Yes, TSM main roster will not play 1 game till spring split starts


I think Huni also isn't in the US right now, at least I heard Spica talking about it recently. Not sure if that's still the case though


Ya know ... people seem really accepting of this fact. Don't teams have months of offseason to get shit ready? Seems like a huge missed opportunity to have a new team play together, before the games actually matter.


Yup. It's the org's fault that this happened, they had plenty of time. It's honestly a bad sign but I don't wanna be a jinxer. Anyway, we are already in disadvantage cause every team is and has been practicing already while ours has next to 0 practice. It's gonna be a rough few weeks in LCS, I'm afraid. But hey, hopefully I am wrong and they somehow mesh incredibly well from the start. We shall see.


Anytime I see this type of comment it just screams you've never had to deal with anything government related. We're still in the middle of a pandemic, with visas taking forever. TSM doesn't just tell the governments when they need the visas and order them around, you wait around until they choose to give you it


I don’t understand how they don’t plan in advance though. Like you have to assume that they know how long visa stuff takes, and there should be a way to get it figured out such that your team can play. It sucks as a fan, bc I really don’t give a shit about the academy team, and now I have no interest in the lock in tournament.


Because it's been max 3 months since they secured the two players? How long do you think getting a visa takes? Do you know how many people are asking for visas on a daily basis? Like it's not hard to understand why teams have visa issues lmao Newsflash, getting a visa was already slow before a global pandemic, and it got even slower with a pandemic.


I wonder if there are visa issue problems in traditional sports right now. Probably are


Yeah, it’s hard to blame the teams for that I guess. You would think that something with the resources of Riot / TSM would be able to figure out how to get them processed more quickly. Do we know if the team will be ready by the beginning of the regular season? What’s our starting roster going to be this split? I’ve been checked out since playoffs.


They already are getting them fast, it takes people a long time to get a visa, if anything they already got a quick turnaround. Are starting roster is in the sidebar


Makes sense. It just seems to me like they could work with the govt and be like “we have x number of players on average coming in around x date, pls be ready to receive our applications and review them expeditiously.” Maybe it’s a govt problem and not a riot / TSM problem though!


You obviously don't understand it if you think the government cares that 2 chinese players are coming over to play league of legends lol


Honestly I’m not to worried about this since spring split doesn’t have much impact other than the end score. I would call spring honestly off season if it wasn’t for that fact.


Dunc and Dominic both said acad roster will play whole tourney. Also it seems Huni is still in Korea and being "green card gapped" according to Spica. He achieved his LCS NA resident status by time spent in NA not by greencard(u can check wiki to see this) so he didn't have a green card and is probably either currently struggling to get a visa or green card.


All’s I know if we have to deal with Viper as our top laner it’s gonna be rocky to begin with.


I hope he gets back in time. Wouldn't like to lack synergy for the season start.


This got me curious. I'm assuming he would have been over here on a work visa. While you can renew those, they do have a maximum time limit. Huni did go back to KR for a year, but otherwise has been in America since roughly 2015. The typical max stay for a work visa is 6 years. I'm really hoping this isn't the problem.


Surely one of the largest and most successful esports orgs in the world would not have just overlooked the potential for visa issues for their starting top laner, and would have taken appropriate preemptive action well in advance to be prepared for this, right? Surely...


I really do doubt this is the problem, and I am making a lot of assumptions. I was just looking up information and found that interesting.


They had a whole announcement addressing this question, which was shared on here