That no “good” woman will ever be hurt because “the life of the mother” is paramount. First of all, it’s a lie—there are states with no wiggle room. Secondly, “life of the mother” means she has to be actively DYING TO GET HELP. So doctors will sit around and allow a woman with a non-viable fetus to get worse and worse before they’re allowed to help her. And a ton of women will die because of it. Personally, I hope they’re the ones who voted for this. Because these monsters only care when it happens to them. I said what I said.


You are correct. When Ireland didn't allow abortion, there were women with cancer who were not allowed chemo because it would cause an abortion. They would let the women's cancer get worse, and after birth many times the cancer would be too advanced to treat. There is no such thing as only banning elective abortions. That is an impossible thing to enforce. Attempting to ban elective abortions will absolutely, without fail, also effectively ban needed abortions


I think it's the same with things like environmental protections and medicine. People haven't seen what the waterways used to look like. Many diseases have been eradicated so they think things like vaccines and the EPA are bad. Now we have to deal with abortion bans. There's a reason they became legal. There's a reason Ireland legalized them. I have people who railed against masks and vaccines and used the 'my body, my choice' to not get vaccinated. Well, you got to make your choice and you just took away mine. I'm so done with people and I see how the Civil War happened.


The Civil War? I used to wonder how Germans let the Nazis rise to power. I wondered how they accepted all the hatred the Nazis spewed. While we're not at Nazi level, I see now how easy it can happen. A couple of years ago I felt like "...that makes you a Nazi" was an overly dramatic, unrealistic thing to say. Now, it's becoming reality.


I used to wonder, too. But people are suckers. It's been so hard to experience, especially as I get older and meet young adults who, like me when I was younger, weren't taught critical thinking. That learning came the hard way. It came out not too long ago that the RCMP sent undercover agents into small Canadian towns to try to lure young men into drug trafficking and domestic terrorism. Thinking back, I was approached several times. Apparently my inability to read people was balanced by an instinct to distance myself from people who wished me ill.


They accepted it because the hatred was already there. It's not like people suddenly started hating Jews, that was true for centuries upon centuries before.


Additionally people misunderstand what 'elective' means when it comes to medical treatment. 'Elective' basically means scheduled. It refers to any procedure that isn't used in an emergency to treat a condition that is likely to kill you before the end of the day or sooner if not acted upon. It doesn't mean the procedure isn't necessary to save the life of the patient. It just means that the procedure can wait a few days or weeks. It doesn't mean that the procedure is always unnecessary or cosmetic. Many elective procedures have a significant impact on the quality of life for the patient - like organ transplants, chemotherapy, transfusions, joint replacements, etc... in many cases delaying the procedure have severe negative effects on the patients, up to and including permanent disability or death.


That’s happening in at least one state, Wisconsin, right now. Oncologists are being advised to suspend treatment of their pregnant patients.


The real kicker that spurred Ireland into changing it's law ultimately stems from the death of [Dr Savita Hlappanavar](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Savita_Halappanavar).


Ireland ended up legalizing abortion after one such woman died because the doctors waited too long to attempt the abortion over fears of being prosecuted for performing an abortion when she wasn't sick enough. That will not happen in this country because the people in power do not care about women. Women will just continue to die.


No, but hopefully if enough WASP women die horribly while their MAGAt husbands and fathers scream at the doctors to do something, eventually the voter base will start to realize that we were right. Sadly, when abortion rights are reinstated in law, the bills will be written in women's blood. I feel horrible for saying it, but I really hope for a high profile case as soon as possible. Like, maybe a SCOTUS judge's kid dies or something. I hate wishing death on someone, but it really is the only way things will change.


The shit American healthcare system kills people literally every day and no one seems to give a shit about that, these folks will just get tossed into the same pile and shrugged off as the cost of freedumb.


Unfortunately, the truth is that any high profile case (e.g. anyone connected to a SCOTUS judge, or GOP office holder) will readily have easy access to the healthcare that they need, including abortion. They will either hide it (like I'm sure most politicians do with the women they knock up outside of marriage) or they will thump their bible and the constitution to show how that abortion was righteous and not for "fun" unlike all the other "unclean" women.


"My abortion didn't count because....." All of these loose liberal women having sex for pleasure... I was raised right! And I mean to the RIGHT. But I won't let that stand in the way of my affair....it's okay because I'm married....


I'm not sure that will do it. I've experienced more hate towards liberals in the last week than I have seen in months. Over things that aren't even politically radicalized at the moment. They will blame that liberal doctor. "That Dr did this out of spite. S/He could see my wife is a good Christian married woman."


My husband said that Ireland cared enough to change after Savita Halappanavar died. He said, just you watch - a hundred Savitas could die here in the states and the Republicans will not change their minds one bit.


a woman died 7 months ago in Poland from sepsis after being denied an abortion. How timely a reference do they need? Well, we will see deaths so there you go,


If they cared about death they would of cared about covid.... I don't believe they actually care about the loss of a fetus either.


Although there is the disgusting fact that some women actually support this because of whatever bull shit religion…these men will never have to. It’s a non issue for them. There’s no lesson to be learned. Ever.


It's not like those beliefs ever actually stop them from getting abortions. When they have a problematic pregnancy for whatever reason they feel justified in seeking an abortion because they're a good person in a bad situation. "the only moral abortion is mine".


Well even before this, the U.S. had the highest maternal mortality rate among developed countries.


Sorry, I don't believe you qualify for "developed country" status anymore.


Guess were trying to break our own records...


Just got told on another thread that terminating an ectopic is not considered an abortion so there's no need to worry about that. My medical records would care to differ.


My three “Spontaneous Abortions” make my medical record agree with yours. (How a natural miscarriage is listed, in case someone doesn’t know)


"California allows up to 7 days post birth to abort" People really are dumb.


Yeah there’s a lot of “full term” or “post-birth” abortions nonsense out there from “pro-life” people. It’s a complete lie but that doesn’t matter to them.


I've heard from many former friends who are hard right leaning that PP offers late term abortions (as in 6+ months or later) and they fucking hate their tax money going to that. If you tell yourself a lie or hear a lie long enough, you'll start to believe it, I guess.


I was about to say "well their tax money going to have to go to welfare and social services instead" but then I realized that even when more families inevitably need welfare or more kids end up in the system, the funding for those services probably won't increase...


Not to mention tax dollars can’t be used to pay for abortion services so…


I found out recently that this goes as far to mean people in the military or otherwise covered by TriCare have to pay for abortions as if they're uninsured


I didn’t know that, but it’s not surprising! I hope they make exceptions for ectopic pregnancies, etc.


I have tried to disprove this so. many. times. They don’t believe me. I thought “late-term abortion” and “post-birth abortion” would be the easy to disprove- like no, doctors don’t kill a fully formed, healthy baby because someone “doesn’t want to be pregnant or have a baby anymore.” They swear it happens all the time, and the organs are sold on the black market. ???????


I remember years ago a guy "snuck into pp" undercover and filmed someone talking abiut the proces of fetus parts. I wish I could find it


The fact that there is no evidence that it happens is just proof of how powerful the conspiracy is


This myth that there are *any* women at all carrying a pregnancy to term and then just...voluntarily deciding... to abort at the 11th hour! Or "post-birth"! That does not happen. Period. Or that any doctors would allow that? Total bullshit. And they believe it.


Wait, what? People actually believe this? If you spent about 2/3 of a seconds worth of brain power on this you would realize that this cannot possibly be true.


I had an argument like that once. Guy believed that thousands of babies were being killed because they were disabled, in post-birth "abortions". Said that PP was practicing eugenics because of Margaret Sanger. Dude just, didn't believe that anacephaly, harlequin syndrome and type II osteogenesis imperfecta were real things. He thought the pictures I showed him were babies after they'd been aborted. They're insane.


Because the orange shitgibbon once rambled on about "and after the baby is born, and it's beautifully wrapped, the doctor comes in and there's a conversation and they take the baby..." And the brain dead goobers ate it up, so all democrats and non maga are now labeled baby killers


Are these the same people who go on about being pro death row? It seems like the two idiot types would overlap.


I heard something similar today; "abortion means the doctor can kill a baby after it's born." I work in healthcare and that's so ridiculous I don't know where to start.


I heard this lie as far out as 3 months.


That women who get abortions are “disease-ridden sluts” and “good women” have nothing to fear. No, most women who get abortions are already mothers. The most common reasons for abortion are not having the time or money for another child, and wanting to give the the kids they already have a decent life, rather then add another and all struggle. My own mom had an abortion when I was 4 and my brother was 2. She was vomiting all the time, sick and weak. She was struggling to care for us two toddlers running around. It was only a couple months in. Her and my dad agreed this couldn’t go on for over 6 more months. So they ended that pregnancy to ensure she could care for us. They’re both a bit sad it turned out that way, but still feel it was the best choice for our family. There is so much nuance and personal circumstances in these decisions. And Christian fascists coming in with a sledgehammer screaming “PREGNANCY COMES FIRST NO MATTER WHAT” is going to hurt plenty of families.


Sounds like she had HG - the leading cause of maternal death until IV treatments where begun in the 1950s. My aunt suffered from HG and spent nearly her entire pregnancies in hospital to keep her alive. As we live in Australia that cost her absolutely nothing. I hate to think the cost of that kind of treatment in the US because a mother has no other choice to birth that baby…. Bankrupt or dead. The whole system is a god damn mess.


I was thinking about this today. I had an abortion because at the time, I didn’t have health insurance and I made too much money to get any kind of assistance. What happens now to pregnant women w/o insurance in places where abortion is banned? Ultrasounds are expensive. If there’s a complication that’s even more expensive. Have HG and need IVs? Expensive. Childbirth is expensive as FUCK. What about maternity leave? Cause there isn’t any mandatory paid maternity leave. Childcare is expensive. And thinking about HG stuck with me because my mom had that. It increases your chances of miscarriage if it’s really bad, and every single miscarriage that needs medical intervention will be seen as suspect. Countless numbers of women are going to become homeless and dead. Pro life my fucking ASS.


Most states that dont offer Medicaid for adults still have a pregnancy medicaid program with less strict requirements. Im on Texas where they dont like anyone to have medicaid, but they have womens health medicaid specifically for pregnancy. I didnt qualify for any other benefits like food stamps but ot was pretty easy to get pregnancy medicaid. The hard part was finding a doctor who would accept it.


My Mom was a SAHM had four kids and a husband who had a traveling job. When birth control methods failed and she got pregnant again, they decided they couldn't have a 5th child. But guess who she votes for? The number of people who got their own abortions, but vote against it for others, make me wanna scream.


Yeah, I had an abortion when my son was 1. I just looked at the numbers, and my own mental health at the time, and was like 'yeah, we can't do it.' Broke my heart. But it was the right decision.


A permanent expansion of the child tax credit would be real pro life. The zealots won't support that though because it would jeopardize their "domestic supply of infants"


The other day, I saw a comment on a ~~hate~~ IG account, arguing that abortion ISN’T the actual treatment for ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, etc. The theory was that the left lies about it to push an “abortion narrative” and abortion isn’t a medical necessity and blah blah blah just a bunch of horseshit


Yep, saw that one too. Made my blood boil.


Mine too. Beyond ignorant and disgusting.


Tell that to the pharmacists who are already refusing to fill prescriptions for the meds that treat ectopics.


I saw this one too and was SO tempted to respond: No, actually abortion is the only treatment of an ectopic pregnancy or sepsis. Avoiding treatment for these ailments will result in death. You are ACTIVELY pushing a narrative that there is some sort of alternative treatment that isn’t abortion simply because you have ishy feelings about the word itself. This ignorance will kill women. Instead I just unfriended that idiot.


Love your response, even if you didn’t send it. Their ignorance is so frustrating and it IS going to kill women. Ugh.


That's exactly what's circulating on r / conservative too. That abortion isn't the treatment for any of the health related things abortion is necessary for.


I have had to take a timeout from that sub since Friday. I can only imagine the bullshit that’s been spewing since….


I'm not honestly sure why I bother looking over there, morbid curiosity? To make myself laugh at their stupidity when all I want to do is cry?


Know thy enemy. If you know what BS they're feeding each other WE can collectively help each other combat it with reason & wit. The two things a lot of these asshats refuse to believe women are capable of.


I’m also super bored, and a masochist. For real though, I ask myself wtf I’m doing there all the time (my old account was banned last year on January 6, take a guess why)


Sometimes you just gotta morb yourself. I'm sorry it's involuntary.


I was telling someone today that a lot of people have very low health literacy. They don't know the difference between bacteria and a virus, then go to the doctor and demand antibiotics for a cold. These same people are trying to lecture us about healthcare/surgery when it comes to abortion and literally have no idea what they're talking about.


One of my deeply religious born again (like the kind that encourage their kids to marry young and pump out as many kids as they can) cousins posted that shit on her feed the other day. Made me sick because she or her daughters were fortunate enough to never have to endure something like that, and to just rub salt in the wounds of those who did by doing the equivalent of screaming "no it doesn't lalalalala I can't hear you" with their fingers in their ears.


I made the decision to unfollow/block everyone who follows Live Action. Family, friends, acquaintances… blocked.


I was taught this line of thinking in my extremist religious community. (I’m am hardcore pro-choice now of course)


I kind of feel like this IG should be talked about by name. I’m still shocked what I saw, but I think it’s smart to be educated on what the other side is discussing. I also unfriended everyone I knows who follows it. There’s was even a large influencer who followed them, which I was shocked about them being publicly associated with that.


It was posted on Live Action 🤢 never followed them either, it was on my explore page. Which bothered me even more


I’ve seen similar except it was more “no abortion is medically necessary because an abortion is where you intend to kill a fetus and not to save the mother’s life so if it’s to address an ectopic pregnancy or for a failed miscarriage it’s not *really* an abortion!”


Brought to you from the party that had a representative claim with a straight face that women can get gynecological exams by just swallowing a tiny camera.


Again, sorry to my religious sisters, but these people believe in sky daddies. They barely understand medicine or science. They truly believe a body would just expel a terminal zygote/fetus. Or is it that there is abortion and then that other thing which achieves the same thing but is not abortion because we don't call it abortion when good women have them?


I saw someone say that because it didn’t forcibly remove the fetus (just the whole tube) that it didn’t count What what part of “emergency surgery to remove a whole organ” isn’t forcible?????


1. That you can immediately tell the difference between a natural miscarriage and one induced by mifepristone/misoprostol. 2. Plan B causes abortion. (Prevents implantation, so no it doesn’t cause abortion.) 3. You can’t get pregnant unless you orgasm. If you get pregnant from a rape it means you enjoyed it so it isn’t therefore rape. (This one I heard a long time ago but I’m sure people still believe it. This is tangentially related to the ruling because some bans allow exceptions for rape.) 4. That if your life is at risk from a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy you are protected because doctors have to save your life. (This is not true because there is no line where he mothers life becomes “more” at risk than the fetus. Doctors can now be prosecuted or sued, so they wait or contact lawyers while the mother dies in front of them. This has already happened.) 5. Only elective abortions are banned. Medically necessary abortions are still allowed. (See above).


1. "Treating ectopic pregnancies isn't banned" Maybe not, but there are ALREADY reports of women with ectopic pregnancies who need life saving treatment that's being delayed because doctors aren't sure if they're running afoul of the law by treating them. 2. "What happened to Savita Halappanavar is really rare/won't happen here." 6,000 women every year undergo late-term abortions, and those are usually for medical reasons. 6,000 seems like a pretty high number to me. And if there is only one case a year that's similar to what happened to Savita Halappanavar, that's ONE case too many. Nobody should have to die a totally preventable death like that.


I've seen lots of reports of both women being delayed in getting treatment for ectopic pregnancies and denied needed medication because they *might* (**might**) get pregnant. But every one I've seen so far has been hearsay on social media: "I"m a nurse and a fellow nurse texted me...". Has anyone seen one of these reports from a reputable news organization? I'd love to have a citation to provide these folks, but I want it to be solid.


I think it might be difficult to verify those stories for HIPPA reasons. But even if they're not true, we've seen what happens in other countries when the government tries to make healthcare decisions that should be between a patient and their doctor.


The texas tribune had an article about doctors delaying care.


Haven't managed to find a credible source myself yet, either. Sounds like it COULD be true, but also could be made up. As long as the personal information of the patient is not revealed, it is not a HIPAA violation, so someone could speak in generalities from firsthand experience if asked.


So some of the bullshit I've heard in the past few weeks: 1) no laws have EVER been passed against abortion since Roe v. Wade. This is of course nonsense, there have been hundreds if not thousands of laws. But the person I spoke with was super confident that NO LAW had ever passed. 2) no one is allowed to protest outside of women's health clinics, it is legally forbidden. Complete nonsense, there's a whole gauntlet of protesters/terrorists harassing women trying to get health care. 3) There has never been a constitutional right to abortion and all this new law did is pass this to the states to decide. This is a lie as well--Roe said that abortion was a constitutionally protected right. But this is a phrase on non-stop repeat by a lot of anti-choice people in the past few days.


Not strictly related to abortion but I’ve seen a number of misogynists recently saying heinous shit like “having sex is the only value women understand” and that we’re having sex with strangers daily - like wtf? They don’t realize that women can be sexually active and have other ambitions too? Or that asexual women and women in monogamous relationships like me exist? I guess that’s what happens when these guy’s only interactions with women is through porn.


In most cases, those women are having sex with men, so they're literally telling you that it's totally okay for men to do that, but not women. Which is based on the rape culture we live in, where it's impossible, apparently, to expect a man to control himself more than a dog when around a woman brazen enough to show the world her knees.


And surprise, based on the erroneous overturning of Roe... guess what else is at risk because it was decided on the same grounds... that's right PORN. And those fundie xian boys sure LOVE their porn.


I hope they ban porn honestly, make these piece of shit males suffer for once!!!


I mean they should ban porn!!!! Every sperm is sacred! The eggs do not move ! The sperm move and have consciousness ! They did a study on it where sperms can back out of tubes and redirect themselves. How dare men waste them on porn! MURDER!!!!!! Praise be. 🙏


One thing that drives me nuts that the majority even got wrong in their opinion is the idea that this is "handing the issue back to the states." Roe never took this issue away from the states. The states always had the power to pass laws about abortion, even before Roe was overturned. They just couldn't pass laws limiting abortions before the 3rd trimester, or in cases where the mother's health was in danger. Other than that, they were always free to pass whatever dumb laws they wanted. I think these justices should be impeached for being grossly incompetent at even knowing the law.


I have so much video of these assholes actually doing the protesting. For fuck’s sake.


That terminations of pregnancy done to save the life of the mother aren't classified as "abortion." You're ending the pregnancy, it's the same damn procedure and some people go from fine to dead far too quickly to hash out legal details before acting


They go to the same abortion clinics with the same screaming protestors.


That if abortion is legal in my state that I cannot protest and we can’t hold protests. Umm still want that federal law right? Can I protest for that?


Yeah I’ve heard a lot of this crap all week. Guess what assholes? It’s not only about ME. I actually have empathy for other people!


I had a looney toon screaming at me in my own home about a month ago, claiming planned parenthood was an elite liberal fetal organ harvesting ring… I honestly don’t encounter people this overtly and unashamedly conspiracy theorist crazy in the wild very often because of where I live and who I choose to surround myself with, so I was pretty shocked when this dude came in as a paid laborer of my contractor who was also a friend, and followed me around my own home going batshit and yelling…


That is TERRIFYING. How did you get rid of him? Hope you’re ok and that your contractor friend backed you up.


Anti-abortion protesters were never violent, which is why I had to go through metal detectors to get a Pap smear and a Depo shot at the Planned Parenthood in Boston.


Or why they have armed security and identification prior to entrance in Los Angeles when I went for norplant


Many dead doctors and bombed clinics would like a word...


I keep seeing the argument that only a small, small percentage of women actually get medically necessary abortions. A huge majority are those who just use them as birth control.


Well of course... it's so much easier to just have abortions all the time.... It's not like i have to be in pain for days, take off work, deal with a room full of strangers prying at my privates, deal with a sidewalk full of strangers yelling at me, sideways glances in the waiting room, worry about infections, or deal with any life altering feels. The adult companion I bring totally doesn't mind submitting their ID and going on a list because I treat with starbucks every day on our way home from the clinic. What better way to spend the limited time we have here on earth...


That this means the states can now create social programs to support mothers and their children. This was on NPR, the head of a national pro-life group being interviewed about the official decision. She was so pleased and after I got past the "fuck you" stage I just got sad. She actually believes what she was saying because she's a complete idiot.


I mean, these states *could* create those programs. Just like they could have done so before this decision. Also all the "we'll adopt your baby" people could be adopt kids in need already and yet didn't. Almost like they are abhorrent hypocrites.


No, she doesn’t. They lie. It’s all a lie. I saw a bunch of garbage humans on the “true Christian” sun also talking about this. “Well, now that we are murdering women, it’s time to put some money into babies!” Now? Now you give a shit? But,they don’t actually give a shit, because they won’t be voting for anyone who wants that. They lie lie lie lie lie.


They don't even vote for capping insulin prices so people don't die. Which costs the government nothing. Like hell they're going to send federal dollars to make anyone's life better.


Yeah she kept talking about being able to protect women’s health now, or some such nonsense.


Nothing was stopping them from doing so in the past.


I was thinking of that interview when I saw this question. She pretty much blamed pro choice organizations for there not being help for mothers and children. If they would just spend their time working on supporting mothers and children and not abortion that it would solve everything. Bullshit.


What exactly kept them from making these programs before?!


“Close your legs and you won’t get pregnant.” I hate this one. How many times have women and girls of all ages suffered violence because they wouldn’t go along with what a man wanted in the moment? How many times have women and girls of all ages been coerced, pushed, pressured, and guilted into sex? Been drugged into sex? Had drinks plowed at them for one reason only?


Also reproductive coercion is an incredibly common thing.


Do they think that people in committed relationships should just not have sex? So that’s a rich privilege now? It was literally the last free enjoyable thing to do.


I am a trans woman, so I had no risk of pregnancy from this, but the following situation could have had a cis woman as the victim just as easily. I was gang raped by coworkers visiting Canada from the US. Struck in the head from behind while walking to work from picking up my breakfast. Their reason: they thought I was a butch cis lesbian. Their logic: I was early in my transition but was introduced as and referred to as a woman, and my office door and stationary had female name on it, and my COVID mask has a pride flag on it. They made repeated inappropriate comments including how i should go out with them after work and "see what i was missing." They also made disparaging comments against an obviously trans coworker. This was a big no-no and HR got involved. Their contract with our company was terminated and they were getting sent home. They found out at this time that I am trans and planned their attack. I'd probably be dead if I'd not refined consciousness at all opportune time to escape. I woke up in time to hear comments about how I "made them look like "fa***ts" and they were going to make sure I never "tricked" anyone again. The police found a murder kit in their rental car. One might argue this wouldn't happen to a cis woman but their phones text messages were read by the police and they were planning to force themselves on me back when they thought I was cis if they could get me to agree to go out with them or trap me and do it anyway if I didn't agree. These idiots do think it's all about keeping their legs closed should tell rape victims how that strategy is viable.


Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so very, very sorry this happened to you. From the bottom of my heart, I’m so very sorry. As a cis female, I was abused as a child for many years. I can’t say I know how you feel, however, many of us talk about the shattering of one’s soul after this type of trauma. Something is broken. Putting it into words is difficult, but it’s a feeling almost all survivors have and understand when it’s described. Roe v. Wade is just another type of abuse against all women. It’s men in power, who have power over our rights, exercising their power over our bodies- again. And they just keep getting away with it. However, I’ve never seen so many angry, motivated women willing to speak out, some for the first time in their lives. I hope we stay loud and stay motivated. Sending hugs.


That abortions are "sold for profit." That's why PP bums nonstop I bet.


Did you know that a woman can't get pregnant if they dontwant to? Cause i sure didn't.


My OB told me during her residency her lead OB had a patient who needed an abortion for an ectopic pregnancy. She called her months later bawling and asking why they didn't transfer the embryo into her uterus to save her baby... poor girl.


Ohio literally tried to pass a law stating that ectopic pregnancies should be re-implanted. Which isn’t a fucking thing that exists in medical science.


It's so sad politicians are manipulating people, ignorant voters and mourning mothers.


Had a relative talk about how she had never had an abortion. She just had a d &c because her dead fetus wouldn't come out. She literally said "I've never had an abortion "


It is so so so sad that people’s ignorance is affecting so many other people’s lives.


“You have more rights now!” I don’t even understand what the person who typed that meant. I’m sure he didn’t know either.


That this won't affect women who have miscarriages and need abortions as life saving treatment. I live in Texas and we're already seeing that happen and the full shit doesn't go into affect for a few weeks. Doctors literally having to get on the phone with hospital's legal departments to cover their own asses instead of treating serious life threatening conditions while people wait in pain for hours. My family has a history of female reproductive issues and miscarriages. It's made me scared of pregnancy my whole life and this just makes it worse. At least before I knew I had a choice over my own body. I know someone who had an eptopic pregnancy, lost one of their fallopian tubes, she already came close to death because her tube ruptured. It horrifies me that she might have had to be in pain longer or have actually died if her medical treatment had been delayed even longer.


that back alley abortions are a myth. that is most certainly not true and i personally know people and other stories of people who have gone through with them out of desperation. also that second trimester abortions are never medically necessary. why... why would you think this? this is most common when the woman WANTS the pregnancy but something goes wrong.


So with the overturn they are now looking at legalized contraception. Here are a few reasons they think birth control needs to go "Anything that would prevent a fertilized egg from turning into a pregnancy and being born into a baby could be considered a homicide,” Source https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna28253 “It could destroy the life of a newly created human being if fertilization has occurred,” said Lauren Enriquez, the deputy media strategist with the national organization. Source https://www.pewtrusts.org/research-and-analysis/blogs/stateline/2022/05/19/some-states-already-are-targeting-birth-control More lies that I've seen on abortion are pro-life women who have had abortions. Their view is that they made a mistake and regret it and want to stop anyone else from making that mistake. In actuality they are hypocrites trying to take the choice away from others.


I never get tired of posting this, just in case someone hasn’t seen it. [The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion](https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/)


Yes, this is so so so good and important for people to realize! People are prolife until it affects them, then they have Such Special Circumstances….


“Rape is really rare so like 1% of women have it happen to them.” From a cousin of mine on Facebook. I Asked him to site his source and gave him the closer statistic (since so many rapes go unreported). I unfriended him and he deleted his post.


Most recently a woman tried to claim that people use abortion as birth control.


That's some pretty fucking expensive and painful birth control.


My mother, who is a nurse and volunteers at free health clinics, says this as well. Insists she’s met women who do this and it is common among “indigent people.” I can’t speak to her about this because I want to vomit or get violent. Or both.


I hate this argument. That’s some expensive and extremely inconvenient birth control.


To my great shame, I was one of the fuckwitted men that used to believe this. I wish wisdom was as contagious as stupidity. :(


You learned though!


Yeah, it takes me a while, but I eventually get there.


Personally I appreciate your efforts to learn and grow, for what that’s worth.


That RBG wanted states to have control. No you didn't misread that. It was a complete misrepresentation of RBG's stance. This was one among many trash takes.


I've heard that from someone I used to respect "Roe was bad law and even RBG said it was bad law".


So RBG had said she wished a different case codified abortion rights as Roe didn’t do enough to ensure rights on the basis of equal protection for women. So while “technically correct” she’s said negative things about Roe - anyone using this as a way of saying she agreed Roe should be overturned or wanted it left up to the states is quite wrong.


[Kristi Noem, GOP Gov of South Dakota saying she will ban telemedicine appts to block women from being prescribed & receiving thru the mail, abortion pills.](https://www.wric.com/news/u-s-world/south-dakota-governor-says-she-will-ban-abortion-pills-prescribed-online/) She lies: “These are very dangerous medical procedures,” Noem argued. “We don’t believe it should be available because it is a dangerous situation for an individual without being medically supervised by a physician.”


Running for VP is going to be the worst episode of The Apprentice ever. No compromise this time; someone truly nuts.


That late term abortion is being done when the baby is viable and should be banned in total. I urged the person to actually read real studies (and not Facebook) about the real reasons “late” abortions happen. For example: the tragedy of finding out at 20 week anatomy scan that the baby will never live and never survive to term.


That most abortions happen cause of convenience. The only source I’ve seen for this claim is one from a study done on a group of women who were asked why they had one. Majority of the women declined to answer. The conclusion of said source is clearly pro choice as it says this information can be used to defend abortion rights as there are numerous reasons why someone could decide to have one. Have no idea why they believed that proved their claim.


That you can’t get pregnant from rape, because the sex isn’t happening organically. Also, that women can control the amount of sperm that’s dispersed in them during sex, “it’s inflammatory or something.” (These are from politicians)


My aunt is pro choice and a diehard Trump supporter. When I was talking to her about Roe v. Wade and the draft of the decision that had been leaked.. I kid you not, she said that it was a fake released by the left. “Some Dem plot!” She said.. I texted her the day the decision came out “sooo.. you were saying?” She has yet to reply. Her and her circle of friends actually believed that the draft was a fake. She said she saw it on the Facebook page.


I can see how believing the leak was fake would be appealing.


That people in California practice abortion up to the point a child is born, and AFTER a child is born. Like no, Karen, they don’t.


Omg my moms in CA friend was telling me this recently. I asked her for a source and said she just “heard” it… I was like ok… stop spreading lies perhaps


Had a man tell me no one is being denied their baby killing and it's a states rights affair that should never have been decided by the court.


I tied up with a man today over this. Told him to come over tomorrow so we can discuss it person. I’m going to hit him with a chair.


Please do


What I don't get is if they don't think it should be a federal decision, why should it be a STATE decision? Like, why do they think a state is better equipped in any fashion?


I heard that women will not die because there is an exception for life of mother. Um.. now they have to actively delay healthcare, even if the fetus is not going to survive until the woman is for sure actively dying to save the life. Also we have senators in my state pushing for no abortion exceptions at all and threw a fit there was an ectopic pregnancy exception in Oklahoma. Also now women will still do abortions. They will just die from unsafe ones. Also miscarrying women will now possibly avoid healthcare in case they were to be arrested. Some will die from that.


There is a great thread on Twitter about the “Shirley Perception.” It’s a play on words about how no matter how restrictive the law is, people will still vote for it because they believe that SURELY it will be applied reasonably. “If a woman’s life is really in danger, the law wouldn’t prevent it,” they think. But in a lot of cases they’re wrong. https://twitter.com/alexandraerin/status/1004400861865488384?s=21&t=A-AGCuqAp7aV2u_MxocCqQ


"Its about saving families" No, it isn't. It's about exacting control over women, especially brown women. The us govt and Vatican should be shamed into non-existence


The one that pisses me off most is some variation of “women are getting abortions in the 9th month of pregnancy on a whim and the Democrats support this!” No, motherfucker, we aren’t. Nobody carries a baby for 8 months and then decides they want an abortion. Besides, IF a woman’s life is threatened by pregnancy during the last trimester, she doesn’t have an abortion, she has a fucking premature baby. That’s what happened to me when I was pregnant with my planned for son. ETA: this is irrelevant, anyway. Women should be able to get abortions because they have their own reasons and try minding your own business!


“People are getting tired dismembered babies because these women changed their mind at the last minute.” I was shocked, I couldn’t believe I actually heard that as justification. Is that what’s being spread on Fox?


From my boss: Most people are in favor of the overturning of Roe v Wade. From a DOCTOR on Reddit: Women will not be endangered because women who are in a life-threatening pregnancy situation are exempt from anti-abortion laws.


heard this one before but surprised to hear it again recently: if a woman gets raped, her body would not physically allow her to get pregnant and therefore should not be considered in abortion discussions


Here’s my favorite… “I am sure many a Republican man will agree that abortion for raped, married”women might be okay.” Gotta love the “might”


“I know dozens of women who use abortion as birth control!” No you don’t. You don’t.


"iT'S aBoUt sTaTeS rIgHtS" Gee, I wonder what else was allegedly about states right. Also, they are literally trying to do a national ban now


States rights were regulated in the first place because these motherfuckers would just do the exact cruel shit they’re doing. It’s not states rights for gun control. The right has been seething mad and plotting since we had a black president and this is only the beginning of us dying because their fragile egos can’t take “no”


That it’s up to the individual States to decide. That the GOP won’t try to take it out of the individual States’ hands the first chance they have control of Congress or the Senate. That it’s safe in Canada. That Canada has an amazing track record in a woman’s right to choose. That provinces like Alberta have a great access to abortion services.


This memes going around about being happy a woman died because she had 4 abortions in one year. They left out that her husband forced her to until they conceived a girl. Also, cause of her death is questionable, due to obvious abuse of her husband


Every time I bring abortions for deadly fetal anomalies people insist I’m ableist and really talking about people with autism or Down’s syndrome when I’m not 🙄


That young girls who get pregnant from rape don't get denied abortions. The convo went like this: Me - "what about girls who will now be forced to have their rapist's baby?" Him - "doesn't happen but ok" Me - "wtf? Yes it does!" Him - "no it doesn't but ok continue"


I can’t think of any I’ve heard right offhand but I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a good friend who is about 20 years younger than me. We were talking about abortion. Mine happened in 1988 and I had a wildly different experience than she did. There was no ultrasound, nobody forced me to look or listen to anything. Nobody shamed me or tried to change my mind. I was asked gentle questions to ensure I wasn’t being coerced into it. I had to walk past protesters but they couldn’t leave the sidewalk and we just walked through the parking lot. No clinics had been bombed yet. There was no waiting period. I called, set up an appointment for the following weekend, turned up on Saturday, handed over $300 to the nice lady with the gentle questions and they did a d&e which was standard protocol at the time. It was quick and easy (not cheap or painless), no shame, no guilt, no trauma, no regrets. Still the best choice I ever made for myself. I am so sad for everyone who has come along after me and had to go through all the shitty hoops to access your healthcare.


For me it's mainly claims of a high percentage of abortion regret (bullshit) and the anti-choice people I know are adamant that women are out here aborting third trimester babies as a form of birth control


Women just *love* being pregnant I guess


This is an article which quotes a study that says 44 percent of women regret having had an abortion. https://siragainesville.com/abortion-regrets-a-sad-reality-for-many-women/ The thing is, if you click on the link to the “study,” it is reporting on about 50 women whose pastor asked them to write to him about their abortions. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ It’s known that women who are involved with pro-life communities or other communities where abortion is stigmatized are more likely to feel regret. So, I mean, given those circumstances, it’s pretty impressive and significant to me that 56% said they did NOT regret it.


Not a lie per se — but people trying to downplay the situation saying “The Supreme Court didn’t actually *ban* abortion, they’re *just* giving the power back to the states.” Like … No shit. The justices who overturned Roe knew EXACTLY what they were doing — that tons of states would indeed ban abortion. So, yeah. “Giving the power back to the states” effectively banned abortion in half the country.


Quotes from my grandma "The reason they want to overturn r v. w is because planned parenthood sells baby fetuses to Democrats to eat" "Don't worry, if you need to have an abortion because of rape, you can just go to another state. 'Your' president said he would pay for it" "There shouldn't be any exception for late term abortions because they only do them to sell them to be eaten by cannibals" "You know a lot of places perform abortions up to one month after the birth right? That's just disgusting" "There is absolutely no way that any states are trying to ban contraceptives, that's just completely unconstitutional! You have no proof any state wants that to happen!" "They shouldn't be teaching elementary school kids how gay people perform sex!" There's probably a lot more but... yeah.


What I especially just don't get... HOW do you perform an "abortion" a month after a birth? Just how? You can't extract something that isn't in there!


That if you report you were raped, you can get an abortion lol. Like wut? There’s so much wrong with that way of thinking, too.


Someone tried to tell me they were aborting children up to 4 years old....


They should ban porn!!!! Every sperm is sacred! The eggs do not move ! The sperm move and have consciousness ! They did a study on it where sperms can back out of tubes and redirect themselves. Also men are superior so of course god put the souls in the nutsack. How dare men waste them on porn! MURDER!!!!!! Blessed be the Fruit of the Testes !!!! Who is in for starting this cult with me?! Praise be. 🙏


That giving up for adoption is an equally viable 1:1 solution. It's not just about not wanting to be a parent, it's about not wanting to be pregnant! Sure some people with uteruses choose to go ahead with unwanted pregnancy and go that route-- choose is the keyword here. Nine months of pregnancy can easily derail someone's entire life, physically, emotionally and financially! Adoption is never gonna be a fair trade off for not having the option to abort.


My state is trying to blanket ban all abortifacients. I’ve seen quite a lot of people claim that this won’t at all affect miscarriages / ectopic pregnancies.


They are completely wrong on that


My personal favorite: abortion causes infertility. Then please explain my perfectly healthy newborn that was naturally conceived?! Imagine that, abortion does not in fact cause infertility or complications down the line. Crazy.


I know a Catholic family who had a 14 year old daughter who got pregnant. They forced her to stay pregnant and give the baby up. She had complications from the birth and had to stay in the hospital for quite awhile. By the time she was released, her baby was gone to another family in the church and her parents refused to allow her to come home. The complications made her unable to have another child. My parents took her in for a few weeks until another family member of hers could come get her. It really messed her up for a long time. She never told anyone who the father was but my parents always suspected another (adult) member of the church. Regardless, she was the only one who had to suffer the "consequences". I remember hearing abortion caused infertility but no one ever talked about pregnancy and birth being so destructive on the body, especially for a young teen.


Certainly the kind of back-alley illegal abortions that were commonplace before roe and which will become commonplace again, frequently resulted in sterility. Abortion under the care of a competent, licensed doctor rarely (I won’t say never) results in such complications. This isn’t going to stop abortions, it’s going to stop safe abortions.


Honestly I think this one at least used to be true of back alley surgical abortions, not guaranteed, but there was definitely a decent risk. Sucks that it is still believed, even about ones performed by doctors.


Today, I heard that women were supposedly getting abortions at 39 weeks. THIRTY NINE. I laughed and said "excuse me, that's called birth because the fetus is fully capable of sustaining life at 39 weeks." Fck outta here with that, man.


Someone recently posted that his elderly mother heard that in California they were doing abortions up to the due date and were about to make it legal even after the baby was born. That didn't sound right so she asked her son about it who told her that no, that wasn't happening. She heard this on AM religious radio.


Was talking to my mother the other day about all this (spoiler: bad idea) and she asked me how I felt about all the women that use abortion as a form of birth control and "flaunting" it with their "19 abortions and Counting" shirts. No idea where she heard this from and she didn't elaborate or give any sources.


(amab, cis-het) I sat next to a woman on a plane this week. Conversation was mostly good, until we get ready to land. She says something about 1984, I say something about the craziness of the SCOTUS announcement last week, and she starts going off about the "vile" and "hysterical" women on TV, who are making it a bigger deal than it is. A handful of repugnant things were said, but the one that stood out as so privileged and disconnected was, "Look at immigrants. Some of them walk thousands of miles across Mexico to find freedom. If these women really need an abortion, why can't they do the same?" or something along the lines of implying they'll be lazy for not picking up and moving to a state with abortion rights. I wanted to simultaneously scream at her and run off the plane. I told myself there was no time to get that deep into it as we were taxiing, and just said not everyone can pick up their lives like that, nor should they have to. I wish I'd been able to think of more to say. I was shocked to hear all of this come from a mother of four, and couldn't think what I could say that would get through.


"There are good Republicans."


One particularly puzzled soul was telling me all about how bringing down Roe v. Wade actually expanded abortion because now states don't have to contend with viability anymore and can just do whatever, as if we didn't have the GOP on the record about their plan for a federal abortion ban.


Fox news!!! televangelist propaganda. shit I got it in school in the early 80's . They have been refining it among themselves since Regan. My favorite is, just like puppies you can always find someone to adopt one. When someone said that my jaw dropped. Adoption is for babies that can be brought to term. But if the pregnancy cannot go full term, what do you want to adopt? I am clearly frightened of those who want to adopt a dead fetus. But ok, do you... I have decided that should just be the conversation. Can the fetus go to term?


"Just like puppies" makes it sound even more frightening. Because there isn't always someone who will adopt them and keep them. Puppies get returned to shelters or abandoned because the family doesn't know how to train them. Imagine the same negligence being applied to adopted babies.


Puppies cannot be taken from their mothers before 10 weeks in the us. Babies go to daycare at 6. And puppies end up surrendered dogs in shelters because they’re inconvenient and often end up euthanized.


Love this response, wish I had it at the time....if the need arises, I will it out!


Don't even get me started at no kill shelters.... that shop for dogs like an actuary. They get the ones that are most likely to be adopted.


And even then, abortion is not an alternative to parenthood. Abortion is an alternative to pregnancy. Only talking about adoption as a solution completely disregards the bodily autonomy of the person who has to undergo the pregnancy.


My friend is usually smart but she believes abortions are paid for by the government


Right wing media is basically a factory that churns out lies constantly


Apparently, if I try to argue the economical, financial, employment, and housing hardships that come up for uterus people with unwanted pregnancies I’m advocating to kill the poor off as a whole because I believe the choice should be left to those who are breathing currently.


had a pro forced-birther tell me that "99% of women who have abortions regret it to the point of needing therapy" ​ ..... Which is one of the most blatant lies I've heard in a while. A huge body of evidence demonstrates that over 95% of women who've had an abortion say it was the right choice 5 years down the line ([https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2020/01/416421/five-years-after-abortion-nearly-all-women-say-it-was-right-decision-study](https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2020/01/416421/five-years-after-abortion-nearly-all-women-say-it-was-right-decision-study))


That pro-choice people want to force you to have an abortion. 🙄


“Now women will stop using abortion as contraception” Sigh.




On this very sub, some asshole claimed that absolutely every state has an exception for life of the mother and that therefore that post's story about a woman who almost died from an ectopic pregnancy doctors were afraid to treat must be a lie.