> Even couples who actually wanted children are now scared because if something goes wrong with the pregnancy the foetus wellbeing will come first. This is so terrifying. I'm in a position where my husband and I are considering a second child. Fortunately our first child (now nearly three) had a very healthy pregnancy and birth. But I dread to think about being in that position where a foetal abnormality could put my life at risk as well as my unborn child and not having the option for a termination. The fact that state ruling could leave my son without a mother instead of terminating a cluster of cells. It's disgusting that women are facing this reality in 2022.


Exactly that is why this is a no win for any sane person whatever your beliefs. It is completely crazy.


Actually, fetal well being won't come first as in many cases they would require children to be born with horrible conditions like Tay Sachs, cystic fibrosis, Edward's syndrome, microcephaly, or major problems with internal organs.. Instead of termination following prenatal genetic testing or an anatomy scan, those children have to suffer.


Seen from Europe this is a coup d'etat from the Christianity bloc. Celebrating your 4th July would be see as going on with business as usual. This is nothing else than a hostile move against women and it should provoke the biggest strikes in your history. What the SC wants is things going back to normal. Don't give it to them. They are watching to see if you have the guts to react. Go on strike and disrupt the system. Boycotts and strikes, in our era this is how you fight. And it works, hit them in their wallets. They don't care if you call them mean or cruel, but they do care if you disobey and cost them their businesses.




Well said! Love it.


I'm wearing black today in support. It's not solid black, as my shirt has some sports graphics, but it's what I got. Love my fellow sisters out there. Stay safe and hopefully your day goes smooth today. ❤