promised to do many of these things if elected, but now they say they can’t if we don’t both elect them the White House and give them a sizable advantage in the house and 10% advantage in the senate because of conservative/corporate Democrats and Republicans filibustering. So maybe if we elected progressives in the primaries and voted for democrats in the general instead of forgetting to vote because it’s a mid-term, or “punishing” the Democrats for once again disappointing us, we might actually find out if they mean it, and then once they have all the power they claim to need to do some of these things, maybe then if they don’t do them, we can punish them by voting for a third party. Wouldn’t that make more sense that getting angry and staying home, and once again splitting the senate or worse throwing it to Republicans?


They don’t mean it. How have you guys not figured this out yet? They had 60 votes in 2008 and still they managed to be hamstrung by 1 person over and over again. They blamed the parliamentarian for not raising the minimum wage. They’re insisting on bipartisanship because reasons. This is all an act. Sure, try to vote them out during the primary I guess. But when that fails, be prepared to vote third party in the general election.


Exactly. This was never about them getting sufficient power to do the right things. They WANT to do the wrong things. Obama had a veto proof majority and still gave the insurance companies a *MASSIVE* trough of money to consume rather than even create a public option, let alone univeral care. Anybody who looks clearly at the corrupt to the core duopoly and thinks that anything good can come out of it is deluding themselves. The Dems are refusing to make any of the changes that would retain their power into the future and are dooming us to Republican fascism starting in 2024 because they've all been bribed by the oligarchs to do it. Humanity as we knew it is already over. The seas are boiling, the world is burning and the only people who can turn down the heat refuse to do it because it would slightly decrease the rate of their wealth accumulation


So long as only two people can keep anything decent from happening, we're in a holding pattern until the GOP gets in power again and... welp. That's that. The current GOP won't leave the White House if thy get it again.


Ratchet effect, baby!


The GOP won’t relinquish power if they take the White House, so we should not vote or vote third party in 2022? I’m all for voting third party if you can get a real movement together in 2024. But you have to lay the groundwork, and that is not splitting congressional election votes and getting a split or Republican Congress in 2022 when you know you’ll still have Biden to contend with for 2 years.


Take over the congress by taking over the party in the primaries!!! Vote for progressives in the primaries, and then progressives control the party and congress. It’s that simple. If you can’t get 50% to vote for a progressive Democrat in a congressional primary, then you can’t take the Congress with a progressive third party. That is literally twice as hard because you need to convert over 1/3 of the general election voters , half of whom currently vote Republican.


This is just Charlie Brown and the football over and over again.


You’re pretending the democrats want to win


Canceling student debt won't go over how people think


Reddit thinks every American has student debt


That’s the problem here on Reddit people here thing canceling student debt is actually a popular proposal. Left or right most people don’t care about canceling that debt and it would probably cost them more votes then the ones they gain.


Don't forget reddit thinks every American makes $7.25 an hour too


Yeah. I’m about as liberal/progressive as they come, and I think cancelling student debt would backfire, and would end up firing up the right to vote red in 2022/2024. I paid off my school loans 15 years ago (I’m old), and don’t give a shit if it’s “not fair”, but hooooooly fuck most of this country would lose their shit if they “had to pay for some libtards college”. And there isn’t even a very good reason to do it. Posts on Reddit talk about how canceling the debt will “force Congress to make college tuition free”. Uh…no? And that colleges are predatory, and young people grow up thinking they need to go to college to be successful, or whatever. What about my mortgage with predatory banks? I was told the American Dream was to be a homeeowner. Will the government cancel my mortgage? I mean, I would have a lot more money to spend if I didn’t have a mortgage, and thats good for the economy, right? Obviously higher education in this country is fucked, and something - things, actually - need to be done. Make school loans interest free. Put a cap on tuitions. I don’t know. But the answer isn’t to cancel the debt.


Legalize weed. Institute universal healthcare. Try universal basic income. I'm fine with this. Don't cancel student debt. If loans are unfair then restructure them. Modify bankruptcy to allow for their dismissal. When students get these loans they understand they need to be paid back. It sets a bad precedent to start absolving chosen people of large debts. Even the banks and auto industry had to pay the US back with interest. If you downvote please be brave enough to defend (post) a counter position.


Or you know, speak out about israel and the ccp! A problem is the democrats range all the way from left-center, to way neo-liberal right. Where the gop is pretty much welldefined religious far right. How about a third, well-defined for-the-people socialist, party (not communist lol)?


Not only are they popular, they're the policies that they ran on.


Sure seems we need Healthcare for all. Before either of those


They don't want to win though ...


But the democrats don't care about any of that stuff? They just like to talk about it and then never work toward that stuff, thus maintaining the status quo. At least Republicans tell you to your face they don't give a shit, instead of lying and spouting conjecture


But the point is that they don't want to win. They just want their K street money. ABANDON THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY and vote r/GreenParty instead. I'm not sure why Bernie and all the Progressives do not switch parties or start their own party after being screwed more than once.


>I'm not sure why Bernie and all the Progressives do not switch parties or start their own party after being screwed more than once. Because they want to win.


I think it is abundantly clear that the corporatists are not going to let that happen.


How do we accomplish pushing Democrats to the left?... By withholding your vote.




I hate insurance companies. >:( so tired of this crap.


if they passed that stuff they have nothing to pretend to be "pro-xxxxx" to campaign on most are not really progressives, they just campaign on it. they dont want to actually pass progressive causes because then the bar gets raised, something else becomes the progressive rallying call and they have to pass that stuff too.


When the Democratic party does something to help people they don't do it for us, but rather for the sake of protecting the system of extreme economic exploitation from short-term collapse. They will give you the bare minimum to prevent mass civil unrest, but no more. They are the union-busting HR department for the capitalist empire. Once you view the Democratic party in that context, their actions make a lot more sense.


We said the same in 2020


If Dems want to big in 2022 they better find a way to pass a voting rights bill


I lean to the conservative side due to some moral reasons, but I completely agree with this. If I want to smoke a damn blunt I should be able to, also our country is so fucking rich we could eliminate all students debt and it wouldn’t effect us at all.




Lmao you idiots thought Biden was gonna do that in 2020. Should have picked bernie


Clyburn picked Biden, not me.




Erasing all student debt might seem popular to graduates but I can promise you that the majority of citizens who don't have the privilege of going to higher education and are then permanently stuck at lower wages don't want to pay off our university debt. Legalizing weed is a no brainer. As a Canadian, I can tell you it's made life so much better for citizens and helps take a huge burden off our police.


“But if we give the voters things that they want, why will they vote for us on 2024? Isn’t the smart thing to dangle all these desperately needed policy changes like a carrot on a stick?”


Young black men chance to get in prison - 1:4 Old white blue-collar workers life expectancy - decreasing Democrats: “Trans rights it is then”


Why would you give a rats ass if the dems won? They won everything of significance in 2020 and literally not one thing has changed except the mean tweets have stopped. Reformation is a dead end, it doesn’t work. Please read State and Revolution by Lenin or Reform and Revolution by Rosa Luxemburg. The only chance we have of building a better world is though socialist revolution


Sounds like a good way to alienate actual voters, you know, old people.