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Come, Adam. Let's finish this the way we started it; together!


Nick, Matt, Bobby, Kyle, Britt, Brandon... Who's the seventh horcrux Best Friends had to fight on their way to Adam Cole?


Orange himself. Him doing this dive is what broke the final Horcrux.


Is this a reference to freaking Harry Potter? Just lost my mind lol


Never thought I’d see a reference like that here haha


Nah it was u/rwhaley2010 , circa 2022


Eh eh eh


So did AEW make Danhausen curses a legit thing? Are we finally getting a modern day Papa Shango?!?!


Danhausen is going to curse the Ass Boys leading to them losing to Jurassic Express.


Next Cole feud vs. Danhausen confirmed.


Of da house can curse you, why would he ever lose a match? This sounds like a recipe for danhausen vs hangman lights out ending in a dq


Where Is My Mind sounded awesome when Best Friends won Arcade Anarchy, and it sounds awesome now after this Lights Out match


That was the best part of the finish.


Fitting since OC clearly lost his mind going for that finish.


They hugged for so long between that and OC’s facials I felt like I was intruding on a private moment.


Just two small passionate men holding each other.


Real Nightman vibes


It was a very goofy spot. The clip starts too late to see it, but it was really bad. Cole didn't even look like he was being held at all and just stood there for no reason waiting to be thrown off


Cole holding his own wrist the whole time, just pretending to struggle... it was rough.


Friendship overcome the odd


*And we would all go down, together* *Yes, we would all go down, together*


“And we we fall we will fall together”- Streetlight Manifesto


That's the one I was looking for


No one will catch us so we'll catch ourselves


One day my immunocompromised self will be able to see them live again It's been too long


Billy Joel, "Goodnight, Saigon", 1982. Nice.


My emo ass read the first line like it was Mayday Parade.


"We Both Go Down Together" By The Decemberists is more perfect here. It's even about jumping off a ledge in a suicide pact.


This is what I first thought of!


I thought you were referencing Billy Joel's Goodnight Saigon


Too many lights on for a lights out matched. Should have literally turned the lights out and filmed via infrared.


Is Adam Cole actually ok? Was he moving at all? It looked like he landed right on his goddamn head at the end there.


in another thread, someone who was there said he was fine, well fine enough to not need medical come out. I'm sure he is hurting


That's a relief to hear. Thanks for the update


Yea, he looked like he got knocked out, hopefully he is okay 😬


He killed Adam Cole with a hug.


Incredible match! Cole looked like he took a rough landing though.


I was worried for him but we haven't Had an annoucement of an injury so I hope he is clear of any injury.


Pure speculation on my part but if Cole really did get hurt from that fall they wouldn't have focused the camera on him (and OC) for so long right after the finish.


You know, I tought exactly the same. But then I remember that they repeated the injury of Fénix 5 times and posted on Twitter and I don't trust this idea.


That’s what happens when you get cursed.


The gold standard of holding enemies close.


I love how very OC of a finish this is!


The hug of death


I’m very happy Orange won this. We all know Cole is a big star in AEW and will probably be heading towards challenging Page, but that doesn’t mean he HAS to win. And giving Orange wins like this means when someone does beat him it means something.


That looked like a nasty landing. Looked like Cole banged his head


Bryce Remsberg has always been so good with his reactions to things that look like they should kill someone, and I’m shocked he played this off like it was nothing. No reaction whatsoever. Really strange.


I think he was legit trying to figure out how to get down there to do the 3 count and check on the guys.


Probably true, but he didn’t react at all to the initial impact and went straight into worrying about the pinfall. He didn’t do anything to add to the drama, which is the opposite of what he usually does.


Go back to Invisible Man vs Invisible Stan on GCW, those are his best reactions from what I’ve seen. It’s free on their YouTube.


OC tried.


What a banger of a matchhausen. Loved all of it.


Remind me of the ending of Hannibal season 3


God, yes. The erotic silent fall!


That was an awesome finish. Perfectly telegraphed


This was the entire point of the Hardy feud. OC absorbed the power of the Side Effect and did what Matt Hardy has never been able to do: win a match with it.


Only took him a year of feuding with HFO to learn it!


The guy with bigger muscles won


That looked SOOOOO much worse from the second angle. It looked like Adam Cole over-rotated a bit, and it could have been BAD. Luckily, it sounds like they were okay, but WOW that looked scary.


Honestly one of the top ten spots I've ever seen? The angle Cole landed at was just fucking brutal. This whole match felt like a throwback to a wilder time in wrestling, where people were constantly wandering backstage and jumping off the titantron.


Adam Cole just lost a street fight to a comedy wrestler?


No, he lost a lights out match to a top star. You don’t have to like it, but accept it.


You’re right! My bad I misspoke. Adam cole lost a lights out match to a comedy wrestler


Cassidy looks more like an athlete than Cole does


I agree with that but he’s still a comedy wrestler. Adam Cole is supposed to be a main event level talent


OC is also a top tier talent. Losing to him isn't damaging in the slightest.


He did and you cant do anything about it :D So cry more i guess


You can call the guy a comedy wrestler all you want, but OC is over af.


I agree he’s over. But since when do comedy wrestlers beat main event talent? Especially in a big match like a lights out match


It's always been happening. Who can forget Eddie Guerrero and his "Lie, Cheat and Steal" days lol


Eddie wasn’t a comedy wrestler though. He was a legit main eventer who sprinkled some comedy into his tv time. It’s like calling the rock a comedy wrestler because he did the rock concert which was funny. OC even though he’s very over is a comedy wrestler who won a serious match with a serious stipulation against a main even wrestler. You never saw doink beat diesel


The first quarter of an Orange Cassidy match is comedy, he gets serious after that. Either way, I hope the guy gets to be a champ real soon. Fucking love the guy.


> since when do comedy wrestlers beat main event talent? Yano in the G1, all the time.


I stand corrected.


A comedy wrestler who frequently main events and is presented as a serious competitor? It’s not like he’s Marko Stunt. He’s a title contender who puts on great matches.


I know I’m in the minority but he hasn’t really evolved in 3 years. He’s still pretty much doing the same stuff all the time. I know lots of fans still like him but to me he’s stale. And I thought Adam Cole was supposed to be on the rise


Orange Cassidy really hasn’t done much since the Jericho feud and match with Omega, can’t remember which came first, but has really just been in the background since. Cole has been talked about as someone who will be a top guy for the company. I love AEW, but this is a head scratcher.


Isn't all comedy or is you're kind of make believe more real?


My kind of make believe is more real…. Btw *your




That looked so bad. Really dumb finish to a great match.


Never been an Adam Cole fan even though I loved his match with McAfee but his fall from grace has been stunningly sad.


Is this a pun?


🤦‍♂️ Tony burying Cole on a weekly basis. Also cmon this spot looks so fucking stupid. This isn’t wrestling.


It bums me out that people forget that wrestling is supposed to be fun and is not an actual realistic depiction of combat. Y’all get mad about Orange Cassidy getting W’s but had no problem when it was a wizard zombie doing it for 30 years.


Go cry some more


You’re into this kind of stuff? Idk what it is but it’s not wrestling. Surprised AC isn’t crying for the way Tony has used him since signing.


Burying him when he hasn't lost a single official AEW match? What are you smoking?


Then don’t watch.


But there’s talent I like to watch. It’s just a shame the good stuff isn’t being shown more frequently across the program. People don’t want to watch a joke who “wrestles” with his hands in his pockets…


Ya we do. OC is very over with both the AEW core audience and casual viewers.


No need to just say things that aren’t true lol the casual viewer doesn’t give af about OC. That’s why AEW struggled before they got some actual talent in there.


Multiple people in my discord thst only watch wrestling if I stream it and they aren't already in a game have described him as their favorite wrestler, the guy at work who casually tunes in was very excited for this match and his segments usually do well. The only people that complain about him are the kind of people thst think scjerk is a good subreddit or who religiously follow an old our of touch racists views on wrestling.


This sub is really a hive mind lol thanks for your input tho


The ratings indicate otherwise.


Please provide numbers that indicate Orange Cassidy is a draw. Viewership goes down throughout the show as more and more bs gets shown.


Brandon Thurston posts the quarterly ratings to his Twitter regularly. They show that Cassidy is consistently getting some of the highest rated segments. When he main evented Rampage in September the show gained viewers in the last quarter. No one has to like him, but he draws an audience.


Orange Cassidy’s not a draw. The most publicity the guy ever got what when PAC nearly killed him last year. There might be a select group that likes that kind of stuff but AEW isn’t cracking a million+ viewers on a weekly basis with that stuff being shown and the numbers before Punk prove that.


Sells a lot of merch for someone who isn’t a draw…


The only people who buy AEW merch are the AEW fans themselves. That’s their guy so it doesn’t surprise me he’s a top seller for them. Viewership and being draw is completely different. The average non wrestling fan turns on the channel and sees some goof kicking people’s shins and blatantly providing a phony product, they’re instantly changing the channel. Viewership proves that.


Did you not read where his segments gain viewers on average? People literally don't change the channel when he's on screen.


Why would people who aren’t fans of something buy merch? lol


okay bro i'mma be frank with you, orange cassidy has [4 of the top 5](https://youtube.com/c/AEW) most popular videos ever on the aew youtube channel. how can that not prove how much of a draw that man is vs every single person in aew


What's it like being so stupid you believe this?


Found Tony’s burner.


What are you talking about? Adam Cole’s still 9-0 in singles in AEW. He’s been protected like crazy leading into his PPV main event. Tony can’t help what the wrestlers do in a lights out street fight after the show. I’m pretty sure those are shoots.


His record doesn’t mean shit when he’s been involved in programs with the shits in young bucks and OC. Also nothing on this program is a shoot, hate to break it to you.


I feel like with the Rainmaker pose prior and the hug type setup, they were going for a Rainmaker but didn't really have enough room to really pull it off. I could be overthinking things though


You are overthinking things.


The Mine strategy. Perfect timing after I just finished Yakuza 3 the other day.


I can’t believe they had Cole lose this match lol.


I know , ridiculous in my Opinion , Cole could be a top guy and you have him lose to a comedy act ( who i love ) but they are not on the same level , this hurts Cole


If you're still considering Orange Cassidy just " a comedy act" after everything he's done I really don't know what to tell you.


What has he done the last… year?


Competed for the AEW World Championship


I forgot that match was this year, what has he done the last 7 months?


Competed for the AEW World Championship


That match happened in May, he hasn’t really been involved in much since


You said last 7 months.


It’s January. May and January are 8 months apart.


Not only does One Joke Pocket Man best Adam cole but he damn near kills him while doing is. So long the ora that was Adam cole


Well it seems quite clear that you don’t watch AEW. Or you’d know that what you’re saying is complete bs.


1. I’ve watched weekly since the beginning and have see many untrained wrestlers harm other wrestlers because they do not know how to take care of their opponents. 2. Pocket Man literally just jumps down without holding adams shoulder up causing him to rotate and land on his head 3. Seems quite clear you know jack all about professional wrestling