I still can’t get all the marker off bc I have mega dry skin and it loves to soak it in. But I’m elated! My surgeon was Dr. Liebman in Philadelphia. He kept my nipple nerves attached and trimmed down the Areola and lifted them a little.


Thank you so much for mentioning his name and technique with the nerves. This looks fantastic!


I feel like ever since I scheduled my consultation the universe has been providing me with so many people that have the EXACT look I've been dreaming of but couldn't put into words, and it's got me so ridiculously excited to finally get my surgery done. You look great!


Hell yeah! I’m so thankful for this this thread for that reason! Good luck ❤️❤️❤️


Wow!!! Your results are absolutely gorgeous. I hope you don’t take that in a fem sort of way, just in terms of scar shape, nips, and overall you look so good. Love your tatts and hair also. Congratulations dude!


Thank you so much! I tattoo and make art @notyourboyfriends_tattoos on IG if that’s your thing


Congrats! I have surgery w Dr. Liebman next week! So happy to seek that I have good things to look forward too! Looks awesome!!


So excited for you!!! His staff are great. I will say at the bustleton location where I had surgery there were a couple older women nurses who were not great about pronouns, but incredibly sweet and caretaking. Like literally put crackers into my mouth when I woke up and were holding my hand saying how well I did. Also my favorite was an older gay named Daniel who had gay/trans pride pins all over his scrubs who was very funny and sweet. From check in up until I passed out from anesthesia there was a lot of lightness and humor from everyone that made me feel relaxed and excited.


I had surgery with him last week and just got my drains out today. Hoping I look as good as you by next week!


Looks sooo good!! 🌟


Thank youuuu


Hell yeah! You look incredible!


Thank you! 💓