Irvine is not a walkable city by any means, nor is there a reliable public transit system. There is basically a boba shop almost every block in Irvine. Food wise, a lot of options, but you are limited to UTC and Albertsons plaza if you plan on staying on campus.


the food is honestly pretty great, so many food options in orange county (especially tons of asian options) and there are also a decent variety of walkable food options from campus like california gogi grill, chick fil a, chipotle, poke located in utc if u get tired of the dining hall food. lots of good boba options (cha and sharetea are in utc which is connected to campus) but a lot of great boba shops are nearby (few minute drive) like omomo, orobae, sunright, etc.. for finance, there’s a ton of MUSA affiliated orgs you should join like the professional biz fraternities (Delta Sigma Pi, Lambda Phi Nu, Alpha Kappa Psi) that help with finance since they have brothers going into those industries & also orgs like Undergraduate Finance Society.


Thank you so much this was really helpful!


I can answer a few questions. Excluding the dining hall food, on-campus has a good selection of food, including three Starbucks locations, some other cafes, Panda Express, Wendy's, and a pub that serves shockingly decent food. Right across the street from campus is University Center (often referred to as UTC), which has everything from fast food to Chinese and fusion. UTC also has three boba places, all of which are pretty good. Campus Plaza is nearby as well, easily walkable or accessible using the Anteater Express (UCI's free on-campus shuttle). The UCI campus itself is extremely walkable. The main campus is centered around a mile-long "ring mall", so it's very easy to navigate. Irvine itself, not so much, the city is very, very spread out. While I do find the public transit here reliable, it's extremely inconvenient (especially on weekends, one time I went on a two-hour bus trip to Little Saigon).


I can answer two of your questions! I would say the food around campus is pretty awesome. We have UTC (University Town Center) which houses a Blaze Pizza, In-and-Out, Chipotle, Yogurtland, Chick-fil-A, some boba places, and more. As someone who has toured the other UC campuses in the past, I would also contend that UCI has one of the most walkable campuses in the school system. The campus is centered around a giant circle (hence ring road), thus it’s almost impossible to get lost. And as another plus, we have a beautiful little park in the middle of campus that’s always nice to relax in. Congrats on getting accepted, Zot Zot Zot! :)


Food within walking distance of campus isn’t really all that great. There’s a lot of good food in OC, but you’ll have to drive to get to most places that are good and not just the same boring chain restaurants (or find friends who can drive). Boba is all over, there’s 2 across from campus is UTC (University Town Center) that’s walking distance. Dining hall food in 20-21 wasn’t horrible but wouldn’t say it was particularly fantastic or amazing either. Not much to do in general within walking distance of campus so again, you’ll have to drive places (beaches are like a 5-10 or so min drive) or know people who are willing to chauffeur people around or eat the costs of Ubers and Lyfts (public transportation isn’t that great and takes over an hr to get to Irvine Spectrum and you’d be there in like 10 mins by car). OC has a lot of fun things to do but not much, if anything really, within reasonable walking distance (within 30-60 mins walking one way) Edit: I’ve noticed a lot of Irvine restaurants (at least near campus) are more like Instagram restaurants. Food looks cool and nice but it’s overpriced and smaller portions compared to restaurants that a little further from campus.


There is a finance club: https://instagram.com/ufa_uci?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= If you don’t think you can handle the CS component I recommend meeting with a counselor to see if you can maybe switch to more of a business focused major


There are not many thrift shops in Irvine…if I can even call them that. There’s Crossroads Trading, but it’s very small and over priced. Assistance League of Irvine is quite small. Mariner’s church, a local church, has a decently sized one. Other than that, you gotta travel about 20-25 minutes out to find a Goodwill or Salvation Amy. Old Town Orange has some antique shops and I think 2 small thrift shops.


The boba places at utc cha and sharetea, I tried both and both aren’t great, one too sweet, one too flavorless like water, food is ok and average around UTC it caters to college students mostly. Not sure about thrift but some booths around ring road sometimes. Walkable around campus, not walkable anywhere else.


Congrats on your acceptance!! some of the business/Finance oriented orgs on campus: * Business frats: DSP, AKPSI, LPN * If you are interested about going into consulting - 180 degree consulting * Financial literacy association * Math Finance club - If you're interested in going into Quant * Hedge Fund society * MAISS (management information student society) - this is specifically curated for BIM majors a good way to network between business and tech. * UBA (undergrad business association) these are all the clubs or orgs at the top of my head rn, but I'm sure there are more :)


Thrift: Savers Platos Closet Eco-Town Platos is my fav tho


Irvine is not too walkable, in my opinion. The University Center right in front of UCI has a lot of food and drink places, but other than that I suggest getting an electric scooter to help you get around if you don't have a car! There are three boba places in University Center but Cha for Tea is the best, pink pig and sharetea are mid. I haven't come across any thrift spots in the area, unfortunately. There aren't that many clothing shops in the town in general except for corporate brands you would see at malls like Irvine Spectrum :(