I’ve 1000% been girl number one before. My card didn’t work to pay for my luggage fee for an airline home, and I couldn’t get a hold of anyone on my cards end. I still remember the lovely front desk lady who waived my luggage fee. Definitely sent her manager/corporate an email about excellent service (minus saying she waived my fee - didn’t want her to get in trouble just in case!)


You’re so nice!


Shhhh, don’t say that too loud…! Lol but I’m glad you think so!


your secret is safe with me... and a gazillion others here on the sub ;)




I work on an island with no other accommodations available and very few ferries to take you off the island. When guests check in with cards that don't work, and they aren't drug addicts, we pretty much take the chance and check them in. If we didn't, they'd have to sleep in the parking lot.


Probably a Travel Hold. Sometimes the bank/lender will see a card being used outside the normal area for the card, and will lock it to prevent fraud. A quick call will usually unlock it in about fifteen minutes.


Cards not working, this is nothing to do with hotels, but in Europe, pre-Brexit. (I’m from the UK). Travelled from France to Spain, plan was for two people to get a train from the border to Barcelona airport but we decided on the spur of the moment to drive to Barcelona, have a lovely lunch then go to the airport. In hindsight I should have realised I didn’t have my bag with ID and proper credit cards and maybe this wasn’t a grand idea. We were in a hire car; I dropped off the people at the airport. They had A) hired the car - though I was a named driver for insurance- and B) had paid all toll charges from France to Barcelona. On the return journey my Dissolute cash card didn’t work at the first toll in Spain. I don’t speak Spanish. They didn’t speak French or English. It was torture. I was in a car which wasn’t hired in my name, I had no passport (Schengen rules applied) and no other form of ID or payment. After around half an hour with the toll booth operator and a manager they managed to charge the card through some manual procedure. I then immediately left the highway, drove to the nearest town and took out as much cash as I could. All other tolls were paid with huge euro notes, I ended up with a bag full of coins but at least got home in France. How we laughed when I retold the tale to the Barcelona airport couple.


I love All was well stories! they must have been so relived. and they didn't try to make it your problem. <3


I went to check into a hotel last year and my first card was declined. I couldn’t figure out why but I went ahead and used the other card. I looked at my bank online, and found out that adding the new hotel would exceed my limit! Because I’d just been to a quilt shop and bought 3 x what I’d planned not even looking at the receipt. It was the best quilt store I’d ever been to, and I went NUTS! Felt embarrassed trying to use the other card. Reading this Reddit has told me so much what NOT to do to poor front desk folks.


I'm still in mourning for a certain Manhattan quilting store. The ladies on my hotel's front desk smiled seeing DH dragging in the bags 😂


The beautiful thing about banking in Canada is Etransfer. If they are both Canadian, girl 1 could simply Etransfer any amounts to girl 2. Think Venmo,cashapp or PayPal, built into your banking, (usually) without the fees.


I think that was what they agreed on, sorta.


As someone from the States but livesnin Canada, my Canadian debit card doesn't work in the States because it's connected to the bank systems, not the credit systems. I'm not sure US card readers can access the Canadian banking data, you know? Maybe they're getting better about it now but I just have a standard credit card for travelling in the States anyway. The other issue is if it was some sort of credit card as well, the banks here can be very picky at making purchases out of your usual area. Fraud protection and all.


My Canadian card works fine in the US. One thing we do have is automated fraud detection though. If these girls don't have a history of travelling and the system sees their card used far from home, it's possible the system locked it out suspecting fraud. A phone call fixes it though.


I can't remember the last time I tried to use my RBC debit card in the States to be honest, but probably before the pandemic. That being said, I just generally don't trust using it anyway because I like the better fraud protection that credit cards tend to offer. The number of times I haven't had to sign or put in a pin number or just plain old had my card taken somewhere in the States is worrying.


My Canadian Debit Card works great in the States & even in Jamaica since 2018. But that's TD. All you usually have to do is call your bank & ask for international restrictions to be lifted - as long it's a major payment network, such as VISA/Mastercard, you should be good to go after it's done. EDIT: fixed tautology.




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I wonder if it was set up for chip+pin only, and chip-only or swipe+pin (which are more common here) didn’t work.


Nicely done.


If she was trying to use a Canadian debit card in the states, that’s why it didn’t work. Our credit and debit systems are separate. You guys run your debit cards on the credit card networks, they’re basically credit cards that are linked to a bank account.


Canadian debit cards have difficulty in the States. Not all cards, not all the time, but Murphy will be watching.


So one girl’s card didn’t work and she used her friends card. Then you rented an available room to one of the group. Life in the fast lane surely make you lose your mind


Wait, whose mind was lost?


They're oversimplifying your encounter because they weren't amused by your tale, and instead of just clicking the next one they chose to be like this.


Oh. It be like that, I guess…


They're just a troll. Ignore them.