luckily for Travis baker, license NOT needed to receive facials


So if Tooners goes back to Texas , he can be arrested for Tugging without a License then?


Well it wouldn't have been legal for him to call himself a massage therapist or say he was doing massage therapy. If he just called himself massage the rapist then i guess its not a big deal, you never know with the time piece dude. Point being massage therapy is a treatment, while just for shits and giggles massaging is just relaxation. Paid sexual services are illegal as well in texas as far as i've understood. Tinys just too stupid to not know what could've been an excuse. Of course massage therapy isn't "disturbing" either so his whole speech was stupid as all hell. Not that sex work wouldn't be work either but i guess since he is g4p it is disturbing to him.


Laughed so hard when even he called it disturbing.