Explain to the girl that there appears to be something weird with your billing system and that she seems that she might have been charged twice. It is nothing you can correct from your end. Ask her to monitor her credit card statement and if ther is a dual charge to dispute it with her credit card company.


This might be the best course of action, considering banks are the only institution I've seen in 9 hears of hotel work that can release holds and reverse lodging charges without even talking to the hotel


I don’t know. One gets processed as a no show, the other gets processed as a check in. All the boss would have to do is show that the girl has two reservations and one reservation went into no show. No shows aren’t always a win for the hotel (maybe my luck is shitty lmao), but it runs that risk.


"Hey, bank. Yes, I had a reservation. When I checked in, they typed a bunch of stuff and had me swipe my card. I think they might have made a second reservation and charged me twice!?! Yes, I did stay there. I'm not disputing that. But I only had one room."


I think that works in her favor, she’s obviously not a no show. It’s an error in the system.


A kid threw up in one of our rooms last night. Boss told AM to charge the family $1K. And he wonders why we have piss-poor reviews.


$1000, what? I had someone throw up all over a room last night. We did not charge him extra.


It was a baby, so it couldn't have been a lot. He was told over text, and he said "what is wrong with people." AM and I were like... it's a baby who had food poisoning. Chill.


My adult guest threw up everywhere, bathroom, carpet, walls by bathroom...felt bad I couldn't move the roommate. He got caught cleaning up after the sick person and we were sold out. Totally missed toilet, sink or bathtub.


Oh god, I was the puker in a scenario like this once - I’d had surgery that morning, it was outpatient but the hospital was too far from home to drive back that evening so my mom and I stayed in a hotel. I had a delayed reaction to the anesthesia and out of nowhere was violently ill. I made it to the bathroom but not to any receptacle, and my poor mom spent the next hour cleaning it up. She left it spotless, though…


I was at a convention in a Major Hotel (that kind of rhymes with “chariot”) and came down with a norovirus. Note that this was —pre-Covid—. I was very sick all over in the bathroom. The housekeeper was chill about it, cleaned up no problem while I was snoring, and received a $10 bill tip in addition to the usual tip. I did NOT get charged extra by the hotel for the mess.


report him to His boss.


His boss probably endorses the practice. Sounds like a shady place, OP. You can either not do it and risk getting grief or being let go, or follow his instructions, but tell everyone who has an issue with being double-charged that your manager makes you do this, and direct all complaints to him. If he has a business card at the desk, give it to them. People like your boss never want to be held accountable for their crap, they want to collect their blood money and sit in the back and jerk off while the desk catches all the grief and anger from their shitty business practices. This might also result in you being let go for "not being a team player" or something along those lines, but you want to quit anyway, right?




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Yeah, that's a terrible thing to do. Even in my most crabby of moods, I wouldn't charge her for that other reservation.


Imagine a grown man who hasnt improved his lying. Thats him, he spits lie after lie like a kid and any sensical argument u make he will confuse u and gaslight you lmao


Think he'd notice if you swiped a bad CC(like one of those reloadable gift cards) and "oops, the CC on file declined when I tried to GNS it"? Anyway, if he's trying to steal from you by delaying your checks, either go for the kidneys, or go to your state's labor office.


+1 to kidney suggestion.


Why not both?


Make a call to cousin Vito.


Call the hotel's franchise. They will definitely want to hear about this. If privately-owned, call local news.


Your boss is an asshole. I did a similar thing in France, where both me and my partner booked a room in this hotel online. We realised it and so when we got there, we asked if he could refund us. He said unfortunately it was third party and he couldnt, but said that the bar and restaurant were open until 11pm (it was now 9pm) and he said "Go wild, and we will not charge you for anything". That is the sort of manager you should be. Nice.


For future reference, you can usually contact the booking site and the may refund you. Not sure if this is how it works everywhere but in my experience, the booking site will contact the hotel and see if the hotel will give the money back to them, and then the booking site will refund you, but I imagine it depends on hotel policy, and region.


At the end of the day, if the registration card isn't signed, the guest will win a chargeback dispute. Especially if the guest was there in another room. Also, find out how and when the reservation was made. If it was done through a CRS or SRS, the guest can literally claim the brand, or the hotel, screwed up when making the reservation and not only issue a chargeback, but demand a full refund for attempting to rob her. I had this happen once.


Contact your local labor board. They'll be able to tell you how to proceed in a way that won't get you retaliated against or in legal hot water. But definitely get the hell out of there ASAP.


Check the recording consent laws wherever you are and, if legal, get yourself a little "spy pen" that records audio and video. I bought a few before I found one that actually has good enough quality to be worth using. [ispypens.com](https://ispypens.com) is where I got the good one from. Don't bother with Amazon products. Anyway, you can use that pen at work and just switch it on when your boss starts asking you to do shady stuff. I keep mine at work for recording interactions with guests that I think might turn sour. Always good to have evidence of what was said or not said.


He probably needed the numbers. Maybe he was trying to fluff up the STR or something - Who knows. But it’s a shitty thing to do


Technically it should get charged as a “Cancellation Penalty” and not a “No Show”. I would speak with the desk and be honest with that was said from your boss and tell her to refute the second charge with the bank.


Document everything. Screenshot. Photocopy.


Better Business Bureau


BBB is a racket that attempts to come across as a government agency.


BBB is Yelp for old people.


I dunno, Zipcar tried to issue me a lifetime ban 5mos into a year I paid for, saying there's nothing to be done and I won't be getting a refund. Something about my "driving record" but they couldn't tell me what (nonsense). Reported to BBB and now I have my membership back through July for free, as they also processed the partial refund. So, if it's Yelp for old people, maybe I'm old now.


UPS. Old person here. I useBBB. What is yelp🤪


Yelp is a scum-bucket of a business and I hesitate to call them a business.


Online reviews from customers. A business can pay to have bad reviews removed.