Who did you piss off?


Yep. Someone hates OP.


That, or just parking in an area where there’s an asshole.


Or OP parks like an asshole.


If everyone you meet is an asshole, you’re the asshole


We are all assholes billy




Not just for breakfast anymore


If everyone you meet isn’t an asshole, you’re the asshole.


Better to be pissed off than pissed on


I dunno about that. I'd prolly let Gisele Bündchen pee on me 🤷🏻‍♂️


Better than R Kelly


Secondary question to thatwolfieguy’s most important question: As pissed off as you may be and as much as you want that to be the focus of this post … gut reaction goes to thewolfieguy’s question immediately followed by: “What did you do to piss someone else off enough to do this three times?”


Third question is: “Should you reflect on that?”


The first day I brought my brand new truck to work, someone scratched my paint opening their door. I started parking all the way in the back of the parking lot after that.


Ever since I installed sliders my truck stays car door and shopping cart ding free.


This is the hidden benefit not many know about when you go sliders!


Can they be any angle, or is there one that works better than another?


I absolutely love my RB20 boards from Go Rhino. They’re sturdy, look great, and protrude the perfect amount to catch wildly swinging doors. They’re just a pain in the ass to line up since they have 4 attachment brackets that you need to adjust on the truck side and the step side


Are they mounted to the frame like real sliders or the body like the side steps?


They use existing holes in the rocker panels


I absolutely loved my RB20 boards… but they are not made to go off-road and beat up. I was coming down a trail with a rock embedded in the dirt (it was weird, couldn’t see it on the front side) and all the weight went onto it for about a second or two, enough to break the brackets and jam into my tire. I got extremely lucky it didn’t pop the tire. I run CBI rock sliders that bolt to frame now and I love them.


That's what I love about my dominator D6's from them. Sit nice and high. About the only thing that could ding my doors is a lifted truck


I've got an idea. I'm going to install six inch wide steel wings about eight inches up from the door bottom and down the full length on both sides of my truck. I'll call them Wing Dings!


I hadn't had mine for two weeks when my sister opened the door into a pillar and dinged it. She always laughs it off when I bring it up (it's been over ten years) and has no clue I've been holding that grudge..


Tough to do but you gotta let that shit go. Or your truck will last longer than you.


I appreciate the solid advice. No worries, it's not that deep. My Taco has accumulated many imperfections since then, so I'm over it. Just a typical little sibling grudge if that makes sense.


No matter how far away from the entrance I park, someone will always park riggght next to me.


According to this sub, that's what other Taco drivers are supposed to do!


That happened to me back when j bought a brand new 2004 first Gen.. Not even 2 months old, our sorry ass Admin Assistant door dinged me... And didn't even have the courtesy to let me know


Ya this is a little different then a door ding. This was definitely intentional.


Yeah, you obviously pissed someone off.... That sucks, there are some real assholes out there


Thought it was just me! First week I owned my truck someone clipped my mirror


I did that until I got my cats stolen bc of that lol. 3 security cameras, but can't prove it was them since everyone is wearing a mask now


Just go drive around in the Arizona desert for a few hours and it’ll match the rest of the scratches


Desert pinstripes!


Beat me to it. Mine looks like freddy ran his claw down it.


Can confirm


Ahh, Arizona pin-striping. Everything in Arizona pricks, prods, or pokes.


Also works in Nevada. Can confirm


Same. Western Nevada?!? We should wheel


I’d love to I I used to wheel constantly outside Reno when I lived in California. But I’m well away from Nevada now :(


Lol who downvoted me? 🤡


My copilot ran my through manzanita the first day I got my truck, the first feeling was “nononononononononono” which later turned into, “yeah, that’s exactly what I got it for, check out this pinstripe here!”


The person or persons keying your truck are a holes but since it’s happened multiple times then you have to question whether it’s something you’re doing or the location. Even if the location is ghetto though it’s more likely to get your tailgate or catalytic converter stolen than keyed.


Definitely someone has it out for me, I keep to myself so I’m not sure what I did lol


Are you parking like an asshole by chance? Say at costco


I make sure to park in the corner spot to avoid shit like this


The corner spot is for my Dodge Neon. Park there again and you'll be wishing I only keyed your car.


Fuck I knew it


Best of luck to you


Appreciate it, looks like I’m gonna have to install a real deal camera system on the truck to at least catch the fuck


I installed a front and rear dash camera and parking mode wire harness so it can record when parked if I wanted to. It's a great investment to if you ever get into a car accident. I got one after getting rear ended and afterwards I have caught some A hole driver near misses as well as a homeless dude throwing a frying pan at me. If anything, I think the camera being visible deters people from messing with my truck.


Probably a Ram guy stickin’ it to the “import” Kidding, of course. I’d be pissed, sorry you have to deal with that


I like how everyone's knee-jerk reaction is just to assume that OP is being an asshole. People are psychotic man; people will just damage other people's shit for no reason at all, just for kicks. Remember how people used to key people's Teslas for no reason? Yeah, people can just be dickheads, doesn't always mean there was a specific reason for it.


This is the answer. I live in lower-income area that is predominantly Latino (if that matters? Idk) & I find my 1st-Gen being messed with regularly: beer cans & full diapers thrown into the bed, once found a full trash bag, smile faces drawn on the windows out of dirt, & then my door handle being broken & the horn wire cut from someone apparently trying to break in. All of this LITERALLY only happens in this area. Nowhere else. Stores, shops, places that require me to park my truck in this part of town & leave it unsupervised, I'm guaranteed to come back & find something. It's not always a matter of who you are, but rather where you live.


And where is this? Just want to make sure I avoid it.


the Spring Branch area of Houston, TX Lot of my family attribute it to the large population of Central & South Americans (as opposed to Mexicans) living here (but I wager that moreso has to do with their personal biases? Idk) Others say that it's just the people in the neighborhood that suck Others say that it's the poverty (but it doesn't really LOOK poor...if that makes any sense?) Idk. All I know is that I never liked this area & have always had ugly interactions with people in it, & only moved here because of financial hardships at the time -- that I don't expect anybody to understand -- & I couldn't be happier to be moving out in a few months. (pardon my constant usage of "idk")


I dated a girl in high school who was a spoiled rich bitch. If she went somewhere and came out to a vehicle newer or nicer than her truck parked next to it, she would key it. People suck.


It’s also funny because even IF OP is an asshole or has committed some assholery - that doesn’t justify keying their vehicle. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by people being fucking dickheads.


>Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by people being fucking dickheads. ?????


It makes sense if you don’t think about it


I stopped thinking about it and I think you may be right


Don’t attribute malice to people just being plain diskheads


Yeah, exactly. Two wrongs don't make a right. I ride motorcycle and if I got pissed off and keyed everyone's vehicle every time someone cut me off, merged into me, or pulled out in front of me, I'd be keying people's cars all damn day. Just move on with your damn day.


As dumb as it is, Tesla's are politically divisive. Tacomas aren't really known as that. The fact that it happened three times is a good sign that it's not random. Like if you said you went to Wafflehouse and got punched in the face, I'd say wow that tracks, If there was a restaurant where people were going to punch someone in the face randomly it would probably be a Waffle House. But if you said that this is the third time that you went to a Wafflehouse and got punched in the face, I'd question what you're doing that is causing people to punch you in the face. Because once is random three times is no longer random. I'd be expecting that you're walking in there saying "what up my hard R's?" or that you yelled at someone about getting your order wrong or something and then coming back saying "I don't understand why."


When I had a Jeep, I came out of a restaurant just in time to watch two burley rednecks hide an empty beer bottle behind my tire. They were giggling something about Jeep owners and then got in their truck.


Vincent Vega said it best: Lance: Still got your Malibu? Vincent: Aw, man. You know what some f***er did the other day? Lance: What? Vincent: F***ing keyed it. Lance: Oh, man, that's f***ed up. Vincent: Tell me about it. I had it in storage for three years, it was out for five days and some dickless piece of sh*t f***ed with it. Lance: They should be f***ing killed. No trial, no jury, straight to execution. Vincent: Boy, I wish I could've caught him doing it. I'd have given anything to catch that a**hole doing it. It'd been worth him doing it just so I could've caught him doing it. Lance: What a f***er! Vincent: What's more chickenshit than f***ing with a man's automobile? I mean, don't f*** with another man's vehicle. Lance: You don't do it. Vincent: It's just against the rules.


yea i agree


Cameras and fuck the person up


Seriously though, I feel like fuckin with someone’s car is worse than treason


Just take it down a few offroad trails and it will fit right in with the other scratches.


Damn those jealous frontier owners


Funny you say Frontier when I just got a brand new 2023 TRD Tacoma and I was driving a 08’ Nissan Frontier for 10 years.


Hey I just got a new 2023 Tacoma as well! I traded in my 2014 TRD for it I hope you are liking it.


Dude it’s the best thing I ever owned lol. Got the premium package, black out package, and my color is Lunar Rock. How you liking yours?


The bad thing is I have already started to order some mods for it. So I have another long expensive path with this one.


I hear that. Next I want are black rims.


Nice I like the Lunar Rock color but they didn't have what I wanted in that color. I am liking it a lot so far, I got another TRD off road like my last one but this one is white. It is loaded it had some things I didn't even know they had and I got a good deal on it so I am happy. I did feel sad when I was at the dealer and seeing my old one out in the lot. I had it new so going on 10 years, was still in great shape and had done a lot of actual truck things with it and some light off road.


Yea I love the color. Oh very cool, TRD’s are the best. Awe 🙁 I bet. I’m about to sell my Frontier. Going to miss that girl.


I have a 22 Frontier, my neighbor just the other day accidentally backed into it with his Taco. I drove an 07 Taco for 15 years prior.




Hey totally random question, Were you satisfied with the frontier? Any particular reason you chose a Taco over a third gen? I was set on another Tacoma but the dealers killed it with markups for me, ended up test driving the frontier and liked it, and found the Nissan dealer way easier to negotiate with.


Oh yea I loved my Nissan. Very first vehicle was a ‘02 Taco and then traded with my Dad for his ‘08 Frontier back in 2013. Always wanted to go back to a Taco and ended up finally getting one again. Yea I don’t blame you on that. My Nissan was great to me. I’ll sure miss her.


Are you banging someone’s old lady?


Well now we know OP got the house in the divorce


Man that sucks i would be so pistoff i would setup a camera get them on video.


Time for some 24/7 dash cams


I had a car absolutely attacked once - keyed on all sides, tires flattened, eggs - one of the first nights I had spent in an apartment that I had moved to. About a week later I noticed there was a car that was exactly my car but very slightly different parked down the street and I think, to this day, that vandalism was meant for that car and they got mine instead. Sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


A long time ago (I'm old), I was at a party at a college and I left a little early and when I got to the parking lot, every single car window was smashed except for mine. It was a huge parking lot full of cars, and it weirds me out to this day.


Do you have any bumper stickers that might piss off someone?


had two windows damaged on my 22 sport 1st yr in. one bashed all the way out the other keyed bad enough had to replace the entire thing. Humans suck ass especially jealous broke ones who target nice trucks


Stop driving with your ditch lights and fog lights on?


I need to buy some ditch lights first


Then ditch lights weren’t the reason!


I mean whoever did it could be anticipating he will get the ditch lights and decided to key it ahead of time.


That’s cold


Just pretend those are desert pinstripes from all the off-roaming.


Buy at least one dash cam. Maybe two to face both sides of the truck when you aren’t in it. Sorry this happened to you. Some people have no respect for anyone


Hunting (trail) cameras that you can mount to a tree and leave for a few days would be perfect for this.


You may consider moving, updating your group of friends, or stop ghosting your tinder rando’s


Boy, I wish I could've caught him doing it. I'd have given anything to catch that asshole doing it. It'd been worth him doing it just so I could've caught him doing it. What's more chickenshit than fucking with a man's automobile? I mean, don't fuck with another man's vehicle.




Must be 100% Dick🤷‍♂️


I had someone spray paint the side of my truck blue during 4th of July weekend. Luckily I had just washed it so it came off but people can suck


I got keyed from front to back on the passenger side, man was I pissed. It was in a Best Buy parking lot and I was towards the back because I try to avoid door dents. Just some random asshole walking by I guess.


99 problems and a bitch is one!


What do your bumper stickers say


Do you have a CAT shield lol?


Having had to just today drive from my beautiful mountain stronghold into the festering sore that is Denver, I can say without reservation that most people are assholes.


People hate other people with nice things.


Your fridge has scratches all over it and it never leaves the house


Honestly it might be one of those anti-truck or environmental lunatics that were going around slashing and/or letting air out of truck tires just because it’s well.. a truck.


Stop cutting people off or being an asshole to people and they will stop following you to scratch your truck


It’s been in the same place, not everyone drives like a teenager


Man you be pissing ppl off man. Are you sure your not an A-hole?


Someone must think so, it’s happened in the same lot everytime


Did it happen in the same parking spot? Someone might think it belongs to them.


It actually did and I think you might be right


Man, your insurance renewal is going to be cray, might even be a non-renew/sky high when you shop around.


Just to be clear, it wasn’t three random places I got keyed, it was one location that keyed me three times


Who’d you piss off?


Biden sticker on bumper??


I was thinking Gadsden flag or thin blue line flag.


i bet its your tires kicking up rocks and bolts


There’s a special place in the pits of hell


Somebody keyed my work car so I parked it 10 blocks away, where they found it and keyed it again.Thank Christ it was just a work car that gets pretty beat on anyway.


Stop cheating on ur girl lol


Have any bumper stickers or wear political shirts?


A lot of futurama gear, that’s about it


Your either park like an asshole or piss a lot of people off, my money is on the latter.


Time to stick cameras in that truck.


Show us the back window stickers and we will judge


That really sucks. I just traded in my 2014 Taco for a 2023 one. My old one had some dents and scrapes but those were badges of pride for me because I put them there using it as a truck. But something petty like this would bug the hell out of me.


3 times? mehbbe its you?


Do you have any bumper stickers? Where do you live?


Someone has you confused for someone else.


Go park back in the same spot you were when you got keyed. Then turn off the truck and lay the seat back. Wait for that motherfucker to come back. I would do this every day at about the same time that it’s been happening till I caught the cuck and shove the barrel of my Sig right into his forehead. Now if it’s a scorned ex.. sue the bitch once you get camera footage, or wait for her to swing first. I would also consider getting my truck rhino lined (spray in bed liner) completely.


Never drive a car so nice that you wouldn’t want to park it next to another


Yeah don’t double it and give it to the next person.


This is what you get for creating a post to ask, “What are the biggest sized tires you can fit on a stock suspension SR5 without rubbing.”


You got a hater


It’s someone closer to you than you think. Set up a trail cam or Nanny cam. You’ll catch them, good luck.


Get that rino liner paint. They will run out of key before it gets through it


OP is probably the twat in this situation. No one gets keyed, let alone three times


I would be furious


Yeah OP must be one of those that takes 2 parking spaces. I've seen it.


I promise I’m not for the sole fear of this happening


3 times that is.a pisssd ex


Embrace the drunken racing stripe look


1 might be random. 3 times? Odds are it's about you...


Man how many girls did you made mad!


Some redneck racist assholes threw paint all over my moms brand new car. Thank hod there was a car wash right around the corner to wash off before the paint even thought of drying on