Wow, the comment section. Absolutely disgusting to see people misuse Sikhi for their own bigoted beliefs. We do not follow the God of Abraham, so stop pretending that all religion automatically takes a default position against homosexuals. They are wearing turbans which still makes them better Sikhs than the majority of people claiming to be Sikhs. I say this is as someone who does not keep kesh or dastaar.


Yeah the comments were fairly disappointing, that's why I wanted to post it here and see what peoples opinions are. So far this post has gotten less traction then I would've liked though.


Yeah, those comments are from the same crowd which cut their hair wear designer clothes, got to clubs and drink etc. They usually have no idea about Sikhi but pretend to be Sikh and give lecture to others or fight in Gurudwaras or Parking lots! They are the biggest downfall to the Sikh and Punjabi culture. In Sikhi everyone is treated equal irrespective of their sexual orientation etc. So these guys represent Sikhi better than anyone in those comments.


Why they are using queer instead of homosexual? And They/Them only works in English. What about other languages?


The term "queer" is usually used as an umbrella term to talk about the lgbt+ community as a whole


Pride is one of the 5 vices and should be dead


Different kind of pride. Ahankaar means the belief that a circumstance or situation is about "me". That is, having pride in one's accomplishments, race, possessions, and so forth (even religion), that sets you apart from others. LGBT Pride, pride in the context of adversity, is quite the opposite: It's a celebration of the movement that continues to fight for equality among gender and sexuality.


This was done with Sarbat recently, I haven't watched it yet and unsure about the accuracy: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He1CAvKjwSU&feature=emb\_logo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He1CAvKjwSU&feature=emb_logo) The Real Ranjit Singh. A talk by Amandeep Madra in a UKPHA- Sarbat collaboration


I have nothing against Queers (it seems thats the title they prefer), but why be so feminine? Sikh men should be masculine.


do sikh men have to be masculine?/gen.


Are u lot honestly in favour of this video lol


Please give a well thought out explanation as to why we shouldn't be?


u/teghveer u/ankhi88 In my opinion, gender politics are antithetical to Sikhi. One thing I've noticed is that some people allow their entire identity to be defined by this and are way too attached to it (Moh). For example: If I meet a Sikh from a different country (Ex. UK), they would introduce themselves as Sikh and I would understand them as such (Not "UK-Sikh"). Same thing with occupation; if for example the Sikh was a plumber, they would not fixate on being a "Plumber Sikh." I've noticed that people on this spectrum often note that they are a Gay Sikh or "I am Sikh and Bisexual." It's never "I am just a Gursikh" or member of the Khalsa, which is what we should strive towards. In my opinion this is just as misguided as a fixation on one's caste (Ex. Jatt this, jatt that). I'm not sure that transgender identity is compatible with Sikhi either. It's a fallacy to think Sikhs who refuse to cut any of their hairs that are given by God would find it permissible to undergo a number of surgeries and hormone blockers/injections. All that being said, I have no issues with people who choose to lead this lifestyle. Would welcome a different opinion on this, preferably one that is based on Gurbani. Thanks.


haha.. really? So you mean Sikhs can't undergo surgeries? So if some Sikh is injured, you can't perform surgery on them? Sikhs don't cut hair because it's the identity given to us by Guru not the God! If that was the case we should have been prohibited to cut our nails. Moreover, Sikhi is much more than just outward appearance. So just criticizing someone for their sexual orientation and dressing is totally against Sikh teachings. "A Gay Sikh who does seva and path almost everyday is much better Sikh than a Turban wearing straight Sikh who drinks everyday and beats his wife everyday (Happens lot in India and to some extent in US or west)" Also, I don't think they are too attached to Moh just because they Identify as Gay. They have to identify them as such since there is still lot of stigma attached to sexual orientation of person in Indian culture as well as western culture. So they identify as such to bring more awareness and normalize their identity.


Did you really think the cutting nails point was intelligent? Sikhi encourages hygiene. We cut nails, and we also comb (remove) hair. Outward appearance aka bana is very important in Sikhi.


Yeah, I think it was necessary to get the point across. He is saying that Sikh can't undergo surgeries just because they don't cut their hair. Which is totally wrong and doesn't make any sense. I think this video below describes the problem with people ITT: https://youtu.be/OuPrgp8MTpw People in this subreddit and Sikhs in general needs to be open minded to extend and improve their understanding of Sikhi instead of being trying to validate their existing biases and prejudice.