The results of the first 2 games of Friday (100T vs C9 and TSM vs EG) are going to be very crucial to TSM securing TOP 2

The results of the first 2 games of Friday (100T vs C9 and TSM vs EG) are going to be very crucial to TSM securing TOP 2


As long as we come out with a top two seed I’m gonna be really happy with the season. Top two seed means one Bo5 win to worlds.


Im mostly interested to see how we stack up against EG, they've been growing stronger lately and while I'm not dismissing C9/TL I think EG is more of a playoffs threat. The team is also (by their own admission) very mentally/mood-reliant for their performance, so a solid showing against EG at this point in the season would bode really well I think.


Yeah EG’s late season surge is always a good thing headed into playoffs. I would even peg EG as a dark horse to come in and win the split.


2nd seed in NA for tsm means another 0-6 lmao


Our 0-6 run was when we were first seed.


yeah IDIOT


100T vs C9 is a win-win for TSM. If 100T lose, it gives us a chance to tie for first place. If they win, it helps TSM secure top 2 by putting C9 in the hole.


Let's 3-0 this week so we can spend next week playing alternative strats for playoffs.


I literally made the same thread 3 hours ago :D


Oh damn, I didn't see it until I woke up and then made it without even scrolling the sub posts, my bad.


I guess this one has a different implication - if 100t win and TSM win, then TSM only needs 2 more wins for the season to secure top 2 (and that's assuming one of the teams below us go 5-0). I think if these 2 results go our way, top 2 is basically secured (time to int?)




F that I want one win to go to worlds.




Mate we literally had the miracle loser's run playing 5(?) Bo5 to win and we went 0-6. Also, World's is a Bo1 format which is a diff beast than Bo5.


I personally would rather have our last 3 game schedule than the other 3 teams.


But we are crap vs bottom tier teams... So... I seriously don't know.


So it's good we're playing vs c9, 100t and EG then! Edit - Oh we were talking last 3 games, right.


EG is looking really hit still. Don't know if we can take it.