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Keep wondering if we'll get the return of demonbunny sometime.


Father James getting his freak on in the Undead Realm.


As my wife would say, *bow-chicka bow wow!*


The idea that "Havok doesn't want to come back"... I'd love to see where this goes


I've legitimately never actually watched an episode of any iteration of Impact, but every time I see the weird shit pop up on this sub with Rosemary, I always feel like I should check it out. She seems like a really interesting character. I know Impact isn't *all* this stuff, but this, independent of the rest of it, seems like a lot of fun. Also lmao goddamn James Mitchell got fucking cockblocked.


Rosemary was really over for a long time and doing amazing character work. I mean she's still a big favorite but she was the best part of the show for a while. You might enjoy this extended top five Undead realm moment video. Obviously contains a lot of spoilers from the 2-year storyline. Here's one of the titles to entice you: Madison's Bloody Nightmare. Enjoy! https://impactwrestling.com/2020/03/20/top-5-undead-realm-moments/


I love the weird and wonderful world of Impact. I hope Havok teams with Su Yung when she returns. That’s a solid team for the knockouts tag division, with a built in feud with Ragnarok. Even better if James Mitchell manages them.


Patiently waiting for the hopeful return of Su Young and wild murderous undead realm stories 🙏 Havok could return to backup Rosemary and Taya against the Influence then turn on them and leave Decay to side with Su. You could even parlay the angle into a second monster's ball between the four women in the future


I haven't watched in a while. Why did Havok leave in the first place? Non-kayfabe I'm assuming an injury but what's the storyline?


I haven't heard. Not an injury, she's wrestled on the indies. (Changed her hair even, more blonde now) My complete guess is just storyline reasons, they don't need her at the moment. Not everyone makes every set of tapings. I don't know if she's contracted, or paid per appearance?


It is weird as she’s not injured as working the indies (like madman Fulton) but is gone in impact…only they keep making reference to her being gone. Looks like a story, but not sure what the payoff will be. Weirdly her last match was a throwaway squash to Masha, that makes no sense as that could have been Mashas first big win with some build


i was really hoping to see some demonbunny..