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I think they’re a decent heel faction. I do not think they needed to be dominating ALL of the NXT Women’s Belts since OCTOBER however.


They play their roles well but it has been all about them largely since the 2.0 switch in a negative way at times. Mandy has now had the title for eight months with her best defense really being the one in Texas against Cora/KLR/Io. She isn’t the best at leading a one on one match which doesn’t help. They at least have gotten some names that can be reasonable foils for them in Roxanne who is already great and Nikkita who can be good but needs more seasoning. The NXT Women’s Tag Titles largely feel like placeholders to give them all something to pose with. Gigi is solid. Does a lot of little things in her matches that help her to standout although sometimes feel her execution leaves a bit to be desired. Jacy is ok. Really hate her name and haven’t really seen a lot from her that has stood out aside from promos and such sometimes.


They seem to be the one part of NXT 2.0 that even 2.0 fans reliably hate.


Gigi is gonna kill it when she finally gets a solo run.


I think its good for Gigi in terms of getting her established in WWE. Her indy work is solid but her best stuff was pretty far beyond PG rated that they wouldn't be able to replicate it.


They're a good act but there bookings a little odd. Like they don't necessarily seem like a group that should be so dominant but I do think all three are very talented wrestlers!


I think they're kinda boring tbh. Nothing against their ability necessarily but they're just not very entertaining imo


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I see a fellow Carson fan here


Idk I copied it from a Dgg post


I don't watch NXT anymore but is Mandy Rose still the Toxic Attraction stable leader? WWE seems to be more open to trio stables these days, and if so, their trio act translates very well. Mandy, obviously, has Main Roster experience and appeal. Gigi has Paige-like vibes and will translate incredibly well. Jacy can wrestle but arguably the weakest of the three from an overall package (character + charisma + wrestling). Again, this is based off of my limited watching experience.


I haven’t watched 2.0 in a long time aside from clips on here, but from what I’ve seen, they’re pretty awful and have “turn off the tv” heat with me.




Gigi could be a star on the main roster.


Jacy is incredibly boring to me and doesn't even fit the mold of "hot mean girl." Gigi is great and has a ton of potential. I'm enjoying Mandy as mean girl champ, but her moveset remains pretty limited. Good promo, though.


Jacy isn't attractive enough to be in a hot chick stable.


“Jacy isn't attractive enough to be in a hot chick stable.” - the super hot redditor




Jacy's a butterface, and she's a 7 at best because of it


I like them, I just think their reign has gone on at least 3 months longer than it needed to. They’re needed on the main roster if this tag title tournament ever happens. A trio freebirding the titles is something cool and different for the women’s tag division.


They're hot.


It’s amazing that you’re being downvoted. Their entire schtick is that they’re like, unbelievably attractive. God forbid anyone notice.


Strange how the wind blows around here. Just yesterday some guy was at the top of the front page for boasting about banging a pornstar with hundreds of comments about him being a Chad. Find Toxic Attraction hot though? *"No!"*




Unpopular opinion, but I find them attractive


I like them as a tag team but I’m not big on Mandy in a top spot. I’d be down if they were called up to the main roster to be the women’s tag division.


They need to drop all the titles ASAP. The NXT women’s division will not grow any further with TA in the top spots. Their promos have become even worse, in-ring ability has stagnated, and they are just completely stale in general. The constant interference finishes are getting House of Torture levels of bad. The group was a neat concept up until about January, but it’s all been downhill since then. They should be mid-card at best right now.


People sleeping in Jacy. Has really good looks and cuts the type of promos WWE loves for their women


They're past their staying welcome in NXT. They're ready for main roster as Mandy Rose already been there and they're not building the other members solely so them in main roster is way better than what they're doing with them right now in NXT.


Maybe it's because I'm not a regular watcher, I just pop in for a week or two here to there if I've got the time free... but every time I've seen them it's been nothing new since back in the winter. Not that they have to go a break-up angle or something, but there has to be some tension within the group or something to cause them to be nervous or something. Maybe that comes in the form of Ivy's eventual challenge to Mandy, but yeah, it's starting to run long for a group of women that by all rights are good enough to be on main roster as a collective or as individuals.


Really not very good at all I do watch a match or promo every few months to see if they have improved but they haven't but most weeks either change the channel or put dogs out a few minutes Mandy has been around what 6 or 7 years now and isn't any better since her debut. If you look at the current roster say Tiffany she isn't great or even very good yet but has improved more in 6 months than Mandy has in 6-7 years and if she keeps improving at this rate she will be great


Gigi is the only one in the group with a future because she's the only one that looks solid in the ring.


I miss their theme being an obvious rip off of Marilyn Mansion’s Sweet Dreams.


I find them to be a trio of very attractive women who make the weirdest fucking faces in the stills I see and two of them really seem to enjoy wearing dumb hats.


Jacy Jayne is really charismatic. I enjoy her promos cause she brings a lot of spice and quick whit into them, reminds me of an old school promo from a female wrestler. She’s not a bad wrestler either, she rarely messes up from what I seen. Gigi reminds me a lot of Paige, I like her. Mandy plays her part really well, she’s strengthen her character working a lot. I like the group a lot.


Honestly, the perfect "transitional" champions while NXT 2.0 figures out the long term direction for the women's division. They have a great look, could be marketed to the audience, and elicit a reaction from the audience. However I feel like outside of the early days of NXT, they wouldn't be champions in any other era, I feel like their run has been mostly forgettable, and I can't shake the feeling that if NXT wasn't in Flux they would not have held the titles as long as they have. Mandy specifically, I just do not see champion when I look at her, it feels like the title is hostage, imo.


I love toxic women


Gigi has major potential. Mandy is doing very well in the role. Jacy Jane is ok, needs to be refined


Great stable probably doesnt work on main roster yet for nxt its cool


I like Gigi, she has potential. Jayce was really bad with those awful botches in the past, but she’s gotten better. I quite liked the group at first and thought they had potential. I was sick of Mandy months ago and I’m tired of the group. Mandy is by far the worst NXT Women’s Champion ever and has held down the division. She’s bang average in the ring & ok on the mic. The latter is driven by her bad character work. Her entire character is “I’m hot”, that’s it. Playing up your sex appeal can be a good character trait, but when it’s the entire character and you bring nothing else to the table yet go on an 8+ month run with the top title, things get very tiring very quickly.


I think they could be a bit better with ring work and maybe let them improve there characters more but other than that I think there great. Haven’t had a solid female stable for awhile and I think they’ve done good work with what they’ve been given


Yes please i want they to talk about me Tuesday