yeah but TL and c9 just fucked their rosters at the same time so not really that impressive with given context. good but not some amazing thing




Yeah that’s true. I guess it is a failure with the 3 mil lost from the SA deal and not making worlds but DL way overblows it


League is a weird game dude lol


Its kinda awesome that Keaiduo plays exactly the style that Meteos mentioned, although I would say he is probably going to be better than Damonte lol


and also arguably from what weve seen he might be the best farming midlaner or top2 ( his cs numbers are insane ) which is great for a playmaker cause that means he is insanely efficient in lane considering he also likes to roam arround


I've watched almost every game I could find from him from the summer. His team was horrible and he was always there making plays with his teams. Even as bad as they where he was the clear best player after there toplaner got promoted he was second in total kills. I think people will be really suprised by how good he is. Very seldom did he make a mistake and I dont remember a game that his team lost that was on him.


and from what ive seen KD is a pretty damn good laner, farms extremely well while also roaming and shit


We're just calling him KD now?




Please make this a thing


I hate Kevin Durant can we please pick a new nickname I’m actually begging


he averaged 30 on your favorite team


Don’t assume, he could be a bandwagon Lakers fan too!


Yeah I’m definitely not calling him KD. KDO is cool though


I can fuck with that


Yeah for sure - Damonte but good is pretty much the ideal mid to play around Spica and from what I've seen on Keaiduo, that should match up perfectly


And yet the two managed to finish 2nd and 1st in the regular season Sadly tho they finished 4th in summer playoffs Bc of mistakes


Seems weird, wasn't the choice to field POE in part because Doublelift requested him? I mean, as it's been said, yeah in hindsight it seems obvious but Doublelift is saying they'd never work out so it's odd that TSM went for it.


POE was pretty much the only available mid laner that had top 3 capability. They really didn't have much options.


Pretty sure multiple sources have said Jensen applied for mid last year and was rejected. So 2 of the top 3 were options.


Jensen signed his extension within a week of Worlds 2020 ending, so no he wasn't an option.


Didn’t Inspired sign an extension this year too?


What does Inspired signing an extension with Rogue have to do with Jensen signing his extension last year?


That a player can sign an extension and then still go to a different team 🤷🏻‍♂️


You are correct that he signed within a week of Worlds ending. But there were 3 days in-between Bjerg retirement announcement(10/24) and Jensen reported to re-sign with TL(10/27). I do not remember the places saying Jensen applied unfortunately but TSM definitely were looking and getting the word out prior to the announcement video. As we all know TSM takes a while to edit videos before releasing so there were more than 3 days for talks to occur before Jensen re-signed with TL.


Isn't it also possible that Jensen signed his extension on 10/24 or earlier? Hard to believe that TSM wouldn't have taken Jensen if he was available and interested.


I would like to think so. He signed at the time for the highest salary in the LCS so you would have to think they were hashing this out for awhile.


there was absolutely nothing involved between TSM and Jensen last year.


TSM made a lot of bad choices with roster moves.


Well the other problem was having huni, pretty much your mid don't like to play for top side and jg/top loves to get resources. PoE makes sense for team that plays around mid/bot


DL says a lot of shit, assume hes in a constant state of indecisiveness. The guy can tell you why he loves a certain thing then call you a noob later for no reason.


so you tell me spica will be even better this season ..... I just wanna say this since i watched some games of Kduo , if he ends up being the player the team believes he can be then Spica is MVP and imo we prob win the lcs thats how deadly that duo can be playstyle wise.


We are the dark horse and I'm pumped for it


Why is this even being posted? I thought it was quite obvious to those who watch LCS last season and I'm sure that most people in this subreddit already saw this problem


I think its posted as one of those ironic dlift moments, because he wanted to play with poe and spica together. I think entertainment wise double is great but sometimes the man has 0 self reflection.


It's being posted because it's the GOAT of ADC NA talking about one of our players. If anything, why are you even questioning the vid?


You don’t have to qualify that with ADC, he is GOAT in NA period.


Keep coping buddy. He said ADC because the GOAT is Bjergsen.


I disagree even though I respect if people say bjergsen is the goat of NA. The reason why I like DL in that position is that he always wants to hog resources and be the carry; I agree he’s choked a lot at international events but I’d rather take someone that constantly tries to hard carry rather than bjergsen ,who yes mechanically was better, but in my opinion never really got to see the pop off games in his peak at international competition. Also having bjergsen on the team never meant winning LCS, having DL as history shown since S5 means ur winnning the game. I think DL figured out at least in NA how to win the game on his own, but bjergsen liked to be the stable highly skilled mid laner which I also respect but I personally pick DL


That isn’t even up for debate. DL accomplished more both internationally and in LCS as the main carry and focus of his teams.


Accomplished more what? Bjergsen actually won an international trophy whilst the best DoubleLift did was getting into MSI final


A trophy that didn’t have the best of Korea or China at the tournament.


Koo Tigers were the best of Korea at the time. They were undefeated in Korea that split at the time. But they were knocked out immediately, massive upset, and TSM did not play them in that tournament. China's best however was indeed not there but their representative I believe was a playoffs team the split after IEM. Doublelift has accomplished more domestically but internationally Bjerg has. Bjerg has made it out of groups. Doublelift has not. Doublelift actually has a much worse win rate at worlds too than Bjerg. The GOAT debate has merit on both sides but when I think of NA's greatest I think of Bjerg personally.


Actually koo was considered the best of Korea at that tournament, the argument of china is correct though (WEs roster was considered weak). I doubt Tsm wins it if WE doesnt upset KOO but you have to play who makes it through so you really cant take away from the iem trophy.


It had KR #1 and #2. GE was #1 and got upset by WE and CJ Entus was #2 and lost to TSM in group bracket. The only game TSM dropped in that tourney was to Flash Wolves (while they were still Flash Wolves). That tourney was basically MSI without CN's best team. But the CN team that ended up going knocked off KR #1 in BO3 and KR #2. I'd say it is equal to the MSI run. TL did get the big upset that TSM didn't have the chance to make which may make their finals appearance equal to TSM's win from an impressive stance. But TSM dominated that tournament. TL limped into knockouts and then had a great upset before being ass-blasted in the finals.


Did TSM ever face a KR team that tournament ? Idk on memory


KR #2 CJ Entus. First time they ever beat a KR team I believe


I love how Spica's solved our jungler problem pretty handily. Bad news is that now we basically don't have a team he can work with :/


If you're saying for Lock-In, sure. But for the season, I think the team that's been built says otherwise.


He went from a scaling control mage mid in PoE and an indecisive ADC in Lost to having a roaming mid who lanes fairly well and Tactical, who we have seen can actually pop off and carry games.