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"Fuck you all." -- Vince McMahon, 2022.


😂 he probably told them to say this to avoid getting ousted


I think he is so egotistical that he believes he is the best booker in the world and no one else can run things like he can


He did make God tap out... 🤔🤔


the fact that this goofy son of a bitch is simultaneously a billionaire and the most powerful man in the wrestling business is hilarious


>I think he is so egotistical that he believes he is the best booker in the world and no one else can run things like he can And it doesn't help that McMahon destroyed the territories, bought out WCW and ECW and made more than a billion doing so.


That was a long time ago mate. Current wwe with it's weird booking woud not be able to achieve any of that.


What I’ve realized is that they are booking for the marketers and the sponsors. They aren’t booking for the fans. It explains the weird booking.


WWE are so lucky that they’ve basically become too big to fail. Other companies don’t have that luxury and have to put actual effort in.


Wwe will not fail but it cannot tank any competitor company so badly that they go under and have to sell.


Yeah! TK (and by extension AEW) is too rich to be fucked over by the McMahon's, NJPW, AAA and CMLL is too established to be fucked over (remember when WWE tried to established NXT Japan and Mexico), while Impact and NWA are comfortable being super indies.


![gif](giphy|Vi4MRwWi9sYpi|downsized) “I ain’t fucking going!”


"WWE will die without Vince McMahon" - Vince McMahon, probably


Vince probably has it in is will that all WWE performers and staff are to be buried alive with him when he does die.


Pharaoh Vinny Mac


Pharaoh Vinny Mac II Let's not be rude and forget the lineage now.


Vince would definitely have a huge statue of himself built over his grave that shouts "Remember me!" like Bender in that episode of Futurama.


“Ernest, somebody call your mummy”


WWE Series Finale: Everyone vs Taker in a Buried Alive match at Vince’s funeral


Heel Taker!


Vince booked it like he's the babyface




Real life Mr. Burns


He doesn't even need it in his will, Prichard and Dunn will voluntarily be buried with him with their lips planted firmly on his ass.


Shove all talent into a limousine on RAW's season finale. We know what happens next.




This is a good way to spook the investors and tank the company if something actually did happen to him that didn't allow him to run things for an extended period of time. Edit: plus it is a sign of a poor leader if he has been in charge this long and couldn't come up with a good succession plan.


I mean I don't really think there was or ever thought of as a succession plan. This is a corporate business in name only its always been his promotion. He planned/plans on being in charge until he dies. Narcissistic yes but can't argue with the massive success. To have so many people proclaiming your product is not good while having record revenue and profit years 40 years into business is impressive.


“Vince, didn’t you buy it from your dad? It already existed before you.”


The McMahon family has been promoting in New York since the early 20th century. Wikipedia says Jess McMahon and his brother were promoting in Harlem as early as 1909.


Lol yeah this is absolutely coming from him


I really don’t think the success of the company hinges on him. Maybe HE wants people to think that. But the WWE brand sells itself these days. And the guy is 76 years old, he ain’t going to be around forever. Having seemingly nothing in places for a post-Vince era seems like a bad idea long term.


Yeah this screams something that Vince has preemptively put out to fight off any attempts to push him out


How could any such attempt ever have any chance of success? Vince holds the big majority of voting stock; he can't be pushed out by anyone as long as he's not under investigation for felonies or financial crimes.


There's grounds for the other shareholders to sue him if he doesn't step down. They'd have to prove that Vince being in charge is not in the best interests of the company and could harm them financially.


This dude will sell on his death bed to box his kids out and be buried in a tomb of worthless money. He doesn’t care.


This. He's a psycho who I've begun to suspect hates his children. He's going to sign a sale right before he dies that will be challenged in court and melt the company


Sells the entire company to the World Wildlife Fund, just to fuck with everyone.


Pandas win again 🤦‍♂️


Kevin Owens accurately [pedicured the company's future](https://mobile.twitter.com/FightOwensFight/status/1544402768328286208)


That future has some nice toenails.


Oh shit didn't realized the typo 😂


"The name on the contract says WWF, but it's not the World Wrestling Federation - it's the World Wildlife Fund! Our first order of business is promoting Kevin Owens to the role of President."


I can’t imagine anyone truly believes that if Vince died tonight, the WWE would be in trouble. If anything it would be the best thing that could ever happen to the company. You could easily put Heyman in charge of creative while Khan and probably Stephanie run the business side. The WWE’s biggest weakness by far is the creative side where Vince is heavily involved. But it investors did buy this nonsense, they should run far away from this stock, as they’re essentially arguing it’s a house of cards built on the health of a 76-year old who abused steroids for years.


I'm just basing this off interviews of him as well as what people who worked with Vince said about him, but I think it's a mix of two things. For one, Vince always wants to be in control of every situation. Many people said that he despises things that are out of his control more than anyone else. So being put out of control seems like he would naturally hate it. Second, I think running WWE keeps him going. Or to put it better, he thinks it keeps him going. For all his faults, and there are countless, the guy is a workhorse. He runs on like 4 hours of sleep and constant work for at least since he took over his father's company 40 years ago. Few vacations, constantly travelling, constantly working. People who used to drive with him in the car said it was constant work talk. Doesn't matter if you drove an hour or 10 hours, you constantly had to talk about work to him. What's someone like that to do when they are out of work? He could've retired a long ass time ago with enough money that his grandkids would still be set but he clearly doesn't want to. He wants or maybe rather needs to work. I think a guy like him would wither away if he left the business behind and retired.


Yeah I completely agree. It’s the complete opposite of what was said here: his existence depends on the company, not the other way around. The company will be fine and likely better without him. He’d likely die without it. Makes me think of Joe Paterno, who coached until he was 85, only to die barely two months after he was removed as coach. And of course what he was removed due to is something Vince was known to be guilty of by the early 90s.


Vinces mom is in her nineties and still kicking right? Hard to say if Vince will make it that long but with his obsession with fitness and activity he very well may but i also wonder if being a workaholic will ultimately kill him by his 80s


Also doubt his mother abused steroids as much


Only thing she abused was Vince.


Oof spicy


I think that was mostly Vince Sr. Vince was essentially an unwanted child from his fathers perspective. He left Vince's mom not long after he was born and took Rod, the other brother, but not Vince. He didn't meet his dad until he was 12 and didnt have a relationship with him until he was old enough to work for him. Also Vince wanted to be a wrestler and his dad (the promoter) wouldn't let him. A psychologist would have a field day with this dudes childhood.


No, Vince admitted in that Playboy interview that his mum sexually abused him.




Wasn't their horrible rumours that he was sexually abused by his stepfather?


Physically abused by stepfather Sexual abuse by mother


Haha fair point


She died this year, 101


Died at 101 years old https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/sfdfhw/vince_mcmahons_mother_vicki_askew_has_died/


So we know he's done steroids for years, probably some cocaine, he's 76, running a billion dollar company, all the stress from this might just make his heart finally explode.


>probably some cocaine You don't re-write an entire movie script overnight in the 80s with just some cocaine. You do it with a lot of cocaine.


Vince has been holding the company back for the better part of 20 years....


That is not something I would like to hear as an investor.


For real. He ain't gonna live forever. Then what?




I bet HHH is counting three minutes.


Did I just hear someone say, THREE MINUTES?


Three minutes of "Playtime!" ![gif](giphy|zs4voEOa3fGKY|downsized)


HHH sits awake at night with his My Time theme playing on his Spotify.


That theme was a banger


Absolute banger. Nothing would be cheekier than the two of them to walk out to My Time the first show after Vince leaves/quits/passes away.


The tribute show when Vince dies is going to be an absolute spectacle.


It's going to be a thing, that's for sure.


"Is it time for me to go over yet?" "No."


Vince has been working on the singularity on his spare time between midnight gym reps.


When he's dead he won't have 80%+ of the voting power. Maybe "hinges on McMahon" is only because he could go nuclear before he leaves if they force him out (if they even can)


I just can't imagine its wise to tell your investors "Hey, if this guys not around, were fucked."


WWE built a cult around this guy and many in it's leadership are just yes men who have served Vince for years.


It's just WWE trying to scare investors into inaction. Then again, investors only care about $. They won't do anything unless it is the option that generates the most return on their investment.


Imagine having all this time to plan a contingency in the event a 70+ year old man departs the company as leader, and in 2022 you say the company is screwed without him. No words.


Also it's, like, a blatant lie? WWE would continue to exist and thrive if Vince would fall over dead tomorrow. Sure the direction might change, but probably not for the worse.


WWE: "Our company is fucked if Vince ever dies or something happened to him"


"Much love, fuck you all- VKM"


The funny thing is that it's not. And facts are facts: the major contribution that Tony Khan brought to the American pro wrestling scene is that actually Vince is not the only guy who can do it on the big stage.


I think the idea that AEW can be considered any kind of competition to Vince in such a short timeframe is all the proof you need, and given that WWE has all the heavily entrenched brand awareness and fan support is obviously a factor.


But AEW really isn’t competition. They kind of exist in two separate silos. WWE is an international marketing and merchandising company more than anything else, and AEW is a wrestling promotion.


They’re obviously not on the same level, but as a direct entertainment product there is clearly an element of competition and this is the closest any wrestling promotion has come to the WWE in quite a long time. They’re relevant in a way that is significant and got there very quickly. Who knows what happens ten or twenty years down the line, maybe AEW becomes a media powerhouse, maybe they fizzle out. But the ultimate point is that if you can get that kind of progress that quickly from essentially nothing, you can put someone else at the helm of the WWE and still make a relevant and successful show given that they have a massive advantage.


That’s fair


Even without the allegations, saying your company hinges on a increasingly frail 76 year old staying as leader is not the smartest long term play.




They at least have term limits




Or Supreme Court justices that are literally there until they croak.




Diane Finestein is more or less a corpse propped up by staffers putting a pen in her hand and telling her what to vote for.




And built in successors who’s primary job is to be alive if the president dies.


More like the US Legislative branch. No term limits for those old dinosaurs…and an ancient turtle…and Texas dog shit that would rather be in Cancun.


Dude, Feinstein is 89 and has officially filed her intent to run paperwork. How the hell is that woman even standing?


Didn’t some of her staff express concern about her abilities not too long ago too?


Yeah, she seems to be having memory problems... Age limits honestly would be so much better than term limits in most cases


Well that’s not legal under the ADEA, which extends to local and federal governments and was passed by…congress. The only hope would be term limits, which would likely have to be passed by…congress.


This is just legal boilerplate protecting them from shareholder lawsuits. They know the stock will drop after Vince dies or is forced out. If they didn't have this warning when the stock does drop shareholders could sue them for not notifying them that Vince was so important to their business. Since they have this warning they can absorb the drop and say we warned you.


Vince is a rough looking 76 too.




Nah, people didn't used to live that long very often.


The US has only had four presidents in their 70s; two of them are the Trump & Biden, and Truman left office at aged 70 and 98 days. The average age assuming office is 55, as is the median, and the most common ages are 51 and 54 (with five each).


Honestly, I don't think the success of the company actually hinges on him. They just are convinced it does and even if this doesn't call an end to his involvement, time eventually will. And because they have to be aware of it, there are contingencies. But I could be naive here thinking anyone has thought ahead. Companies can and do outgrow charismatic leaders.


Just look at Disney and Apple, both companies that did big things under their well known figure heads but that reached far, far greater heights without them.


I mean, Walt Disney has been dead for 55 years. Not really the same thing. Disney also went through about 20 years of being ‘lost’ as a company after his (and then his brothers) death before Michael Eisner became CEO.


Kind of funny, but I was reading that with Eisner being the example. I once masterful leader who eventually was driving the company into a creative black hole. Then Bob iger came along and surprised everyone by making the company bigger and more influential than it's ever been.


Eisner has an interesting and controversial history as CEO, which is far too complicated to get into in a SC thread about Vince, but basically the first 10 years or so of Eisners run are universally lauded, it’s the last few (after Frank Wells’ death) that aren’t so loved and downright hated by many. But there are a lot of things that happened towards the end that are straight WWE storyline worthy. Such as Roy E Disney (Walt’s nephew not brother) conspiring with Comcast to try and get Eisner kicked out by launching a hostile takeover bid. Because Roy E was not being involved in company decisions, despite him only being an honorary board member and not an executive. But the spin on this in public is what was a lot of the anti Eisner sentiment. We didn’t know how it all went down then, but a lot has come out since about how poorly Eisner was treated by rival media as they were worried about Disney getting bigger. Which Iger (one of Eisners right hand men) eventually did anyway. There’s a lot more to the story (the failure of EuroDisney was a big part), but the ‘SaveDisney’ movement is what did Eisner in.


Have you read DisneyWar? I'm assuming yes, but if not, you definitely should.


It's a good parallel, but Vince is no Disney. He's had his moments, but he's also had plenty of duds, horrid ideas and long stretches where he struggled to connect with audiences. He's 100% replaceable.


And replacing him would be an improvement


Financially Apple has done well, sure. But creatively they've been dogshit ever since Jobs passed. And I don't meant that as a pro-Vince statement as much as it is an anti-Tim Cook statement.


Eeeh. Tim Cook set them up to succeed against Google in a way that Google absolutely cannot follow, by marketing data privacy to the extent that their handset software actively blocks marketing trackers and social media companies. He's not flashy but that's a master stroke because Google's entire business model hinges on data gathering. I'm not an Apple guy, but that's a brilliant move.


It's a huge win for ethical business, but I'm not sure how much trust it's built with the average consumer. While a lot of more knowledgeable users will credit Apple for data privacy, I don't think the average uninformed person would ever consider Apple any more or less reliable than the other big tech companies. Ultimately, the number of Apple purchases made on the sole grounds that they respect privacy more than Google or Amazon feels like it's fairly slim. Also, while it's a strong ethical move, it may not be a strong financial move. There's a LOT of money in harvesting data unfortunately.


I've hated Apple products since I was a kid because you couldn't game the same on them, and the completely closed ecosystem meant everything was $$$. Their data privacy push is about the only thing they've done since then that broke through my bubble, and definitely made me less of a hater, so PR alone it was pretty powerful IMO.


Average person just knows blue bubbles go brrrrr.


I really think you're selling modern-day apple short here. Debatable, but switching basically their entire Mac lineup from x86 to ARM was a huge thing that will have reproductions in the tech space for decades to come. It's not sexy like a new iPod or some kitschy consumer electronic that Steve Jobs was fond of, but its impact is far greater and will likely be looked at on par as a game-changer such as the iPhone.


I think people severely underestimate how much the M1 means to apple and how much of an accomplishment it was. Like it say, it’s but flashy but the repercussions are huge


> that will have reproductions in the tech space friendly reminder, the word you're looking for is 'repercussions' But it's a good point. Apple may not be so much the innovator that they used to be but it is a trendsetter; adopting ARM could upend intels hegemony in the computing space


I don't actually own any Apple hardware so I can't speak for any of that, but I think Apple TV is the most underrated streaming service in the game so all I can say is they got that going for them.


Yeah Tim just made apple the biggest company in the world. Makes a billion in profit a week. Changed how online advertising works. Is moving Apple into finance, which will enable people to buy the car they are making. Oh he moved Apple away from intel and had grown the Mac business while the segment stagnants. Then you have airpods which is a bigger business than Spotify. Not to mind the entire service offering Apple now has with music, arcade ,icloud and Apple TV+. Yeah Tim is a awful alright.


I do think that’s probably where Apple has been successful overall. Their curated user experience across multiple devices has really helped lead the way on this. The actual technological improvements over time will progressively slow down and matter less, but improvements in user experience are going to continue to matter as much or more than ever as progressively more people continue picking up devices. I’ve had mixed feelings towards Apple for a long time. I’ve owned a fair number of their products but I’ve also owned Windows and Google based products. I recently got an iPad Pro because for the price it was the best value on what I was looking for and I’ve been kind of impressed. For example, Apple is seamless. I save a picture on my phone and it’s basically instantly available on my iPad, I don’t have to do anything other than open my photos. As someone who draws and might want to save reference images at any moment where I find something I’ll want to draw later, it’s fucking wildly convenient that whether I have to use the phone or tablet to display the reference, I have it with me regardless of where I found it. The “It Just Works” slogan caught a lot of flack for being as obnoxious as it is, but it really is a part of their user experience. Their products play nicely among each other with no real effort at all and even if you pay a premium for that, it can feel worth it for the end results.


WWE is already financially well and creatively shit with Vince in charge. Him leaving can't make it much worse if at all.


Actually as a pro-Android/Windows guy I've been thoroughly impressed with how Tim Cook has been running Apple. The new M1 line has been absolutely spectacular and really pushes the envelope on how well ARM can do. iPad OS and, to a lesser extent, iOS have been maturing well. The integration between iOS and Mac OS is way greater than what I've seen with Android and Windows. Just because Apple hasn't re-invented a whole new product category I'd hardly say that they've been creatively dogshit under Tim Cook. They've done a lot of good work.


The fact the revenue is almost guaranteed, it's probably a great time to have Vince leave and bring someone new in as it'll remain stable for a few years if not go up, which would install confidence in the new CEO. But if the stock takes a dip because "the guy" isn't in charge anymore, it'd be seen as a big negative.


I 100% believe the company would actually be more successful without him. It is a fact that they are struggling to attract a younger audience. Vince’s old fart humor and his animosity toward his audience are big factors in that.


If you look at TV writing and wrestling booking as a whole there is literally 0 reason to think there is anything special about Vince tbh. Stephanie McMahon's children could determine that Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns will make money If investors ignorant about good writing and pro wrestling want to buy into his self-marketing that ignores all the people that helped him and make less money when this goes full DeShaun Watson, their loss lol.


I get what you're saying but all most stockholders know is that WWE is literally the most successful wrestling promotion in history and Vince has been in charge for forty years. They aren't ignorant of good writing and pro wrestling. That just don't care. Revenue and profit is all that matters.


What happens if he dies suddenly Would they just dissolve the company? No? There you go. The hospital called


Even WWE knows it's not true but Perception is reality. they just want to hold the company hostage for with the idea if they back off from McMahon now,they will lose money . They just want people to believe it's true so they can't go against him


Tony Khan made a wrestling company from scratch. And as much as I love AEW, its not like hes had any super creative ideas or brilliant innovations. WWE has the structure in place (tv/streaming deals, touring experience, merchendising deals). To replace Vince, you need someone to handle the business side (Nick Khan), be a figurehead (Stephanie) and have someone head creative who knows a little about wrestling and storytelling (HHH, HBK, maybe dozens or hundreds of others). Obviously Vince made it a billion dollar business. Im not saying anyone could do *that*. But now that the system and brand is in place, there are lots of people who could run it (or split his jobs up) and be successful. Hell, with Vince aging, Id say theres (relatively) tons of people who could be brought in and *improve* the company.


I read that as "his standing as a leader" meant that if he is in poor standing then the company can't be successful. No?


The last time a billion dollar corporation outgrew its charismatic leader my favorite wrestling company died. :(


That corporation didn't really outgrow Turner so much as Turner sold it and retired.


Vince McMahon could honestly be caught raping a woman on the board room table and he would be running the company from prison.


His last minute rewrites might be harder to pull off in the joint


The stock price barely fell 2% today on a mostly flat trading day (Dow lost less than a quarter point, nasdaq gained less than a quarter point) Investors don’t really care, it seems, because Vince pays this stuff out of his own pocket and it doesn’t fuck with the company money. If he used company funds or tarnished the company name (impossible because 90% of Wall Street thinks pro wrestling is a bunch of dumb carny hicks in the first place), it might change. Most investors literally only care about profits and not morality. A lot of anti-weed boomers don’t mind making money off of those reefer stocks, either


"Then, now, forever." - Vince McMahon explaining to investors how long he intends to stay in charge of WWE.


To paraphrase CM Punk, at this point, WWE is succeeding despite Vince McMahon, not because of him.


I don't think the first part is true. It's a machine at this point and while there might be a bump it'd keep on rolling


I don't think it matters what is true, he's just trying to give WWE's commercial partners second thoughts about trying to force him out


Exactly. Facts and logic don't apply to this. Reality is, Stephanie could take over for good and they'd be in a solid place. HHH taking over TV would be good for people who want the product to change. This is all about them showing loyalty to their fearless leader.


Of course it's not true. It's preemptive corporate p.r. speak to get in before large institutional shareholders start to demand Vinny Mac leaves WWE completely.


This language has been on the potential liabilities section of their stock report pretty much since they went public. It isn't something put their in response to current events.


And the way its worded is ridiculous. Its something like "The sudden death or departure of Vince McMahon and his inability to create fresh new characters will be devastating to the well being of the company"


So basically they're trying to create a giant firewall around Vince to protect him from any repercussions. "Oh, WWE can't survive without Vince! It'll be the apocalypse!" Heard that same shit after Steve Jobs died, Bill Gates leaving Microsoft, Page and Brin stepping back from Google, etc. All of those companies have done quite well for themselves I'd think... Problem comes back down to Vince controlling so much of the voting rights within the company that it will take a mass apocalyptic revolt across the entire business and partners to force him out forever. Including and especially the talent revolting


WWE: We sure could use more mainstream attention *finger on monkeys paw curls*




Imagine how good WWE could be without that dinosaur in charge. Imagine a week without the evil foreign heel gimmick and wobble cam.


10/10 he comes out showboating tonight on Smackdahn again




Marks be like: ![gif](giphy|MUeQeEQaDCjE4)


"WWE would be nothing without Mr. McMahon. He is a central and highly integral part of the continued success of this company and removing him would not only disrupt our current momentum but it would it also effect the sport as a whole" "Sir why are you wearing a headset during this meeting?" "......Mr. McMahon says to ignore the headset and just listen to what I'm saying"


This is really sad.


It’s clear Vince thinks he might be pressured to go. Releasing a statement like this is a telling move. Don’t think it’s true in reality for WWE, but if an established company actually hinges so much on one person, then it’s not that successful or stable. Not a good look whether it’s a legit statement or just a PR thing for Vince.


Vince is going down swinging no matter what. This is a complex issue.


This wasn't a newly released statement. It's in every SEC filing released quarterly. "Admitted" is the journalist's word choice to make this seem damning but it's not new information. Also, fuck Vince.


Yes I expect just like Disney fell apart and was never seen again after Walt, Apple collapsed after Jobs, Marvel never did anything without Stan Lee and Ford stopped making Cars after Henry that WWE would shrivel and die without Vince McMahon's constantly evolving, dynamic creative vision.


"WWE has admitted" aka Vince himself.


This is strange phrasing by USA Today. As a publicly traded company, WWE is required to report its risk factors to investors. Every quarter, they’ve always listed the loss of their CEO as a potential risk factor. A lot of companies do this, losing one’s CEO is obviously a huge risk factor for any company. This headline makes it seem as if this is a recent communication from WWE to shield McMahon against penalties of the investigation.


WWE would be just fine without him. Let Stephanie do the business and let Triple H do the creative.


“I am the fucking WWE!” -VKM


If company success hinges on one individual then the company has failed horribly at being a god damned company.


They make it sound like if Vince goes, then WWE will go out of business tomorrow.


Do they know he won't live forever? Much like the roster itself, they don't need Vince.


Does *Vince* know that he won't live forever?


Man straight up has Walt Disney syndrome.


Its been in the shareholder prospectus since the day they went public. This is not a new thing but it is obviously getting more attention. This was the I [tweet](https://twitter.com/darrenrovell/status/1545507746602254336?s=21&t=OUfKi3M7gUpg6tpElVu6Pg) I first saw it and I posted it in another thread.


LOL. Did Disney die when Walt died? Did Wendy’s die when Dave Thomas died? Did McDonalds die when Ray Kroc died?


So in other words, they've admitted that when he dies, the company is fucked?


Their success is based on a guy who's 76? Maybe not the best long-term decision there


Stock holders should just start to sell. Dump all WWE stocks because they are a toxic company headed by a serial sexual harasser. Bill O'Reilly in all his peak power got dumped from Fox News for the same thing more or less, just higher settlements. I was done with WWE with the first Sports-washing propaganda show in SA. Fuck that blood money and that brutal genocidal regime. (Genocide would be Yemen for those curious). I love the performers and wish I could support them in their individual efforts like streaming, but cannot even do that without giving money to WWE. Let them keep their monster wandering around and make excuses for him. Let the cultists cheer for him when he comes out. Let the hypocrites try and claim they separate the man from the product, but we know that's not possible. It's VKM and WWE are one in the same as long as he is not removed from the company completely.


WWE would improve with Vince gone. I 100% believe it.


"Our stock price should tank as soon as this one 80 year-old pops his clogs."


I can imagine a lot of older fans dropping WWE when Vince loses his position.


That’s the majority of his audience


If you don't think there's a contingency plan in place you're a fool. This is a power move to pressure the board to protect Vince, not that he needs it as all this ruckus is for nothing and he can't be out voted.


Mate, they re write entire shows minutes before showtime. There is no plan b. It will be a vacuum and there will be all sorts of maneuvering from within. I think that's what we are already seeing play out right now with the attempted take down of Stephanie and HHH.


Doesn’t it seem weird to tell investors that about a 76 year old? I mean he’s going to have to step down or pass away at some point in the next 2 decades, regardless of this news.


Stonks only go up. The genetic jackhammer never goes down.


WWE noticably did not admit that Vince McMahon will, in fact, die at some point and they've no goddamn plan from there.


They’re not wrong.


> the success of the company hinges on McMahon's standing as its leader You, uh… You really want to put that on the record?


Proper Boris Johnson energy, this.


If I hear this as investor, I’m wondering how fragile your business is if it can’t survive without one person who is 76 years old…


That's definitely gonna inspire confidence.


I’m not going to pick on individual posters, so just going to make a blanket statement as someone with some involvement in the market and a general understanding of how it operates…. There are a lot of breathtakingly stupid assumptions in here, and even worse, many being debated as if they have any merit. Spoiler alert - the investors that matter didn’t fork over millions because they think Vince is a God, or because they appreciate his booking during the attitude era, they are invested because WWE now is a series of diverse revenue streams globally that arguably has merited the “too big to fail” moniker. Yes Vince is somewhat unique as not just the head but he is associated so greatly with the company and is one of the true faces….but as evidenced by the blip of a dip thus far, the company is set to continue to succeed regardless or be swallowed into another media company and potentially even be more profitable for investors.


Nah get that trash human out of there


Then the company falls with him. Deal?




Said report was delivered by a Mr. NohamCm who looks suspiciously like Vince McMahon with a fake mustache


Vince wanted the best of both worlds. He turned WWE into a publicly traded company and became a billionaire, but he also configured the company and the stocks in such a way that he could still run it, in many ways, as if it were a privately owned company more or less. So many folks may not know that there is actually 2 different types of stock in WWE. The way Vince set his power up within the company is by having these 2 classes of stock A & B. The Class B WWE stock is a special version of the stock that is reserved for the McMahon family only and which includes ten times the voting power as Class A stock. Also all Class B stock gets automatically converted to Class A stock thus losing its extra voting power anytime it is sold by a McMahon.   Also a bit eye opening is looking at the family percentages in WWE at least from a 2016 SEC report. So while Class B stock is what is only reserved for the McMahon family. Stephanie McMahon only has a 2.47%, Linda McMahon has 0.7%, with all but 100 of her shares being Class B, and back in 2013 Shane had about 2%, but by a 2015 SEC report it showed that Shane no longer held any Class B stock and only some Class A. It was assumed that one reason he may have liquidated all of his Class B stock was to contribute to his "You On Demand" ppv company. With the special voting power that Class B stock has (10 times that of Class A), Vince McMahon sits alone at the mountain top with his 83% voting power stake in WWE.


Classic WWE, not building stars for the future.