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That got real targeted, real quick at the end there.


"FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP" - WWE commentators when it's clear it wont be a pin for the championship.


Everytime something horrible happens "Well, switching gears" & they just completely changed tone. It's the equivalent of the "Oh no! Anyways" meme & it never feels natural to me




Yeah it was really weird when Kingston was burned with a fireball to the face and they cut back to the commentators who followed it up with “wow, well anyways here’s the card for next week”


Could it be? It is! My commentary pet peeve!


Calling out contrived nicknames for the sake of marketing. The LUNATIC FRINGE irks me to this day.




It's the big dog!


Lol I love when commentators ramble off on a random tangent. Plus BBQ sauce fucking rules.


Commentators insulting other commentators next to them. Joking about things during a match? Ok. Taz and Ex do that pretty well on Dark. But I literally DO NOT give a damn if Byron or Booker or someone makes a dumb call. At least theyre watching the match instead of paying attention to the other commentator. Anything that pulls you out of the match is bad commentary for that reason.


That’s more of a heel and face thing. Most commentators are gunna be a face, or at least neutral, but occasionally a heel will be thrown in. The heel commentator is gunna ham it up a bit to set a certain tone, and to show where they stand when it comes to a certain match. Bobby the brain is a classic example of a good heel commentator. In recent years don callis did a good job as a heel commentator in new japan. He was neural when it came to certain matches, but showed his favoritism when it came to Bullet Club, and more specifically Kenny Omega




Forced slogans and company-is s. The WWE universe, etc.


everytime the CZW commentator goes “CALL 911! SOMEONE CALL 911!!!!!”


*air horn goes off*


To expand on that specifically. When there's a match going on, and talk about other wrestlers and a different storyline throughout the whole match. Even when the match involves prominent wrestlers. The other is bantering with other commentators but yelling over people. Graves does this a lot, though a lot of their commentary has Vince involved, but specifically find him doing it annoying.


When commentators act like something is insane when it’s actually quite common. For example, whenever there’s a huge guy in a Royal Rumble and they all go “how the hell is anyone going to eliminate this guy??!?!?” or when they act like no one’s ever kicked out of a blue thunder bomb or something


I don't like when male commentators make comments about a female wrestlers looks.




They never do, or extremely rarely. For example when JR and Tony were talking about how attractive Anna Jay is and how they were hoping for a wardrobe malfunction. Now imagine they popped a boner everytime a guys butt cheeks came out. It's unprofessional.


Insulting the fans intelligence, talking about nonsense not relating to the match, catchphrases and fake excitement.


Honestly, anything about Draft Kings.


AEW plugs Draft Kings as if the future of their company depends on it


When face commentators are trying to justify a stupid thing that a babyface did


"To your point"




"Didn't get all of it" is overused on stuff that isn't immediately obvious to less hardcore fans. When the action is fast, whiffs aren't as noticeable.


I hate when JR doesn’t know something, name of a person or move, for example, or get the wrestler’s gimmick and craps on it making it seem like it’s stupid or beneath him to know it. It makes the wrestler look stupid.


Commentators getting confused by the rules or the lack of rule following. JR specifically is really bad at this. If you don't understand it then shut up about it. let your partner fill in the gaps, don't go shouting into the mic you don't know who is legal or why the ref isn't stopping the action. Also ignoring the active in ring content to talk about other fueds. I get plugging the card or sponsors but often times they will just ignore what is directly in front of them to talk about some other fued. WWE is particular is bad at this in general. The opening match still got to squeeze in two minutes of roman blood line discussion. Vince gonna Vince after all. Also Tony schiavone does this occasionally in AEW as well.


I love it when JR calls that stuff out, it really doesn't need to happen as often as it does in AEW tag matches.


Whatever JR has been doing lately.


When they talk about something that has nothing to do with the match in progress, like plugging the main event or another wrestler appearing later.


Corey Graves sucking up like a tool and not making it sound all that entertaining to hear like Lawler could.


specifically when JR says Sammy Sammy Sammy edit: JR is the GOAT tho


All of WWE lately just word vomit to reach a point to say the wrestlers name


Pat McAfee


Jr in general. Now yes is a legend, but fuck hes awful these days


I'm going to get flak for this but honestly Excalibur using the technical names of every move kind of irritates me. Like it's awesome that he knows all that and I'm sure he's a lovely person I just really don't like his commentary. (He is pretty funny with Taz on botchamania though)


Hearing Chris Jericho on commentary.


When commentary spoils the result early by saying the opposite during a nearfall "were going to have a new champion" = the champ is going to retain.