As the first openly gay person to serve on the Somerville Board of Aldermen (2013, left 2014; they are called the City Council now), I would like to personally welcome you to Somerville. We have high flying, visible Trans flags on homes and are incredibly supportive of all people. I’m so glad you’re moving here! I’ve also lived here for 41 years.


Thanks! I'm so excited to be moving here. I'm literally just waiting for the realtor to send me the lease. The number of supportive replies is incredible. I honestly had no idea


I am currently sitting in my bed working (or rather, procrastinating because it's a Friday at 3:00) and I can see two houses with pride and trans flags. Somerville is generally a pretty chill place


My teenager came out as trans last winter and the public schools have been super supportive. Seems like a good sign! :)


somerville is about as trans-friendly as you'll find anywhere in the US. i would say some neighborhoods are going to be even more trans-friendly (Davis Sq) than others, but everything is pretty OK.


That's what I figured. Thanks. This takes a load off my mind. It's hard to get a feel for a place from just reading about it online.


Davis fucking rules, I'm sure you'll love it!


no problem & hope you enjoy it here! come for a visit sometime - this is a pretty good time because schools are just getting started so theres some good energy right now. also, somerville is pretty accessible to Boston via the T.


Somerville is about as welcoming as you can get.


Except for whoever is downvoting all of the positive comments, apparently! Just had to upvote them all back up!


Sad trolls exist on this sub as they do everywhere, sadly.


Trans person here, and I live in Somerville! As someone else said, it’s about as trans friendly a as you’ll find (other best bet is Jamaica Plain). It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty great. Welcome :)


Thanks! I'm moving there in 2 days. So excited!!!!!!


I’m transmasc and been living in Somerville for three years, just signed a lease on a fourth. I love it and feel very welcome as someone who is somewhat visibly gender-nonconforming. You will do great!


My doctor is a trans woman. I trust her with my life.


I would also like to add that I plan to vote for Eve Seitchik, not because they are a transgender non-binary person {[see website](https://www.eveforsomerville.com/meet-eve)}, but because they are going to get my sidewalk plowed in winter. https://www.currentaffairs.org/2021/07/sidewalk-socialists-and-the-path-to-power >Not plowing sidewalks, Seitchik argues, creates a public health cost. Shoveling can be harmful to seniors, and unplowed areas restrict access not wide enough for wheelchairs. Seitchik proposes: “If we had municipal sidewalk plows, that would create good union jobs, but it would also make the city a more livable place for the people who live here.”


I don't agree with Eve on everything but they are clearly one of the most talented and thoughtful candidates for the at large spots on the council.


I really enjoyed talking to Eve this summer! Thank you for reminding me about their campaign!!


Hell yeah! I always shovel my sidewalk and do a good job of shoveling my car out even though it’s a 4WD… but some people don’t or the city goes and plows a big pile of snow on the corner of the sidewalk like happened last year and didn’t melt for 3 weeks…


Ha this is a cool comment to see in the wild, I met Eve years ago, hung out a few times with mutual friends pre-covid. Good person. I'm no longer in Somerville but certainly rooting for them.


As an old cis white guy I really appreciate that in Somerville I get to interact with so many people who might otherwise be in more insular communities. So please be welcome and help us be better where we need to. It also means a lot to me that people here have been forgiving when I mess up after their pronouns and it names change... not getting 'cancelled' as I learned let me continue to feel welcome and be welcoming - I hope!


Lol. Just try your best. I can't speak for others, but if it's an honest mistake, I'm fine with it.


I've lived in Somerville for 13 years and half my friends are trans. You don't have to be trans to live here, but it helps! 😄


We're probably about to elect our first trans city councilor, if that gives you an impression of how trans-friendly. The first anywhere if I'm not mistaken.


Somerville is one of the most welcoming and inclusive and supportive communities I’ve lived in. All for one, one for all.


I’m in recovery & have met a lot of trans folks (a few are now friends) in my meetings. Think maybe substances were a way to cope. So I can speak to that side of things, knowing there are safe spaces and community.




You should be fine, enjoy the city!


Want to add in with everyone else, Somerville is incredibly trans friendly. I moved there right before transition and moved to CA about 3 months ago. I feel like I know every trans girl in Somerville (or at least the 24-30 range). There's a great community there.


Yes! Welcome!


Not trans, but I know a bunch of trans people (and genderqueer, etc.) and my impression is that it's one of the more trans-friendly places you'll find.


One more anecdotal piece of data for you...we have a trans family member who loves visiting us in Somerville and feels much better about going out on her own than she does in her small hometown. One thing that makes it easier for her is more and more places are adopting gender-neutral bathrooms, so she doesn't have to try to figure out what her safest option is.


Better than most places. Hope you can make some friends here. Good luck and congratulations on your transitioning.


Trans man here! I’ve been here since 2017 and it’s as welcoming as anywhere else, I guess. Can’t complain.


To give another point about the surrounding area, we used to go to a Methodist church in Cambridge (Harvard Epworth) that has a specific youth outreach to help homeless LGBTQ kids, because they are more likely to experience homelessness. Like, even some of our churches are safe and supportive places for trans people.


You’ve already gotten some awesome answers, so I’ll just answer with a side suggestion. [HAIR by Christine](https://www.hairbychristineandco.com/) is a fantastic salon that explicitly works with trans folks. If you’re looking for good people to help with your hair as you transition, I highly recommend.


I'll probably go there during my first week. My hair is a mess! Thanks


Yes I think so


Davis Square here! Welcome all with open arms. I have a particular memory of a world music concert at the Somerville theatre in Davis Square and seeing a few older trans (or Q) people living their BEST lives. You should be good, it's a welcoming community, not especially tight-knit but very open to LGBTQ+.


Somerville is one of the most liberal cities in one of the most liberal states. You’ll be just fine.


Thanks for the reassurance. I feel like the environment is completely different in the south shore, where I'm from. Seems to be a conservative enclave here


Well, unfortunately the way things are going, dems are kinda alienating their base by pushing shit nobody is asking for, which empowers conservatives. Hate to say it, but conservative type shits for sure on the rise.