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The crowd was right, she deserved it


I've never really thought about it but I like the look of the white briefcase


I think it looks 100 times better than the men's green one tbh


The brand color background on the women's titles also looks better than the men's versions.


I still think the blue Universal title would look way better if it kept the black stripe under the Ws from the red belt


I hope they give her a decent run with the title


she'll lose it in less than a month


You are unfortunately most likely correct, but a man can hope.


*hits Charlotte's music*


She absolutely deserves this. Everyone seems very happy for her.


Over the moon to see her as champ! Personally I thought Rhea winning the Raw Women’s Championship from Bianca, with Liv cashing in on her made more sense, but I’m willing to see where things go. Hopefully I’m pleasantly surprised.


That pop was epic


Such a genuine smile. So happy for her. It's about time.


I am actually very very much against this. Not because Liv doesn't deserve it, but because it's the most unoriginal overdone idea in WWE 2022: Liv cashes in same night 2021: Nikki cashes in the next day 2020: Asuka won, became champion by default the next night 2019: Bayley cashes in the same night 2018: Alexa cashes in the same night. Legit has been since 2017, the first ever Women's MITB, that its been more than 24 hours until the briefcase is cashed in. And honestly, I'm tired of it Pleases let a woman have an actual run with the damn briefcase


Not sure why you’re being downvoted. You can simultaneously be happy for Liv and frustrated that they have no clue how to book a Ms. Money in the Bank and choose the same cheap way out for years. (I’ll spot them 2020, Becky didn’t need to be taking any bumps to get the title off her.)


Happy for her but I am sick of these same night cash ins for the women


I'd rather a same night cash in than they just job them out like some of the dudes who get it in the past.


Yeah but none of the women even got that far in 5 years. It sparks the divison. Last year Nikki lost the title 30 days later and it meant nothing. Watch it happen to Liv now


I saw her winning the MITB but didn’t expect her to win the title so soon.


I wonder if she was so emotional on the way out because they said, “By the way, we’re thinking you pin Ronda” right as she was getting ready


Prayer circle here, wishing for Liv to have a long title reign.


It's been one hell of a year so far for Liv: first she has one hell of a showing at Wrestlemania with Rhea as a pretty good tag team, then she becomes a member of the Bullet Club adjacent (she's a Bullet Club member in my book honestly), then she wins MITB then becomes Smackdown Women's Champ! And this is only July!!


If she loses to Charlotte on Smackdown there might be a riot


Still doesn't feel real. I'm so happy


Stephanie McMahon being the new CEO has literally been the best thing to have happened to the women's main roster. Like damn look how different the landscape is. Not just Liv, but all the surprise shockers who been winning matches and getting title shots from Carmella having her singles title shot, to Natalya getting her title shot, to Dana beating Becky for the 24/7 title.