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I am not sure if it is a popular opinion or not but I strongly belief Jon Moxley had the best World Championship run out of all the champions in AEW and that’s despite being champion through COVID lockdowns. Over all of Jericho, Omega and even Hangman. Any doubt people had about his wrestling ability have permanent been put to rest as well. His recent run in 2022 has him in legit contention for Wrestler of the Year amongst all wrestlers and not just in AEW. Dude deserve another title run but this time with travelling and fans. He should be the first two-time champion.


While I wish Mox had a run infront of crowds, I feel like having fighting babyface champion Jon Moxley as the pandemic era champ was honestly perfect and we're not far enough (or removed at all) from COVID to properly appreciate it yet, I feel like it'll be the subject of a really good video or article a few years down the line. Plus if Mox keeps up the way he's wrestling, his second (hopefully) reign will be tremendous too


>*"....****and we're not far enough (or removed at all) from COVID to properly appreciate it yet****, I feel like it'll be the subject of a really good video or article a few years down the line."* ![gif](giphy|x6sfBlcbXW7kc)


*Tranquillo Club intensifies*


That guy is an asshole. I can't watch his stuff anymore


What did he do?


I see comments like that anytime TC is mentioned but no one ever gives an answer


I was so hyped for his heel turn before he left and would have no problem with him going back to that for his second run. Hangman has not put a foot wrong during his reign but I think there would have been a lot less doubters had he had his first defence against a heel Mox. It would have been such good tv.


I think the best part of the Blackpool Combat Club right now is that they could dip into being heels and come back without really changing anything. They're kinda all extremely over tweeners and it's great.


Eventually Bryan and Mox will turn on each other (hopefully as both are going for or facing off for the championship) but it is really hard to tell who would turn on who and why.


Regal is showing glimpses of favoring BD over Mox, plus, it is Mox who's kinda not fitting in with the rest of the group. So I think the storyline will be that this is where the divide in the faction comes from and starts to fester until they turn on each other. No idea though who will be the heel and face.


I would put Omega as the best, but Mox's run was fantastic for sure. And it ended right at the perfect point where everybody wants to see him champion again, no saturation, no overexposing. And people had doubts about his wrestling ability? I thought he was universally seen as a great wrestler.


Mox is my favourite wrestler. Dean Ambrose was one the wrestlers who got me into wrestling. Mox wrestles a brawling style. It is a style that attracts criticism for being being "boring". I've seen a fair amount of criticism that Mox wrestling is boring. I don't find it boring but I can understand why people do.


Stone Cold did the same, and he's remembered as one of the best to ever do it. It's a pretty safe style that means a longer career, as long as you avoid piledrivers...


I see what you mean, but I thought people would still see through it to recognize how great a wrestler Mox is. He's elevated the brawling style to new heights if you ask me.


I only got into Dean Ambrose for one build (for facing Brock in that Mania match that was a total waste.) So I was real surprised how much I've enjoyed Moxley. He really does just function better outside WWE.


That match should of been the equivalent of Stone Cold vs Bret Hart. Ambrose loses but not because he gave up. Showing how relentless he can be. But instead we got how many suplexes can Brock do.


I got back to watching because if The Shield and Wyatt's, and Ambrose was my favorite in The Shield. So, let me ask you: Do you think WWE was hampering Ambrose? Because, to me, Moxley is a whole other beast. He only really had one standout singles match in WWE in my book, the one with Triple H. Since AEW and his Japan run, he's shown he is much more of a workhorse than what we saw in WWE.


I think in a vacuum, Mox’s reign was the best for what it did rather than what it was. He carried a company on his back during a pandemic where there was legitimate concern of this was going to put the breaks on a company that was just starting to build steam. Between him and the Cody TNT title run that was showcasing a bunch of Indy/Pillar talent, they kept eyes on the product and pathed the way for what would be Omega’s dominant run. I think story-wise, you give it to Omega, as it had the built in storyline of Hangman’s redemption, the era of the Belt Collector AND toward the end the return of the best bout machine with matches against Christian, Danielson and the epic Hangman finale. But none of that would’ve been as effective without Omega taking out a fighting champion, albeit through underhanded tactics. If it was say, Omega beating Jericho and then turning, I don’t know if it’d be as effective.


I know that I couldn't stand his WWE style (predictable and I loathed the slow rebound lariat) but from his first match after leaving the change has been obvious to me. I was not a fan of his wrestling but his NJPW and AEW runs won me over. So I'd qualify it as previously having doubts about his wrestling ability, in the sense of style and ability to put on a match that kept my attention.


While I think his matches were better I found the omega segments terrible which is why I I enjoyed everyone else's reign


Both Mox and Shida had the best runs as world champion and both did it with no fans.


I agree with mox, Shida matches were great but it was obvious Aew didn't care about her


The womens division sadly was the weakest it ever was during shidas run so she really had no credible challengers


It was beyond that ,she played second fiddle to an Injured Britt Baker


Like they cared for Riho, Nyla or Rosa?


Jericho was the initial champion and had to get the ball rolling, while it was a lot of fun, I think the belt was an extension of him more than anything. Kenny's reign suffered a few problems for me. I didn't really care for the Super Elite, I wasn't so much a fan of the belt collector stuff, and you instantly saw the end game with Hangman, which hurt because it felt like there were moments where everything was lagging for Hangman to be storyline ready. Enjoyable matches, but I was left wanting more. Hangman's reign has been fantastic. His title matches have been fantastic and they're all my favourite matches of this year. The only complaint I have is it feels like he hasn't been showcased as much as he should be. I think Hangman's second run is going to blow this one out of the water. Moxley was the perfect champion. He was a fighting champion who would take on anyone and everyone, he didn't back down and the brief moments we had with crowds were electric. Jon was 100% the right choice for the pandemic because he didn't fit into any labels and could do anything and wrestle anyone.


I think a lot of these things come down to the growing pains of the company in managing all the new talent they've brought in.


I agree Hangman has had a great run but needs to lose to punk Hangmans second run will be even better


The belt collector gimmick suffered once it began obvious that he wasn't going to be fighting for the ROH, NWA, or any international titles.


Punk should beat Page. Eventually do what Punk does when he holds gold and become an evil asshole. Reignite his past with Mox. Mox beats Punk. Danielson beats Mox in a BCC blow up.


Heel Punk is definitely the way to go if they have him win the title. Kingston, Danielson, Mox, Omega returning as a face are all potentially compelling matchups.


The title felt the most important when Moxley had it


I enjoyed most of Omega's reign more - he was weekly highlight reel for me with some many awesome/hilarious segments, and the great matches - but I would admit that it lost almost all momentum after Hangman took his leave. I don't know if it was because of his injuries, or Tony just did to him what he is doing now all the time with people and took him off TV because he had a lot of other stuff to push, but it kinda fizzled and the belt collector gimmick ended up going nowhere.


I think covid lingering with variants and stuff, plus Kenny being more banged up than we thought, put a stop on the whole belt collector thing. And I agree that both Kenny's reign and also Hangman himself lost a ton of steam when he took his paternity leave and the whole storyline had to stall for another 3 months.


I wasn’t the biggest fan of the matches. But the belt felt more important to me when Jericho had it.


Strongly agree. Mox's run as champion was quite simple but enormously effective. He's been on another level since returning and I think he'd have an amazing second run as champion.


Yeah people credit Jericho for name value (correctly) bringing people in but Mox was THAT lynchpin and then they put the belt on him at the right time and he put the whole thing on his back with some fantastic matches, dude was everything, I hope whenever contracts come up (or came up?) he doesn't get shorted, he deserves the world


If I had to rank them 1. Jon Moxley 2. Hangman Page 3. Omega 4. Jericho




I don’t agree with his list but I do think Omega’s title reign was a hot mess. Overall Omega is probably my favorite on the list but I did not think his reign worked very well.


In terms of the title run, I think it's not a wild opinion. Kenny's reign suffered from an obvious endgame and some of his best moments as champ weren't about the belt.


I am not sure why you got so downvoted for stating your opinion. I think its a fine opinion as well.


I really liked his reign. Best AEW world champion. I feel like he was the brawler that had to be smart to win. His paradigm shift was really protected back then and didn't look like the double underhook butterfly supplex he does now


>and even Hangman. Saying that like it’s a tall order as of this point. Personally, I’d rank the world champs runs as follows but I think anything other than Hangman at #1 is arguable: 1. Jericho 2. Mox 3. O 4. Hangman Who knows though? Maybe Hangman beats Punk in a stellar match and then starts a run of classic title defenses. On mobile in case formatting is jacked.


> even Hangman. Hangman's has been nothing but a let down. He's definitely better in the chase.


Hangman has put on some great defenses. I just think he hasn't been properly made a focus of the shows to emphasize his role as champion. He's just this guy who shows up for a title defense, puts on a banger, and disappears again.


I wouldn't mind another Jon Moxley world title run. He's freaking great.


I don’t even hate the idea of him repping BCC as world champ while Bryan and yuta tag together


And then Bryan becomes jealous of Mox and turns on him, leading to their inevitable feud.


I think either Mox or Danielson has to get the world title as part of BCC. You don’t put two of your 3/4 biggest stars a faction and not eventually make it the biggest angle on the show, which means getting the world title on the group. And if we’re picking between them I think Mox makes more sense as a world champ than Danielson at this stage of their careers.


Fuck it have them hold all the gold, Moxley as world champion, Bryan as Tnt champion, and free bird the tag titles or bring in another member to tag with Yuta


1st ever two time AEW World Championship has a nice ring to it for Mox. (granted he's first to do it)


If we do, I'd be great to get the G1 version of him holding it


Didn't he said that Page was the greatest world champ last week? Make up your mind TK.


Everyone gets a turn at being the greatest


Jinder: "Even me?"


Especially you, Jinder


Jinder's self esteem is now unhindered


Never was hindered 😎


Tony Khan is to wrestling as Joe Rogan is to MMA. Everyone and everything he talks about is the greatest ever.


Plans change.


Jon Moxley did something that nobody has done in quite some time in North America. He managed to have a compelling, amazing championship run, as a *babyface*. Throughout wrestling history, the babyface has generally been the guy who chases the title. Heel holds it, babyface chases, babyface fails, babyface chases, repeat until the babyface wins it. Problem, historically, is that once the babyface wins the World Title, the booking becomes difficult. They are designed for the chase, and the huge pop when they finally win, but booking a babyface to have a great run as World Champion is incredibly difficult. The things he did as champion really helped develop to develop AEW. The matches and eventually allegiance with Darby was the foundation for Darby's character and what helped him get over. Moxley vs Kingston was a classic rivalry that ended with them re-uniting as friends. That's still a core part of AEW today. Moxley's feud with MJF basically showed the world that MJF could successfully headline and draw. Moxley's feud with Archer was entertaining as hell. Everything about Moxley's run as World Champion was great, especially in the pandemic era when wrestling struggled to maintain the same level of entertainment. The best part is that when Moxley lost the title, there were still multiple feuds and entertaining stories to tell. Tony Khan left plenty of meat on the bone. He could put the World Title back on Moxley if he wanted, and the stories would write themselves, especially now that Moxley is backed by the BCC.


He also kept himself relevant throughout his whole reign through little 5 min pieces to camera that were always entertaining.


Depends what territory. WWE generally has had long running face champions Bruno, Hogan, Cena, And Backlund. The south normally had the baby face chase the heel. Mox really hasn’t done anything as a face we haven’t seen before.


The comment said in a long time You mentioned allot of guys from decades ago


Cena has had the longest face runs and isn’t from decades ago. If you have faces that hold titles for long periods of time they take major chunks of time. If your definition of recent is 3 years than yes nobody on that list matters but from 2005-2017 and that only 5 years off is John cena who for the most part was the face that held the title. It would be hard for me to give you a second example when he dominated the main title for a decade. Not to mention during this time WWE was mainly the only promotion on major TV with the brief exception of TNA on spike, so there’s no way based off one wrestling promotion with a dominate face champ for a decade could I give you multiple people. The only other close one in that time would be the year long Punk run where he was the peoples champion.


John also didn't have a very compelling title run lmao. People turned on him because it wasn't any fun seeing him roll everyone, he was not able to stay on top as a babyface and keep people invested like Moxley did.


? Friend Cena was a drawing machine and kept a lot of people watching. I wasn't a fan at the time but you need to not just listen to people on the internet. Cena definitely kept people invested




By that token you’d have to say Hogan is an exception to the rule. Hogan did the same thing and people were starting to get tired of him. The only difference is Hogan got to turn and Cena didn’t, but Cena also didn’t have a real viable competitor to leave to and re-invent himself either. I’m sure a lot of dominate champions had people getting tired of them. If I was watching Bruno and he was champ for 8 years straight I’d be like ok it’s time to see this guy lose too, which is probably why we don’t see very many year+ long title reigns any more.


Hogan was out-of-this-world levels of over for many many years during his babyface run before people eventually got tired of him.


I don’t disagree and I think Hogan and Cena have a lot of parallels. Big differences are Cena had way more exposure. Wrestling 2 broadcasted shows a week and 1 PPV a month heavily being involved in the show compared to Hogan who wrestled mostly house shows and had 1 Tv a month and the big 4 ppvs. On top of all the social media and dirt sheet coverage were all so much more aware of the sport as opposed to during Hogans run. Hogan going to WCW with a new audience and a new cast of superhuman goons to beat gave him a little extension to the face run.


Kofimania and Drew aren’t too far away time wise from Moxley’s championship run.


Drew was fucking awesome


Drew like Mox ruled over the pandemic era of WWE. He's freaking awesome


I'd argue that Hangmans will be remembered similarly as having a great run as a Babyface champ


Shame nobody saw it


This whole “greatest wrestler” debate bothers me. It’s so subjective. Moxley doesn’t personally have the style I like. So naturally I disagree. But even then Moxley wrestlers different than an Omega and he wrestlers different than a Cody and he wrestles different than a Danielson. People like different styles so declarative statements like this are always kind of weird. It’s like comparing The Shining to Dazed and Confused. 2 great classic movies, but 2 different genres. It’s hard to put one over the other because they aren’t doing the same thing. My personal best world champion/wrestler is Randy Orton. But I can respect people who like different shit than that.


It’s like music. So many different genres and styles that it’s all subjective. There is no set in stone “greatest” because while I may think someone is the best there’s plenty of people that probably hate that specific genre of music. It’s like the Bret vs HBK debate. People who think either of them are the best think so for completely different reasons. And neither side is inherently wrong. Just different tastes.


Agree that it is subjective and everyone has a style. But Danielson is the best wrestler, bar none. Can do everyone’s style, as well as actually looking like he enjoys kicking the shit out of people.


Arguably is the operable word.


Agree. Seems like a quick argument though lol


Mox’s perceptual transformation since leaving WWE is pretty astounding. This guy really took his destiny in his own hands and said nah, I’m one of the best wrestlers in the world and I’m gonna prove it...AND THEN HE DID. Stories like his are why we can romanticize pro wrestling.


Mox's own story about betting on himself and rediscovering his love for pro wrestling inspired others. Literally. He's one of the reasons Christian Cage and CM Punk joined AEW to start wrestling again. Mox convinced Bryan Danielson to join AEW. And recently, Mox and Danielson inspired William Regal to join AEW to be with his protégés and form BCC. Mox has been and remains as an incredibly vital person to AEW.


Dude showed up in NJPW as the Deathrider and was doing some great wrestling, then shows up in AEW as a monster who'll destroy himself and you. Then, he blends the two together. Dude can beat the shit out of you and outwrestle you. From "the third member of The Shield" to showing why he's a great.


He was always the most talented of the Shield guys. He's more charismatic than either Roman or Seth, has the stronger and more well-defined personality, he's a better promo and he can totally hang in the ring. Seth might be a somewhat better in-ring worker (very different styles though, so it's really hard to compare the two), but Mox imho has better psychology in his matches. All three guys are great and very talented, but when we rate the whole package, Mox was actually always the most complete of the three.


I really hope he gets another run, he's having an incredible year...potentially better than 2019-2020


I have a feeling he’ll be the first 2 time champ and get one sooner than later as a thank you for really carrying the load that he did throughout the pandemic


Agreed. I thought 2019 and 2020 was his peak, but 2022 might be his best year yet if he can continue his current form.


By all time he means just in AEW right? Mox isn’t even top 15 all time let alone close to being argued as the greatest.


I can't make heads or tails of half of this quote


I appreciate anyone having a genuine opinion but I'd be annoyed if I was Hangman Page, since his promoter is not promoting him this good as the current world champion.


Just a few days ago he said Hangman has been his favorite world champion.


If anything it fits the ongoing Hangman story. He's getting a real chip on his shoulder about Punk/Bryan/Mox/Omega.


Not Bruno. Not Hulk Hogan. Not Ric Flair. Not The Rock. Not Stone Cold. But Jon Moxley. Uh-huh... sure, Tony. Whatever you say, man.


Greatest world champ of all time? Lol no way near. He did have a solid World title run during the covid era though.


Aye it's hyperbolic for sure, but the mans hyped up on his company and his coke. It's expected.


If anybody ever wants to pretend as if this sub doesn't have an AEW bias, never look any further than this thread. Jeezus are you kidding me? He's calling him the GOAT world champion, not even the GOAT AEW champion, and nobody here is batting an eyelid and supporting it? Just insanity.


Beyond that, it's weird how happy this sub is to just be his stenographer. He'll post tweets that are essentially mini press releases telling people to watch Dynamite or whatever and they routinely get upvoted to the front page.


Yep, I'm pretty sure they do it to try and drown out WWE posts. Everything is a competition now. Every AEW tweet, not even only TK, gets massive upvotes to the front page.


People here don't get that you could enjoy AEW but not agree with or defend everything. My friend group is mainly AEW fans I'm the only WWE fan but they bashed Tony for the Big Swole tweets and for him doing the AEW haters are bots tweets which the sub ate up. You could be a fan like all my friends are who watch it every week and mainly ignore WWE without defending everything AEW or Tony does


This sub upvotes every tweet Becky Lynch makes to the front page too. They just like messages that come straight from the people in wrestling.


Because nobody is taking this statement seriously, even AEW fans, so they discuss about his title run instead, which is better than everybody posting the same "actually, it's not the best" post.


Most people are focusing on him potentially being the best AEW champion which is a legit and fun discussion to have rather than pointless commenting on a bias and exaggeration by the owner of the company which is just pointless negativity.


The issue is though, it only seems to go one way. Reverse the scenarios and let's recall every corporate hype statement from Steph, or WWE terming the Orton-Edge match as the GOAT wrestling match, all of which picked apart for months and hell even till this day. Tony makes an equally ludicrous statement and no one wants to say anything about what a silly statement that si, that's the point. I don't mind Tony's bias, he's supposed to be. it's community hypocrisy that I was talking about.


Imagine caring so much about the "bias" of a Reddit thread dedicated to grown men in tights pretend fighting.


Imagine Dragons!


Sail! What is that the right crappy band?


Why not? Look, it's a fan community. Hypocrisy bothers normal people, and since it bothers me I call it out. That's it. It's all pointless at the end of the day. Even you or I watching wrestling is pointless.


Tony Khan is out of his fucking mind.


Lmfao I get that its his wrestler and he's supposed to put him over but neither that dude nor that reign is even top 10. And I get personal taste but that godawful Hager defense being called great? Along with so many abysmal forgettable matches he had? Yeah, no.


I like Mox. I think his promos are good to great. I think his matches were kind of meh though. His brawling doesn’t convince me and I wish he would straight up wrestle more as he’s good at it. I don’t buy him being a bad ass that can beat up anybody because it doesn’t look like he can actually fight. I much more prefer him as a heel, and I would like to see him get singles run as a top heel. That’s where his strength is, he’s not stone cold and should stop trying to be him. Be Jake roberts


I mean…anything can be “arguable” technically.


Jesus Christ no.


LMAO Tony Coke at it again.


TK with that coked out energy, maaaaan.


I realize I'm in the minority and that people love him. But I do not get the draw to Moxley. He doesn't zero for me as a fan. His demeanor is guy who tries too hard to be tough. His mic skills are ok but again sounds like high school tough guy talking. His matches are boring as fuck as they are just brawling. Moxley wouldn't be in my Top 100 greatest champions. I had similar feelings about Omega because I had only ever heard hype. Then I got to see him as the champion, on the lox, and in person and I got IT. Moxley I've yet to find the IT.


Wow! I thought it was just me! The cringey neck thing he’s always doing. His promos are too try hard and rarely interesting to me. Honestly to me he’s a good mid card guy. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. People like who they like.


Lol he's the fourth best member of the Shield


He got the arguably part right.


The greatest world champ of all time?? Come on now Tony


Yeah.... No


Moxley is good but the can’t miss star is MJF right now.


He's the best AEW Champion ever but definitely not the best world champion in all of wrestling history.


Mox is my favorite wrestler in AEW. Weirdly enough, I got back into wrestling in 2018 with WWE and didn't even notice he was there.


Greatest AEW World Champion? Sure I can see that. Greatest World Champion period? Lol no. Hogan, Flair, Sammartino, Austin, Rock, HHH, HBK, Edge, Savage, just to name a few obvious ones.


I look forward to his second championship reign but I have to say I'm really enjoying Hangman's run. then again I can't really think of a title reign I disliked in AEW so far. the jericho one was great and it gave me my favorite aew feud so far jericho and moxley.


him and cody holding the belts for that period in dynamite is still the best


Mox's title reign in hindsight is way better than I thought it was at the time when you grade it on the curve that he did most of it during the pandemic which was a brutal turn of events for a top babyface and he did it during a time when AEW didn't have the deep bench of potential challengers that it does now. They were bringing guys in like Cage and Brodie off the street to challenge Mox cold, and he made all of those programs work, then helped get Eddie over as a top guy for a PPV main event despite Eddie hardly ever winning a match. I think he's also really the only babyface champion AEW had in any division whose run really clicked both in the builds and in the ensuing matches. All of Hangman's matches since winning the title have been absolute bangers, but the build's that accompanied them haven't all been great.


My favorite part of Moxleys reign was when he lost the title and I didn't have to watch him do the stupid neck thing anymore


I like Mox, but he really overdoes that move and it comes across as a try-hard affectation.


Nah Jericho's run was better


I’m terms of actual wrestling, I find Mox to be one of the most boring to watch.


Moxley gets everybody riled up all of the time. Even his boring moments are fun. Mox could literally main event any show in any company, and he still pops up on the more independent shows on occasion.


I’ve honestly never been a big Moxley fan and still not a fan of his current AEW stuff but his recent run in NJPW has really won me over. His work Vs Osperay and in the fatal 4 way for the IWGP U.S. title was absolutely fantastic. Edit: O boy… I said something negative about AEW, here come all the downvotes lol


I don’t like or dislike Mox. His promos are good, but I don’t care for his matches. I’m just confused about his finisher. Sometimes the Paradigm Shift is a double under hook DDT, and sometimes it’s a double under hook suplex. That bothers me.


Kenny's run was the best championship reign in years even with his massive injuries. Fresh character, great feuds, very good to great matches. Moxley's persona really hasn't changed much since 2019 and he has a tendency to keep doing brawls. He has been a lot better since he was away though.


Saying Omega run was the best is probably the popular choice but for me personally there were a few issues. Mind you even with the issues I consider it an amazing run. 1. He didn’t defend the championship as many times as I wish he did. 2. Parts of his run felt like filler as we waited for the Hangman rise to happen. 3. I wasn’t a big fan of the Impact / Good Brothers stuff. Just never got into it despite watching both shows.


Not to mention the long ass Moxley feud that dragged by the end, and the Christian feud wasn't anything special. Or the Jungleboy one, or the Pac and OC triple threat. Amazing matches though, and damn fun character. But not the best reign out of the 4. Again like you I still loved his reign. Mox just had this feeling as champion that no one else can reach as of yet. This aura to him.


I loved the Triple Threat and the Jungle Boy feuds, that was where it felt like he tapped into the cartoon villain character he wanted to be.


The triple threat is honestly one of my favourite matches and might be my favourite Triple threat I've seen? It's so good. Thinking back, yeah he really did once crowds came back in May he got more and more comfortable with his role and character. That Jungleboy match too is superb. I think I underestimated the reign in that original comment, even if I do think it had similar issues to all reigns so far, but that's just how they book the champions. It'll be a great moment whenever that crazy crazy man returns.


Kenny still had better build up to his feuds than pretty much all of Mox's (except Eddie and Brodie) and all of Hangman's (except Bryan one). Even throwaway Christian feud had more thought, time and energy spent on it than what Hangman/Punk has going for it now. Especially considering how excellent Punk's former feud was so the weak abysmal build just becomes more glaring.


I thought there were plenty of great moments during Kenny's run while the only thing I remember from Moxley's is the title match against Brodie Lee at DoN and his promos with Eddie.


I know he was banged up, but a lot of his reign was "fuck around house show goof" Kenny and not Best Bout Machine Killer Kenny. He ended on a really high note, and the fact that he had to carry the company when he could barely see straight is insane.


Nah I dont think it was better than Mox's at all. I've loved all the reigns, but Mox is #1 for me.


Was he having a stroke when he said this? What the fucks with the weird ass grammar?


I'm not a local American, so sometimes got a hard time that speaking/writing English like a native. I'm sorry if my grammar level was so terrible. Because of this, my posts were often deleted by Moderators for these days. Even If they misunderstood my post and did that, but i had nothing to say because i deserved. I'll try hard to better.


Is the title editorialized? You have quotation marks around it, so it seems the person you're responding to is assuming it's a direct copy/paste quote. Your grammar level isn't terrible! It's fine bro.


I think he was the best AEW champ and i’d love to see him hold the title again.


tony putting over a guy who works in his company..oh the humanity


Not even anywhere close to the greatest world champion of all time


While I do think he was great in WWE (he was my favorite Shield member and the end of his run was ass), him being able to be Jon Moxley again has been the best thing for him. Moxley is the guy you see in the ring now. Ambrose, because of WWE being PG and their own WWE style, was always cuffed. That’s why his free agent video of breaking out of a jail made sense to me. He had a great title run in AEW, and is now even better. I’d love it if he were the first 2 time AEW World Champion


Extra props for being a Babyface champion that never got stale. At least for me, that is hard as fuck to do. I know I'm in the minority, and I can't point at anything Hangman is doing wrong, but he just hasn't got me as hype as any of the other champions. What he's doing right now with Punk is my favorite so far, and it's partially cause they're having to play with that heel/face thing between the two. But Mox was always THE champion to me during his run. And while I think I enjoyed Kenny's a bit more, I wouldn't argue with anyone that thought Mox was better.


Probably the most overrated wrestler in the history of the business. Khan is on crack.




He wasn’t released, he was offered big money to re-sign and chose not to. They didn’t screw anything up with him. Was WWE Champion, multi time IC champ, US champ, multi time tag champ, MITB holder, and generally in the main event for 7 years.


We can agree to disagree on his usage. IMO while he was used well he should have been used better. He should have been treated on the level of Reigns and Rollins but never was. Like for example all 3 achieved a grand slam yet two got huge celebrations and Ambrose got nothing. Ambrose never even got a WM moment. Most of his IC, US and Tag-Title runs were nothing more than meaningless accolades. 90% consistent of feuds with Corbin or Miz or long stretches where he never defended. The screwed up lots with him. He got himself over so many times and they never truly pulled the trigger. The only times he ever got to shine was when Rollins and Reigns were out.


Well, he was always a step below Reigns and Rollins, and still is. And that’s okay, because that’s still a great level to be at. He’s just not as effective in the PG era… and whether you want to put down the product being PG or not, it’s obviously best for business. He’s obviously happy blading all over the place and wrestling in a bunch of garbage matches… good for him. But that’s not what sells to the general public at a higher level.


I again completely disagree. I like all my Shield boys and I in no way, shape or form think Mox is a level below them. In fact I think he is better than Roman in most aspects of wrestling. We can argue all day about Rollins vs. Mox and while Rollins ceiling is higher I think Mox is more consistent. Why are you defining PG/WWE style as “the” form of wrestling?? Can’t take your point seriously when it’s focused on “garbage wrestling”. Mox has had top end matches in NJPW and that’s with little or no blading. Mox has had MOTY level matches in NJPW, AEW, DEFY, GCW, etc. Doesn’t matter what style it is. He doesn’t need blading. He is a sharp technical wrestler.


The point is, he had great matches in WWE as well but obviously wanted to get from that so that he can do the garbage wrestling and blading and be extra edgy. It’s his entire persona now.


That isn’t why he left WWE and that isn’t his persona. Mox favourite place to work and the place he signed with first after leaving WWE was with NJPW. There is little to no blading in most of his matches there.


> He’s obviously happy blading all over the place and wrestling in a bunch of garbage matches See this is where you lost it. You obviously haven't watched much of his post-WWE career if that's what you think he's doing. I would roll my eyes but they might fall out of my head.


Most of his “big matches” were exactly that.


Again, saying that means you obviously don't watch the matches you're disparaging. Did he bleed in some of them? Yeah, sure. But "garbage matches"? LOL. The only one I MIGHT give you is the barbed-wire-exploding-ring deathmatch, and ONLY because of the botch at the end. The match itself, while it may not be YOUR style, was great and far from "garbage".


Moxley-Janela was a garbage match, Moxley-Omega Lights out, Moxley-Jericho blade job, Moxley-Hager garbage match, Moxley-Ospreay Windy City Riot, Moxley-Omega Deathmatch, and on and on


I think he should have been THE guy in 2016-17 before Roman.


> WWE screwed up with this guy WWE did not screw up with Ambrose. They made a decision to feature Roman as the face of the company, Seth as the corporate champion and Ambrose as the the people's champion. Ambrose could have been in either of Roman/Seth's position but nobody else would've had the fan support to be in his position. It made sense from that perspective. I honestly think by this time Ambrose would have had his "Naito in WK14" or "Becky in WM35" moment.


I agree with you, but even then they clearly screwed up in two ways: * The most important one - they worked him to the bone. They had him wrestle the most matches in the company by far two years in a row to the point where he was in a terrible mental and physical state. He nearly died with a MRSA infection. * He just wasn't booked to his level in big shows. Becky and Naito at least still got featured in some big show title matches and main events before their big break-outs. Ambrose's only featured world title matches at a big 4 were losing to Roman at the Survivor Series 2015 tournament and beating Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam (with arguably three other matches on the card being more important - Orton/Lesnar, Balor/Rollins, Cena/AJ). Possibly Charlotte/Sasha too. The rest of his SummerSlam matches are all Shield shit. His track record at Mania is even sillier - a disaster match with Brock Lesnar where he got ran over, two Shield tags, an IC ladder match and his last one was a pre-show match with Baron Corbin.


The overwork I agree with. But again it goes to show WWE knew Ambrose was a draw and was willing to exploit that. IIRC their B-team house shows with Ambrose was drawing more fans than their top shows with Roman. IMO WWE didn't expect Ambrose to go full Terry Funk and thought he would take time off. They should've stopped it of course. On big wins, I sorta disagree. Ambrose was the face of the SDL reboot and he won the SHIELD triple threat. IMO WWE tried their best with Dean Ambrose without letting him outshine his SHIELD bros. The fact that their best kinda sucked is another matter. lol


For being the face of the SDL reboot they rewarded him by placing him on the WM Pre-Show.


They had a guy who was consistently over with the crowd regardless of what you made him do. A guy who can be funny, heroic or a heel. A guy who was willing to do 200+ matches a year for them. A guy who even went out of his comfort zone and did a decent amount of company work (a lot of it with Renee or Roman/Rollins). They manage to drive him away and killed his love and passion for wrestling. It sucks it had to come to it but we can all see now how much WWE truly held him back. From his mic work to his in-ring ability. To give WWE some credit they did see the value in him. They tried nearly everything in their power to get him to re-sign and threw the bank at him to do. All reports that came out was Vince and WWE were extremely upset about it. You almost never hear that about any departure.


Probably because of The Shield. I’m sure they wanted to be able to market The Shield for years like they do DX, but now they can’t really do that because there were only 3 guys and one of them is gone.


He’ll be back.


I started watching WWE again maybe sometime in 2016 (before taking another long break again), and he was being featured prominently in major storylines. The only time it was bad AFK was his last couple months, by then maybe they already knew he was leaving. Maybe he found his place in AEW, but not necessarily anyone screwed anyone up.


Easily the best champion in Pandemic era.


Reigns better for me.


Omega’s title run was much better. Mox’s title run was *ok*, quite forgettable in my eyes, this could be due to the defences he had against Jake Hager, The Butcher and Lance Archer. With Moxley, there was hardly any *feuds*, bar Omega, Kingston and MJF. Not impressive for a *10 month* reign.


I agree on Omega. I felt Mox did not have much presence as a champion, but that is only behind Hangman. I don't understand why AEW just put their champion on for one single segment and then move on with the rest of the show. Guys like Jericho get long drawn out promos with others, but they can't weave together some kind of story to put the champ on TV for at least 2 segments?


Really enjoyed that point in time when Mox was AEW champ and Drew was WWE champ. Was a lot of fun having strong babyfaces


Eh, I don't know if I agree with that. It was good tho




Moxley is easily one of the best things in AEW, but I wouldn't call him the "can't miss star of the company" when MJF is consistently doing the best promos and stories in the company, and, honestly, to me feels like the only person on the show other than Punk whos material you actually cannot miss. I do think Moxley deserves to have another reign, though. In my 2 year timeline of the AEW title, I'd have him beat Bryan for it and they can just destroy each other for 30 minutes for a few PPV's. It'll be awesome.


Jericho is still the only champion in which every title feud mattered and he felt the most important part of the show. And he hasn't been champion in over 2 years. I still remember Moxley sometimes not even being on the show or having a 5 minute promo in a cupboard somewhere. Covid obviously hindered his run but he was no where near best champion. Jericho, Omega, Moxley, Page I would say in that order


I think Moxley is good, his part in the promo this last week during the Regal/Jericho confrontation reminded me why I liked him before, he needs to go back to that more often.


Ive been a huge Mox fan for a while now. Got to see Mox v. Nick Gage live in Atlantic City and it was literally one of the best days of my life. This man is a national treasure.


His promos as champion were so damn good. He offered glimpses into his personal life, and his past, while still selling the hell out of whatever match he had next. Jon Moxleys psychology skills are next level, and he complements that by being one of the best workers in the world today. Hopefully he gets another run as world champion while in AEW.


Mox is definitely my favourite of all the AEW champs so far. More modern than Jericho, more intimidating than Omega, more prestigious than Hangman. Each guy has their own strengths, but Moxley is much more of a complete package.


Best babyface world title reign in a long long long time


Of all time is a stretch but he's the best AEW champion they've had. It's weird, when it comes to who has had the best matches during their title reign, for me it goes 1.Hangman 2.Kenny 3.Moxley 4.Jericho but in terms of entertainment value and memorable moments as champion it goes 1.Moxley 2.Jericho 3.Kenny 4.Hangman.


The greatest World Champion of all time... In AEW, right? Because I can name one balloon boy who's greater.