What Nat made the leader because she survived or was it because Lottie was like "Hot potato! No thank you! I will not be queen with Misty as my iron fisted and threatening advisor. Let's get the girl who kills things in this position."


honestly the second one does make sense since lottie didnt want anyone to die


Yeah she seemed to choose the person who didn’t buy into it as much as the others. But I think that’s going to back fire and nat is going to go allllll in.


*Chooses Coach Ben as leader and nopes out*.


The “you know what happens if you don’t” makes me think we will see someone refuse to draw. It just felt very heavily foreshadowed. Lottie could’ve said “then you will be selected”. I wonder who’s going to refuse to partake.


Pit girl


Idk tho bc it seems like they’re gonna make the selected wear the nightgown


What nightgown?


My guess is Ben and that they’re forced to share his hidey hole with him. Also he probably refuses to run/be chased for obvious reasons


That makes no sense in the present. Are they going to make Tai fly to the wilderness and live under the tree?


Besides, she’s already the lady in the tree.


Sorry, I meant all of the Yellowjackets find the hidey hole after the cabin burns down. The whole team shelters in there with Ben (causing obvious tension). On their first draw post-cabin Ben refuses to partake and they decide to kill him. So the rule becomes if you don’t pick a card you automatically become the sacrifice.


I assume at this point if they find Ben they’ll just kill him no matter what for the cabin fire


I hope he takes a few of them out first




I agree! I was thinking Akila, maybe?


I was unsure on #2 Van looked a bit surprised when Lottie said to pick again. Do you think they always drew cards until there was a Queen? Or did not seeing a Queen sometimes imply that the Wilderness didn’t want a hunt?


Yeah, it seemed to me like typically they only drew once, and if no one picked the Queen in the first draw, they didn’t hunt anyone that night. I think drawing until they get the Queen was new this time.




I think Shauna might have marked the card somehow bc s he’s in the kitchen sharpening knives and Nat is across from her but at one point she puts the card in front of Shauna. *she’s not sharpening.. she’s dulling


That makes Shauna the new leader in the current timeline


i mean the ending implies that shauna was upset over nat becoming the new leader so it is kinda fitting


That’s what I am thinking too. That should turn out to be interesting considering her ENTIRE narrative this season. “Killing machine” Callie arc in season 3!


Didn’t lottie look at Callie and say the darkness was in her


I don’t think she said the darkness but absolutely stared as if Callie was an alien species and called her “powerful” after Callie herself shot her in the shoulder. What could possibly go wrong?


I do think there will be another situation like Nat’s at some point where the intended prey escapes and someone dies in their place. That person will take over as AQ.


oh 100% and i think if that does happen nat gets chosen and survives again since lottie mentioned the wilderness favoring her


I was onboard with the theory she could end up being pregnant and giving the baby up for adoption. Pregnancy would push her into finding a way out of the wilderness. I still believe she is the one who gets them rescued.


there is no way the writers will bring in another pregnancy plot line. as the story currently stands, it makes sense that the nat would be credited with their survival just by virtue of being their beloved leader. of course there will be many twists + power struggles before their rescue but i don’t think nat getting pregnant is a possibility.


I think it makes perfect sense, though I doubt the leader can opt out. I mean, they didn't seem to remember there was really a leader in the first place.


makes sense to me!


Nice compilation


The leader is exempt, maybe anyone that survives is also exempt, maybe no one else has survived between nat and modern shauna


Nobody was exempt in the present.


Perhaps in the future we will see someone refuse to take part and instead of the obvious thing happening which is them becoming the sacrifice for the hunt something happens and they are killed by “the wilderness”. This would really reinforce everyone’s belief in “it”.


I wonder what happens if sb draws the card and runs and like 1-2 of the hunters just decide that they don’t want this particular person to die and kill one of the others instead…?