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Anybody going tonight? I'll be down to meet up with some of yall


oh shit I didn't know AMW was back in Impact. I might have to check this out


Is Black Taurus same guy as just plain Taurus in AAA?


Yeah. AAA is also the reason Penta changed his name in AEW. IIRC they were willing to allow AEW to use the name, but they still owned it. Probably a similar situation with Impact. easier to just make a slight change and have it be yours.


Really fun card, especially considering it’s two weeks since their last PPV/big event. I’m interested in the Chelsea/Deonna pairing. They should be the ones to take the titles off Ragnarok.


Card looks solid, happy ticket sales picked up. I'm just bummed they put heath in the match against honor no more, it makes sense storyline wise, but I don't have any interest in heath.


Should be a very fun show


They’re sitting at just under 600 tickets sold, glad they picked up last minute as they were under 400 yesterday.


Will fill up. Walk ups.


Absolutely, my comment was actually praise because I was nervous about the turnout until this morning. Walk ups will fill out the venue nicely. They’re set up for 790 so they’re most of the way there anyway.