Instinct farming raptors in that last fight was pretty pog


I couldn't believe it. He hits a huge ult to bait his team into engaging, then while GG turns it back around he's doing absolutely nothing. Got every single raptor though.


He's just a gigabrain and us peons can't see it. He knows that the fight is already lost, so he farms the raptors so the enemy doesn't get the free camp after winning the fight.


Oh man that frustrated me too much. It looks like our academy team also had coordination issues. Their target selection where Viper fixated on Chime when Jinx and Corki was free hitting was also bad


He would've had to walk all the way around to meetup with the rest of the squad and the fight probably would've been over by then. He was kinda zoning Stixxay from the fight too so it wasn't really the worst possible outcome. IMO it's either A) he made a mistake by choosing to walk down towards raptors instead of up towards red before the fight started or B) more of a failure on Yursan for flashing for an engage onto the thresh where the rest of his team isn't really in a good spot to followup. It's an interesting angle Yursan went for, but I can't help but feel like flashing to kill the support isn't worth when you then have to fight a Gwen in a jungle choke. or both. Probably both tbh.


It frustrates me that he didn’t walk up, his team bought a lot of time wit there stopwatches red/white aphelious could go crazy in that choke.


thank god hes a academy shitter and not on the main team


[In other news, main squad is building synergy at least](https://i.ibb.co/hd8HpDq/spica.png)


Almost too much synergy one can say


Not enough*


Yeah, *just* making out? Those are rookie numbers.


I understand that is academy team, so won't talk about their performance, but who da fuk is doing the picks? How in the world we gave corki, jinx, xin, Gwen ?


Can you guys relax? It’s academy…in Lock In… Far as I’m concerned instinct has never even played an academy game before? Anyway, hopefully these games taught them some things to learn from


They stomped C9A 2-0 yesterday and played very well. It’s insane seeing people flame them. As you said, it’s a lock in tourney… and it’s the academy team. The only thing that matters is them getting experience.


And GGS is a way more experienced team, with Tony Top being the one rookie, and some super experienced players like Ryoma and Stixxay. Our team is literally the flip with V1per being the only non-rookie. Chill, of course they’ll get schooled by much better and more experienced players. They’ll bring what they learn here into their academy games.


Im more concern about there booty drafts if thats whats coaching the academy team. So many games we draft terrible.


I haven’t been a fan of the drafts either, even in our wins the drafts were a bit sus


Don't get me wrong, I'm super proud of the academy boys, standing toe to toe against a roster composed almost entirely of LCS starters is commendable. That being said, it should have been a win, but Viper and Takeover were non-factors.


What are you talking about? This was GG’s Academy team with Stixxay coming back from retirement because their Acad ADC had visa issues.


All of GG aside from Tony Top has played in LCS before. More more experienced than our Academy team


Jojo hasn't played in lcs before this year and he's looking like a top mid. Same with Danny last year. That gg team might have more lcs experience...doesn't mean they are good.


But it does mean they have more experience and know, generally, how to deal with nerves.


Really fun game to watch, sad we didn't get the W but I'm happy with our academy team's performance! I didn't expect much more than what they gave us, so kudos to all the players and coaches on TSMA! Super hyped to watch our main squad play their first game in a couple weeks!!


This was against GGA not the main roster


4/5 of their players were LCS starters last year


which is crazy


Oh… well, still a fun game to watch! (Just trying to be positive 🥲 we need the good energy)


What date will the main squad debut?


I believe first weekend of February? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Feb 4th


the (academy) doomers are out in full force tonight looks like. losers


It’s all good. They fielded 4 players with LCS experience and we had players that haven’t even played in academy. Our team has a lot of room to grow


Have zero desire to watch the rest of this tourney after that. Down vote me to hell but I can speak for a good amount of people on this sub in saying that can’t wait for it to be over and we can actually see our starting LCS line up play against everyone.


I'm honestly not even watching. No disrespect to Academy, but that's not what I'm here for.


Those juicy raptors in Instinct’s pockets


I hope this isn't an indication of our draft priority come regular season, opt-ing into corki Viktor matchup on the Viktor side seems really troll.


Considering 0 of the players from our roster, nor our coach are having anything to do with these games, it's pretty safe to say this won't be out draft strategy.


I don't think that our Academy team is so divorced from the main team that there is going to be a complete split in draft ideology, also its obvious that this is some kind of scrim/meta thing as many teams have opted into this exact match up. I don't want TSM to be on the dumb side of the split. In the end its just an idle thought. I am looking forward to the real games with the real team :)


I do. Different players have vastly different strengths and playstyle. Having Huni on one team and V1per on another literally is such a massive difference in drafting availabity. Say Jayce is the strongest toplaner on a patch. You'd pick Huni it every chance you get. You wouldn't do the same for V1per. Not picking on V1per but that stretches to every role on the team, just to a slightly lesser extent. Plus bearing in mind the main team hasn't been able to practice with the academy team much yet - it's unlikely the academy team will have learned much from the main team and will likely be going primarily off of their own decisions - so the main team haven't influenced their drafting ideology yet. It's quite a jump to assume there will be any overlapping between ideologies with these two primary factors. If the LCS team and academy team both stayed exactly the same between last year and this year then you could ignore the 2nd main point. But the first is still a big factor. If anyone involved with the main roster was taking part in the academy team stepping up then there would be some call to be worried in the poor drafting. But just having the same 3 letters before their name doesn't automatically make them have the same ideas and philosophies on how the game should be played. That comes with time being under the same org - which has been minimal seeing as most of the roster only recently came to the US, and the main team will be focusing on their own improvement/solving the communication barriers instead of trying to teach the academy team which is (correctly) not the primary focus of the team.


Viper missing that Ult on Thresh ruined that fight at Rift Herald to attempt a comeback. Also a pretty weak draft. First three picks GG got were all first pickable.


I mean even their last two picks of thresh/jinx were first pickable. That draft was absolutely abysmal.


Thresh was actually the only bad pick, at least in NA, it has a shitty win rate. Everything else was over 70%.


Thresh is first picked in LPL and LCK. It’s perfectly fine in that comp.


> Thresh is first picked in LPL and LCK. Lol...so is Jayce and NA Jayce is a thing...clown.


TL is also picking thresh when it’s open. It’s picked in LEC also. It’s a good pick especially based upon the current adc meta. Idk what you’re missing.


NA supports being bad on it during this tournament? What don't you get lol. You don't draft on how well other leagues do...you draft in the meta of your own league.


I said thresh is a good pick in the current adc meta. That meta is the same in the LCS…immobile late game carry’s (aside from Caitlin). Core and Elya did perfectly fine on thresh. It’s an academy roster trying thresh, a champion which most high level players are decently proficient. Thresh is 100% first pick viable depending on the team.


Viper with another weak performance on a champ with 0 impact. So tired of this player


Graves can have a huge impact if played well, it just wasnt.


his academy play has been pretty decent


Yeah he's definitely good enough for Academy but not quite there for being an LCS starter. Kind of makes me sad because there was a point where he could have been one of the next "big" NA players.


Watching Instinct farm raptors instead of free hitting Stixxay tilted me hard.


Tired of this team giving up. Corki, Jinx and Gwen to other team.


playing against corki in general just looks like pure suffering how in the world is it not a perma ban?


Feels like the academy team is not on the same page.


Not a single player from TSM academy is ready for LCS. I believed the Takeover hype from this sub but wow. And the games are so damn boring, holy shit just go ham for once, this is a pointless tourney.


He was hyped for his assassin/melee play, this meta is dogshit for him.


So why not play it? We just saw jojo play tryn mid....


Instinct needs to hide from CEO.


I can’t see where the Takeover hype comes from haha. Also Hyper seems pretty underwhelming. Ah well, it is what it is… Can’t wait for LCS Spring Split to start :D


Question sry Is the lock in Important? Does the "normal" lcs start soon? If yes the Ranking in lock in have impact on the regular Split? Thanks!


Lcs starts in february, lock-in is pretty much meaningless as it doesnt effect the season, its just a tourney before the start


I See, Thank you appreciate it


actually eliminated and 10th place lol wow


IMT went 0-4, so TSMA would be 9th.


much better, phew.


Everyone keeps talking about the valuable experience our academy team is getting playing and I couldn't agree any less. Our main team is younger than our academy team. They NEED this. If everyone can skip a tournament and expect to beat liquid who despite green card issues is still fielding their best team. I don't understand Bjergsen fucking playing in academy he's training so hard and we're gonna get our booty's smack come playoffs. Yea sure this tournament doesn't matter. Yea if you're trying to lose.


Our team literally wasn't in the country my guy. It isn't like we chose not to play our main team, 3/5 of them had slow ass visas


4/5 of our team was here for an entire week prior to this second week, and huni landed in time to play. I've seen mlb players traded get on a plane and play the same day for their new team. Tsm for whatever reason didn't feel the need to get this extra practice when we could've just ran 4 starters plus viper. I already know ill get mass downvoted by the academy homers but I think it was an awful decision from management to come out and say academy would be playing the full tournament.