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Sarah Logan currently chiseling a congratulatory tweet into a stone slab


Sarah Logan currently embroidering "Liv" on her MAGA hat.


Sarah Logan carving Liv's name on her blue igloo.


Sarah Logan spreading anti vax Facebook posts.


Sarah ripping down mask required flyers at the supermarket


Sarah telling all her Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by”


Ironically enough, Liv going solo was the best thing that could’ve happened to her. She’s always had fans, but her fanbase has grown much larger, she’s been more involved in high profile feuds with bigger stars and now she’s received the title as the lovable underdog along with her MITB. Hoping Ruby’s AEW career takes off a little more this year, was hoping she’d be one of AEW’s biggest female stars by now but she isn’t close to that yet unfortunately. I’d like to see her achieve something or have a big memorable match.


I love the Riott Squad as a group more than almost any other act but them breaking up was for the best of everyone involved. That being said what I wouldn't give for them to win some tag titles


Unfortunately she came in at the wrong time. She came in as a big deal, gets a title shot against Britt, and... Loses. Then she's in the TBS tournament, but Jade absolutely should have won, so... Loses. Ruby the person seems awesome and I like her. Ruby the AEW talent is presented as someone who I'm not supposed to get behind and believe in.


She didn't come in at the wrong time. Losing to Britt and Jade was fine. It's how little she was used after and the lack of stories for her that really hurts her and most women in the division. She should have won The Owen at DoN at the very least, which is still a baffling decision. She's one of the most popular babyfaces they got, I'd argue the most consistently cheered face behind only Rosa (Statlander is on a roll too to make up that top 3) they just don't use her enough consistently. But that's AEW's womens division booking for ya.


Man *anyone* besides Britt should have won the Owen Cup. Even completely disregarding any criticism of her in-ring work, the rest of the roster just desperately needs more stars to be built up and Britt already has so much exposure that the title does absolutely nothing for her (and seems fairly irrelevant for being on her). Seems like such a waste that Ruby or Toni didn't get it.


I just don’t think anything about her stands out. She’s where she should be as a mid carder.


A big reason for why Ruby was signed by AEW was to be a locker room presence (we hear that quite a bit in other sports too. Including the why should she wrestle and risk being injuried if she is more useful in the locker room). The results from her booking aren't that good, but at the same time I'm sure that everyone enjoy having her around. And in a way, that's what AEW wanted (and she can easily be a jobber to the star, even if could be seen as beneath her)


none of the AEW are presented as someone you want to get behind. Liv in AEW is midcard at best. 90% of the locker room is on the same level as her, or better. But WWE built her into a star. TK has no interest in doing that


No Overrated as Hell Jade shouldn't have won


Na she should have, build your own stars and like it or not Jade has everything to be huge star, her in ring is just green.


Agreed. She’ll get there someday, but too much to fast as it’s been reeks of WWEs shove this handpicked talent down your throat because we’re firing them into this spot.


I loved her run in Blood and Guts, I hope we see more of her with the guys against JAS


That is my hope too. Ruby vs Tay is a match I want to see and women involved in the general storylines and not relegated to some sort of a desert island of 15 minutes before the main event of Dynamite feels right.


Talk about hyperbole. Ruby gets too 3 pop for female talent. She's at the top of the card and often on TV even if not wrestling (see: her in the Eddie package). She is absolutely one of their biggest stars.


Their friendship is so genuine and wholesome. Very sweet to see.


Doesn't Ruby live on Liv's farm?


No. But I think she said in an interview that she lives close to Logan. Don't remember what she said about Liv beyond that she also lives in the country.


Squad Squad 4 Life! ![gif](giphy|ukCOjkjKaOudqVDUP5|downsized)


Me too Ruby, me too


My favourite wrestling besties. I will never forgive whoever is responsible for not letting them win the tag titles together. Hopefully one day somehow.


hadn't even seen the match but just by the title it's easy to guess who.


This is so wholesome 😭


Guessed it was Ruby before I even clicked


Boy I wonder who won going off that non spoiler title.


Absolute karma farm post. This is a 100% spoiler